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Lil Wayne Gets 5 Nominations At 2012 Grammy Awards

Thu, Dec 1, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Gets 5 Nominations At 2012 Grammy Awards

Lil Wayne received 5 nominations at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, which were announced yesterday in Los Angeles. Weezy got nominated for “Best Rap Performance (Look At Me Now)“, “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (I’m On One)“, “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Motivation)“, “Best Rap Song (Look At Me Now)” and “Best Rap Album (Tha Carter IV)“. Young Money’s Nicki Minaj and Drake also earned four nominations each. You can view the full list of nominees here and the show will air live on Sunday, February 12, 2012 from Los Angeles’ Staples Center at 8PM EST on CBS.

Congrats Tunechi, Nicki and Drizzy

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  • vodafon

    will he perform?

  • junie

    Tha c4 was only nominated cuz of sales cuz it isnt a good album

  • THIRD =)

  • weezyy must perform on grammys!
    N he will definately win.. 😀

  • max


  • LLK

    YMCMB gon dominate the GRAMMYS, jus watch

  • I love lil wayne it lyk a man crush bt im nt gay, i wish he just put a tatoo sayin “LIL K.O.S MA BST 4rnd” it wizzy

  • junie

    Waynes gonna win for look at me now and maybe im on one and i think he should perform either mirror with bruno mars or president carter those are the only tracks i like

  • mattyswizzle

    bele dat

  • If we look at the history of that Best Rap Album category, we’ll notice that most of the people that won sold the most albums, so I think wayne well on his way. (Not saying that C4 wasn’t good because it was great!!!)

  • Fck u al acept 4 Dwayne micheal carter, it wizzy baby,

  • max

    C4 was garbage straight up let down its only nominated cuz of sales

  • MAX B

    C4 is not gonna win cuz the grammys jugde based on lyrical content and quality thats why wtt or MBDTF is gonna win

  • jason

    I know i might be late but i just found out that wayne has a whole jay z verse tatted on his leg and the name of the song on his neck and u can see how he recited the verse on the ending of mr carter and megaman the song is called lucky me

  • boboye bigmeat harbey

    They ‘ve never do it like you matter of fact they ll never do it like you no more……..¥ € £

  • Lil Wayne is by far the best rapper alive and when he dies will be the best ever..its dunnzo niggaz! (YMCMB) = $ All Day

  • quan


  • Jaime

    The Carter 4 wasnt that good but I have a feeling he will still win best rap album. People will be going crazy lol.

    I remember when Eminem garbage Encore album won awards as well just because it sold well. That was back in the day though, Em is good again.

  • what about she will and how to love? but honestly is the best rap album based on votes or on a judical prespective?

  • Fuck Em,Weezy all got all de shit..Go Hard Nigga

  • @jamie yeah I remember that, Encore like C4 received most mixed reviews and it still won at the Grammy’s that’s why I’ve got faith that C4 might win (and every1 has to admit next to relapse Encore was eminems worst album)


    c4 wins.wtt garbage cole world too. roc nation sucks now shut up u gays

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  • cizzle

    Niggas be hating on tune cuz of his production tune and the ymcmb camp be dominating shit song for song album for album and c4 is a classic period fuckwrong wit y’all you hating pussy muthafuckas

  • Loco

    Let’s go weezy let’s win !!!!! Everything weezy does is the shit!!! ALL THESE WAYNE BASHERS GO TO KW HQ OR EMINEM HQ GTFOH!!!!!

  • MP2194

    Let’s all vote Carter IV he really deserves this it was a great album n if it wins then the haters will have to come up with more excuses lol

  • Markopyz

    U better shut ur mahfuckn holes up watch this: history in making so shut up and leave Weezy do it coz u aint shit haters! Best Rapper alive @Weezy!

  • Anybody else but me and Danny M. Think it’s weird or a rip off that “How To Love” didn’t get a Nomination?! Oh and where do I go to vote for the Grammy’s?

  • MJ

    damn c3 was better than c4, but it wasnt THAT bad cmon guys. i still fuck with bluntblowin,presidentcarter and i like the view.

    even if it wasnt good, we should still be voting it, i definatly dont want the throne getting the grammy.

