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Mack Maine Speaks On Lil Wayne Wanting To Retire

Tue, Sep 6, 2011 by

Mack Maine Speaks On Lil Wayne Wanting To Retire

Earlier this year, Lil Wayne told Hot 97 and XXL that he would retire from the music game in his early 30’s to become a better father to his kids. Obviously none of us fans want to see him leave the music game, but does the Young Money President and best friend of Tunechi think the same ❓ Check out what Mack Maine told XXL Magazine below:

“As far as that retirement goes, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” YM President Mack Maine told “I’m not trying to hear that… I mean technically he can. We paved the way where Young Money the brand is gonna be so big. And he’s done so much where he can just tour. But I know his love and passion for the music…. I also know he has love and passion for his kids and family and he sacrificed a lot of this life we living. So at 30, if he says he wants to hang it up and be a family and a businessman, I wouldn’t be mad at it. He’ll be like 18, 19 close to 20 years in the game. And have put out that many albums. He’ll be a vet at a young age. It’s not like we’re gonna need to put out albums, it’s just the passion. Can you walk away from it?”

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  • john smith


  • gioboss

    1st giovanni c4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    no i give weezy 1-2 years pause

  • Brian

    Weezy betta not retire! if Carter 4 was that good, jus imagine Carter 5! #team weezy

  • weezywee

    yall gay

  • Tmo

    Damn man. I hope he doesnt.

  • L J

    I think he’ll just take a break. He loves it too much lol & I want Tha Carter V & VI LOL

  • Damn weezy shuld get da retirement shit out of hs head coz c4’s sale figures r gna show no1 wnts hm gone

  • LIkeMe

    He’s Sure about that

  • E

    give us a carter 5 then retire!!!

  • WeezyF

    If Lil Wayne retire from the music game the music is dead.. Without that genius in the game music is just crap.. He’s the best thing ever happened to music..

  • we all know the truth, and truth is Lil Wayne will never retire.. he says it on carter III “ONE THING YOU’LL NEVER HEAR – WAYNE QUIT??????????????”

  • Emmyjackson

    Pls don’t do it we(wela boys) love ur music beside u pormise to drop carter viii

  • Umm

    i guess waynes finally starting to notice he doesnt do it like he used to.

    1998-2007 wayne > 2008-2011 wayne

  • lil_KaneB

    noooo please don’t retire!!! you can be with your family and make music too!

  • Wayne sold 1,082,056 albums , Tune is now a legend , so he can retire 😀 😀

  • dseg

    Don’t see that happening! C4= A MILLI

  • Teehee

    if he retires .. damn,.. i dont even know how will i live [ for real] wayne’s music means so much for us, if he retires i still will be listening to him

  • real-talk

    if he do retire DANNY M is going to be unemployed.

  • Fly Dungas

    his kids havin a real dad > us getting more music

  • real-talk

    when are we going to know how many he sold first week?

  • Unknown

    wuldnt it be dope if wayne freestyled over da “a milli” beat again thankin us for the c4 sales ? ?

  • moha

    noooooo lil wayne

  • Converse

    Rappers dont retire? ask jayz or eminem?

    yep @realtalk he would lmao!

    O yeah Billboard will let use know how many C4 sold Wednesday

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    1 year break would not be that very bad
    he also should be happy and have fun with his kids

    but i really want mo albums by him 😀

  • B2

    No weezy!!! Anyway thank you for blessing us with the Carter IV

  • Paul

    This pic is from the Sacramento Concert THAT SHIT WAS THE SHIIIT!!!!!! he aint retireing tho

  • Ivo

    Lil Wayne – Mr. Carter


    …Two words you never hear: “Wayne Quit”

  • CeeJ

    ok so lemme get this str8, instead of being a good role model to his children and doing what the fuck he raps about all the time… actually doing it, he thinks retiring and chilling with them all day is what he should do? nevermind the crap that he raps about and all the drugs he takes, he just wants to retire from all that and play stay at home dad with diamond teeth and tatoos all over his face that symbolize murder? and some of u lames respect that and arent pissed that he’s talking about doing the same shit jz did when he shits on him for it. i dont get it.

  • ronie

    nooooooooo after CARTER 10 weezy can retire 😀 not faster, I just cant imagine my day without tune

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    he aint gone never fully retire i think he just may slow down.

  • Breezy sly barry

    If wayne retires from music who’s hip hop rap am i going to listen….then some of us are going retire from listening to hip pop.

  • Mossy

    hey guys i think we hit amillie!!! carter 4 has sold 760k at 68% reported!!!!?

  • Fly Dungas

    Honestly tho he should just retire from everything but mixtapes. Maybe he’d wanan do an album once in a while but you can live a completely chilled out life with no industry commitment and just record some mixtape songs in your free tiem when you feel like lettin it out. When you get like 10 or 12 you can drop em for the fans and continue livin your inconspicuous life. especially with what he already has and will make off drake, he”d be totally set.

  • trilla

    im gonna be kinda pissed if he does but we have had him for over 10 years in hip hop. those of us who been fuckin with wayne not you bandwagon fans

  • aaron

    wayne been doing this music shit for yearrrrsss. he’s finishing ON TOP fuck the haters. them bitches mad but he winning doe


    if you havent bought c4 please do so.

