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Video: Tyler, The Creator Speaks On Meeting Lil Wayne x Weezy’s Own Headlining Tour In Australia

Tue, Oct 25, 2011 by

Tyler, The Creator recently chopped it up with MTV about meeting Lil Wayne, wanting to give a beat he produced to Weezy, and supporting Tunechi‘s skateboarding.

Tyler has dreams of working with Wayne, but he hasn’t yet built up the courage to tap his manager Christian Clancy to help put the plan in motion. “I actually have this beat that I want him on, but I was too scared to get it to Clancy to get it to them, but Wayne’s cool.”

“I wanted to kinda fan out and shit,” Tyler admitted, “but he gave me a speech about how happy he was that I won a VMA and that seeing my mom go crazy kinda made him feel like he won it too, because that shit was real as fuck.”

While the Goblin rapper and producer was taken aback by Weezy’s props, he was disappointed that he didn’t get to speak his piece and talk about his favorite Weezy mixtape. “He sat there for three minutes giving me a speech, and I’m like, ‘I just wanted to say that Da Drought 3 was my shit,’ and I couldn’t,” Tyler said with disappointment.

“It’s just weird when people from a different world come into our world,” he said. “But then again, he’s just fuckin’ having fun. That’s what people don’t get and shit. He’s learning, and I think it’s cool that he takes the time out of his day to just do some fuckin’ shit that makes him happy for the day. I just wish people would realize shit like that.”

In other news, Lil Wayne has announced that he will be headlining his own shows in Australia while he tours with Eminem later this year in the Outback. Tune will be performing in Perth on November 25th, Adelaide on November 27th and Melbourne on November 29th, as well as his two shows with Eminem on December 1st and 2nd. You will be able to purchase tickets from on November 2nd from 9AM!

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  • Petie24

    First bitch!

  • shay

    tyler the creator a bitchh, he said he aint like wayne before , #1


  • I wanna hear the track he made


  • Hunter


  • jihu

    tyler is wack

  • Tageslichtprojektor

    i like tyler but he sad fuck lil wayne in a interview befor now he wants to kiss his ass after he met him.c’mon son!!!

  • Tyler was jk

    Tyler has always liked Wayne .when he said fuck him he was jk you ignorant fucks.

  • YoungGod RigoRigo Idontcare

    Weezy’s world, so fuck every rapper n singer! im with Weezy only! YMCMB!
    London Boy! fuck them, all of them are wankers only Weezy fuck

  • Drop

    Lol, Tyler was kidding when he said fuck Lil Wayne. Look at his twitter, Tyler was talking about Carter IV and listening to it. Also like he said, Da Drought 3 is his favorite mixtape. He also was talking about Sorry 4 The Weight before.

  • Albany, NY (cpap)

    K o C

  • Jock

    That nigga weezy jacked tylers style lol dressin just like him with them tight capri shorts long socks and vans and skatin especially lol i cant blame him tho i like tylers style

  • Junie

    Wayne shoulda had a verse on martians vs goblins tyler killed it but wayne wouldve made the song more interesting not saying wayne wouldve had a dope verse but he wouldve made it more intersesting

  • Junie

    Add me on twitter @ondeckboi btw i need more followers ill follow back too

  • G stone nation

    Please wayne im beggin u please step up ur lyrics

  • Junie

    Aye danny u need to post what nicki said about the you the boss record with her and ross she said it was originally for wayne 2 years ago

    • @Junie – I posted that On

  • joebosco

    He’s not telling the truth. He didn’t even like Wayne before they worked together.

  • joebosco

    And Wayne not copying anyones style. Lol

  • stupid fuck

    @joebosco you’re stupid as fuck hommie. i been following tyler since 08, hes always been a fan of wayne just stop talking god damn

    hate when people talk and dont know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  • Corey

    Ummm…correct me if im wrong but i thought Tyler didn’t like wayne i saw a video where he was like “that nigga cant skate, fuck wayne” and saying some other shit…but then again Tyler says Fuck everyone so maybe he was just playin around but it didn’t look like it in the video…>_>

  • stupid fuck

    and then another stupid fuck adds his 2 cents when he doesnt know shit either.

    i love it.

    how about all the stupid fucks write an ignorant ass comment on something you know nothing about.

  • Holy Fuck

    This guys mad as fuck ^^^ lmao

  • that’s what’s up 🙂 a other tour cool 🙂 i am gonna go to it 🙂

  • real-talk

    Realist nigga on LWHQ = REAL-TALK

  • Honestly this Website was a lot better when it first came out.. Bunch of Lil wayne Dick riders and bunch of little kids commenting on this website now.. I don’t even bother to read the comments anymore bunch of ignorance on here and half of these kids don’t even know what they’re talking about.. SMH

  • junior

    on the real tho, stupid fuck was catching bare emotions LMAO nigga got super chessed .

