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Pictures: Lil Wayne Celebrates TRUKFIT Clothing Line In NYC

Fri, Jan 13, 2012 by

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Check out some photos in this post of Lil Wayne celebrating his TRUKFIT clothing line during Market Week in New York City last night (January 12th). Weezy was joined by Russell Simmons, Mack Maine, Lil Twist, T-Streets, Cortez Bryant and Marley G (who we ain’t seen with Wayne in a while). You will be able to purchase TRUKFIT apparel next month in Zumiez stores and on Hit the jump for the rest of the pics, courtesy of KC!

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His TRUKFIT Clothing Line In New York City

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  • First1


  • Cléria


  • Neel

    Dope man anyone know if its going to available in the uk ?

  • Bradee B


  • Lil Wayne is the SHIT… and if u dont think so… well than… U can go fuck a bitch.hahaha

  • Carter0512

    Can someone pls tell me hwo that man in the 5th pic is? the one with the NY cap. is it wayne’s manager or something ?

  • nino brown

    all that apparel young money are wearing in the first pic is dope

    its only cortez from young money who aint rocking trukfit haha

  • anaison

    oh im buyin evrything in that line boy!!!!!!!! swag from the master lol 🙂

  • Rick Nash

    That shit blows. It’s like a chinese knockoff of what he actually wears. That shit looks like something you’d buy at target. You’re a complete dumbass if you buy this shit.


    On January 13, 2012 at 7:26 pm Carter0512 responded with…
    Can someone pls tell me hwo that man in the 5th pic is? the one with the NY cap. is it wayne’s manager or something ?



  • Rick Nash

    Even wayne looks like dick in that shit

  • ImARealist


  • Are those red pare of tackies also part of Trukfit line?

  • GC

    Are the camo shorts also Trukfit?

  • RUSSEL SIMMONS Is not Wayne manager and Wayne manager is Cortez Bryant lol nice

  • junie

    Pharell should sue lil wayne cuz this trukfit shit look like bbc to me

  • rackcitybIt#h

    this looks like an childrens clothing line, hope theres casual men stuff coming.

  • @ Rick Nash,fuck you dumb are such a good for nothing fellow.go fuck a bitch instead of being here wasting your useless time,влед

  • lil wayne fuck the other rappers (gay-z

  • Petie24

    This shit look like kid clothing. If you want some real nigga clothes fuck wit T.I.’s Akoo clothing line yo!

  • wtfizzy

    Meh it doesn’t appeal to me….it does look like some shit you’d get your 3rd or 4th grade kid as a back to school fit or something lol

  • Yes!!! The dedication 4 has a release date, says Dj Drama…March 6th!!! Wayne’s gonna go H.A.M.!!!! Cant Wait 🙂

  • Eshall

    I dnt see a good hoodie, I hope the line has a big cozy bombazz hoodie. I need that.

  • kanye

    i hate when weezy does a fake mean mug face

  • i hope that there is some trukfit shit in hamburg, germany
    young moola baby!–H4l0


  • Krys

    I was waynes biggest fan but since he is out the jail he dress like a fag man sorry but wtf is wrong with him
    Thats gay swag i think he is gay
    he lost his biggest fan
    R.I.P weezy

  • William Wayne

    look like shit i start to hate wayne

  • rodney

    Sickkkkkk. im gona get those for summer. weeezy f

  • wtfizzy


    I’m going to need you to up your comeback game smh..and I’m not just seems his line is off.and it may not even be the clothes but the presentation of the outfits .again meh..its hit or miss with tunechi these days

  • EYE

    I need to know the name of those camo shorts!

  • @Wtfizzy wats up wit u bitch?, u sound like a dickless retard, u probably a faggot elicit nd shit like dat. Wayne be getting all d money in every possible way while hating idiots like u be dieing slowly 4rm starvation. Niggas dat don’t respect hustle usually die poor belee dat.

  • nanz

    wow that line looks FKn AWESOME!

  • kipds

    @witidiot and junfag stfu n gtfoh wit that bullshit! the line is straight up fire! BET I COP SOME SHIT OFF THAT MOTHAFUKA! outside of that idgaf about the next niggah!

  • Tony

    I just wanna know where could i get Lil Twist’s red jeans.. they’re dope!

  • Still Loyal People !

    thats some gay ass shit wayne.

  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    Weezy leave dis shit 4 d losers mehn u gotta get into d studio nd do sum shit 4 us !!!

