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Mack Maine Speaks On Tha Carter IV Push Back, The Cover & More

Fri, Apr 22, 2011 by

In the video above, Mack Maine speaks on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album cover, the reason why C4 was pushed back, and says Weezy has a “monster” single coming soon with a major group… but Mack would not tell us who the group is.

“It’s more along the lines of a ‘Lollipop,’ ” Mack told MTV News. “People call them crossover records and all of that, but it will be just one of those records that will be liked by the masses.”

While Mack wouldn’t reveal who the guest feature will be on the untitled single, he did say that he expects the news to be leaked prior to the song’s release. The YM prez also spoke on the decision to push back the album.

“He’s still perfecting a few things, he’s a perfectionist … changing a few lines,” Mack Maine said of Wayne’s recording process. “We also have a huge record that wasn’t done yet. We’re in L.A. right now. We have a little studio time and it should be done probably by Monday.” – MTV

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  • Yanna


  • YPP

    Yeah <3

  • mrT

    Twitter Mr_l_a_x

  • tune777

    Give us that Dedication 4!!!!!!!!!!

  • MoMo Cash

    i wonder who that group is..Black Eyed Peas ?

  • sai

    lol its OFWGKTA!!!! there the hottest group in the game atm.

  • Maddison

    It’s gonna be a beast.

  • Bone Thugs N Harmony ??

  • tune777

    Fuck OFWGKTA


    If he makes a record with that satanist group I’m deffinetly gonna rethink listening to Wayne

  • tune777

    Fuck OFWGKTA!!!!!! FUCK them devil dick riding bitches. Wayne better not do a song with them

  • zTunechi-

    Lol.We Shouldv Expected A Delay, As Wayne Is Such A ‘Perfectionist’, Gotta Respect Dah.
    Buh Wayne Aint No Satanist, Hes Too Proud Let That Influence His Music.
    And There Aint No Proof Anyway.
    Tha Carter 4.

  • donwarrior44

    How can ppl say Wayne is a santanist…. obviously you dont look up anything to do with “Im still music tour”
    The first thing he says is
    “I Believe in God, do you?”

    just clearing that up… i hate when people just throw everyone in that group clearly weezy aint down with them “Fear God” on his eyelids smh

  • tune777

    @donwarrior44 – I say the same thing bro. People are so Fucking ignorant.”Still icing, all crosses. Keep it Christian”

  • zTunechi-

    @donwarrior44 Lol U Sed It Bruvva.
    Fuk Dem Bitches Hatin On Wayne.

  • Luis Arguello

    hmmm. Wonderr wutt groupp mack main wuz tlkin boutt.

  • donwarrior44

    Yall feel me lol ! they do all that research and they forget to actually look up the person himself…. i know it exist but wayne trying to tell you that he aint down with it as much as he can!!
    What they want him to do? Walk around with a cross on his back so ppl know he love GOD *sry im snappin right now*

  • zTunechi-

    ^^ Lol ‘sry im snappin right now’.

  • why wait

    What is OFWGKTA? & tha carter 4 best have like 22 songs on it

  • Jet Life x YMCMB

    OFWGKA IS WACK … that is all.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Dude watch it be slaughterhouse that shit would be hot

  • Wayneandlink

    Odd Future Kill them All!!!

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    i just heard a snippet/leak that was supposedly a lil wayne song and jay sean and some other dude was on it. idk if that will be on it. i really doubt that’s what he’s talking about though. but i really hope it is NOT the black eyed peas. I never liked any of their stuff after elephunk

  • Stach14

    itl be something gay..wayne needs to quit this shit and just do some solo songs for once..he always gota have somebody on the song with him. just keep it in the family. next he will be doing a collab with justiin bieber lmfao

  • Real G

    @Tune777 its “Still icing “OUT” crosses, Keep It Christian”


  • YMCM 4ever

    He needs to STOP trying to do shit like tha Carter 3 and do way better than that 6’7 foot is hot but its like a millie now he coming out with something like lollipop come weezy you say it your self you aint and can’t rap the way way you did before you went in you rap better now!!!!

