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Video: Lil Wayne’s Public Service Announcement #2

Mon, Nov 21, 2011 by

Lil Wayne gets Derick G to record PSA #2 were Wayne and Mack Maine introduce Young Money’s newest member, Torion Sellers. I previously posted about this on YoungMoneyHQ back in August, but it looks like the deal has only now just been made official. Torion, who is 14-years-old, can rap, sing and dance, and has been described as a: “cross between Justin Bieber and Chris Brown”. You can also preview some of Torion‘s music by downloading his The Initiation Vol. 1 mixtape here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the new Young Mula signee!

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  • Uli


  • Josh

    First again



  • chal

    love his PSA’s

  • AntiHate


  • ogezzy!


  • ViLLAiN

    Real talk…kid is a piece of shit

  • João Monteiro

    Seriously, he dances and sings like a bitch…

  • german wayniac

    At first I was like he sings like a fag or so but then I was like Damn that Dude is a hell of a dancer … but wanna see somethin of his rap skills too.

  • WEezleFan

    Hahahaha!!! I thought Lil Wayne was off weed and syrup? where did he find this weirdo :b

  • Chris

    That kid can fucking dance. That was tight. Wayne and Young Money know how to run a business, that’s for sure. This kid is gonna blow up, he’ll definitely get a fan base.

    When wayne was rapping his part and the kid was dancing i laughed, that was so dope hahaha.

  • Cjless

    kina like a young michael jackson

  • Etiennechi

    You don’t know what you’re saying man

  • h0l0tn1k

    I hope he´s not gonna end up like Bieber

  • young CEO Cam Prince

    Im thinking this kid is going to make the label A LOT of money.

    Chris Brown v2.


    I only listen to drake singing.

  • @YOUNGMONEYENT smfh, people these days shut down everythings without giving anything a chance.

  • Pauly D

    Gay but he gonna make money just like gay bieber

  • Tweezy

    every year I lose a little respect for young money more and more, thats some gay shit

  • bmjr

    I don’t understand whats so “gay” about this ???

    how old are you kids ? you guys are so immature. Micheal Jackson and Chris Brown had a girl voice too when they were young.

  • Yobenebi

    That’s young that’s money that’s baby and that’s gay

  • weezymj

    forreal though, yall need to stop hatin. what would you feel like if this was you being signed and everyone was talking shit bout you? think shit through, this kid has some skills

  • Wizzy

    I love weezy but seriously YM is going to be the joke of the hip-hop world if they havn’t claimed that status already ? Yes this kid is talented but he is a little homo, why feel the need to have your own “Justin Bieber” not gonna work.

  • smh

    Wizzy. Apparently you don’t kno shit bout business n makin money ..
    Shut yo broke ass up

  • Stacy-Anne


    you start off the sentence saying “I love Weezy” but have the nerve to call this kid a homo ? lmao.

    he’ll probably be getting 10x as many girls as you in a couple years.

  • Wizzy

    I do love Weezy. Listen to his music daily from Da Dedication 2 to Da Drought 3 to Tha Carter II. I live and breathe alot of his music. Doesn’t mean I have to support or like Young Money cause seriously apart from Weezy and at times Drake, Young Money is turning into a group of pop stars making average music. I will always support and listen to Wayne but YM is getting whacker by the day. Goodluck to the kid hopefully for him personally he can achieve his dreams and make it but I couldnt give a damn and he really doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  • Youngsta

    This kid is talented! I dont care wat nobody say but dis kid is the next chris brown,mj or sumthin! He has a big future wit YM!


  • I mean Weezy will prolly get like 30% and for all those hatin, i think Wayne knows talent when he sees it (ex. Drake, Nicki, Tyga) quit hatin cause yall will never be anything

  • what yhe

    Looks like squidward dancing lol

  • dk

    I agree with @wizzy.the realist shit ymcmb came out with this year is drakes take care.ymcmb have gone to global there signing shit there talking crap when youngmoney are fucking with Justin bieber I begin to think is weezy really the best rapper alive or maybe it is eminen

  • @Wizzy. Your an idiot. The point of all businesses is to make money, so why not do what makes you money. YMCMB is the sole reason for HipHop still being alive right now. So get off this site and go do your geometry homework

  • Waye

    Hmm I thought tha clique was full I’m all 4 expansion of tha label but YM already has alot of what most groups got on their compilation how in tha hell r they gonna fit all of these ppl on there shit. I guess wayne see alota potential in tha kid just wondering when tha commercialization of ymcmb is gonna stop soon hip hop won’t be a competition it’ll be a monopoly that produces commercial music courtesy of ymcmb. Ne ways lookin forward 2 tha next PSA

  • georgiaboy87

    one thing i got from this video is the kid got swagg he dances like chris brown & can sing just imagine how his voice and moves will be when he reach 18 the guy gots allot of potential… yea he gonna be like a black justin beber but without the gay shit he might be able to beat chris brown when he grow up in dancing

  • georgiaboy87

    just ask your self HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU KNOW OR SEEN OR HEARD OF EVEN SAW ON THE INTERNET CAN DO WHAT HE DO AT THE AGE OF 14??? when he grow up your girl friend/daughters gonna wanna suck his babys out of his ball sack & your sons gonna wanna be like him

  • the world does not need another Justin Bieber!

