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Lil Wayne & YMCMB’s 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway [Video & Pics]

Sat, Nov 19, 2011 by

Yesterday, Lil Wayne and the YMCMB crew (Birdman, Slim, Mack Maine, Lil Chuckee, Chris Richardson and Detail) went back home to New Orleans to hand out turkey’s for their “17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway“. You can watch some short footage in the video above, were you can see Weezy‘s girlfriend Dhea and Derick G filming, which means we will probably get some official footage from the event soon. Below, you can check out some photos, courtesy of Capo.

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

Lil Wayne & YMCMB 17th Annual Thanks Giving Day Turkey Giveaway

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  • Omar

    First YMCMB

  • sho


  • Yobenebi


  • brennan

    3rd bitch

  • Timez

    Dhea is so hot god damn

  • Tommy

    lil wayne tha bossssss greetings from the netherlands

  • 1017 brick squad

    lol tha girl in tha black wanted to be seeeeen wid weezy

  • This dude done really fell off tha map someone please give him some bud!!!!!

  • georgiaboy87

    uncle luke need to watch this cause wayne is not giving back to miami because its not his birth place or his first home YMCMB

  • young CEO Cam Prince

    Anyone glad Wayne doesn’t wear those gay ass Vans anymore ?


    @young CEO Cam Prince i dont care what he wears but obivious nikes are better

  • baddgurl38

    Timez dat not his gurl he has another and her name is Skylar Diggins Dhea just hanging to get some attention. His gurl is Skylar who plays for the Norte Dame “Fighting Irish” lookup on

  • baddgurl38

    Timez dat not his gurl he has another and her name is Skylar Diggins. Dhea just hanging to get some attention.

  • Nahh

    What the fuck is he wearing. He has absolutely no swag he looks like he shops from the vans store and purposely doesn’t match. Skateboarding is not cool or hip. No wonder carter4 was trash.


    @Nahh u got any hobbies? he can do what the fuck he wants u dumbasss!shoot yourself.

  • ok Nahh wtf do u care what he wears if u a boy u must be fuckin gay to always talking about what he’s wear and Illwill what the fuck does him giving out turkeys have to do with him falling off i guess haters gotta find something to do with there 2 hours of hate and 22 hours of sucking dick shut the fuck up and get off the site before i report u and nahh ugly ass

  • Geezyfan1

    Exactly @icfmf , the real topic of discussion should be him giving back to his neighborhood so all those families who don’t have much can enjoy thanksgiving instead of sharing top ramen noodles with each other . You think those people care what vans he’s wearing ,no they just appreciate the free food , dam

  • Adreezy

    Nahh = Fuck stick


  • Its good to see that he’s giving back to the needy, we need more people like that these days. But anyways any word of him dropping a mixtape or something soon? Cause C4 wasn’t worth the wait 🙁



  • red

    why does it seem like wayne got so much time on his hands now…

  • @nahh u’re a bitch 4 real, talking shit about Wayne’s clothes like ur entire family can afford them. I pray u die soon wit a dick stucked in ur ass.

  • Julian

    Weres a fucking mixtape weezy atleast announce its in the works or something we need something worth searching and waiting 4

  • Y U MAD

    @red: i think in one radio interview he said its because he is trying to push his young artist and the only way he can do that is to back off the music scene a bit until Tyga and Lil Twist drops… otherwise he will overshadow them…

  • steph

    Dhea is beautiful, i dont understand why people say they hate her, you dont even know her, how can you tell somebody you hate them when you dont know them? stupid as fuck.
    I know some girls maybe har jealus, cuz i am, but i respect her tho.

    YMCMB <3

  • Leah

    awww he’s such a good person, & looks adorable in those pics!

    @HILLARY BERTUCCI CARTER I’m happy for you!!!! 🙂 I wanna meet him so bad, hopefully it’ll happen for me.

  • nanz

    ah man thats so kool good to see weezy and them doing things for people…he and dhea look cute 2gethere let them be… GOD BLESS THEM…

  • mr boston

    goddam the last post @georgiaboy87 and f.e.m caught feelings smfh wow i was just giving yall facts ima wayne fan first but dam yall attacked me like that?? i don’t take sides but yall made points for me/ jay did it longer that’s why jay go harder the shit wayne doing besides kissin another man and skinnys and skateboarding jay all ready done dam was something wrong with me saying that??? wayne sold a million first week with c3 and c4 but what the fuck else he doing jay-z haven;t done already??/ goddam even when nas and jay was beefin wayne on the squad up mixtape freestyle ova ether said ( fuck jay-z no no no i fucks with the homie man) wayne not the best rapper alive cause besides the million first week twice theres no other argument he doesn;t have the best verses every song alive and he not the richest rapper alive and i love wayne but REALLY FACT’S speak not opinions i know my boy we’ll get there but not now get the fuck off the ima fan bandwagon and look at FACT’S/ TRUTH wayne just not there it’s a reason why wayne being from the south rap with swag and punchlines like a rapper from up north (jay-z)