  • steph

    c4 is a good album so shut up 🙂

    weezy f baby is the best rapper alive! love u wayne 🙂

  • MJ



    where can i vote for c4??

  • Slowj

    Wizzy 4eva others might b gud buh he is better

  • junie

    Its the grammy dumbasses u cant vote the music critics pick the winners they gave c4 a 4.5 out of 10

  • …..

    uh… nobody gives a fuck junie, it’s the same shit erday.

  • The Motto

    How stupid can you kids get ? you can’t vote for a fucking grammy you idiots lol. He was only nominated based on billboard positions, but the people who ACTUALLY get to vote for Grammy’s all gave his album BAD reviews, which pretty much means its impossible for him to win.

    This isn’t MTV or BET , this award show is about trash rappers and their laxy albums rapping about random shit for 50 minutes

  • Wezzy gotta win this Awards Next Year wish you bless Nigga..

  • im laughing cuz i see all these haters that were riding waynes dick back when a milli was out but now r bashing him shame on all you fuckin haters you call yourself wayne fans and you bash him everyday nah yall just some dirty muthafucka’s that wanna see the man crash and burn thats fucked up and lets be honest didnt nobody start hating wayne till that jay z diss came out how pathetic all of you haters very pathetic if your teamtunechi your supposed to stand behind your team leader no matter what through rise and fall not bash him cuz ur unhappy nobody on any other team in the whole music industry does that but teamtunechi take that bullshit somewhere else because we love our rapper no homo and we dont need none of you guys fucking opinions

  • Cuban delight

    Congratz Tune! You make me and all dah rest of the cuban’s here at my place proud! And as for the haterzzz…..thanks. you make him famous! – xoxo Jasmine Jade Oliva

  • mr boston

    lmfao i can’t believe a dude above me said c4 was a classic smfh not even close and that’s after 4 push backs goddam shame it was worth the 10 dollars tho but if he wins a grammy for it i’ll be shocked a fucking grammy is way bigger then a mtv or bet award and just being honest c4 don’t deserve no grammy that album was like a 4 out of 10 yeah he 2x platinum but fans can’t vote for this one don’t get me wrong it’ll be nice if my dude pick it up but c4 wasn’t better then watch the throne which deserves to win it and before yall start screaming fuck gay-z (that’s the real hating) i fucks with them both and wtt had better lyrics, meaning to the songs, better production (love the samples they used) way less simple punchlines and better singles im just saying im not team weezy or team jay or none of that dumb shit im just a hip hop head that listens to everything and truth is truth

  • Jaime


    A Milli ??? that shit was trash, Tha Carter 3 is when REAL Wayne fans started saying he fell off. Dick riders like you were hyping that non sense. Stop calling people haters for being disappointed of Carter 4. Even I Am Not A Human Being was better than C4.

  • max

    C4 is not gonna win mbdtf is gonna win that whole album is fuckin dope in all areas and wtt might win because of what the music critics and other hip hop artist gave it which was 4.5 out of 5 stars and c4 got 2.5 out of 5 so sales dnt mean shit cuz waynes husband birdman bought half of those copies

  • OctoDoc

    MBDTF should win…no disrespect to wayne but it was def the best album out of the nominees

  • Weezy F.

    Wayne dissing Drake on twitter guys. Drake filed a law suit against Birdman and Lil Wayne.

  • @Max you the biggest hater to believe Birdman bought half of C4 sales, Birdman is a business man, and why would a business man do something that would basically mean he’s gonna loose money, we all know birdman be all about his money. Stop hating you bitch.

  • Tageslichtprojektor

    im a wayne fan but MBDTF is way better than c4 kanye made a classic album like weezy did with c3

  • ymcmb


  • That Kid

    C4 bringing tht best rap album of the year grammy home. Even tho this album was a “disappointment” it was still better than every album thts nominated for the award this year. Tha Carter IV is the best album of 2011 i’m sorry, ya haters can keep hating.