  • Sumter sc

    Tylers straight, the reason I like him is different from the reason that I like wayne, so if wayne does a track with him I hope a couple things

    1. Wayne doesnt do what he normally does : taps into a nigga style and murders it, why I hope he dont do this? Bc it could kill his career unless he complrtely adapts the style for tje rest of his career.

    Tyler can make a careet off of the slim shady style but the moment he releases a record with 50 cent he will blow out like old cooter

    In waynes case he could walk the thin line next to games broken one

    Of course all things considered wayne continues to suprise me and may be the mext ( more lyrical, and trendy ) 2 pac…

    As far as tyler though he needa work but he could see himself at a.higher point in this game if he wasnt a closet style jacker

    …. If you think im hatin do me a favor

    Buy tyler the creators goblin record
    Buy eminems slim shady lp
    Minus the skateboard amd compare the two

    You would fail english in college for this kind of copy with no work cited

    Thats 110 real talk

  • real-talk


  • i dont give a fuck wat yah niggas say tyler said fuck wayne you juss dont hit a niga up and say you was just kidding someone prolly made him say sorry and say hes the shit even though its true wayne is the shit but fuck tyler!! Fuck that nigga!! Fuck Mobb Deeb!! Fuck Biggie!! and Fuck tyler was jk causethat nigga sucking alot of dick right now lol but im just kidding 🙂 (really not -_-. fuck yah niggas) Young Wayne overrrr errrthang YAAAAAAHHH DIIIIG!!! peace out ( wayne voice)

  • real-talk


  • real-talk


  • ttune

    i aint got shitt ta say but…..up up and away!

  • Jordy

    Weezy & Odd Future both have something in common, they both wear CRAP Eyewear…These are the shades Weezy wore in MTV Unplugged –

  • I’ll be the first one to purchase those tickets on NOV 2nd.

  • Sinan

    purchased my tickets to the melbourne show already

  • Whre the hell does ths does get all the energy nd time to do all the shows nd recording. Music nd shit damn. Ths man is a work-a-holik

  • mrx

    tyler is that type of dude that says whatever shit to make him look cool and wont give a fuck, but deep down he is a little insecure
    i bet when he said that shit like 2 years ago, he didn’t imagine he will ever get a co-sign from wayne or even meet him.

    besides, he’s only a young reckless 19 year old teenager/skater, what did u expect from the dude?
    im 17 btw, idk why i said that. maybe cause im high


    i really dont like tylers style because hes an devil worshipper

  • yung_money

    yo first off fuck tyler dat nigga whack as hell and wayne shouldn’t fuck wit dat nigga anyway cause dat whole skateboard werdio style is wus fucking wayne up rite now it’s a dam shame how white boys use to wear baggy jeans and jordans tryna be like us now so called real niggaz wearing female jeans and vans trying to be like them smfh wut has da world come too niggaz turning hip hop to hip rock maybe jay-z will bring the beast back outta wayne and by the way @nbghj get yo broke bootleggin ass outta here nobody want dat fake shit my nigga

  • Donny

    twitter dot com slash model bubbles

  • lol

    I bet you’re all 13-17 on here.

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    This nigga, get the fuck oout of here, u said fuck u to wayne, u wack ass nigga, now u r like he is cool!!! no…fuck u!!!

  • camchi

    @lol just throwin this out there i’m a freshman in college and i jam to wayne all day it just so happens that the trolls here act like they are 13-17 years old

  • Sumter sc

    Im 21
    I work hard every day
    I get twisted every night
    Im white
    I been listening to rap, southern rap not that I heard jay z and ja rule because I watched my parents watch rush hour, ive been riding with ugk since I was 5 years old, of course I didnt know what the hell they were talking about but as you grow you learn…
    Tyler the creator is a monkey wrench in the engine
    Lil wayne can follow that junk up if wants to

    But what will be left of him?

    A skateboarding career?

    And why I think its messed up? Tyler is young he can bounce back
    ….. You know…. How wayne bounced back from bling bling.

    And if anyone discredits me cuz im white stfu. More dope has left off of my doorstep than you seen watching the tv lame

  • im in college too brother

  • LOL

    @FUCKEMINEM you have once again proven to us that you’re a fucking retard

  • joebosco

    @stupid fuck
    I don’t care how long you ‘follow’ him and his lame music. I also don’t care if he likes Wayne or not. I was going based from a video that i saw, which is misleading according to whatever point you’re trying to get across… Faggot

  • fuck Gay Z

    man i m in dilemma i ve got the eminem lil wayne show in sydney but i want to go for melbourne lil wayne own show

  • @fuckeminem just say da word illuminati but rilly is he a illuminati like jay z barack obama dmx snoop dogg gorfe bush and all