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Video: Lil Wayne & YMCMB In Hawaii

Mon, Nov 7, 2011 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne and the YMCMB family in Hawaii for the “I Am Still Music” tour and Weezy‘s birthday. Shouts to DG!

After the jump, you can watch some more footage of Tunechi at Odd Future‘s show in Miami on Halloween.

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  • frank

    first, ya dig…?

  • jj

    2nd yah diggggggggggg

  • Morris

    3rd feel me


    wolf mask swag wtf

  • Motivated



    swag i love the whole ymcmb family no homo

  • Twizzy


  • vodafon

    take care is leak..and HYFR is crazyyy

  • Lenny

    Take care is dope as fuck finally some good ymcmb music waaaaaaay better than c4

  • FUCKEMINEM whats ur problem man!!?

  • Peter

    Take care is on a whole nother level than c4 drake is that dude real talk

  • Alex F. Baby

    YMCMB is working man!!!


    @lil b it was in positive sense !!!

  • Peter

    FUCKEMINEM Is the weirdest and i mean the wierdest fan on here u say suspect shit like wayne made ur life and u love wayne micheal carter smh u really have a problem my dude


    @Peter dude i never say wayne made my life….or wayne is special for me… done

  • Young_Mulla

    Why isnt HYFR on here yet? Songs dope as fuck!

    • @Young_Mulla – I’m not posting any more tracks from Drake’s album.

      Universal are on my back.

  • Peter

    FUCKEMINEM nigga shut yo wierd ass up yes u did i know what i read u gay ass nigga talkin bout fuck eminem u probably wanna fuck wayne


    @Peter dude u still on my balls wtf by the way i got a girlfriend & stop talk bullshit

  • boboye bigmeat harbey

    what about nigeria? or you guys does’nt want to com we re deying to welcom you guys…..good job anyway

  • OVO

    I heard HYFR and for once Wayne was rapping about REAL situations in his life and not just stupid made up crap.

  • ssn

    Like everybody has said already, TAKE CARE LEAKED, Carter 4 made it’s mark but this is on a hole nother level, best album of the year as for now, IMO. And wayne is doing his thing on the songs his on! YMCMB FO LIFE


    YES take care ! got anyone the link for me please ? i cant wait -.-

  • Take Care facking Good better than C4 but love wayne tho no homo… THE RIDE and HATE SLEEPIN ALONE can you show a link… Doin it wrong fackin good… TUNECHI 4 life tho

  • Take Care is dope i agree and in not a Drake fan, but whi’s gonna disagree with me, Wayne killed all the tracks his on. can i jst state an opinion…WTF is up with the EMA’s it’s titel is European Music awards so you would think that European artist would lead nominations and awards, nah Americans artist then win most of the awards EG. Lady Gaga!!! wats up wit that shit?!

  • Take Care is dope i agree and in not a Drake fan, but who’s gonna disagree with me, Wayne killed all the tracks his on. can i jst state an opinion…WTF is up with the EMA’s it’s titel is European Music awards so you would think that European artist would lead nominations and awards, nah Americans artist then win most of the awards EG. Lady Gaga!!! wats up wit that shit?!

  • sorry for the duble comment.


    Yes Take care is fucking dope but c4 is better

  • LIkeMe

    Take Care is BIG

  • Take care is dope but IN MY OPINION(so don’t comment back at me attacking me for no reason) it has to many love songs. The song’s are still dope but half the album was song’s about a woman like come on :\.
    All in all still a dope album though

  • Dylan Stimeling

    HYFR is sick as fuck!!! Drake went in hard and Weezy aka best rapper alive did what he always does and killed that shit!!!!!!!
    oh and Hawaii looked like a great time can you imagine kickin it with YMCMB that would be great!


    Where is the Ima Boss Remix at?!?!?!?!