  • Idiotsiswear

    This is dope but I hate that whole giving back bs it’s not giving back if it wasn’t given to you in the first place I hate when people get mad when these celebrities don’t “give back to the community” how can they give back something that you didn’t give them stop looking for handouts from those who made it out stop getting mad because they don’t come back and save you and the we buy your albums argument so you should give back is dumb it’s not like Wayne is just taking your money you’re not getting something in return it’s a fair trade money for albums concert tickets whatever nobody forced you to buy it you don’t have to buy it but if you want it you have to buy it just like everything else. It’s like going to mcdonalds and demanding they give back to the community because you buy food from there that argument holds no weight you want the food you buy it Wayne and them ain’t “giving back” they’re giving and the ones who usually complain because they don’t “give back” are usually black and let’s be honest 96% of y’all bootleg everything

  • Junie

    @fem jay z has accomplished way more than Wayne he has 10 Grammys 11 straight number one albums Wayne has 3 number one albums and 4 grmmys jay is better lyrically Wayne had some ghost writers jay has more money rocs wear sold millions blueprint rd and 9 of his albums are classic wayne kjust got hot 4 years ago jays been hot for over 10 years

  • that’s good. that’s nice of them to do this 🙂 and Dhea is so fucking hot 🙂

  • Wtf wayne u always been trash even no ceilings was trash like his only halfway decent song was piano man but i bet any of yall dumbasses neva heard of it SMH!

  • Hey guys i was just wondering who do u think bout the top 5 rappers of 2000-2011????

  • Hey ,,,,,!!!!!! Dwayne ,, I’m ur big fan

  • For once I actually agree with @idiotiswear, I’m gonna make a real example… (This actually happened) this dude living in the Ghetto and filled in a lottery ticket and won 12mill.. When the rest of the Ghetto found out they all went and ransacked the dudes house claiming he should give back to the community… Why the hell should he give back to the community if they ain’t never did shit for him, hell they went on like they help him fill in the damn ticket, so people don’t go looking for something from someone if you never really did shit to help them. Wayne made his own damn way out of the Ghetto.. So go make your way out of the Ghetto! That’s the damn problem with the people today, they always want freebies, without working for shit!

  • mr boston

    anyway it’s great to see wayne looking out for the needy this what all ball players, rappers, actors etc should be doing yall fucking millonaires that probly got more then what you need people are out here hurting man god bless weezy for this i know it’s only turkeys but the appreciation on those people faces says it all

  • The Poet

    Ah man wayne so kind hearted unlike all these rappers spending money frivolously buh forgetting the community that raised em, props to wayne! See him in SA on the 9th


    which rapper sending poor something? i can just name lil wayne.50cent promotion his fuckin energy drink ,yes he say with the promotion cash he support the people in africa but he got 100million!! either uses this for make more money.

  • @Junie back in the 90s did you think everyone just went on the internet and bootlegged albums? Fuck no. But todays society does. Jay Z came up when hip hop needed the next big rapper, Wayne was recognized but mainly in the south, IN MY OPINION his BREAKOUT album was Tha Carter. That’s when everyone was saying this nigga wayne goes hard and he started becoming the most talked about. And remember this nigga Jay Z 41 years old and wayne’s 29. 11 year age difference. Wayne sold a milli in one week in 2008, Jay z never sold a milli in one week in the 90s and people never bootlegged albums back then.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m a Jay Z fan and a Wayne fan but you don’t really compare them much since Jay Z’s.

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  • Wayne has broken a world record for the most songs on the US Hot 100 charts by any hip-hop Artist – 82 Songs
    Lands 11 singles on Hot 100 charts simultaneously
    Sold a milli in one week with tha carter III
    Almost sold a milli in one week with tha carter iv despite the reviews
    4 Grammys
    Had a #1 album while in prison
    Those are some of the things from the top of my head that I can remember and he’s only 29 and BROKE OUT(I mean break out as in when EVERYBODY was recognizing him) in 2004

  • Juunie

    Jay z has 42 Grammy nods and 13 wins jay has sold out msg in 1 minut 3 times jay was popular in music eversince the dynasty album wayne just got popular since c3 and Tha Carter was written by gillie on the majority of the songs twaynes work ethic is better than jays but jays overall skills as far as raps and quality of music is better you cant skim through a jay album cuz every song is good unlike Wayne and c4 sold under amill and baby bought half of those copies

  • LIkeMe

    He’s the greatest

  • Idiotsiswear

    Man that’s pure bs what community raised Wayne? Y’all don’t do shit always talking about the community the community man stfu y’all acting as if y’all was one big happy family when the truth is y’all ain’t care about nobody but your damn self but as soon as somebody make it out y’all try to drag him back with your crabs in a bucket mentality Wayne got millions true but that’s his money that he needs he got bills and people around him that need to be payed and lots of kids he got his own family I don’t understand why y’all always begging why don’t the community come together and do for it’s self let’s say you area has a population of 30k and let’s say half are working and able to donate a dollar a week that’s 15k a week multiple that by 52 at the end of the year you got about 780k that could help your community that could fix alot of thing that “the community” destroyed in the first place that could help pay rent help open community center feed and cloth people but nope the community don’t want to help it’s self why because like I said you only care about yourself always say “I ain’t got it” y’all always want the ones who made it out to come back and save all of you that’s not fair y’all want to quit your jobs and live a rich life on another persons dime lazy bastards y’all want expensive things but don’t want to work for it is it fair that one person has to stress his/her self trying to take care of greedy people who are able to work? Stop looking for handouts