  • M.AK

    Congradulations Wayne 🙂 1 Love! Congadulations To Nicki an Drake 🙂

  • kanye

    yo weezy i’m really happy for ya, and ima let u finish, but mbdtf was one of the best albums of all time, of ALL TIME

  • georgiaboy87

    im starting to think that the person hating is the same person like when one person put a hate comment out the next 7 comments be the same saying the same shit how wtt is gonna win cause c4 got 4.5 out of 10 idk where you hoes got that number from but prove it

  • georgiaboy87

    lets go song for song comparing c4 aginst wtt & see who better… for people like jaime & max/maxb, junie & you other guys or guy just go find jayz fan page because that shit what your’re doing is pure hating its not like your saying facts you just keep repeating your selves on every post its like you guys got SUPER BITCH POWERS

  • Matt

    All these comments and not one of y’all notice his shirt has an upside cross on it

  • Matt


  • Cop Em’

    Of course C4 going to win!

  • wow that is awesome 🙂 and congrats wayne, drake, and nicki 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • rob

    ma mayne evly one n dis muhfuckn world z talkn a bwt C4 n obviously lil wayne z da man

  • C4 is the best album of the year look at how to love,interlude,bluntblowin,presidaa carter,john,mirror,6foot7foot and the rest a good but these gay z fans are just haters lets vote 4 c4 YMCMB 4EVER..


  • bucho

    tunechi is the best believe dat

  • Brandon

    Am I the only one that notices Wayne’s wearing an OFWGKTA shirt? It says “Golf Wang”

  • Allex B.

    Wayne is jerk now!!! Why is he wearin invert cross?????? WTF???

  • Allex B.

    @Matt thats what im talkin bout!!!!!!! Wtf? Isnt he belive in God?? I mean, he sad that….

  • Healy
  • Rakesh

    take care and c4 for the best rap albums of the year

  • georgiaboy87

    @Allex B. please turn your BITCHING METER OFF its a OFWGKTA shirt

  • Storm

    Hi everyone, I hope all of you are enjoying your time on this blog, hahahahahaha

  • paul

    Weezy I pray that u get all those Grammys.
    YMCMB bitch

  • Esseii_Baybeii(Jdgaf)

    @paul shut up paul

  • Esseii_Baybeii(Jdgaf)

    @paul datz yy uu gayy

  • Weezy f bitch da grammy iz urz.And lata mine men

  • funny

    Its funny how my beautiful dark twisted fantasy didnt make it. But this piece of shit album did. Smh

  • Godstime aggrippa

    Dis ur boi stimy 4rm nigeria, i got a feling that c4 is gonna win, thats becus other contestant are not better than c4. Lolz… long live ymcmb:we the best forever.

  • Topher86

    Ok, The problem U r comparing C4 with C3, but if U compare it with Rap albums released, it is the best. Atleaset it has like 5 good songs U can listen to. but WTT, it has like two, T.C has 3 i think, Cole’s world, 3 I think, so I think C4 so far is the best!
    Think guys think br fans and know how the game is!!

    Listen to Lil wayne’s song called Cry out and It’s killing me, they are olod, but U will love him more!! hehehe

  • Kayson

    Damn I hope Wayne gets it!!!! He’s bound to get sumum thou. He was nominated far more than any other rap artist. Ppl be talking bout how the Carter 4 wasn’t good, if u think that then why is it that 3 months after it’s still selling! It even goes double platinum(: He’s my BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  • Kayson

    About the whole “Lucky Me” The reason he gots it tatted was cuz Wayne use to think and believe Jay was his favorite rapper before he came at him, like Lil Kim came at Nicki lol.

  • Kayson

    I Have a question? Outta this whole convo bout all the nominees how come no1 hasn’t brought up Nicki’s nomination? lol

  • raz

    lil wayne is the greatest thing to hit the rap game he should win every award out there 5 isnt enough for this guy he puts out more songs then anyone, and whoever is saying carter 4 wasnt good is ether trippin or hating wizzy for president

  • John

    Max M,, u talkinG CRAP

  • john

    I mean @ Max B,,, if u aint a fan,, u gatta get da fuck outta here,, u just h8n for nothing,, love lil tunechi

  • damn! i know and greatly want c4 to win. lil wayne deserve this cus he has worked his ass off right from back in the days in c2 wayne has tyme and again evolved in style and its working for him

  • Anthony

    I hope that weezy will perform at the grammys this year so that he can win a grammy.

  • lil wayne is ma god i worship him he’s gonna kill’em all

  • vinnie

    Ymcmb 4 life

  • My young star lil waynd is da owner of the grammy award no need of performing again in the grammy award