  • Josh

    Lil wayne sounds retarted on that hyfr song with drake he sounds like a lil kid

  • @josh you hate on everything wayne does

  • Josh

    C4 is no where near better than take care and im not much of a drake fan c4 is the worse wayne album ever his raps suck on that album i personally think drake is better than wayne

  • Josh

    @ josh187 dude u dont even know me this is like my first time on this site and i dont hate on everything wayne does his lyrics just havnt been up to par lately

  • I’ve seen your name before unless someone else name Josh hated here before.


    How come everytime i hear wayne on a drake song he sounds like drake? i think drake be writing verses for wayne everytime they do a song together

  • Josh

    Dude theres a million people with the name josh stop being so insecure about wayne take his dick out your mouth

  • 9 AM In Dallas

    Wayne could barely keep up with Drake on that track … Wayne had to go all out and use every ounce of talent he had just to keep up with the pace that Drake was rapping at lol.

    Its like Drake going super saiyan easily and Wayne struggling to power up lmaooooo

    Take Care > C4

  • @9 AM In Dallas smh @ the 2nd half of your comment..

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne staying on top

  • Real

    9 AM In Dallas …. you say wayne could barely keep up ??? right lmao






  • @Real somebody finally gets it.

  • yeaa

    both are good in their own way, each waiting for the album Take Care as we waited on C4. And let’s not tell which one is better because they both swept out!! Video is damnn good ,RealFamily!

  • @187josh..Wayne is still on top u idiot.

  • @9am in dallas..Wayne is still on top u idiot.

  • @F.E.M When did I say he wasn’t? o_____o
    I haven’t even hated on him once? lol?

  • weezy F

    in my opinion drake is better than wayne NOW but not the OLD wayne …

  • Waynes too damn smart. hes gotta a plan with the YMCMB fam and thats what hes doing. He knws drake needs the buzz and he decides to give him that by not disapointin him in any of the tracks his on on the TAKE CARE.. greatmusic YMCMB

  • @187josh my comments are 2 clerify ur arguement wit dat meat head 9am in dallas.

  • tune

    not hearin take care until the 15th

  • @187josh wayne is still d best nd d mere fact dat it’s been argued pisses me sincere apologies 2 u anyway.

  • drakes take care album leaked already

  • To Haters

    Anyone on this site is a Lil Wayne fan…. whether you believe or not. If not You will rather be on your favorite rapper’s fanpage if that wasnt the case. You just haven’t admitted it yet but you love Lil Wayne if you clicked on his fanpage .

    On another not C4 is better that Take Care. Tell me4 tracks on Take Care that can top Its Good, Mirror, Megaman, So Special, She will President Carter and Blunt Blowing?

  • ^^^^ first of all Its good was fire cause of Drake, second look what your done is more deeper then mirror. Drakes flow on lord knows kills waynes flow on megaman. She will was a hit cause of Drake again… over my dead body is better then president carter. and headlines or we’ll be fine kills blunt blowing. I love wayne but its drakes turn to kill and own the game right now. He is the GOAT

  • ^^^ make me proud makes the girls more wetter then so special too.

  • Chito

    @ 9 am in dallas Wayne keepin up with Drake?.. Umm if your a lil Wayne fan youll will know that Wayne don’t rap fast… but when Wayne a rap fast his a beast too and he can keep up with drake anytime he wants

  • To Haters

    ^^Weak and biased analysis @weeezyfbaby

    You seriously think Drake had a better verse than Lil wayne on Its Good, seriously? And you’re saying Megaman flow is less that Lord Knows, seriously? I give you 5 on She will, but other than that Drake is not touching Lil Wayne. C4 is way more hip hop than T/Care. still love both though…

  • mutherfuckas talking about drake album better than c4 niggas saying drake better than lil wayne but drake album is kinda better than c4 but wezzy no what he doin he even said that he doesnt want 2 do better than drake or nicki minaj bcause he had his shine its there time now but if wayne was really trying rite now he would b game over

  • aaronc

    weeezzzzzyyy drake good but wayne rap herder drake sound like chris brown now adays

  • low

    Plies is the best rapper ever. Soulja boi too

  • @low kill yourself
    Anyway, I can’t really compare C4 and Take Care together because C4 = Sober weezy.
    When wayne get off probation and releases an album, and soon after drake releases one then I can really compare. As of now wayne isn’t at his best without weed and still made an amazing album. Take Care is still dope though in my opinion but half of it is mostly for females with all the love song’s and singing…
    Don’t get me wrong Take Care is still a dope album though.

