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Video: Lil Wayne Performs “6 Foot, 7 Foot” On MTV’s Unplugged With Cory Gunz

Wed, Jun 8, 2011 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne perform “6 Foot, 7 Foot” with Cory Gunz from his MTV Unplugged performance, which will air this Sunday (June 12) at 9PM EST on MTV. Shouts to Jake for the video, and if you are wondering why it is flipped, that is so YouTube won’t take it down.

After the jump, you can watch Weezy speak on why his MTV Unplugged performance is solo and why he covered 2Pac’s “Hail Mary” verse.

“If you ever go to a Lil Wayne show, you’ll see he, as in I, don’t bring nobody onstage unless they are Young Money,” Weezy told MTV News’ Sway Calloway after the taping of “MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged,” which will air on MTV2, MTV and on Sunday.

“If they are not Young Money and they are just an artist that I’ve done a song with and they’re in the town that night and they ask, ‘Can I come out?’ Say, ‘Yeah,’ ” he said. “But if you go to a Lil Wayne show and you’re a real Lil Wayne fan, you’ll know: He’s up there from start to finish by his self.”

“Ain’t have nobody screamin’ over the mic with me. I just never been about that because I was always in a group with three other guys when I was comin’ up,” Tunechi said.

For all of the reasons he gives, in the end, Wayne is just a little bit selfish, and after releasing eight solo albums, nine official mixtapes and selling more than 10 million copies, who can blame him? “I also don’t bring a lot of people up there because, simple and plain, this is ‘MTV Unplugged,’ and this is Lil Wayne’s ‘MTV Unplugged,’ ” he said.


“I knew because this is my ‘Unplugged,’ I said, ‘I want to do some kind of tribute to one of those great artists,’ ” Wayne explained to us of why he chose to perform the fallen MC’s 1996 single “Hail Mary.” “It’s just something about ‘Pac and I,” he said after the show’s taping last month.

“I picked that second verse, ‘Penitentiaries is packed with promise makers,’ and I was like, ‘That whole verse is just perfect โ€” they never realized the precious time that they wasting.’ “

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  • Don McNeal


  • my nigga TUNECHI

  • paddy

    weezy is on top, rip tupac

  • Don McNeal

    Acceptance Speech for winning first:::
    I like to thank God ! Ummm my iPhone4 for working fast with WIFI.. umm I love everybody comments that’s below mine as first. I’m so grateful

    Hahaha thank all my fans
    C4 LEGGO!



  • Don McNeal

    Does the End of that vid answer y’all questions about Lil Wayne working for the ILLUMINATI… hahaha
    Yes, I believe in God too Weezy.

  • undoubtedly the best rapper alive

  • JayWalkinJustin

    Go Weezy Go Weezy Go!
    Wish I Could’ve Went To Unplugged.
    Looks Sick.

  • J

    That was fucking sick. I prefer that version to the actual song, without all the annoying shit in the background. Will the entire show be put on here at some point? I’d love to get the mp3’s converted from the youtube files for sure, cant wait for this. C4!!! Hurry up and announce UK tour dates ๐Ÿ˜€

  • WeezyFanPL

    Thanks, I love 6’7′ can’t wait to see the whole Weezy Unplugged! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • WeezyFanPL

    I wish they released Lil Wayne Unplugged CD or even better CD + DVD!

  • lil_KaneB

    fuck dawg, he is the best who had ever been at mtv unplugged

    2pac’s alive man

  • sweet i can’t wait for this sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ and c4 needs to hurry up ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Real_G

    Now We In A Day & Age Where We Leak Videos And Performances Now! SMFH

    Where Is Tha Excitment In That!!!??? It Was Hot Tho But Still.. IDK maybe thats just me

    Wayne Impact On Tha Game Is Tha Same Azz 2pac Back Den Not Content In Music But Tha Impact On It

    I Been Said That……

  • J

    Real_G, why are you not happy about videos or performances being leaked? :O

  • Real_G

    IDEK??? i guess it takes tha excitement away a lil for me?

    idk like when it comes on its gne be like “awww i already saw this part”

    i wanna be hyped tha whole time while watching it and not knowing whats gne happen


  • J

    Then just dont watch the video bro! Like, for me, I wont be able to watch the actual show so it makes little difference. But you dont need to watch it ๐Ÿ˜›

  • norumz

    when did this concert take place ?
    I know MTV unplugged is June 12th but I thought the concert would go on at the same time..