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lmfaooo yo I agree with junie and Rick Nash both of them are right and if you call that hating you a true dick rider because it’s true this is some BBC ahoodie knockoff shit and yall saying this is hot? Wayne could took some plain tee’s and smeared shit all over them and you would still say it’s hot Lmfao he really can’t lose with stans always buying his garbage get ya money Wayne lmfaoo this shit is funny

  • Danniel

    The man on this trukfit tee-shirt is wearing a snapback , however Wayne doesn’t wear that … He should wear more snapbacks

  • @idiotsiswe. u can die 4 fucksake, dat ain’t stopping Wayne 4rm making big money of dis shit, nd y u so mad bitch? Wayne reing ova hiphop nd there’s nothing a trans-sexual nigga like u can do about it. U could only get A.I.Ds blisters on ur toungue 4 suckn Gay-z’s dick straight of Kanye’s ass hole u hoe ass nigga.

  • @idiotsiswe. u could die 4 fucksake, dat ain’t stopping Wayne 4rm making big money of dis shit, nd y u so mad bitch? Wayne reign ova hiphop nd there’s nothing a trans-sexual nigga like u can do about it. U could only get A.I.Ds blisters on ur toungue 4 sucking Gay-z’s dick straight of Kanye’s ass hole, u hoe ass nigga.

  • Sorry 4 d double post guys, but dat cunt made idiot (idiotsiswe) deserves it anyway.

  • And as 4 rick nash nd junie, i don’t even know wat 2 refer dis bitches to. They should just commit suicide 4 d sake of sanity.

  • Wayne clothin line’s dope as shit yall haters suck a dick, if ​U̶̲̥̅̊ don’t like †ђξ nigga get out his fansite

  • real_nigga

    okay its kinda dope. But fuck man wayne isnt the same anymore. Theres not even a single song post-prison dat im jamming to right now. He fell off like shit c0ming out of an anas. Th wayne i dig is the wayne that could rap his ass off n leave a nigger in awe. Renegades freestyl for exampl with sqad up. He went 3minutes straight n stayd on point. N0w all he duz is sell cl0thes and credit cards. Fuck lil wayne!

  • @real nigga. Chill out bitch, there more than enough credible Wayne songs out since he came outta jail, get ur fact right nigga.

  • the infamous CEEJ

    ok where to start…
    i think its important to understand weezy’s motive for opening a clothing company but since i have no fucking clue what that is im just gonna skip that and go straight to telling u y its so gay and ull never see anybody that is halfway decent on a skateboard wearing trukfit (weezy can wear it all he wants he sucks at boarding anyway)
    the fucking logo looks like mario holding a skateboard… not even riding it i mean comon wayne wtf is that for a logo? u wanna have a bunch of dread headed niggas wearing shirts with little italian men on em? u psycho ass wanna be rastafarian gumbo skum. and secondly i’d like to point out that wayne is wearing a pink trukfit tee, sorry but pink is only ok to wear if you are justin timperlake or you have a vagina. WAYNE STOP TRYING TO DRESS PRETTIER THAN THE GOLDIGGERS YOU SKREW WITH IF YOUR NOT GOING TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET! and my last comment is about weezy’s face. little wayne, you need to get the rest of the brown on your face tated or start wearing a mask cuz right now u look like you just got mauled by a cat and ur shit is scabbed up all over ur dam forhead. shit baby has cooler tats that your crazy ass thinking ur still fresh with some stupid chinese symbols covering up the tears u kno dont mean shit. and stop making angry faces we all know u a fake blood and got nuthing to b angry about u get on ur sports sho and mumble happy thoughts to urself while eating gummybears. get real fag. do us all a favor and suck slim shady’s dick

  • Lets see hw many songs Waynes been featured in since he came outta jail. Welcome 2 my hood, look at me now, paper cut, salute, red bandana, smoke something, husle hard rmx, 9 piece, motivation, ballin, so good, H.Y.F.R, motto, real her,fireflame rmx, original, faded, strange clouds, fuck food, yao ming, grapes in d vine, pretty little hearth, grenade rmx, all of the light rmx, i’m on one, i’m into u, inkredible, sweet, imma boss rmx, y u mad, love affiar, all aboard, cream, etc Gay-z nd feminem hav probably being in 5 single in d last 5 years. Dis nigga’s be outshinning others in work, nd in talents Wayne’s artistic brilliance, nd profilic work ethic probably d reason hiphop’s relevant till date.

