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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV Being Released On May 24?

Tue, Mar 8, 2011 by

Lil Waynes Tha Carter IV Being Released On May 24

Birdman has handed over the tentative album release dates for YMCMB this year to the CEO of Blu Division Music (Glasses Malone label). As you can see in the photo above, they are looking to release Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album on May 24th this year! Other artists on the Young Money, Cash Money label dropping in 2011 are: Bow Wow, Glasses Malone, Brisco, Lil Twist, DJ Khaled, Birdman, Jay Sean, and Drake. I hope all of this is true, but we all know what YMCMB are like when it comes to release dates.

Shouts to HHNM!

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  • Wayne-Train

    oh damn

  • youngweezy

    first bitchesss

  • Wayne-Train

    oh and fuck being first.

  • mdub


  • Convictedfelon

    Who cares what dates are right or wrong what matters is that tunechi’s record is gonna be dirty and thats that

  • next month it will be in june :P, but anyway i really cant wait for the album!!! and i wish that manie fresh produces a beat in it, and lupe would be featured in the album
    that would make all my wishes true 😀

  • Yanna

    7th. ^^

  • Luc@zZz

    @Convictedfelon; Well Said!

  • J Biggs

    better be true . BIACCHHH , and we want that nino 3 FIRST !!!

  • yeeeeeeeeess and when is the 2nd single coming cause that is a very long time i want the tech n9ne and weezy right the fuck now

  • Jeffryyyy

    I printed that this morning, haha got y’all

    (not me but someone got y’all)

  • Jeffryyyy

    Niño 3 canceled

    haven’t you ever heard “had to cancel that shit like niño”

    It’s gonna be a HBO show

  • jrweezzzyy

    hope its not bullshit as always fak !!

  • green&yellow

    So NO like father, like son 2??????

  • Yanna

    C4 being released on may 24?? whaaat?! no way!
    we want that stupid album very soon! wtf?! X(

  • wezzy needs to drop the mother fucker now

    what the fuck just drop it omg im so fucking sick of this shit being changed every got damn month

  • Weezys Home

    Was just about to ask the same thing as comment 14 – “So NO like father, like son 2??????”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Blackwell

    Drake’s album Take Care was due to drop in April… I doubt they would of pushed it back that far

  • i am the leather jacket black glasses all american bad boy


  • Tigerwayne

    I’m pretty sure anyone could’ve typed that up. Doesn’t seem too legit to me.

  • K-Freshz

    dam…..looks like drakes album aint set to come out for a loooooong ass time!!!!! i doubt that it will drop in april tho, cuz it will get in the way for c4 to drop……and c4 better drop before may 24th!!!!!! thats too long to be waitin!!!!

  • SpencerHawes

    carter IV…february 2012

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • weeazy

    “they want that carter 4, bitch its comin soon”
    well damn may 24 isnt soon, this is probably fake i mean would he really wait til after his tour is pretty much over to release the album he’s promoting while on tour? wtf

  • what the dick? 24 may is my birthday…
    it would be a good gift but im sure the release date will get changed…



  • gopackgo


  • rika

    ummmm this list is fake, bow wow already said he isnt dropping until NEXT YEAR cuzofmovies he’s doing. and he doesnt wanna rush. smh next



  • ayoooo

    exactly @bobbyray they pushed c3 , i.a.n.a.h. , and rebirth back too. why they do it? idk. but i do know that this list is false, & bow wow say he aint ready until next whoever made this and took the pic. is starting shit


    anybody can type up a list and print it out on the computer and take a pic and say baby made it. come on danny…get confirmation b4 you let us see anything

  • LarcenyOfMSP

    Looks fake!
    Where’s Tyga, Short Dawg, Gudda, and Millz albums? plus May 24th is a long ass time but theyll prolly postpone it.
    & Take Care was supposed to be out BEFORE summer

  • mikey

    @jeffryyy is that really true?? i heard it was gonna be a hbo show awhile back.


    jae millz said his will be out awhile after c4 y isntheon here?, where’s tyga ?? this list is bullshit somewhere the REAL person who made it is L-O-L!

  • effuhaterz

    this is not legit he juss released tha video for his single which means its comin soon like this month somtime thats what he said in tha sway interview

  • effuhaterz

    he said in tha sway interview ttha album will b dropped this month and he juss released tha video for his single it comin soon this shit is fake

  • Abshole

    Oh, look. Anyone can do that:

  • Ooohhh

    Why would glasses malone risk making this up though?