  • SpencerHawes

    its not bone thugs or slaughterhouse if its a lollipop type song…its prob dirty money or some bs

  • steve757

    I just hope we get the D4 mixtape on or before the original release date therefore that would hold everybody up until C4 comes out!!

    But will it even be a D4 mixtape because I have not heard anybody talking about it for a while???

  • @LastQueenYM

    @YMCMB Who’s care?!! Not Wayne.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    its with rebecca black and justin beaver!!! lmao

  • zTunechi-

    Yehhh Dahs Da J Sean Snippet But It Doesnt Sound Like Wayne At All, Prob Fake.
    Sounds Like Lil Chuckee If Anyfin.
    Buh Yeh Its J Seans Song Anyway So It Wont Be On C4.
    Hot Girl Its Called

  • Tunechi Tune

    Maybe Dipset !

  • LA

    @Adam Damn shaughterhouse: crooked, budden, royce, yelawolf, ortiz and shady! I hope so but they HATE pop! *GAMEOVER*

  • LA

    Dude got a great point! C3 is in the past, just do you! How is it growth if you trying to rewrite and do history!? Just do you fam. THEY WANT THAT CIV BITCH IT’S COMING JUNE!

  • T-Wayne09

    The single better not be a rock song. For the love of God I’m ready for some more rap music.

  • Sportz

    Pretty sure the single and the song with the group are two different songs

  • got damn i hate mack maine but i will still buy that bitch when it drop and that mothafucka better drop the got damn dedication 4

  • youngweezy

    it’s young money

  • CC

    I heard that he got a song with G.O.O.D Music on C4 with Cudi, Big Sean, and J.Cole produced by Kanye. That could be it….ya never know

  • @LA i know right that shit would destroy the game lol no1 would be hotter then YMCMB and Shady lol

  • tune777

    @RealG- you sure? I’ve just listened to it. it sounds like he said “all crosses”.. not tryna start a argument either.

  • Ryan

    The only reason they’re is going to be this song on the album so carter iv will sell more. I can’t wait to hear this monster record that mack was talking about!

  • K-Freshz

    PLS DONT LET IT BE A ROCK SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope its a group (not rock) with hot ass beats!!!

  • Donal Moore

    It’s clearly Bon Iver cause there on the tracklisting that leaked!

  • YM

    Aah, I bet the group is his own Young Money! Imagine it’s Big Time Rush, pshh buuull.

  • MrsTunechii

    C4 gunna be FIRE! (: i think the mystery group is mindless behaviour, there pretty poppin right now.

  • It’s BLACK HIPPY!!!!! Yea ight, that would b thee greatest collab of the year. Hands down, three fingers in the sky. HiiiPoWeR

  • Rebecca Black

    soooo if you look at Tha Carter 4 cover…..Lil Wayne has an ear ring. Which ear is it on??????????????????????????

  • @rebecca black, thats cause the pic was in 87 and i know they added the earings and tattoos but thats what the style was back then only one earring.

  • ym

    it’s has to be three 6 mafia

  • lil wayne is a beast

  • RigoRigo

    I think it may be Ndubz from London? C4 I’m still waiting! Weezy F bby. Uk london love Wayne .

  • its travis porter

  • Carter 4 = going to be tha SHIT

    I dunno why , but I have a strange feeling bricksquad could be involved ehh maybe Waka? I mean those two dread heads can probably make a beast single but I guess we have to wait nd see

  • Derek Adams

    its gon be limp bizkit

  • Shane

    Please god be Bone Thugs N Harmony !!!!!!

  • Dude

    hope its snoop again. they havnt worked a major track for aaages now man, all i know is one they ever done togetha . 🙁

  • Dude

    lady gaga – song would be aight
    Black eyed peas – maaad
    Justin Bieber – GTFO
    Limp Biskit – SWEEEET !!
    Dipset – already done many
    bone thugs – nice nice
    Bruno Mars – mmmm
    mack miller – ahhh……
    ice cube – wayne aint g’nuff
    eminem – already done
    lil jon – haha!……


  • Kenny

    is bon iver a group? its definitely no black cock peas. travis porter?