  • Steven

    @Don McNeal I know how u feel

    Can’t wait to watch this at home!!! They block videos at work .

    WEEZY MOTHERFUCKAA!! C4 its coming soon (maybe)

  • Real_G

    lol too late…. thats impossible if its wayne

  • Real_G

    lol easier said then dne lol

  • J

    Haha I know what you mean bro, I cant help but watch whatever video it is if its Weezy

  • Manny1

    Does Anybody Know What Happened To Nino Brown Story 3??

  • Best 6’7 perfomace ever!

  • zTunechi-
  • Real_G

    hell yea…. i thought about … i tried to wait…

    lol but after 30secs i said fuck it and pressed play

  • jean


  • Ror Rito

    is nightmare from the buttom coming on june 12 ? :S
    pls tell me ?!
    oh yeah tech shooting fuck food this week

  • feelicia

    I can’t wait to see Wayne perform “Hail Mary” that’s one of my favorite songs 2pac have done!

  • Qadeem

    I’m so pissed and happy at the same time I pushed play. Damnit, it was too good though. It got me so hype for the rest of it, and in my opinion, 6 foot 7 foot sounds so much better when he performs it foreal.

  • xsquad423

    The show happen on May 12th out here in LA. I’m right below Wayne on the right. It was raw as hell and the best part about it. “IT WAS FREE”

  • @Manny1 its still they shootin it over again

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Don McNeal LOL

  • ppl its just ONE SONG! its not like they showed u half of the unplugged, i mean we still got that tupac hail mary, the nightmares on the bottom, and other songs in the proformance.

  • MOP15321

    Hopefully Hail Mary will be on D4 and he will release D4 within 2 weeks or so, but I doubt it and @Real G i completely agree especially album leaks smh

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  • Why is the bandana on the wrong side???

  • ..Why is the bandana on the wrong side???

  • tunechiman

    I can see it being pushed back or sutin bet we dnt get it on sunday

  • JayWalkinJustin

    @Swagbagg Its Not…. The Video Is Reversed So It’s All A Mirror Effect. I Know You Noticed Everything Backwards.

  • Real_G


  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    real shit… im gonna just stop checking this site if i dont get a mixtape in the next 2 weeks

  • YM Militia

    I thought his performances on Unplugged would be alot more chill. umm theyre exactly the same as a reg concert

  • DAMU


  • lilwayne>allrappers
  • checkthisish
  • checkthisish



    Where the Fuck Food with tech at??

  • i tottally agree wit wayne if i was in da rap game i would be say in da same dang go head wayne let dem mother fuqerz no wat u mean!!!!! hahaha lol DEZZIE LUVZ YOU<3!!!

  • grizzy

    the video is mirror’d look it says 6 foot 7 foot bacwards wen it starts…his flag is on the right its just da video…his tats r mirror’d 2…

  • im up for rent!

  • iam up for graps not girls boys

  • hiya ellis

  • Hiya sexy Billy Beck

  • Hi

  • Hi billy

  • Stone

    This guy is such a fucking joke. He thinks hes so much better than he actually is. Tupac was a lyricist. Lil Wayne is NOT a lyricist. His content has no depth and its all shit.

  • Ror Rito

    @ Stone gota suit me last night , waz up

  • Ror Rito

    fuck your mother, fucking hater

  • Xicano101

    It makes me sad that we are half way through the year and Lil Wayne only has around 2 songs he can call his own. Drake already has two songs (Dreams Money Can Buy, and Marvin’s Room). Six months for two songs is kinda sad /:

  • Real_G

    How Tha Hell “Watch The Throne” release date Gne be before Tha Carter IV……….??????? They get a July 4th release date but we get August 29th……

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    hail mary unplugged is out

  • Arth

    He got a crowd of white people to say !@#$ segregation….nice

  • YM Militia

    cant wait till Cory Gunz drops an album. im gettin sick and tired waiting around for Weezy

  • ElMonarcรค

    Woow, this video was excited. I wanna see Weezy in a performance live.

  • Rose