  • R3m1

    @ceej I ve to agree with you here, he can t remove neither his diamond teeth nor all his tattoos, whose are like his commitment. The thing is he kinda can t half do it right now, he has to be 100% in the game but maybe he can find a way in the future to do more family and less music… that would be better than no music at all, wich seems impossible

  • Daknite

    what are the c4 sales anyone?

  • why haven’t you posted the song wayne did with david guetta and chris brown?

  • FireFlame

    lil wayne sold a million first week.

  • real-talk

    For some reason i dont think he sold a million. I hope he did tho.

  • mr jones

    He just did a mill a mill check it z@

  • CeeJ

    its not just the tatoos and the teeth, hahah i mean plenty rockstars real rockstars have that kinda shit like ozzy and he had a family (a fucked up one) but what he says, talking about killing people in their houses and kidnapping babys and shit like that, then he wants to retire. that would be a huge scam, if he did that i honestly hope somebody gives him some more lead and i dont feel bad wishing that because after all the crap he’s talked about and exposed the youth to he just needs a reality check for himself. he aint real we all know that but he can at least stay in the game till nobody wanna hear is shuckn and jiven he at least owes us that after getting paid so much for nothing really.

    Danny M, u need to put up a post titled “whats the realest thing youve ever seen lil wayne do?”
    … i’d like to know what people say cuz 50 cents got shoot like 8 times or something ridiculous, eminem punched a puppet on top of alot of other things, tupac and biggie died from gunfire, and kanye released one of the realest hiphop albums of all time, now weezy just wanna be like a version of jz that says way worse vulgarities and basically tells the listener he’s realer than they are but has never proved anything, then start a clothes line and wear all kind of colorful gay shit to concerts that arent worth a damn thing and then just retire so he never has to admit that he has no true talent besides getting girls to scream and beg for his money… nigga cant even skate good and he’s promoted that way more than he has promoted any of his music lately…. i think he forgot why he got famous in the first place.
    the closest thing that little nigga has done to being a gangster was shoot HIMSELF. with a gun,

  • CeeJ

    what makes lil wayne worse than other famous bad example rockers and hiphopers is that lil wayne never does anything unless he’s been paid for it yet he claims to live and die for his music. he only makes himself visible to the public eye when he’s getting paid for a show or when he’s clubbing where there’s strippers, he never does anything for charities and hasnt given shit back. even his mixtapes are just downright asshole comments. he has never done anything to earn the respect the he demands from people and although he’s been killed on tracks plenty of time he always comes back with some flashy clothes or whatever like a lousy ass nigga. in my opinion he is the definition of a crook and more twofaced than siomese twins.

    i dont care what c4 sales record that shits garbage with 2 decent tracks on it. 10 years from now people will be listening to that autotune htl garbage wondering what kind of crazy mother fucker puts how to love and how to hate on the same cd. he’s got nothing else to give to hiphop, his punchlines are all used up and his producers wont even give him beats anymore.

  • Libra

    Fuck The Haters.Wayne Does A Milli Once Again!

  • twonski

    Wayne said it best…” hate’n ass niggas be baller blockin, actin like some goal keepers” he did it amilli 1st week… all yu hate’n mf’s talk’n down can just suck that!

  • ereezy121

    Lil Wayne Is a crazy rapper since the beginning. I can fully agree with Mack Mane but it would be good if Lil Tunechi slows down on making all of these albums instead of retiring. He can hopefully have more time to be a better father. Tunechi will live his name until he dies and for sure, we will have to wait and see what will happen.

  • Pauly D

    1,000,690 —

  • Lil weezy Ana

    obiviously…………………. we all know it’ll be a cold day in hell before wayne retires so we good yall. we gott weezy for…..maybe 5+ more years 🙂

  • Slim



  • CeeJ

    so basically ur saying he should stop going on tour and stop selling his music for a profit…. well i agree

  • Kieran_YMCMB_Canada

    @Addie Jay also said he’d be mackin’ forever…

  • ray

    nooooooooooooooo weezy im your biggest fan im only 13 in kno all your songs megaman blunt blowin how to love 6ft 7ft john i like em all pleez dont go your my idol i want to be just like u

  • no wayne don’t retire. c4 was so good 🙂

  • Fuck

    I just wanna say that I never used to like rap, but about 3 years ago I started to listen to Wayne and now I love it. He’s the best. Hes really smart(he got strait A’s in school) and it really shows when he raps. He’s a lyrical genius. And I he retires, that would be THE WORSTTT

  • iF LiL Wayne Retiree , Hip Hop Wuddnt Be Dha Say Without LiL Wayne . Dont Yall Understand LiL Wayne iS The Best Rapper Alive, So iF LiL Wayne Leave Nobody iS Gunnak Be Better Or At The Same Level As Wayne =(

  • mrscarter1

    Wayne we still need you! Let’s bring to Carter10 den twk retirement!

  • dr heimlich

    fuck no, don’t retire weezy!

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  • C4

    @CeeJ,Stop Hating on a nigga That is a weak emotion..

  • C4

    Stop hatin on Tune because that makes you a bitch

  • ricardo laguna

    weezy is my idol since hot boyz but as he says he wants to be a better parent because the children are first of all in life, and wayne is a great father and really never want to retire but of course it’s all his decision and the great YMCMB family

  • Frega Bao

    We all know Wayne is the HARDEST MUSIC WORKER daily in studio or shows it means he got short time 2 spend with his family etc but plz WAYNE RETIRE WHEN U DIE