  • wtfizzy

    F.e.m is attached to waynes testicles foreal smh…fans like you are why tunechi feels its acceptable to put out hot garbage as it is now

  • @infamous cee l. Lol u probably dat midget striper dat gets T bag 4rm ur mother. Y u so mad, hating 4 no fuckin reason, in a she-male style. Gay-z, nd diddy puts out gay ass female colognes nd yall neva complained, y do dat 2 Wayne’s dope clothing line. Let me make dis clear bitch, d fact dat u hate Wayne don’t affect him in any fucking way, u just an irrelevant fool, no one cares if u dead or alive, u probably irrelevant 2 life it’self. Probably only relevant 2 d gay porn group. Nd Before i forget i’ll urge u 2 pls try nd brush ur teeth tonight when u finish sucking ur dads dick.

  • @infamous cee l. U seems 2 b a slim lamey cock sucker, but its too bad dat gay ass feminem’s d one begging 2 suck Waynes dick. He’s begged Wayne 4 collabs, nd he always wanna hit d stage performing alongside Wayne. I mean dat White boy had 2 get Wayne on his shitty tour in other 2 sell fucking ticket how hilarious.

  • @wtfizzy. Wayne putting out hot garbage’s d best insult u can come up wit? ha ha. Eat shit nigga, get a fucking life cus ur life sucks a 30years old donkey dick. Matter of fact my shit>>>> ur life, nd Wayne’s shit>>>> d life of u nd ur fucking generation.

  • TUNCHI KEEP DOING UR THING NIGGA HA HA, U D FUCKING GREATEST. Dis irrelevant, two faced, poor, jobless, dickless, stupid, retarded haters ain’t got nothing on u, they only make u famous ha ha ha ha ha.

  • real talk

    man this nigga @f.e.m gay as fuck man ima huge wayne fan to but goddam if niggaz wanna hate let em hate u jump to wayne defense every fucking post and every fucking time a nigga gotta bad opinion bout him smfh u making other tru fans look bad with all that dick riding u act like this nigga yo daddy or u with ymcmb or something dam i like the nigga clothing line and his music but if other niggaz don’t then fuck it it ain’t the end of the fucking world yo relationship with wayne is scary my nigga every since u been on this site all u do is say how much u love and support the homie and talk shit to everybody who don’t feel like u get that man dick out yo mouth and album out yo ass and support like us NORMAL fans fucking homo

  • Holla at me haters, i’ve got yall time today, i’ll be here 2 make yall realize how stupid u’re.

  • @real talk i ain’t a homo, nd i luv d fuck outta pussy, i only support d greatest rapper alive ha ha, i don’t need 2 suck his dick to do dat, i already have ur mother nd sister sucking mine can’t betray their trust in me as a pussy monster tho..

  • @real talk. get ur fact right bitch, i had neva stated dat i luv lilwayne on dis fucking site don’t fucking put d lie on me bitch. U should also learn how 2 type properly fag, dropping outta highschool is probably ur worse discision.


  • Married 2 d money u welcome 2 d reception…. but she came wit problems…. fuck it those’re my step sons….. Who else could come up wit a metaphoric punchline as strong as this ha ha, Wayne’s a beast, d greatest rapper 2 ever spit on d fucking mic.


    Jay-Z got Rocawear, lil wayne got this lame ass clothing line. U can’t even get people to buy GOOD skateboarders clothing lines, why would anyone buy lil waynes. Tired of pussy singing Drake, nicki minaj talking in a funny voice about getting f–ked in the ass, and now a leader that doesn’t put out shit at his peak. Retire or quit ruining ur reputation wayne

  • @Sayitwit y u mad at YMCMB, like it or not they’re the best rap group out now. Only three platinum hiphop album were out last year nd Drake nd Wayne got it, matter of fact Drakes album has already outsold watch d throne dat came out 5month before it, nd Wayne’s d only rapper wit a double plat album in d last three years nd he did it all in one fucking year. Don’t hate bitches, respect d movement.

  • And dat clothing line’s gonna sell the fuck out mark my fucking word. Lol at the fact dat until dis year, haters be hating Wayne nd his uninvolvement in business. Nd now he gets involved in dis shit nd ya’ll still hate. It fucking funny how stupid haters can get, but fuck dat, all dat ain’t stopping Wayne 4rm getting all dis money, Wayne’s propably gonna get all d money in 2012.

