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Game – Bottles & Rockin J’s (Feat Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & Rick Ross)

Thu, Jun 16, 2011 by

Game Bottles & Rockin Js Feat Lil Wayne DJ Khaled Busta Rhymes Fabolous & Rick Ross

Here is Game‘s new single “Bottles & Rockin J’s” featuring Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, and Fabolous. This is the second single off Game‘s upcoming RED album scheduled to be released in August. You can stream/download this Lex Luger produced song below, and leave your thoughts on the record in the comments section!

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  • ely_youngtune

    raw shit! dope!

  • Akaash

    Sounds good

  • marko


  • J


  • J

    Wayne’s verse not long enough!

  • Dmac

    @marko you were third… plus who gives a fuck you pussyssssE! aye aye

  • weezy baby

    waynes voice sounds weird

  • ely_youngtune

    see i was “1st” AND I DIDN’T SAY “1st”! i’m a real nigga LOL

  • Jonas



    nice song

  • AeRo_1996

    “Headshots, that f**kin vest is so useless!” Lil Tunechi!!

  • Dizzy

    LoL dis nigga voice was weirdd.

  • Realist

    Wayne snapped!

  • Hustler Musik

    Wayne was out of his head on this one. It’s a nice banger but I wish Weezy would have calmed down a bit ha

  • tunefish

    reall wayne voicee no fuckin autotune


    how the hell do you download those fuckin songs on Hulkshare ???? It always comes a iLivid download shit ?

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    props to game dope track i fucks with this one and tune just fucked the song real hard! c4 and mixtape les go my nigga

  • damn….

    its actually better when he raps like this. The flow is haaaaaarrrrrd.


  • Weezy da gawd

    that flow is too hard , I wish he would rap like this all the time.

  • Who the fuck is that guy with the guitar? Big ass body with some skinny ass arms ahaha.. But Ayyee Lil Wayne went in on this one… His voice reminds me of the old Wayne with out that autotune bullshit aha

  • bompton goon

    “You know who, P-I -RU , killer bees ni**a”

    wooo wooo wooo

  • weeezy flyin stealth!!!!!

  • ariel dubon Lil Wayne – deuces (remix)

  • that nigga busta still on his 94 shit wayne was nice but im sick of rick ross

  • Chris Baby

    Now this is the weezy I like … I guess he only raps gangster on lex Luger beats nowadays.

    Keep giving him lex luger beats !

  • DOPE

    Why he still talkin’ about sippin’?

  • AntiTrendsetter


  • goonzville

    Weezy was getting his 2Pac swag on in that verse lol.

  • @What’s goody lenny kravitz lmao

  • Kaj


    On June 16, 2011 at 6:28 pm DOPE responded with…

    Why he still talkin’ about sippin’?


    WHY NOT??????????


    @MAYNE you click the big ass hulkshare button to the right… Don’t click the download or play now ones…
    Back to the song

    Weezy went hard as fuckkkk!!!!! #Sorry4TheWait Leggo!

  • yo


  • darryl

    that wayne verse probly recorded in 2009, he dont sip lean anymore.. ppl got to understand he records soooo much music you dont know if its 2009 or post jail

  • tht nigga Wayne had me rollinn . lol . killed itt.!

  • Carter V

    “You know who, P.I-RU killer bees nigga”

    he went ham.

  • Tunechi’s P.O

    *listens attentively to see if tunechi starts sippin again*
    *still unsure tho*
    *but won’t pass judgement instead will give him the benefit of the doubt for now*
    *while keenly awaits his next song/feature to look for any similar re-occurrence*
    *gently two step to song whiles returning tune’s probation file to achieve*

  • weezy back on sippin?!!!

  • bob

    what the fuck?? i cant even tell that waynes in this song, wheres his verse?

  • Adam

    @bob hes at 4:24 right after fab

  • Adam

    And i swear lex luger makes the hardest mother fucking beats ive ever heard holy fuck

  • wow weezy killed that shit! hardest shit he spit ina min

  • dsfgfsdfsddf

    Where is lenny krevitz other leg in the pic?

  • Connor

    Love waynes part .. back to tha streets

  • bob

    Headshots that fuckin vest is so USELESS!!!!!

  • Real_G

    Lol Wow Wayne Aint Fit This Shit…IDK i laughed tha whole time
    idk but im mad Busta Go So Damn Hard On Everybody Song…..

  • Wayne on Purp?

    wayne again talking about purp..first in Dear Anne he said “codeine in the sprite can” and now he said sippin on that purp… is he sippin again? hope he is musik be hot

  • John Rozay

    Tunechii went HAM.
    SorryForTheWait&Carter4 Legooo !

  • Domi

    best weezy verse for a long time !! cant wait for sorry4thewait !!

