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Pictures: Lil Wayne’s Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine x Lil Chuckee Talks Weezy Collabo

Thu, Nov 10, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine

Jason recently talked to Young Money’s Lil Chuckee about an upcoming collaboration he has with his YM boss, Lil Wayne. This marks their first collabo together and we should be getting the track before this year ends. The full interview will be posted on YoungMoneyHQ soon, but you can read a preview from it below:

Jason: We’ve all been waiting for your debut album a while now.
Lil Chuckee: Yeah, we gonna work on it, a lot of people are waiting on that Lil Chuckee album. A lot of people been waitin’ on that Lil Chuckee and Lil Wayne song too. I got something coming out real soon. It’s about to be retarded.

Jason: Oh really? That’s gonna be crazy. What’s the song about?
Lil Chuckee: I wanna say….no, no (laughing) I can’t say anything. I don’t wanna spoil it. This is our first song together, so it’s gonna be great. It’s comin’, you just gotta wait for it.

After the jump, you can view some pics from Weezy‘s photo shoot with VIBE magazine for their October/November issue that is currently on newsstands.

Lil Wayne Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine

Lil Wayne Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine

Lil Wayne Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine

Lil Wayne Photo Shoot With VIBE Magazine

PREVIOUS: Video: Lil Wayne’s VIBE Magazine Photo Shoot

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  • Y.M

    first …dope pictures :X

  • John


  • Ben


  • falcao

    tunechi <3

  • superlabel

    chuckee sucks


    lets see how good lil chuckee is


    dope pics


    “This is our first song together, so it’s gonna be great. ”

    what about “too clean ?”

  • Amurph

    Damn too bad chuck sucks

  • Timez

    On November 10, 2011 at 6:03 pm DJBASSCAL responded with…
    “This is our first song together, so it’s gonna be great. ”

    what about “too clean


    That was a sample from another wayne song i think

  • lol

    Chuckee sucks ain’t nobody waiting 4 that shit lol

  • starboyfrancis

    the greatest rapper alive go wezzy keep up the good works ymcmbforever !!

  • damn!!! yummy<3

  • I’ll wait on dat Lil chuckee shit though. YMCMB 4 life.

  • josh

    i tried to listen to lil chuckee songs but i just cant get into dis kid music,….he sounds like hes trying to hard to sound like lil wayne,…thats why pepole sleepin on dis kid cuz he doesnt have his own style,he even tries to dress like lil wayne and even try ta does what wayne does like skateboarding…lil chuckee sucks i dont think hes ever gonna blow,..but lil twist is way better than dis kid

  • Actually Lil chuckee’s tryna sound like Ace hood.

  • Lil Weezy

    The Beat…!!!

  • Breezy

    Lil Wayne Ft. Drake & T.I. – She Will ( Remix ) .. Check It Out !!!!

  • jack889

    who been waitin on a chuckee album I don’t think anyone has stop kidin ya self

  • Crazy Pictures

    weezy ham

    this is ham too:

  • Aye my nigga wezzy the best ymcmb boy

  • Jae

    Dude Wayne Please Dont Collab With Him….He’s Wack.

  • They Yell Skate Wayne!

    Fuckin sick pics!

  • mrx

    btw the 3rd and 5th photos make great phone wallpaper

  • Kaplun

    is the YMCMB compilation album legit?

    I havent heard much about it

  • yortsed

    stupid af with that guitar

  • @Danny M Do you have info on I Can’t Feel My Face?

  • Anonymous

    Hot song by Chuckee-

    I’m On One (Freestyle)

  • Jason


    Yes, the YMCMB compilation is legit. Chuckee talks about it in the interview which will be coming soon.

  • Jason

    Check out this freestyle by Chuckee-

    I’m On One-

  • Joel

    this has jimi hendrix all over it, thats whats up wayne payin his respects to jimi

  • scooty_mofo

    fuck the ymcmb album. if i wanna listen to them ill search there songs i dont want to hear them ruin good songs with wayne. tyga, drake and nicki and sometimes cory only ones i listen to

  • georgiboy87

    that boy weezy has to much swagg for real & wayne can make any song sound good or into a instant billboard top ten also its good to see him putting his artist on the map other people wouldn’t do that… YMCMB

  • Wow its good to see wayne bringing his ym artist up gradually,wayne has shown to all the quality of a real boss,dose any one has idea of when wayne will be comming to nigeria? We can’t wait to see him.

  • I’m 4rm Nigeria too nd i’ll really luv 2 see him around here someday.

  • truth

    i know pretty much no one likes chuckee, because he sucks, i dont either.

    but many of you probably dont know this..chuckee was one of the first members of young money.

    t streets and gudda(cuz they were SQAD) curren$y, mack maine, lil boo, lil chuckee, nicki minaj were the first YM members.

