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Detail Says Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” Music Video Will Shock You

Wed, Jun 1, 2011 by

During a studio visit, Lil Wayne revealed to Detail a treatment that he had written for the clip. “Wayne wrote every scene: He told me scene by scene by scene,” the producer said to MTV News. “It’s gonna have a big, big, big effect, and it’s going to shock you because the perspective you might look at it as. He kinda tapped into a different perspective of the song and gave a different enlightenment on how you can consider a girl and how they’re in a forever pursuit trying to find love.”

Detail didn’t want to give too much away, but was so excited by Wayne’s treatment that he is already looking forward to crossing rap’s boundaries and attending some very different events. “After he showed me the video concept, it’s like, ‘Yo, dude, we’re gonna be at the Country Awards with this record,’ ” Detail said, laughing. “We gonna be sitting next to Taylor Swift.” – MTV

Tune‘s “How To Love” single was released last week, and is currently on the top 10 iTunes singles chart. You can also read our interview with Detail here, in case you missed it earlier.

After the jump, you can view the flyer for Weezy‘s “I Am Legend” party on Sunday, June 5th in New Jersey that will be hosted by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez:

Lil Wayne I Am Legend Flyer

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  • vato

    june 1st?

  • Connor


  • Ryan


  • we rich 4ever

    yawn … 1 million first week.

  • ms.weezy

    weezy f baby please say the baby

    i wish i could go to that party ): i dont like in NYC

  • ms.weezy

    *i dont live in NYC

  • oscar


  • chris

    oh yess weezy coming too elizabethh, legggggooo #^^ amm fromm thereeee.

  • mikedel

    do you need to buy tix if u do where do u buy them???

  • Damn! You going to my state and im not there. We’ll meet up. Ymcmb, like father. Like son from another planet.

  • jessi

    all the comments ABOVE ME ARE DUMB! SMFH

  • josh

    cant wait to see the video…. and stfu with all that first and second bullshit

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    i think video will be amazing along with the rest of the C4

  • turnmytunes

    Free itunes music.. lil wayne !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YM

    Effin deuces have to stop with the “first or second” shit. OMG I’m first how exciting! Nobody cares about it, it’s annoying! -.- and Wayne’s becoming more than a star! Now that’s what we care about. “first” get the fuck off

  • yung_money


  • damn, yes i can’ wait for the how to love music video 🙂 how to love on itunes single chart number 10. wow that is amazing 🙂

  • Yung’ Chriz

    O shit. I live in elizabeth too. I always walk by there to go to school. 🙂

  • Top 10? Hmmmmmm expected a bit more!

  • vodafon

    it’s on 8 allready…

  • Yung’ Chriz

    Its #1 on the hiphop/rap charts and #5 on itunes.

  • Real_G

    That’s good for itunes but you ent get no award for that……..we tryna be #1 on Tha billboards Hot 100…… lol for rap/hip-hop and country and of course #1 song in Tha country

  • Alex F. Baby

    20 days till tha carter 4.

  • Alex F. Baby

    I hope Kane Beatz & T-Minus have done some tracks for C4. Detail is also a good producer.

  • james

    #4 overall on iTunes #1 in Hiphop currently

  • @LastQueenYM

    Do you know when will the song be available in France? =)

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    if tha carter 4 won’t get push back in the next 5 days then it won’t push back 🙂

  • tunechi9

    its #1 on itunes!

  • Smfh

    Carter 4 selling prolly 400-700k first week if it sells a mill I know the labels are buying them if he sells of a mill they damn sure are buying them if Wayne out sell gaga cmr/umg are buying those records and reselling them this album has no promo so if it sells alot then the record company bought them


    all guys support as far as possible buy his album and let him get 5x platin!!!

  • Tina

    I’m proud of you baby.

  • Props to Weezy , haters can hate but regardless how Cash Money & Wayne do it … They Succeed !!! STAY BLESSED