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Bow Wow Speaks On Visiting Lil Wayne In Jail x Eminem Looks Forward To Weezy’s Release

Thu, Nov 4, 2010 by

Cash Money’s Bow Wow speaks to Nigel in the video above about visiting Lil Wayne in jail and his release, which is in about 12 hours! Below, you can also read what Eminem recently said to DJ Whoo Kid about Tune‘s release:

“I’m definitely looking forward to Wayne getting out, I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. It’s going to be real interesting.”

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  • big nasty

    o hayyyyyyy

  • Lil Carter

    Love Weeeeeeezy !!!

  • *5Tunetunne

    Good Shit. I Understand What Bows Its Tryin’ To Say..

  • TmY

    Freeeeeee Weezy 12 Hours ! yiihaa follow me on twitter :


  • baker niblick

    i hear you!!! but hey keep doing what your doing. i love music like you and really know what your talking about. YMCMB is back with weezy f and the f is for………..FREE baby!! haha i look up to yall and im dream is to make it big as a drummer and rapper or be a studio drummer!! lil tune

  • Erick

    Was it just me or was Bow Wow, tryin to act a little to hard, like with the cussin and sayin nigga! haha Bow… Say Sorry BOW! (Watch video of Kat Stacks Getting Puncked!) YMCMB

  • primetime2423


  • jason21

    what he saying is REAL tho you gotta respect it and try and understand where he coming from. I HOPE AND PRAY WAYNE come home and set a BETTER example for his artist/companies/fans/kidz/brother and other rapper’s. damn somebody gotta stop the cycle. but anyway im with eminem i cant wait to see what tune does either..

  • 757

    @ jason21

    I feel you and Bow Wow said some deep shit and its true…but I cant wait to hear da 1st track Wayne drops when he gets out and I hope him and Eminem do some more collaborations soon.

  • antonio

    free wayne im over here geekin listenin to prom queen lol young money

  • raw

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT. It will be so nice to go to a WEEZY CONCERT. My favorite MARTIAN. I love you. Stay WAYNE.

  • Weezy Free

  • Make sure yall download the hottest mixtape since Waka Flocka- Flockavelli And Lil Wayne- No Ceilings Its The Gift- All I Got V2 streetz anticipate it make sure you get your copy 11-5-2010 @

  • sammyj

    free wezzy cant wait till he is back in the studio he is goin to be a monster Y.M.O.E YOUNG MONEY OVER EVERYTHING

  • Young Spender

    Yeah Shay “it will be really really interesting” i trust Wayne