  • JustIN

    I believe that Drake release date, that just makes sense. Why would he do it before summer with no single out right now? WHERE’S TYGA????!!!!

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    i think this may be a fake list if it was real it would have the official label marks and be more detailed but i still cant wait for that c4 and most likely wayne going to be on everyone of those albums

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Asshole who did that? lmao…oh and may 24 actually is a good date for me with another single out you never know!!

  • YungNizzy14

    Man we all kno this aint the real list besides where is Lil Twist, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Tyga they all said they was droppin albums this yr but i guess in anycase its a outline of what they want YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Scoob Doo

    this is mad fake. everyone knows YMCMB printer paper is gold plated

  • #Reply

    Ok Danny Thanks BUT Plz Whats The Status On Nino Brown 3?

  • #Reply

    ^^ lmao @djscoobdoo^^ nigga we kno thats not really you hahaha

  • T-Wayne09

    If y’all haters pay attention, you would see that the picture was tweeted by the CEO of Blu Division Music, who happens to be associated closely with Glasses Malone, a member of Cash Money Records….. sooooo this is either real or a CEO is fucking with us.

  • Wooo i hope thas da official date but if its not regardless ima buy the album <3
    #TeamTunechi <3
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me & i'll Follow Back <3

  • youngtuna

    whyyyy would bm and jay sean release albums on the same day?
    Don’t believe this at all

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    Well if it’s with the CEO of some label, then it may be legit…
    And May 24th isn’t that long away! You know what I thought of, one of the first people already said it, to have Mannie Fresh as a producer. Even for like 1 song. I know he left the label and w/e but they could make like a 2011 version of “Go DJ” that would be pretty dope.

    Oh and BTW… I doubt Gudda & Shawt Dawg will EVER release an album. They aren’t good AT ALL! They have no big hits, Waka Flocka is only big cause he got hits like hard in da paint & O let’s do it.

  • Belize

    Wow? This is really fake! It still YMCMB>Shaughterhouse

  • Birdman III

    Damn if this is legit than I am pissed sat Wayne for lying. He said it would be released in February and its now March and I’m about to KILL Mack Maine, Birdman and Tez for releasing c4 so late. And Mack Maine needs to release another single before I cut his nuts off!

  • stop wit dat first shit and um…………………OMG i really hope the C4 cums out n dat date man bruh imma get the first day it cum out …..ALL JOKES ASIDE!!! :DDDDD <3

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    i sure as hell hope it isnt past that. fuckin ymcmb and their lying about release dates……..

  • daknite

    First off lmao @Birdman III and this date is perfect cause he hasnt came out with another single yet and i think it should be injune cause dont yall wont c4 to be perfect, let wayne take his time i want him to get a million in the week i want it to be classic and big. it takes time to make good songs so be patient and chill.

  • Wayyyyyne

    Guys calm down about c4 not being released waynes a busy man he’s currently making dedication 4, Carter 4, like father like son 2, drake and lil Wayne album, we are young money 2, t-Wayne, and beginning work on Carter 5 and don’t even forget all the features he is doing

  • Kieran_Ymvmb_Canada

    @daknite co-sign, very true, I would rather it late and PERFECT than now but OK… Wouldnt you guys?

  • ricardo laguna

    it seems too soon to be launched and its tha carter 4 because so far only been seen a single of that album and oh brother @ Wayyyyyne think you talk too hasty nor calmate not even released the second single from Tha Carter 4 and are already thinking tha carter 5 I think you should talk to base still do not know if you plan to tha carter 5 and it is not known if there will be a We Are young money pt 2

  • Wayyyyyne

    @Ricardo laguna I’ve seen a video that said weezys been working all
    The way up to Carter 6 but who knows if those songs makenthenfinal cuts or if those albus will even be released

  • ricardo laguna

    @Wayyyyyne wow tha carter 6?
    hahahahahahahahahaha I understand but can be as you say who knows if it will be released as I said nothing is official as yet have not got tha carter 4 but like father like son pt 2 if it comes and the album in collaboration with Drake but also We Are young money pt2 neither brother has said nothing layers have to wait if it comes or not

  • oh omg its first. and oh fuck, its coming out on may 24th. haah 🙂

  • YMCMB_Youngin

    Tha Carter IV. Sounds nice don’t it? 5 Million first week. A Milli tha first day. YMCMB

  • Kadafi_213

    evry body CALM THE FCK DOWN may 24th actually sounds like the ideal time

  • can someone tell me why drake isnt releasing any music? his next album better be better than great if he only released one song this year….ive been waiting for a drake song for months now…and that r n b mixtape he was supposed to drop last year..

