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Mack Maine Speaks On Tha Carter IV Push Back, The Cover & More

Fri, Apr 22, 2011 by

In the video above, Mack Maine speaks on Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album cover, the reason why C4 was pushed back, and says Weezy has a “monster” single coming soon with a major group… but Mack would not tell us who the group is.

“It’s more along the lines of a ‘Lollipop,’ ” Mack told MTV News. “People call them crossover records and all of that, but it will be just one of those records that will be liked by the masses.”

While Mack wouldn’t reveal who the guest feature will be on the untitled single, he did say that he expects the news to be leaked prior to the song’s release. The YM prez also spoke on the decision to push back the album.

“He’s still perfecting a few things, he’s a perfectionist … changing a few lines,” Mack Maine said of Wayne’s recording process. “We also have a huge record that wasn’t done yet. We’re in L.A. right now. We have a little studio time and it should be done probably by Monday.” – MTV

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