  • Gosha

  • ibc

    Wayne’s verse sounds like it was recorded a while ago. I always prefered his pre-prision voice but now when I hear this I’m actually more happy with his sober voice. Tight song though.


    lil wayne went HAM on this !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flydungas

    idk yo i think his verse is fuckin ill he sounds beast

  • Connor

    This is Wayne spittin off tha top of his head drinkin Sizzzzzurp!

  • smm

    busta killed it and wayne was wavey too

  • T-Raw

    LMAO love it when he rap like this, a lot better than that 6’7 flow.

  • Kommon Sense

    No,Wayne Is Not On Syrup Again.EveryBody Knows How Tune Works.He Has So Many Verses And Songs In Storage.Plus Game Been Workin On The”R.E.D ALBUM”For A Minute.Anne Was Also Old Material.Think Of It As A “BLAST FROM THE PAST”


  • Kommon Sense

    The Pikture Is From The”Swizz Beats Ft Lil Wayne And Lenny Kravitz-Rock N Roll”Video Shoot.Its Exklusive Bekause The Full Song Isnt Even Out Yet.Only Tunes Verse

  • T.k

    Lil wayne is on both of the game’s singels for RED ALBUM— dope

  • im listening to it now so far pretty gewd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waitin on weezy part …glad dey got rick ross on here he sound hella better den dj khaled,,,,djkhaled getiin lame …..ATEP UP DA GAME BRUH!!!!!! : – )

  • checkthisish

    the download link doesnt work for macbooks..maybe im just retarded and cant figure it out haha

  • tune

    this sounds like wayne before prison



  • Morris

    Who also can’t resist smiling when weezy about to drop a verse….lol… But he came with some real shit like shoot a nigga up and then it’s deuces that is so true ….. Crazy flow …,sooooowooooo

  • tune777

    Danny, please don’t use hulkshare, it won’t let me download it. Use the ones u were using before. P

  • Asai Adame

    I fucking hate rick ross!!! im tired of his fat ass weezy needs to kick his ass of his nuts!!! scratch that hed break his fooot, he needs to forklift his ass out of there!!!! lol C444444444444444444444444
    and sorry for the waitt

  • C.Mason

    Can you say Wayne snapped on this shit!!! LOL! He went in yo! I am waiting to see what this mixtape is going to be like though! It’s not gonna be like D3 or No cielings I know that

  • ctwins3644

    sick wayne verse..def old tho because u can hear the substance in his voice…game and rozay were dissappointing

  • @teebee94

    Waka had this beat the song was called 365 on the salute me or shoot me 3 mixtape. Smh I hate wen this happens

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  • K-Freshz

    idk if his verse is old because he said “young tunechi”…..and he just started using that after he got out of jail……but anyways, the nigga still went ham on dis shit tho!!!! and yea, dem lex luger beats go hard as fuck!!!! i hope lex luger produced some shit for C4!!!

  • Max Money

    weezy got that nicki minaj flow going in this song

  • domo

    @teebee94 Right,This Always Happens With Lex Luger Beats,Like The Beat For “Bad Bitches” By Tyga & “Lap Dance”

  • #ray

    @MaxMoney It’s tha other way around dude.

  • blackhawks


    Wayne snapped on this so hard

  • Chris

    Wayne ate that track. holy fuck.

  • schwein

    wow danny totally sold out with all these advertisements

  • ymcmbws

    defo a new Wayne verse. Game said in a recent interview that he sent the song to wayne a few days ago so he can add his verse


    best verse from wain inna min

  • Teeeheee

    am i the only one who thinks that in the grammy awards 2012 game and tune will be both nominated on best rap/hip hop album .. or on the BET awards?! 😀 C4 gon’ be banging … R.E.D too 😀

  • Matheo22

    Nothing special Red Nation is 100 time better .


    lil waynes verse was before jail time 100% because his voice is high and after prison he is sober but whole song goes hard specialy waynes verse if they finished

  • scotty_mofo

    @fuckwizkhalifa.already been settled game sent the song to wayne and was waiting on his verse. so only recorded in the last few days

  • maserati .d.c

    is it me or does this nigga sound like he got his voice back.. when its was all nasty and raw sounds like the drought 3 days when he was unstopable.. its safe to say hes off his break or w.e. he was on for the last 2-3 years after c3

  • Fuckhulkshare

    Danny please DO NOT use hulkshare…its fucking garbage

  • tim

    this shit is gay only busta ryhmes and fabolous went hard wayne sounded like shit and didnt make sense

  • mmm

    whats the lyrics of wayne, cuz i dont get it wayne is not going so hard and ppl s0cking dick like he said something that makes sense, wayne is only good when he is on his own shit like the CARTERS and his MIXTAPES but here not..

  • Loyalty

    Sounds like Wayne got added to the track after it was recorded? It’s cool tho….


