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Lil Wayne Attends Nicki Minaj’s After Party In Detroit

Mon, Apr 4, 2011 by

“You got my room key Nicki?” hahaha

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine, and Marley G at Nicki Minaj’s official “I Am Still Music Tour” after party in Detroit last Saturday (April 2). The after party took place at Kingdom Nightclub, and it’s cool to see Weezy rap to his older songs like “Beat Without Bass“. Hit the jump to watch more footage from the after party!

Lil Wayne Attends Nicki Minajs After Party In Detroit

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  • hahahaha

    no one first

  • jaybrizzy

    C4 + D4 = weezygasm

  • Tun3 in dis (N3W 0RL3ANZ)

  • Ooohhh

    “You got my room key Nicki?” hahaha

    Waynes a joker LOL

  • Ya Dig ?

    “Young Money can’t join em nor beat em” …

    lol man I can’t believe the DJ had “Beat Without Bass” in his rotation, THAT SHIT WAS HARD AS FUCK BACK IN THE DAY.

  • RIP Soulja Slim

    “You old ass rappers better stay on tour…

    You’re like 44, I got a 44, I’m 24…

    I could murk you and come home (from jail) when I’m 44”

    yeah I remember that song, he was dissin Jay-Z back then.

  • wiz khalifa

    the dj also put on money, pussy, weed which is another great old song 🙂 🙂


    7th BITCHES.


    Wow. AWYEAH^

    Learn how to fucking count.

  • Beast-mode

    Weezys having a lot of fun and i kinda love that.ymcmb 4everfly!

  • Damn HQ, yall Fallin Behide Hurry Upp n Put Dat Motivation Video On here Late Asses SMH

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne got them chiqs going crazy! c4 and d4 oh leh do it!!!

  • ariel dubon

    @tun3 where?????

  • @ariel its not out on da internet yet but dey jus showed it on BET

  • Akilleeesssss

    Phillies All Day! Wayne Knows Whats Up!!!

  • ariel dubon

    @ ok thanks

  • ariel dubon

    @tun3 ok thanks

  • what is D4?

  • LA

    ?Love, live, life then im dead?Beat without base still get play in tha whip!

  • weezy wee

    fuckin UMG can’t watch it in germany -.-

  • Dmac

    @lil wayne …. its “The Dedication 4” he normally releases one of those mixtapes before the Carter’s… but yeah i know thats what it stands for . C4=2mill in a week hopefully must buy

  • One thing i like about nicki she takes her own fashion RULES!!!! u should have fashion line…. Barbie by nicki or something

  • chris

    what song is the song playin durin 2 min

  • Fatai

    Yo that was in chicago not Detroit….Change the post. Shoutout my bro @lavish shane.

  • nanaz

    awesome man….thanks 4 sharing…..weezy so fine…..AND CONGRATS TO YMCMB!….IT’S NICKY BAYBAYYYY!

  • Terrill

    What room key we stayin’ out all night I aint got no kids.