    Lil Wayne – Drought 3 Outro “lil chuckee…stay in school boy”
    basically Chuckee deserves his chance to shine too.
    Lil Twist and all of the others joined young money in 08 or later.

  • OctoDoc

    i have no interest in hearing the “chuckster”

  • dope pics 🙂 i can’t wait for a lil chuckee and lil wayne collabo. 🙂

  • cassandr


  • ELAbayarde

    OMG …. Your fist upward, it’s god in the sky.

  • Jc

    LOL I agree ain’t no one waitin on a lil chukee song or album they will listen to Wayne’s part then move on lol this is why I said young money is kinda garbage outside of Wayne drake nicki and sometimes tyga everyone else is irrelevant

  • YMCMB crew of d century.

  • Eshall


  • AGA

    hmm…how seXy baby!

  • Loyalty

    Love the pics!!! 🙂

  • michael gordon

    Don’t know if its just me but I want to see just a lil wayne & T.I collab all this remix shit is wack they need to get together and put a song out there!

  • Tune

    Have y’all heard yelawolf throw it up feat eminem? It’s a gooood! Song!

  • yung_money

    lmfao a lil chuckee album smfh even the biggest ym fan ain’t gonna cop dat shit i mean wus up wut these niggaz rite now a average c4 album, take care not dat good and now lil chuckee and lil twist up next??? much respect to wayne for sharing the cake wit his artist but only ones worth it is drake and nicki ymcmb turned to a fucking boy band and how is dressing up like a werdio swag wearing yo girlfriend jeans, white boy shoes, and soccer socks is swag lmfao hate to see how some of yall dress anyway wayne still on dat bullshit dropping trash after trash i mean goddam how the fuck the best rapper alive can’t rap without weed and syrup shit if u the best then u the best period besides yall who blowing his dick erday alot of niggaz looking at wayne different how he go from murdering erthing to skateboard and pussy eating every song shit maybe somebody was writing for him fuck how much he sold his ryhmes fell like dat in just a year smh dam shame get him HOV

  • @yung money… fuck u, fuck Hov nd most expecially, fuck ur mother 4 letting u into dis world. She should have aborted dis piece of shit.

  • Money

    LMAO nobody is waiting for you Chuckee… Garbage ass rapper lol.

  • ronie

    what about “Too clean”? it was a song from chuckee n wayne

  • SugarCube

    first off. just woooow on those pics.. lol. dont mind me.
    and I agree. chuckee is not that original at all, and doesnt have much flow. twist is easily better than him. even though that kid has serious hair issues lol.
    anyways, most likely wont cop that..

  • Nobody ever wants to hear a Lil chuckie album, his verse on YM Salute was “good”. And why ya’ll just say Drake and Nicki the only ones worth listening to from YM ya’ll should add Tyga that nigga got some real Hype and great tracks surrounding him watch the space.

  • volcomnukka

    What the F*CK!!!! They are trying to make Wayne look like Jimi Hendrix who was a REAL god of music!!!! WTF Wayne do your own thing!

  • bitch nigga below me ….can b-LOW me fagget waynes real as fuck pussy fuck niggas if u aint bout it get the fuck off this page hahaha jus kno we real fans


    jay-z sucks fuck oldass bastard

  • @FUCKEMINEM lol?

  • tone47

    @187Josh187 ?

  • something like king

    Lil Wayne has to be living proof that the devil lurks in the music industry and lives down the street in Hollywood. I can’t say one rapper is better than the other and make him my idol. I just like to listen. Wayne has unique way of rapping and just talking with swag. Anyways he dissent care about his fans, therefore why love him? Take what I say not as insult but bias criticism. The pimp(music Industry) always outlives the hoe(MC). Yessir

  • Ugh Thas NasTee

    5 years ago, if you woulda asked Wayne if he would wear stuff like this… he woulda had you shot you on the spot. What is the world coming to (-_- )

  • Ugh Thas NasTee

    Again… On The Spot…

  • ricardo laguna

    mi favorito en YOUNG MONEY lil chuckee y por supuesto el jefe de los jefes el mejor rapero del mundo lil wayne esta sera una increible cancion desde venezuela un saludo

  • collab?

  • holy shit!!! man wayne baby i like you doing the peace signs!!

  • Lil Wayne is so Adorable!! Nice Photo Shoot! He can be my commander, general, or whatever

  • Let’s see what the kid is up to………………

  • Olivia Stokes

    Omg he is too damn sexy. GOSHHH :p


    Damn papi i dont know spanish but u r caliente,weezy f baby


  • Tet

    Liltunechi <3