    Yeah cocksucker danny do not use hulkshare

  • dj Khaled gettin a nigga mad-__-

  • Just Another Fan..

    WTF Was that….

  • @OfiqeTo

    Man y’all are stupid az fuck.
    Weezy obviously recorded this verse recently because he talked about Jordans & tha song’s about Jordans
    + he never called himself “Lil Tunechi” in his verses before he went to jail
    & to add to that , Weezy’s on probation so he can’t smoke weed
    So I’m guessing he misses getting high
    Which means since sippin syrup is legal & gets you high
    HE’S BACK ON THAT SIZZURP ! That’s why he’s been rapping about it a lot recently

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    lyrics for wayne:

    and im smokin on that purp,
    sippin on that purp,
    i came in this bitch wit some niggas that will murk,
    and we aint bout all that talkin,
    you a dead man walkin,
    stomp a nigga ass out in these # 4 jordans,
    got a scope on a barrell, thats a hammer wit a camera,
    hollow tips nigga, tip a nigga like a dancer,
    i dont know nothin but bitches and gettin money,
    blood gang, kill a nigga in public,
    young tunechiiii,
    shoot a nigga ass up then its dueces,
    head shots that fuckin vest is so useless!
    yea, yo chuck, fuck these niggas,
    u know who, P.I.RU, killa b’s niggas

    for all u lames that say that verse dont make sense u niggas is fake ass fans. only part u might not get is PIRU, thats a Blood set.

    hate u fake ass fans

  • watup blud

    I guess if you just started listening to Lil Wayne in 2009 then you probably never heard him rap like this before. So it might sound weird to you.

  • T-Raw

    You cant blame these kids that became fans after Rebirth and never heard him rap with his real voice before.

    The engineers change his voice to make it sound lighter like on his Wasted freestyle, but his real voice is deep and raspy as hell like what you hear on this song or if he you go to his concerts you’ll notice that his voice is really deep in person.

  • Odell_15

    fabo goes hard and tunechi go phukkin hard in this shit its dope

  • Lord Lushous

    Dj khaled went the hardest

  • morris

    cant get enough of waynes part ….it seemed shorter ….and he was going HAM

  • jay

    Busta rhymes had best verse!!!

  • jay

    HULKSHARE works perfectly yall idiots


    Lil Wayne’s verse is just Sick, on one of my previous posts I was saying Weezy was not so inspired since he is clean now… But I was wrong when I listen to this verse

  • darryl

    this 2009 wayne, i can just tell… im a huge wayne fan, i can tell from 2009 wayne & 2011 wayne, 2011 wayne is more clear & cool & normal,sober… 2009 wayne, is crazy weird & was on lean & high all the time

  • tmillzy

    for all yall who say hes never said young tunechi or lil tunechi till he got out of jail yall not real wayne fans because i remember on a bunch of his old shit he always said it

  • That Tunechi

    This is a new wayne verse for all those that think its post prison your wrong. Game had a recent interview and its obvious when wayne says “Young Tunechi” he never said Tunechi post prison. And hes also sippin again. But hey if he kills tracks like this then let him lol i kept my mouse on 4:24 for the longest and kept replaying his verse. #No autotune

  • Wayne killed this shit P.I.RU niggas Blood Gang Soo Wooping Fabolous & Ross r wack they should switch em with Juelz & Wiz or J.Cole My Nigga Weezy Back tho


    @darryl: Yesss darryl, I fully agree with you indeed we was always so high, it did sometimes sound Crazy, but I just loved it. He does sound more clear now indeed.

  • real-talk

    This deffinaly sounds like old wayne i deffinaly could give 2 fucks tho. He kills this shit, on some real G shit. Carter4 gonna be crazy xecpt how to love that shits gay

  • Gary


    Does anyone know a lil wayne verse or lyrics where hes talking about proposing? or putting a ring on a girls finger?

  • babygirl397

    @j if you want wayne’s part to be longer you make it longer wit yo ugly self

  • wheres.nino3!!


  • steveland


    peep that California Love weezy and tyga

  • Chris

    @Gary the only thing i remember him talking in that sense without ever saying that ill put a ring on it (But implying) the whole song and staying on topic without meandering subject is Promise ft Ciara

  • babygirl397

    koo my ass

  • Michael Weezy F Babyyy!

    few words to say to this….. Young moolah Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!1

  • rainbow_barbie397

    michael weezy f baby shut up

  • wayneJR

    i luv it! busta and wayne killed it luv yu guys!! 🙂

  • rainbow_barbie397

    @waynejr shut tha fuck up yo ugly ass

  • Dwayne

    Look That MaFucker Dope God.
    Shut That Gape n’ Just Look, Bitch!
    This is it.

  • Waynes verse was the best fucking great! He made the song!