  • blackstorm

    its limp bizkit duhh there were rumors a couple of months ago and pleeasee we neeed the d4 or some sick ass mixtapes like just b4 the c3 daaammmm there were at least 15 songs that he made on mixtapes that were hot but now we only get 2-3 thats wrong!

  • everybody is so dumbb, saying its a rock group .
    its ‘BONE THUGS AND HARMONY’ when mack maine says ‘crossroads’ he gave it away -__-

  • jj

    Its not limp bizkit, he is doing a song with them but he is being featured on their album. I have a feeling its Green Day!

  • Real G

    @Tune777 fa sho

    im positive


  • Real G

    Wayne Need To Do A Song With Los

    Just Goin Back In Forth Wit Bars

    YMCMB Look Out For Los aka Shooter

  • Carter4


  • Real G

    Crossover= Strictly Bone Thugz N Harmony???

    Thats A First

  • G

    Wu tang? Haha I wish!

  • @LastQueenYM

    @YM Lmmaaoo 🙂 *dead* ! Maybe! (: I would like… Hmm The Black Eyed Peas!! It’s would be Crazy! Ooh and f••k all the haters who don’t agree with me 😛

  • mikaeel

    aah shiit,, but it will be betterr

    can’t wiatt

  • Ror Rito

    haha its far east movement

  • DY

    i hope it’s the hot boys back together!!! would be sick


  • dion25

    linkin park would be nice

  • MOP15321

    I love how in every interview we get no1 ever ask about the tracklist and most importantly no1 ask about D4, like cmon I’m sure if any of us fans wud interview him that wud be the 1st thing we asked but they guys never do wtf, I’m tired of waiting for D4 I hope it comes out within a month

  • MOP15321

    And i hope that “You and I” full track comes out soon too

  • i like weezy my name Lil Dommy i like you

  • yo dude i love you song and everything about you ok

  • Tha Carter IV’s next single, which he compares to Weezy’s 2008 hit “Lollipop,” featuring the late Static Major. “It’s more along the lines of a ‘Lollipop,’ ” he said. “People call [them] crossover records and all of that, but [it will be] just one of those [records] that will be liked by the masses.”

  • Real G

    Man Wayne need To Start Fuckin Wit Los
    Gunz Should Put Wayne On wit Los And Sign Him Cuz Cory Fuckz Wit Him
    All YMCMB Will Love This Guy

    Los aka Shooter … Twitter @swaggaboylos

  • that’s what’s up 🙂 and i can’t wait for the next single to come out 🙂

  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    monster single weezy ft coldplay/kings of leon…………jst a thought

  • mr.simpson

    in the end mack said: “you would never expect him to collab with this group, OR THIS GENRE, or anyhting”

    that probably means its something totally different than what we are used to. its something we would never expect like he said.

  • LA

    I dont listen to country but that is the only genre he havent put his feet in. Whats that he/she name manson?

  • Shane

    It’s bone thugs n harmony! It even says it on bone thugs forum website

  • tha carter IV better have more than 16 tracks on it or im done with this nigga

  • Tanzania lil wayne fans

    I’m listenin to birdman n weezy art/work……leather so soft

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    @CC – cole aint in GOOD homie.. but that does sound fuckin awesome i hope that happens

  • effuhaterz

    what about dubstep that would b nasty its a genre not many rap artist jump in think about tha beats there endless

  • Real G

    How Its Gne Be Bone Thugz n Harmony And They Not Even together

  • IsThisTrue

    Is it true that Young Jinsu signed with Young Money ?

  • Allen

    is there going to be a Carter IV Documentary? cause I wanna know whats going on behind the scenes with the album that none of us know about ; )

  • effuhaterz

    yea theres gonna b a movie their filmin now

  • Shane

    I’m right, an it’s a fact so y’all can stop debating on who it’s gonna be. It was done before the bone thugs separation .

  • Don McNeal

    @Shane Bone Thugs would be soo sick with Weezy!