  • -_-

    Ok, yall mufkas is crazy if you think wayne gon sale a mill in a day, c’mon get 4real, cd sales are getting harder and harder to make, it’s harder today than it was back when carter 3 out. MICHAEL JACKSON couldn’t even sale a mil n a day, you out yo mind you think wayne gon do it. c4 was supposed to come out n feb, but you see how dis nigga like “naaah, let em wait, letz build this hype up”, its pissing everyone off, but it’s really just a business move to get everyone to rush and get it when it finally DO come out, JUST like he did with c3. It worked last time, but I just don’t see him doing it again, ESP no mill n a day wtf LOL. But it’s gon sell no doubt, will probably be THE best selling album of 2011.

  • nola native

    micheal jackson also touched little boys, he has no credit anywhere here,

    milli the first day, and all of the other realease dates are pushed back because when he got out his album was first priority. he’ll prolly sell more than everyone on that list combined in the first week.. smart marketing, when c4 sales start to drop, they dish out the next ymcmb star.. money keeps rolling

  • keyzf93

    mannnn b4 carter 4 drop i want dedication 4

  • Iva

    2 days after my b-day 🙂 yeeeeey

  • Matheo19

    If this be true i’ll be very happy 🙂

  • djdreday

    fuk dat dj khalid album we need a tyga or short dawg cd to come out this summer.

  • Carter IV

    @Weezy F Bitch Dats whats up my b-day is da same day! Hopefully it’ll drop sooner than dat but it really would be cool if it dropped on my b-day! Either way i know its gonna be a hot ass album, just look at 6 foot 7 foot! Only one single out nd i already cant wait for C4!

  • Loyalty

    What?! May 24th?! Why?! I’m not even feelin that!!! I want C4 NOW!!!

  • jay sean

    wait jay seans album drops in july now wtf

  • -_-

    @Nola: weezy was more than likely inspired by MJ. I’m not even going to holla back at ya on the ‘he touched lil boyz!’ situation because that shit is played out.

    But yeah, you can call it smart marketing, and on paper, it is, but he’s already done it before. I can’t help but feel that he’s not going to sale as many this time as last. I’m not saying he can’t do it, and if anyone can, it’s him. He’s going to have to do more than this to do it though….maybe another sequel, hell, that’s almost a must, and absolutely NO LEAKS. I know it’s hard to prevent that from happening, but keep a copy taped on mack maine back, you won’t lose that mufuka guarantee ya

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    @Loyalty Get The Fuck over it! Lil Wayne himself said that he only kept 2/3 songs for C4 from before he went to jail… do you expect him to make a whole CLASSIC album in like 4 months??? fuck he’s not Jay-Z where he can make the Blueprint in like an hour!

  • Real G

    On Tha G Wayne Can Make A Album In Less Then A Week…

    And Yes It Would Be A Classic…Mafucka take yo azz too

  • green&yellow


  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    I Want My Ears Burning If I Listen Tha Carter IV !!!!

  • dee

    wheres tygas album??????

  • cj

    R U READY 4 IT EVERY1 DA BEST ALBUM EVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1

  • dube42

    this is stupid so what is he going to perform at his concerts? c3? WAK!!!!!!

  • Natti

    wheres like father like son 2?

  • Hopefully its true but it should be legit.

  • Bizzy

    damn drake’s is last damn last but not least haha !

  • Kieran_Ymcmb_Canada

    k, Stop Saying: Wheres Like Father, Like Son 2?? WE DONT KNOW! fuck its been asked like at least 15 times, STOP NOBODY KNOWS!

  • jts

    waynes stomache hurts the c4 is dropping real soon

  • jts

    it just dropped

  • Weezyana

    C4 may be released in May, because he said it wouldn’t be March. If it will be released in April, I think we at least must have a tracklist or the album cover. So I think it will be May.

  • Nelson bodman

    I’ve waited alot 4 this album.


    on tha welcome to my hood remix khaled says ?we da best forever comin june gone B a hot summer” this shit mite jus B legit shit gon B 5angin do

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  • twifti

    C4 <3^^

  • Nino Brown