  • Topher86

    Really, guys,, wayne with Drake?? Is that a comparison anyone should make! No one is Harder than that Wayne Mafaka, U knw dat. drake is go but aint tat hard, he goes much into RnB.

  • Chito

    @low you must be a lil kid if ur a soulja boi fan ,thinks that plies nd soulja boi the best rapper ever like really I know plies his good no homo but sorry ass soulja boi ain’t shit wayne Is 10000000000000000000 time better then them

  • Topher86

    Hehehe, U know Wayne was drowning in a pussy, and he swam to a but, hahahaha!!! U ain serious guys!!

  • Topher86

    There are names not worth mentioning here guys! soulja boi, plies, f@k ’em.

  • low

    Ok soooooooooooooo no plies or Soulja boi?? Look up Bangs. By far best rapper ever. Better than Wayne drake em nas pac cudi

  • Most-Shady

    Lmao wdf is soulja boi..Dat made me laugh I swear

  • yuri

    weezy f baby, gave the best comment here.take care is a far better album than c4 but if u wanna start comparing take care’s track with c4 u will know drake is better than lil wayne for now.FYI, drake beasted wayne on all the track he was featured on c4

  • .

  • real-talk

    imma boss remix out DANNY.M slippin

  • Real shit

    if i see this faggot ass bitch made nigga lil wayne im gonna do what someone shouldve done a long time ago, imma smack his little faggot ass up.

    imma beat the gay out of this dude. nigga turned into a straight faggot over the years wearing them little ass pants dressing like a white kid got them gay ass lip rings and shit this nigga a bitch and if i see em imma beat the fuck out of him.

    “on that faggot bullshit call em dennis rodman” look at this nigga talking about himself queer ass nigga just watch.

  • no

    @real-talk the song isn’t out stop lying.

  • Caliniggaz

    Ya’ll arguin bout C4 and Take Care. Id rather listen to C4 than Take Care. Fuck Drake and his love songs. Still its all about Careless World. 20 December bitches, tha world will STOP.


    stop hatin each other drake tyga wayne are on young money so stfu

  • miyo

    When drake raps he raps with words that rhyme for to long.. Like in “headlines” that’s nt going hard… And whn he raps normally.. He raps fast.. I mean.. Wtf? Bro rap normally, we dnt need another busta rhymes.. Wayne killd motto n HYFR

  • just shut the fuck up

    @miyo What the fuck are you talking about? You sound 13 and stupid as fuck.

    Just stop commenting. You make Lil Wayne fans look ignorant…the age on this website has to be mostly 13-17 year olds. Shit that’s pretty much the only age that listens to Lil Wayne anymore.

  • miyo

    @just shut the fuck up….Age aint got shit to do with facts.. I’m 18 bro.. N iv heard wayne since 500 degreez.. To nw.. Knw every song to him.. So da bull u talkn abt age.. Shows u nt educated! In rap wayne kills drake.. Bt drake got Rap n singing like nikki got.. We aint wayne fans.. We just hip hop truths..

  • low

    Everyone stop arguing and go listen to Bangs

  • yolo

    “When drake raps he raps with words that rhyme for to long”

    I swear you kids are weird as fuck and have no idea how to express what you mean in an articulate matter … wtf does rhyming for too long mean ? its that supposed to be a bad thing ?

  • fags

    @yolo haha these niggas r just weird as fuck.. just ignor’em

  • Rachael

    Can someone please give me a list of the songs they’ve just played in the first video il appreciate it 🙂

  • yeahhhhhhh 🙂 sick 🙂 i love wayne 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • YMCMB nigga i love lil wayne…..<3

  • I have to find a computer to see the video i bet it’s hot like him i am his number one fan thinking bout writing a book bout how much i love him