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Video: Lil Wayne Not Sure If Nicki Minaj’s Butt Is Real

Sat, Jan 29, 2011 by

Haha this shit is funny! The paparazzi caught up with Lil Wayne when he was heading out of Philippe’s for some grub and asked him if Nicki Minaj‘s ass is real or not. He starts laughing and you hear Mack Maine shout: “I’m sayin’, why y’all on Nicki‘s nuts?”, and then Tune pops his head out of the car window and says: “It’s real nice, I know that”. The paps also caught up with Detail (who has been working a lot with Wayne lately), and says the C4 album is insane!

Props Hollywood.TV

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  • GCS

    hahahaha weezys laugh is crazy love uuuuuu

  • Lil Carter

    haahaha, good 1 there weeezy !!!

  • Callum

    Real or not, who cares its still nice 🙂

  • daknite

    when is he coming out with the second single.

  • Bbey

    It is not Wayne who said ” I’m sad why you all on nicki nuts ” !!!!!

  • TheOneAndOnlyMrs.Carter

    Tunechi You Crazy

  • Ashley Jones-Moore

    OMG Lil Wayne Is Insane. Hys Laugh Is Epic!! LMBO And He Did Say “Im Sayn Why Yall All On Nicki Nuts” Not Im SAD, ILY Broooooo #Young Money Cash Money, 100 BeleehDat

  • loooooooooooooooool

  • Nickis ass is so nice

  • @_nielsg

    It is not Wayne who said ” I’m sad why you all on nicki nuts ” !!!! — !!

  • Vitamin P

    Weezy laughin like the grub bout to jump out his stomach… hahahah… YM Erday!! two times on Sunday!

  • The Situation

    Weezys tapped that ass he know for sure

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @Ashley Jones-Moore

    That was Mack Maine that said that but u dont see him on camera till the end he’s sittin in the backseat next to Wayne.


    yeah true cuz wayne didnt said it anyway you could see his mouth and its wasnt moving at that moment when its said. its could be Mack yeah anyway it wasnt waynes voice too fake fans need to know that..

  • lol weeeeeeeeeeeezy!!!

    • Yeah y’all are probs right… after watching the video more it looks like it’s Mack who shouts out “I’m sad, why y’all on Nicki’s nuts?”

  • Weezy F 4 President

    Y’all so stupid. Mack said “I’m Saying, why ya’ll on Nicki’s nuts.” Not sad… Why he gon be sad? Think before you post bruh. I’m Jus Sayin’ doe

    • @Weezy F 4 President – Your right, that makes more sense. But we thought Wayne said it first so that is why we put the “I’m sad” in, and that does sound like something Weezy would of said.

  • Felicia

    Wayne is so funny! I love him!

  • Don_Prince

    Who cares about Detail we want that 6′ 7′ video & the second single YmCmB!!

  • bill613

    i fuckin HATE the pap. they super annoying and rude . nicki is sexy as fuck so who cares atleast it looks good on her. unlike lil kim.

  • 5044life

    lmaooooo @ his laugh

  • loulia al khatib


  • Mike smith

    Yo Danny M pls get at me when can we expect the 2 most highly anticipated videos of the year being 6’7 and welcome to my hood? Pls answer me back bro I cnt wait for this shit
    Weezy4lyfe ymcmb forreal ya herd me…. YA HERD ME!!!!!

  • Matheo19

    Real or fake we all love Nicki <3

  • macn


  • Zama

    Danny thnx 4 al d updates nigga.we love wayne so mch nd my day does’nt end wthout login’ in2 dis site.

  • elliot
  • JC

    You guys are geniuses I mean considering in the description it says AND YOU CAN HEAR MACK MAINE SHOUT lol you guys are so dumb

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


    No he changed it from what was originally posted earlier so i guess that makes u the dumbass.

  • B

    who cares who said it.. wat is wrong with everyone.. yall r losing ur minds.. i think waynes eatin ur brains

  • Zama

    Lol lol dmn it wayne z lyk a drug.we are so addicted 2 dis mthrfucker.mch love doe lol.Man i feel srry 4 al these Eminem fans comin into dis syt.i dnt even knw eminems syt and i dnt even wnt 2 knw it.i do listen 2 hm bt i dnt give a fuck about him.lil wayne z lyk God 2 me.i hv never loved a musician lyk dis b4.

  • I kno its real nice lol

  • loulia al khatib

    i love u wayne

  • ricardo laguna

    this is funny hahaha YMCMB weezy the best

  • Pauly D

    Yall r sum sad groupies debating who said what get a life who gives a fuk who said it damn

  • Pauly D

    @ mike smith wea u from bro?? SC??

  • Hehehe…

    Lil Wayne has a really cool style!

    Regards from Sweden.

