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Birdman & Mack Maine – Everything I Do (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

Wed, Nov 2, 2011 by

Birdman & Mack Maine Everything I Do Feat Lil Wayne

Birdman‘s first verse and Lil Wayne‘s chorus leaked a couple of years back, but here is the finished/mastered version of “Everything I Do“. The track, which appears on Baby and Mack‘s Billionaire Minds mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled and DJ Folk, also features a verse from Mack Maine. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Birdman & Mack Maine – Everything I Do (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

Download: Birdman & Mack Maine – Everything I Do (Feat Lil Wayne) [DJ Khaled Shouts]

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  • mitchgomm

    First! And why birdman always have to be in every Wayne vid lol

  • Whym


  • Tristan


  • ymcmb bitch

  • Greenie

    swaggg wayne

  • C4

    Shit goes harder..Go Weezy Go

  • shee knowwsss

  • every were i go every were i b she knows i can not get away from her sheee knowss

  • Young Money Soldier

    @Danny M,
    i think you should post all the known information [album, maybe the cover, and the producer, like the guy who leaked this song did] on the songs before you upload them for download
    so everyone knows where it comes from:)
    specially since you do kinda promote the albums and do not post too many songs from them
    and you can still put your LWHQ tags on the empty spaces=)

    thats juss a suggestion though haha

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    hook is fire mack i see yah

  • this is not good…bitch please wayne is slacking fuck rebirth and carter 4 was amazing but i would not listen to every song but i am not a human being and no ceilings was his best work and i could listen to every song 200 time right now !!! I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING WAS THE BEST ALBUM I HAVE EVER HEARD !!! MAKE MUSIC LIKE THAT AND MAKE MORE VIDEOS !!!!!!!!! YOU SAY YOUR ALWAYS IN THE STUDIO BUT YOU GIVE USE THIS BULLSHIT !!!! BITCH PLEASEEEE !!! FIX UPP HOMMIE I BEAT BIRDMAN THINK YOUR WACK IN THIS BUT HE DONT SAY SHIT I MEAN HE “LOVED” REBIRTH !!! JUST FIX UP WAYNE !!! NO CEILINGS 2 AND I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2 YESSIR.

  • wayne is the best ever and can do anything hes even better than 2-pac in a way

  • Deontre

  • ogeezy

    Fuk yea! Let the features begin! SwaG!

  • Young Money Soldier

    My bad, my info up there is a bit wrong
    The son wasn’t leaked, the whole mixtape was released haha

    But still think the info on the song thing would be pretty cool:)

  • wayne is wayy better than 2pac by @deontre

  • wayne is the fuckin best ever no body in the game fuxkin wit him he bwtter the tupac by @deontre

  • wayne over tupac waynes the greastest by @deontre

  • Hunter

    liking the post danny u tha man!

  • real-talk

    damn i aint feelin this shit at all. 2 chainzzzzzzzzzzzz shit go hard as fuck tho.

  • loser fucks

    A fan that cares. You really are stupid n have down syndrome if u honestly think thats the best album. Lol grow up lil bitch. Open yo mind. Likin dumb shit. Your pitiful. Out of all his shit u say thats his best lol. N c4. I truly hope you aint serious. Stupid lil white kids these days.
    N for who said he better than pac. You a poser ass dude. Grow da fuck up. N open yall minds. Cant believe wanna be cool kids these days. Tuh. Copycat ass dudes wanna be like someone else. Ridiculous

  • U know…

    Fatty . That hook is old . Nah! Lol

  • u rock guyz in that song

    U rock guz i lov that song weeezyyy

  • this song goes hard 🙂 i love it 🙂

  • yo WTF Wayne.. this is some old shit!

  • scooty_mofo

    lol mack with that sweat reference

  • tone88
  • i fuckn miss this wayne word to everything i love. pleaseeeeee come backkk 🙁 i cant even defend the nigga no more. wordplay used to be rediculous

  • gaaggiii

    even though I’m a biiiiiiiiig, I think errybody miss that `08 wayne….
    looove this song !!!!

  • Mj

    Sound like some old d3 shit, goes hard though. What happened to this wayme


    song is ok

  • Unimportant

    Fatty . Wtf would stalk you? Wayne didnt say that. Way to go hard after not making a song in 2 years…..Of course, the chorus is blessed 🙂 The 1st verse- very rare & blessed.

  • Lilduke1

    wayne murkin da chrous. ii think ii got da best lil wayne impersanation eva..ii be into dat shidd! lol. good song

  • poloww974

    Where does the chorus, I cant remember the title

  • Tune

    It looks like the motto song yesterday wasn’t the full version a version on rapradar has a tyga verse too!


    @Tune the motto remix ft tyga..!

  • wayne

    everybody miss the 08 wayne .

    everybody miss the ‘misunderstood wayne ‘

    everybody miss the ‘ drought 3 wayne

    everybody miss the ‘steady mobbin wayne ‘

    everybody miss the ,everyday is Halloween wayne

    not hatin but wayne aint the same . but hopefully he comes back

  • Chazz

    chorus from
    art of raw ft stunna and weezy – she knows
    from 08 or early 09

  • Tune

    @ fuckeminem I think having tyga on it makes it a whole lot better!

  • fuck all u motherfuckas that said wayne fell of if the nigga fell off then why the hell is the first person 2 get 6 #1 songs in a year the 08 wayne aint did that shit

  • ashn8


  • poloww974

    Thanks 🙂

  • bunb

    i guess the more n more wayne sells the more n more he falls off..hahahah xD “nose bleed seats”-tunechi

  • fanfanfan weezy

    this is real lil wayne, the old lil wayne with AUTOTUNE<3 that is chill<3

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  • froggy ice

    i love u weezy

  • Micah

    This song use to be out for awhile. They just changed up the words a little and added mac

  • holy FUCK

    the girl in that pic is so fucking hot

  • lil me

    I like the old version better with Tommy Stars

  • weeeeez

  • Bobby ray

    We the best