  • effuhaterz

    its dubstep i kno it is

  • Real G

    U Sound Stupid

  • C_MEEZY 3

    he’s doing the song with brooks & Dunn

  • effuhaterz

    werd yu sound like a hatin ass bird

  • Quek

    Its either Bone Thugs or Lady Antebellum (you would never expect him to work with them)

  • Don McNeal

    Prolly waynes #1fan

    Follow me on twitter
    @RealDeal_McNeal I ALWAYS FOLLOW BACK!!!

  • Dungas

    @effuhaterz if he rapped over dubstep i would shit my pants. i was at a mimosa show and he mixed in 6’7′ it was fucking ILL


  • daknite

    its N.E.R.D

  • oh3

    It’s is ether a pop group or rock group because “crossover means crossing genres”


    You guys are dumb, Odd Future is not satanist.

  • Wayyyyyne

    I’m guessing and fergi cuz will did a song with nicki and he kinda reminds me of static major

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    black eyed peas + weezy would be cool but just if they take a rap beat, not a beat!!!!!
    green day + weezy would sucks
    linkin park + weezy would be cool if linkin part rap on it but if it will be like waiting to for the end it would be bad!
    G.O.O.D. + weezy would be the best groop with weezy but it should not be the mainstream single!!!

  • PHDaj

    its not bone thugs fools its gonna be somethin weird and he doesnt say the feature is gonna be the monster single either.

  • david

    dadication 4 aslo

  • CIV

    Weezy and G.O.O.D. would be amazin. Only if Wayne can go back to the C2 days.

  • K.S.

    LMFAO…….its because someone got the better verse on a track that Wayne RMX
    so he got to rethink his lines closer,however y’all all wrong he’s doing a track with the good old Dr Dre

  • devintune

    no think the group is lonely island

  • Tunechi


  • The Prestige

    How much you wanna bet the group is Black eyed peas…….which if it is should be a high selling single like lollipop and 56 foot 7 being tha carter 4’s A milli…..I bet the album sells a lot……….cuz now black eyed pea fans will be listening……..thats why people want star guest features……he has ross on his album drake nicki minaj jay z eminem and kanye west….

  • The Prestige

    In a interview with Rolling stones he said he had a single called waynes world that will make rappers want to quit or hang it up……rolling stones said its 3 straight minutes of wordplay its supposed to be on the carter 4 its probably like that song Yeah…that he put out a couple years ago that song was CRAZY


  • Seany P

    The group is clearly slaughterhouse.

  • rjizzzzzzzzle

    its not the black eyed peas. thats not even unpredicitible its gonabe legit whatever it iz i respect him no matter what ima cherrish his last couppe years as a rapper C4

  • blackstorm

    there goes another fu**kin random guess SWM Swedish house mafia Electro, liked by the masses and it could be like lollipop just a random thought but im still going wit limp bizkit

  • Lil Walker

    No matter what Wayne is gonna wreck shit up. I hope it’s with Bone Thugs, that’d be beast.

  • KS

    #all y’all wrong……lmafo i called my G’s Frank Ocean up in cali, he explained HodgyBeats of Odd Future is working on three tracks for wayne,wayne previously recorded them but he wanted a better producer

  • Kieran_Ymcmb_Canada

    K These are the Best so far:
    -G.O.O.D. Music Especially Big Sean, Pusha T & Common
    – J. Cole
    – Wiz Khalifa Anyone?
    -Bone Thugs wouldnt work, Krazie Bone Left the Group Last week, FOR REAL
    – DR. DRE!!??!?! Maybe Not for C4 but maybe Detox
    -WU-Tang Lol We wish
    – DMX
    -50 CENT
    – Nas


  • ben

    hmmmm wonder who he’s collabing with…

  • Jeramiah

    Prolly 36 or outkast someone thats been in the game forever And well respected. No scrubs

  • Wayne4LYFE

    It’s Gunna be wiz or tha joker since there from the south also. Gotta keep it where the legit shit at. THA SOUTHH

  • Timbalin

    You people are ignorant… D4 came out a long ass time ago… Derrrrr!!

  • Timbalin
  • Sean Izzle

    That group better be P$C or U.G.K.

    or DipSet


  • cant wait till carter 4 comes out

  • talal

    its NERD people come on

  • realkain

    man people i think its the reunion of the hotboys