    /Lars S

  • lmao yall know mack said that and weezy said i no it feel real

  • weeeezyyy-e

    it’s fucked up for this to make it to a lil wayne fansite. clearly he doesn’t wanna deal with their shit and by putting this up we are saying we think its cool for the paparazzi to harass celebs

  • Dude

    hahahhh!!! maad kuuntt !

  • I would like to get signed to young money label.

  • Kym Mok

    cool man!!!

  • Nor

    twitter: @Gunnis34/// website: starscastlife. wordpress. com

    We LilwayneHq is where its at also starscastlife get wit the takeover now i’m tellin you

  • LOL!!!! C4 C4 C4 C4 !!!! Much love Lil’ Wayne!!!!

  • Mike smith

    @ Pauly d I’m from the bay area dawg what’s ya hood?

  • bigDbandit


  • ymcm

    cant wait for april 6

    ymcmb all day

  • sqeakyG

    you feed the fire which burns you in the end…

  • The Situation

    Yo Pauly D let hit the clubs and pick up some chicks then watch eachother have sex in our beds!!

  • RoD ‘so’ 305

    DaT BoY WeeZy sHouT OuT . gOnE BusT OuT & LaUgH , DeN sAy , i KnOw iT’s rEaL nIcE ……..

  • Dr. Cater got some lean in your IV

    C4 Bitch, my son born rich blllaaaaatttt!!

  • ¤ Mazin Carter ¤

    Weeee Want C4 !!!!
    Weeee Want C4 !!!!
    Weeee Want C4 !!!!

  • Allex B.

    His laught is hilarious!!!! I love his laught and voice!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!

  • Tez
  • Nino Brown

    when does the 6 foot 7 foot music video come out?

  • dooder

    Next post: Lil Wayne not sure of what his favorite kind of pizza is…..


    @Nino Brown tommorow 1 feb

  • JOE

    yeah funny…but who gives a fuck

  • ok 1 feb is here in any min, and if they werent lieing to us 6 foot 7 foot video must be out :/, but wat ever coz they all ways play with the dates lol

  • Wayyyyyne

    Idk if 6 foot 7 foot video gonna come out tomorrow I’ve been checking twitter all day to see when the premier is and I never saw it ):

  • Allen

    Update please!!!!! 6″7′ Video Please!!!!!C4 Lets Go!!!!!!!!

  • Tha CARTER 4

    Where’s 6 foot 7 foot video at?

    Yo, I went clubing saturday and they played 6 7 and everybody got crazy!!!!!

    Love this song to much…

  • When’s d4 NB3 and bill gates and 67 kumin out lol we been waitin – lil d………TUNECHI

  • Don_Prince

    We want a video plz, YmCmB

  • Kadafi_213

    i cant see how you can hate from outside the club you cant even get in hehe

  • Dr. Cater got some lean in your IV

    i gotta fish tank wit sharks in it

  • TUNE87

    6’7 better drop today, i can’t wait to see that shit!!

  • Wayyyyyne

    Uhmmm so it’s feb 1st and I don’t see any 6 foot 7 foot music video soooo haha

  • am not suprized about the 6 foot 7 foot video, but wats annoying me is that there is no update for like 3 days now, we need something lol

  • omg it is sooo not real its to big

  • Wayyyyyne

    it’s so gay 22 days ago cortez Bryant said the video would be coming very soon and and 22 days is a LONGGG time!!

  • TUNE87

    yeah and wtf ever happened to the welcome to my hood video? i no that shit has to be done by now!

  • Domo

    Yaw Fuckin Retarded,It’ll Probably Drop Tonight…Just Like The Moment 4 Life Video Dis

  • Wayyyyyne

    @Danny M make an update about the 6 foot 7 foot video and second single and possible release date for c4 and d4!!

  • pauly d

    @ the situation sounds good brO……..its T SHIIIIRT TIIIIMMMMEEEEE…………..

  • pauly d

    @ mike smith…oh………..FUCK THE BAY

  • Tunechi

    Lol aight yall I dont doubt Nickis ass! Much respect to Nicki & I remember some other bitch ass nigga in Miami asking me the same shit. Nicki doing her and like I said..lol its REALY nice. Go support my Young Money queen & get that PINK FRIDAY!!! YMCMB

    P.S: I see the anticipation for the 6’7 video. Expect it sooner than you think, think this week. Me & Hype getting shit straight.

  • Aundrea

    ILovee you ndd think i think your very hot……..hopefully you read this!!!!!!!i would so die if you did!!!!!!!! :O….p.s. tell Chuckiee dat imma b after him!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn

    Heyy Hahah Hilarous man Weezy U Da Man

    I Hope You Can Send Me An Email Or Somthin shawnbiack56@gmail.com Man I Lovee You Young Money Cash Money