  • Idiotsiswear

    See if I had warned money I would help people in continents like Asia Africa and south America where they really can’t help themselves and where they are not so greedy they woudl appreciate the little things you give to them because they know you don’t have to help them but you are if you gave them a peanut out of your snickers bar (just and example) the would be grateful try that here they would throw it in your face call you a cheap motherfucker and might try to fight you beggars can’t be choosers

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne money*

  • Everybody that still doubts Waynes dominance of Hip-Hop should just look back into the Hip-Hop archives over the last 8years (from ’04-Tha Carter), I mean there has hardly ever been a Rapper that has Totally just Dominated rap for so long (haters ya’ll know its true). Not even the “great” Tupac or Biggie dominated that long Tupac release I think 3 (could be wrong) albums, with on 2 commercially successful albums, Biggie Only 1 albums. Jay-Z mutiple Albums only about 3 stand out and 2 major successful Albums, Eminem shot on the scene in the 2000’s first to Albums were his best work every (sorry white boys but that’s the truth), then come 50cent lol shame I feel sorry for him, he thort he was the best and went to challenge another rapper for first week albums sales and lost!!! (Also broke a promise, not respected in the Rap game) now come Lil’ Wayne, a rapper who has been working his ass off for the Hip-Hop game since he was 9 round about ’94, released a joint albums with the Hot Boys, then went solo, major success with his first album “The Block is Hot”, returns with 500 degree’s not such a good albums and the same goes for “lights out” but he continued to crafts his game, final he perfected his craft and totally re-wrote the History books with “Tha Cater” and “Tha Carter II” major success’ instead of another album he released a joint album with Birdman, “Like Father, Like Son” (the best joint Hip hop album, sorry to say birdmans best work. WTT can’t come near to that) then comes the part where he totally kills the Mixtape game and revives hip hop (let’s be honest people hip hop was truly dying at that time) ’08 bang 1million in the first week “Tha Carter III” and enter Young Money Ent. Need a go on with the rest of the story?… Nope ya’ll know what happens after that, Wayne rules over Hip-Hop with a iron fist!!!

  • esegragbo leumas

    weezy you r a rap god and i am ur humble follower.


  • tinaphoo

    that was to nice of him to take time out and do that!!!

  • I luv weexy,so haters can go 2 blaze,and haters can as well pick up a car key & drive 2 hell

  • The One & Only

    Whats so “beautiful” about her ? Just because she has long hair? You cant even see her face body or anything she’s saying or doing so how can you say that? He just uses her to make all his exes jealous because Black girls care about hair so much. Who cares.. just another chic. Her face isnt all that cute. Ive seen plenty of chics w/ long hair & that doesnt make em “beautiful” . Her personality does not shine thru. Hair is not everything….

  • Weezy fan for life !!!!

    Great to see YMCMB giving back 🙂 but im sure they do alot of stuff all yr round we dont see as well. And the only thing I can say about him & this chic is…its nice to see these images & tweets of how sweet he can be as a boyfriend 🙂 But im sure he’s always been a sweetie we just have more avenues to witness it now 🙂 Plus he’s more sober hes older & has been thru much more so he might be loving harder. Idk. In love? Idk. maybe he is for right now…..It just all seems a lil pretentious to me. He doesnt need a chic for much but later he’ll realize he wants one for more than to just to tell what to do & to drag around looking stupid. But then again I’ll have no problem doing & going anywhere he wants lol that chic is soo lucky she has my guy. He & I just havent met yet lol. I wouldnt want to see him mistreat anyone while in a relationship though…This right here is just preparing him for his soulmate. Moi <——- 😉 Ugh but it sickens me to see him "with" any other chic until they break up & then we meet. so imma close the blinds. I wish it made me dislike him but he's so lovable you cant help but to <3 him even if he is hugged up & engaged to another. —-So much love for Wayne its ridiculous—-

  • The One & only

    He is so sweet look how he always makes sure his gf is okay & close by. And her hair is gorgeous im sorry for hating. Im not gonna lie, i wish mine was that long. Im crying because im so jealous because i wish he loved me like that. She never looks happy maybe because its so hectic & crazy w/ all those people around. But i swear i <3 him so much. & im going to try & grow my hair back out & maybe he'll love me 1day ….

  • Valerie

    He looks so sweet. Damn, I can’t wait to hug him 😉

  • lil

    si hay rey en el mundo del rap eres tu

  • i love you YMCMB i wish i could see u performing live one day
    @ Lil Wayne i can’t find the musiz I AM THE BEAST in Nigeria please post it to my address
    No3 Ogbon-ado Street, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
    thank you
    love you weexy love you baby

  • tammy pop

    A heart of gold!!!