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Weezy Wishes Fans Happy Thanksgiving x Performs “Bill Gates” At Khaled’s Bday & Pics From The Party

Sat, Nov 27, 2010 by

Weezy Wishes Fans Happy Thanksgiving

Lil Wayne left a brief letter on WTY yesterday wishing us the fans a happy Thanksgiving. Weezy spent his holiday in New Orleans with his family eating lots of food and watching lots of football. You can read his message below.

Hello world. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with all the food and football you could handle. Mine was great for two reasons. I spent it in New Orleans and I spent it around family.

Enjoy this holiday season. Cherish these moments with your family. I love you all.

P.S. What are you thankful for?

After the jump, you can see a few pictures of Lil Wayne at DJ Khaled‘s birthday bash from last Wednesday at King Of Diamonds. Also, you can watch some more footage of Tunechi performing at the party, and he even performs “Bill Gates” at the end of the video.

Lil Wayne At DJ Khaleds Birthday Party

Lil Wayne At DJ Khaleds Birthday Party

Lil Wayne At DJ Khaleds Birthday Party

Lil Wayne At DJ Khaleds Birthday Party

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  • Danny M


  • sasaidoashiduh

    I’m first:P

  • Erik

    Nice post!

  • 123456abc

    4th pic hes looks baked hahaha

  • uuh

    I’m Still w8ing for the song ..

  • Weezy! Feels good to know and see you’re back on track… Ballin’….. Stay fly boy…. YME.

  • Wayne sucks so bad……worse



  • danny the video is not working it stops at the begining even at wshh website

    • @mohammed – It’s working for me.

  • WeezyFanKEva

    weezy rules. Reginae’s Hot

  • WeezyFan4Eva

    Reginae gettin preety

  • san haj

    love all the pics but who is that girl with lil the first pic she hot

  • sqeakyG

    @san haj

    DATS HIS DAUGHTER YA DUMB FUCK!…lil wayne fans r retarded

  • Kuba17

    Really? Because I’m a fan and you post on here more than I do squeak. In fact, hes my favorite rapper. Thats right, number 1 and you spend more time thinking about him, and more time on his site than I do. Seriously, get a life, this is just straight up sad. Do you really have that little to do with your time? That you have to make multiple posts on a Wayne fansite EVERY SINGLE DAY? I try to ignore you like everyone else but I feel sorry for you man, you’re fucking pathetic. You seriously act like you came home one day and found Lil Wayne all up in your girlfriends guts with a thumb in your mom’s asshole.

  • Priceless

    OMG is that little reginae from the Carter documentary :O

  • moe

    this video is so slow

  • Dude use youtube. that video quality is shit and slow as hell.. Thanks.

  • ricardo laguna

    reginae carter demasiado hermosa la niña y esta grande y el padre bueno el mejor rapero del mundo lil wayne desde venezuela y se habla español XD..

  • omari bentley

    Hey Can you take a moment to quickly vote please it’ll take 2 seconds…THANK YOU, you can vote once a day! I’d appreciate ur help.

  • YungNizzy14

    Im thankful for my family being healthy and together and tht Tunechi bak home, cant wait 4 the nxt album and mixtape homie. YMCMB 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tayTAY

    did wayne not remember the words where he was supposed to say “all my niggas nuts and ima lose screw”

  • Trevor Simpson

    he is baked as hell..have a feeling he going back to jail. look at his eyes.

  • Im thankful for lil wayne being tha best rapper alive and my family

  • vahe

    he is definately high but i think that probation is bullshit alcohol would have nothing to do with his jail sentence so that was a false report

  • Yeedig

    Lil wayne is a bitch to his fans. We waited and counted the days until he got out, and he didnt give us shit.. no video, nothing. The worst thing is the song. He makes “a milli 2010” and his manager says they will release it, but they never do. He doesnt care. Dont get me wrong, im no like this squeakyG guy, but this has been such a disappointment to the real wayne fans.

  • weezysoowoop

    weezy… it’s time to end another career lil kim spittin shit on nicki and drake? take control of hip hop again they fuckin with your label

  • Weezyfan24

    Does anybody know when Dedication 4 comes out?? I’ve heard its suppose to come out December 4th, can anyone confirm this????

  • CJ

    @Yeedig- Dude just be patient. Wayne is workin hard to make everythin perfect and not rushed so when it comes out it will be worth it. Just be patient. When it drops, its gonna be sick

  • Nice Pic!




  • weezysoowoop

    c4 single wont be on it maybe a track from the orginal c4 but not the one in being made atm


    son you better start getting a real job because screaming over a song ain’t cutting it, na ah.. plus you sound retarded ‘a million bucks’ you wish you had that. mommy loves you teddy bear, muah

  • M.AK

    I Always Love the pictures,an those eyes. I aint Knockin but the video did not play well.We still love ya though,looked like a bunch of kids at heart.*smile*Love it!! Happy B-DAY Khaled. YMCMB!!!

  • I like young money HQ

  • young money HQ you are the best

  • BTO


    Weezy is lettin Nicki Minaj have her glory,
    before he starts putting out songs and
    promoting Carter 4 and Dedication 4, and Nino brown 3

  • weezyfan#-1

    Bahahaa. Dawyne SHOULDNT go to jail so gtfo w/that sh*

  • AqAaaa

  • Katelynn Griffor

    i love you, & i’m going to marry you, i promise *(:

  • lilwaynesnumberonefan

    i love youuuu !

  • love

    used 2 be ballin but now im bill gatin

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