    But clearly this kid will bring in the $$$ for young money

  • Steedy

    This guy can sing and all, but I dislike his dancing, he only has hiphop smooth flow, you need more than that to consider yourself a real ‘Dancer.’ I mean, I’m a legit dance no joke, not hating, but just saying he needs more moves and stuff hah.

  • and this is why Young Money is wack.. rappers like Gudda, and 10 year olds. I only listen to Tyga, Old Weezy & sometimes Drake.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    ALL OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! @Danny M block these fucking dumb fucks!!! they talk out of the ass. their fucking opinions are so fucking retarded they just say anything to say something!!!!

  • What a fag, young money was on its top when Wayne wasn’t signing fags into young money. E.g lil twist

  • Wayne is wack idk what he doin. He needs to start sippin syrup again

  • Malcom

    I sing better than him Shid check me out on YouTube

  • scooty_mofo

    respect the boy but i probs wont listen to him unless he on a track with wayne

  • andrew

    Young Money Cash Money?? More like Young Mickey Mouse Club! Wack!

  • iamnotastar


  • @ Luiseezy F. Crazy agreed, all these jackoffs are talking out of their asses. they saw two minutes of the kid and they were judging him already. give him a fucking chance god damnit. people have to stick their dicks into everything and they hate just to hate. fuckers need to grow up and stop judging

  • Man it looks like Wayne is setting up a Empire… Making the next generation.

  • lol

    waynes all about the money. not necessarily a good thing either.

    you think 2pac would sign clowns like drake nicki minaj Lil twist and this little wannabe Justin Bieber?

    ..and people wonder why no one respects Wayne, dudes a straight sellout.

    went from rapping with real talent (Curren$y) to this bullshit.

  • @lol Hate make u post stupid things though. Imagine u calling curren$y a real talent, comparing him 2 drake, tyga nd d rest of dem crew. Fuck u 4 dat shit, niggas like u are meant 2 die.

  • Bieber is so gay that if u say his name 3 times u love his music

  • John

    man y’all need to shut the hell up. this dudes 14, his voice is still changing. usher, michael jackson, chris brown and other singers at age 14 all had that girly voice too so stop hating

  • LIkeMe

    This is great! Hopefully there are coming more parts

  • Young_Money

    Niggas will buy his album too and claim they got if for they sister…

    This kid will be big.

  • Ms Weezyyy

    Why yall hatin on a 14yr old though*smh*



  • @lol 2pac did a song wit elton john, (a certified gay) he neva had a record lebel though, he’s been nd will always be under suge knight.

  • lol

    @f.e.m you 13 huh? curren$y would shit on nicki minaj drake and tyga all at once. those arent rappers, they’re pop artists.

    curren$y is real rap, thats the smartest thing wayne ever did was rap with curren$y. the dumbest thing he ever did was let him go and pick up these clowns.

    i expect you to disagree, because you’re a brain washed lil wayne dick sucker.

    i cant even like lil wayne anymore because of all his faggot ass little teeny bopper fans.

  • rayz

    damn!!the milicia is getting bigger

  • Lolman112

    What did you want to reveal?


    fuck you nigga who using my name above me


    fuckin faggots like @lol suicide pls

  • Tobi

    Man, this kid is way too young for beeing a member of YMCMB!
    They talk about drugs, woman stuff like that and he isn’t even in the age of that shit…

  • (ymcmb forever son)


    This is so gay my back hurts

  • Hunter

    wayne seems so chill

  • damn some of you dome fucks aint got no faith in wayne’s capabilities as a buisiness man. wayne is smarter than most of ya’ll think, he signed this kid coz he know he’ll be able to make money off of him (might not be now). heck i wont be surprised if lil twist sales aleast 100K first (might even get a #1) so dont knock it till you tried it. ya’ll wont even know how to promote a kid like that, but wayne does. i give ya’ll an example, nicki could bearly rap when wayne found her, look at her now a #1 album and a couple of awards. thats the power wayne has.

  • Realniggadoe

    All u ppl hatin on here’s are dumb and know nothing about running a business. That kid is gunna be fukin loaded instantly. U gotta have respect for what Wayne’s doing. He’s gunna capitalize like crazy off this kid. Hes building an empire and doing a dam good job doin it. Ym salute

  • Its funy how haters hate because when this kid blows they will all be his #1 fan just sayn but I like da kid YMCMB

  • dk

    Ymcmb more like gmfmb (gay money fag money boys) there turning into gays fuck this dancing shit rap ur fucking heads off the day lil wayne drops his rnb album is the day eminem becomes my fav rapper cause fuck this fag shit em would eat wayne alive in a rap freestyle battle

  • Junie

    The dude is talented but he shouldnt fuck with ymcmb maybe rocnation it’s only 4 artist on young money with albums out and um lacks talent Wayne fell off and drake and nicki are doin there thing shit nicki just won 2 amas she beat Wayne at the amas and vmas and Wayne ain’t never won a VMA all I’m sayin is ym has no talent except for 3 artist and this dude isn’t for them

  • no name

    Birdman and wayne should start a separate group for their r&b singers like how young money is seperate from cash money. That way they can collaborate but aren’t mixed together to make one big circus act. Put me in charge Wayne, I kno the game better than Mack maine!!

