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Video: DJ Khaled & Birdman On BET’s 106 & Park x Sorry 4 The Wait Mixtape Lyrics

Wed, Jul 20, 2011 by

YMCMB’s DJ Khaled and Birdman appeared on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday to promote his We The Best Forever album that is available in stores now, and to debut his “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over” music video. Even though there is no Tunechi, I’m sure most of you will still be interested in watching the above video… and they do speak on Tha Carter IV and confirm it will be out on August 29th. Baby even hands Khaled a plaque for his #1 single in the United States “I’m On One” featuring Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne for going gold!

Also, I recently added the lyrics to Weezy‘s Sorry 4 The Wait mixtape on this website, so if you wanna check them out, you can view them here.

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  • tee

    oh yes thank you danny so much for the lyrics

  • Ogeezy210

    Smokin on that oh yea!



  • Make Me

    Oh I guess it was the Birdman who gave everyone a YMCMB tee =P

  • Thecarter

    Khlaed is such a tool…. smh


    YMCMB make bussines. g-unit & eminem can suck diggs for YMCMB

  • Xicano101

    Have any of Wayne’s recent singles gone gold or anything?

  • Its CeeJ!

    khaled, birdman, tyga, drake = fags
    Mack maine, cory guns, drake = fags on the mic
    busta rhymes, ceelo, wayne, ace hood are the only straight artists on this album. the album is nothing special
    can we get some more wayne songs/ or features soon? does anyone know about the other single(s) from cIV?

  • real-talk

    Birdman should not be allowed to wear that chain in public… that shit is fucking ridicolus.

  • young tune

    @Xicano101 idk, but i do know How To Love is #6 on billboard top 100.

    so that’s great.

  • tee

    Danny what happened to run the world lyrics

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Danny M i got banned from the forums dude not cool yoo!!!!

  • DJ khaled be lookin cross eyed!!!!

  • Dirtin

    Dude ceej you mad stupid If you think tyga is a fag. He’s def one of the best on YMCMB. Only behind wayne. He’s right there with drizzy. Tygas Cali flow is so slick and his lyrics can’t be fucked with.

  • @MuziicKing

    wadd made idd #1 was da beat and b4 tunechi’s verse the beat droped nd a lighter flicks when ever dat happens yew no dat track issx da shit


    @CeeJ! TYGA, DRAKE!?!?!?!?!?! LOL!!!11111 STFU

  • Wayne-Train

    @CeeJ you heard nightmares of the bottom? its been out for a while but i was just checkn to see if you’ve listened to it yet




    BOY= NO


  • BIRDMAN doin wat he does!


  • Nino Brown

    i neva got dis but khaled duznt rily do nutn. don produse don rap don pull a eazy e by fakin rapin wit gost ritars an shit ya no he don do nutn an erbode cun do dat


    i swear the inkredible remix wayne verse is fuckin amazing!!! his verse always in my head could rap that shyt

  • Ogeezy210

    Wild as ryu


    wayne made my day i listen everyday his music its real my inspiration before i go out to school i listen his songs.10000 bars full amazing.

  • ceej dumb as hell i swear he need to go sum were if he aint post nun den dis whole page could have been nun but likz and love but here go ceej wit his hatin azz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezyFan

    why isnt this on ?

  • YM Motha Fucka

    Does wayne not understand that releasin C4 in japan on August 3rd, it will then leak on the internet & Nobody will buy it in the US.

  • Its CeeJ!

    drake sucks! and so does wayne cuz he’s been doing that drake monotone singin lately!
    tyga does suck! i dont know what yall r smoking but if u like listening to that/call that music u craz. saying a dude would be chill to knnow and saying they make good music are too completely different things that should not be confused

  • morris

    @Xicano101 6 foot 7 foot went double platinum …thats 2 million sales in usa alone

  • Its CeeJ!

    yea, i heard a few versions. check out the mayday version on youtube


    like our music page and help support our music! mixtape drops at 110 likes!!

  • fuck u ceej!!

    @ceegay u saying drake sucks coz he sings a lot?u da 1 whoz crazy fagg,drake s very talentd dog u havent seen anythn yet and as for wayne i dnt hve to defend hm cz hes a legend already
    as for tyga hes nt my favourte cz he dropz a very hot verse and dn da rest is wack,hes nt concistent bt he has improvd a lot

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)


    a b.o.b feat. wayne song should come soon

  • Daknite

    lil wayne nicki minaj Tyga Drake And Cory Gunz Are The best in young money the rest i shity

  • Respect up 2 all cash money niggers, who’s keepin 8 real. Young möney¥¡ cash money $! Crazy money€!¡ N dirty money£!¡ Money is my id, dont try me, if i aint do ntn i mgt fuckin boil. 8’s me Zinblin ur kno wat 8 is. “I like that” Music is my world

  • Zinblin wants 2 b part of cash money crew, in collaberation wit “big wayne” promoting d shit in Africa. Music is life if HipPOp must die we wil die together lets keep hippop alive

  • NERD

    what da fuck is dz faggot above me talkin abt?

  • Music, music, music. There are more music 2 come check 8 out “Zinblin”, d African supperstar frm Liberia wil b out soon wit (15) tracks album call “who step on me” album title. Produced by :underground record wit dj Teejay watch out ! Zinblin, ur favorite African rap star comin soon. Hippop must live 4ever

  • Propose, dont oppose hippop cuz d game wont stop. Ride till we die

  • Shoutout 2 cash money members boil, chill, ah……

  • Filo

    Lil wayne wearing G SHOCK WATCHES !!!

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Lil wayne will be on david guetta upcoming album in a song featured with cris brown the song will be called ”can only imagine” and gonna be the music nº 7

  • Its CeeJ!

    yeah i heard that was coming, its gonna be a bob song tho which probably means wayne didnt go very hard on it. still tho bob songs r tha shit to smoke to and wayne too, itll be a nice collabo


    Drake first single called Take care ft rick ross and lil wayne!


    lol how to love and how to hate oO??

  • Its CeeJ!

    i think drakes 1st single is shot for me while a verse of lil wayne or snippet or something. take care ft rick ross might b thou

  • Its CeeJ!

    i think drakes 1st single is shot for me while a verse of lil wayne or snippet or something.but take care ft rick ross might b

  • C4Tunechi

    Ma nigga wayne good but he needa get back to this FLOW Any one else agree?

  • JohnnyB

    goin to concert tonight with VIP passes

  • faried


  • MJ

    Jaysean and birdman double album? Really? Another We are young money? These niggas really dont sleep

  • Nak Nak

    hey Mr. Carter, tell me where have you been? i hope youve been hustlin. we been we’ve been searchin, we been askin, we been wonderin why we dont have that C4…. @danny M got any updates my man? we’ll appreciate anything

  • joeyrat
  • Its CeeJ!

    faried is a faggot. advertise ur body on not here pussy

  • young-stunna

    yo danny M update dz thang!!!fuck is wrong wth dz site in weekends

  • JohnnyB

    @Danny M can you pleassseee post the pics from pittsburgh last night?

  • Fly Dungas

    yo hes human bro hes gonna wanna enjoy his weekends like everyone else lol

  • June blazIn

    Yo did yal hear the diss track from game called uncle otis that nigga dissin everybody and it even sound like he dissin wayne a lil but yal go check it out