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Video: Lil Wayne Talks About Upcoming Albums From YMCMB

Wed, Oct 26, 2011 by

Above, Lil Wayne tells MTV that Rebirth II and I Am Not A Human Being II are “not important” right now and then goes on to talk about the upcoming albums from Young Money/Cash Money.

“Drake’s album Take Care is coming November 15, Nicki is about to start working on her next album,” he said before turning to the Female Weezy for an update.

“Stunna coming out; I’m Not a Human Being II and Rebirth II is so not important right now,” Tune said. “We got Twist coming, we got Tyga Tyga coming, and then we have Shanell coming, then we got Bow Wow — that’s what’s really important. What I’m doing is really never important, actually. I’m a very unimportant guy. It’s just me.”

In related YMCMB news, Shanell will drop her new single tomorrow titled “So Good” featuring Weezy and Drake!

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    november 15 – take care time bitches !

  • @DMaCk_F

    Your Album Is Important !

  • Lewis.P

    “i’m an unimportant guy”

    Gotta love Weezy !

  • Breezy


  • Tez

    Hell Na I Wanna Hear I Am Not A Human Being, I Fuck Wit Nikki Buh Drake Can Eat A Ass Sandwich

  • LIkeMe

    YMCMB going HARD!!!


  • Jc

    Lol @tez what are u a fag?

  • Tristan

    Lmao weezy yes you are important lol


    @tez faggot


    wayne is always dope

  • YM Salute

    Idk if he’s kidding or not.

  • Amurph

    To all them niggas out they hatin saying Wayne think he god and shit. I’m pretty sure god wouldn’t say “I’m a very unimportant guy” anyway weezy you can be a comedian when you retire lol!!! IANAHB2 <3

  • ogeezy

    Can’t wait to hear dis single

  • Junie

    Hes being sarcastic when he says hes unimportant

  • 9 tre

    Wayne is right he is unimportant he sucks right now drake and nicki are takin over

  • Brazyface

    @fuckeminem i know you dont know me but really wassup with the name eminem is one of the greatest if not theee greatest……imma huge weezy fan but he cant fuck with em stop dickridin my nigga

  • Pauly D

    he means IANAHB 2 and rebirt 2 is unimportant for NOW
    but if al those albums have been dropped than its important

  • YoungGod RigoRigo Idontcare

    Wanker(Danny’S) album IS coming too! YMCMB! FUCK U 9 TRE! London Boy
    young mula bb

  • mrx

    niggas jealous of the young and reckless. u know u would give anything to be young forever
    hear me out tho, when im high i get some crazy theories, like right now;
    best age: 17. cus u know when u 17 u got no wrinkles no white hair no bold hair, u get a healthy young body with less chances of getting sick , faster recovery, better sex, drivers license ,being minor which means u dont get judged much, u can get married if u want, u can go to school if u want, u can play games without any shame. if ur an athlete u will be at prime (tyson, kobe), less responsibilities, more swag, u can troll like me without shame cus niggas wont take u seriously, “@lol”
    most of all can be on you’re favorite rapper’s “FANsite” without no shame at all cus u know if u older than 25 and bumping a fansite means u have no life except if u the run the bitch cus he getting moula or if u’re rich and u got no shit to do, or maybe u just a real ass fan, thats a praise btw (yeah i know,why the fuck would u need my praise)
    bottom line is, its not you’re business if the fans r too young, U WISH U R YOUNG NIGGA, the fuck r u to judge anyways son?
    so here’s to the young and reckless! holla if u one of us.(wtf did i write all that?!!!)

  • Hunter

    he sounds more happy since not doing syrup and weed

  • Tez

    Mutha Fuck Both Of Yall, Yu Niggas Can Share Da Sandwich Wit Em Bitch

  • Tez

    Anyone want a free rimjob?

  • Waynes right

    you’re right wayne. you’re very unimportant now.

    dont put any more music out until you get your head out of your ass.

    get back on that 2003-2007 style. cuz all of your latest work has been garbage.

    rebirth garbage
    i am not a human being garbage
    sorry 4 the wait garbage
    carter 4 garbage

  • Jc

    Lol @tez got all defensive come back and comment when ur period is over

  • Rebirth Rock experiment
    IANAHB Rushed since he was going to jail
    S4TW Was a good mixtape, Just didn’t compare to his other mixtapes
    C4 wasn’t a bad album, just different from what he usually releases.
    I’m not taking any of his new stuff seriously until he’s off probation

  • wow it wont let me post what i wanna say T___T

  • Rebirth Rock experiment

  • IANAHB Rushed since he was going to jail
    S4TW Was a good mixtape, Just didn’t compare to his other mixtapes

  • real-talk

    Danny M. yous a fuckin bitch

  • Hunter

    @mrx holllllla!!!!!!

  • drizzy

    im onnlt lookin forward to drakes album fuck the rest,

  • That Kid

    Waynes my favorite rapper buh IANAHB 2 & Rebirth 2 isn’t important now like come on let Drake, Tyga, Nicki, Lil Twist & Bow Wow release their album they’ve been waiting. Epecially Tyga, Twist, Bow Wow & Birdman. They’ve been waiting for about a year to release their album.
    Oh & @mrx holla lmaO.!

  • Tune

    I can’t believe drake and weezy are gonna be on a song together and it dropping tomorrow and y’all aren’t talking about it!!!!! I hope it’s a good song! Weezy and drake always make great music together!

    @mrx HOLLA!

  • ymcmb is going hard 🙂 i can’t wait for these albums to come out 🙂

  • Hunter

    whats the song dropping tomorrow called?

  • real-talk

    aint no fuckin song droppin tomorow

  • @lil tunechi greatest rapper alive…….ymcmb hottest rap group in the game

  • R3m1

    Gotta love the humility but isnt that to much?
    By the way except for Stunna and maybe Drake albums I’m not particulary waiting.

  • Weeezy flying stealth!

  • Tune

    @hunter it’s called so good. Shanell feat (drake & Lil Wayne)

  • Is this a joke!? tunechi is important! everything he does is really important, how could he say that.. I mean… It’s tunechi after all

  • Gaha

    Seriously ????

    Who the fuck is waiting for birdman to drop an album ? This dragonballhead lookingmotherfucker sucks fick at rapping

    Always bragging about money we get it just dont bother us no more with wavk bullcrap

  • kourtni

    agreed^^^^ but tyga is the best in young money ready for careless world…

  • Mazin Carter

  • KudzaiEffect

    he is lying he want to pretend as if he care 4 other pple first bt no the only thng he cares 4 is money

  • D-Nice

    So when you going to have the whole ym crew come to kc and tell Ms. Shanell she still lookin finner than ever ymcmb young mulla!!

  • Aminu karaye

    Is tunechi babi weezy you the best I’m olways seein your are tryn hard to make sure cash money move foward

  • man your albums wayyyyyy important than the whole ymcmb why u think they sell 1 million copys in a week……….come on now weezy u the best mann…..