  • Yall fags needa stop hating wayne is the best dats y i love his dick! 🙂

  • Weezy is the greatest i love ymcmb thats y i have posters of him in my room with his shirt off 🙂 !!!

  • @ no name stfu i send my bloods at u pussy im in the same blood gang with wayne suuu wooo!

  • GooD NiGHT SIR……And I would Love to say congratulations to Mr.Torion…..

    apart frm dat sir I would Love to tell that u r the best in india v greet our elders n great people by touching their feet and my day starts by touchin ur feet dn whole day is bout LIL WAYNE n then my day ends by touchin ur feet…..Sir u hve become an integral part of my life sir u the best……I LOVE YOU MORE THEN MYSELF…..!!!!!!


    @FUCKEMINEM what a faggot using my super dope name lol son of bitch dude

  • Felicia

    That’s wonderful to sign a such a young and talent boy! I think he will do great!

  • Lilduke1

    lil dude got talent, stop hatin smh. &&ii thought wayne wa jus gona talk for like 30min again das wat ii wanted to see lol buh yea he tight, yall can hate buh they still laughin to da bank

  • Jaime

    YMCMB does not have the managers to market this kid properly, he will get lost in the shuffle.

    when you get a talent like this, you need to put ALL the focus around him. Tez and Mack Maine are gonna screw this up bad. Wayne should just hand him over to Universal and let them do all the ground work. No hate but YM has only put out two artists in 2 1/2 years.

  • People like lil wayne shud just retire cuz he been wack sine 1999


    @DMCIII kill your family and jump off the bridge

  • neb

    weezy knows what he’s doing man, making YMCMB bigger and bigger..

    as im here, someone gimme a decent forum to download rap/hip-hop music, i use to use RRT and it don’t work -_-

  • TuneMeh

    What the fuck !!
    He’s a GAY !!!
    He dances and sings like a fuckin’ bitch !!!
    Mann I adore the shit outta you weezy but he’s a gay

  • Tommy

    he sings gay but he dances cool

  • Jaime





  • R3m1

    SorrY dude but Eminem aint better lyrically than Wayne, not at all

  • Jack

    I’m sorry but WTF… a mix between Bieber and Chris Brown no shit… thats fucked up man I just cant believe this. 14 years old aswell? Really?… Young Money can do so much more WITHOUT someone like this, I mean this is Young Money not fuckin Infant Money. Torion, preferrably and hopefully the first and last fuck-up of YMCMB.

  • MYcuzzoISaFAG

    SORRY BABES I’m shootin in the dark

  • MYcuzzoISaFAG

    my guess is we’re both fucked and you’re crazier than i am

  • georgiaboy87

    wayne was 11 when he got down with cash money & look at him now YMCMB

  • MYcuzzoISaFAG

    nothing is what it seems. I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH.

  • MYcuzzoISaFAG

    and Reginae too

  • ricardo laguna

    has too much talent is just that I’m a fan torion Cash Money Records and always young money entertaiment since leaving Wayne has an eye for the artiste is a talent scout so to say we have an example to drake nicki minaj and that right now are

  • MahsaAfzal

    it was all just a test. you never came.

  • michael weezy gordon!

    I hate this haters so much!!!!!! But may I say… @georgiaboy87 your comment about girls wantin to suck his balls made me laugh so much!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • KearLawson-Mula

    @Wizzy Coming From A Person From You, U Should’nt Judge People Like That. Young Money Is On There Status And They Making More Than Ever Know. So, Fall Back Because This Kid Going Places Than U’ll Ever Known.

  • KearLawson-Mula

    All U Haters Can Shut The F*ck Up.

  • Ugh_Thas_NasTee

    “…and since we’re talkin about my all of you haters say “hi” to it… I’m done” <= that about somes up this comment section, but when Wayne stepped on camera I completely stopped lookin at ol' boy and followed Wayne the rest of the dance… lol

  • red

    all these pop stars they trying to make never really happens….remember jay sean and porcelain black..

  • Me:)

    This kid is so talented. I swear ive been watching this PSA everyday since it aired. I cant sing a lick but this video makes me just feel so good & want to sing lol ..

  • Anne

    I like how the kids’ dad is standing on the side keeping watch kinda like Joe Jackson :).. Thats important

  • ♥…weezy i’m very crazy about you…i’m from senegal
    I speak french………please do a concert to my contry please…..many peoples like you…. i love you weezy ♥

  • Tunechi Li

    please tell me why so many people hatin!!!!!!!! smfh!!

    #YMCMB gon ball til we fall and its all yall!,we straight

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