  • Idiotsiswear

    The funniest this I read was when f.e.m said he’s not gay nigga you gay you said Wayne is more sexy than jay now if that’s not gay idk what is but you really dickriding Wayne real hard but you’re gay so I guess that expected when has been on a lot of features true but that don’t mean shit he’s not there because his verses are good he’s only peoples songs because they using his verse as a gainer waynes is what’s hot right now even though he sucks so they use him to draw attention to their songs but back to you f.e.m you say the gayest shit ever then claim you’re straight all of you’re insults are always about sucking somebody’s usually a relatives dick did your dad molest you? Seriously you telling somebody they have no life??? Lmfao if the world was to end today you could still expect f.e.m to be on here defending Wayne

  • Idiotsiswear

    Oh and you said em begged Wayne to do a song with him? Nigga it’s the other way around and eminem doesn’t need Wayne to sell tickets it’s em he has more fans than Wayne that’s why he sold over 90 million records em barely tours so when he does it’s a rare moment so everyone goes em disses Wayne on every song they did and he dissed Wayne on stage Wayne begged em to do a song with him but off that Wayne the greatest to touch a mic???? Nigga are you high?

  • Idiotsiswear

    F.e.m you know you want to respond only because I said you have no life you trying to act like you’re not on this site every second of the day this nigga probably looking at waynes pic crying because we are saying mean things about nigga you know you want to defend him

  • Idiotsiswear

    F.e.m you and I both know you’re reading this so when you’re done pretending like you have a life and you’re not on here refreshing the page every second can you answer my question do you have waynes name tatted on your forehead and if not when are you going to get it? It’s it going to be just his name or are you going to go all out and get a pic of him too?

  • Why can’t I see Clothes on The website (

  • stfu

    I’m just gonna respond with multiple boring long paragraphs because it makes me feel like I’m right about everything smh ridiculous

  • @Idiotsiswe I saw about 4 of ur shitty post directed at F.E.M, Lmfao at ur shit bitch, i mean is dat all d fucking insult u could come up wit? Saying shit about me Wayne’s tattoo on my fore-head, i ain’t getting no nigga tatted on me, it’s probably d other way round bitch, i’m sure u’ve got Feminem tatted on ur dick nd Gay-z tatted on ur scrotum. Bitches like u should just die 4 fuck sake. I really pity ur entire generation, nd most of all u in person. Just pick up d courage nd call d police once nd 4 all, so dat they could come pick up ur Gay ass dad, before he finally tear ur ass apart, dat man has been butt fucking u since u were 5, dats probably d reason u come here 2 realese ur fucking anger on a real nigga like me.

  • Dani-Marquez

    Men you niggas should leave wayne for us men…The guys runnin shit..u niggas just hater’s…Go weezy go…marquez’y ryt behind ya….lil marquez from Cash Money Mafianz{CMM}hope its good with you weezy

  • @idiotsiswe i just got 2 read ur posts properly, nd i was like wats dis bitch talking about. Shit nigga i must admit, u the dumbest dude ever, ur insults are as lame as fuck, but worst of all, is ur written english, bitch i doubt if u ever stepped ur foot into a school environment tho. Let me advice u bitch, hang ur’self, nd save ur’self all dis embaracement, i havn’t seen u before but i’m sure u’ve got nothing 2 live 4, so do it, bitch just do it nd end it ur misrable life, 4 d love of God at least.

  • Idiotsiswear

    Nigga my post had some typos and missing words but at least I can spell shit this is the second time you talked about someone spelling but look at how you spell dumb nigga you can’t even spell before you try to get at someone else make sure you shit WTF is “dicision” it’s decision WTF is “embaracement” it’s embarrassment and what is “misrable” try “miserable” next time and you have many more than those like “let me advice you”???? It’s advise and another thing I wasn’t trying to insult you I was serious I really think you are gay and I think you got molested and the question about the tat was a serious question but what’s your response of course it’s some gay shit what else is expected I mean really talking about tatting a dudes name on my dick and balls really? Why does all your insult have to be about dick? Nigga you gay face the facts you said Wayne is more sexy than jay and you love talking about dick the funny thing is you actually think your “insults” are funny they are actually sad then you talking about I got nothing to live for??? Nigga please gtfoh c’mon son you should kill yourself you really have nothing to live for your ass is on here everyday defending a nigga who doesn’t know you nor does he care about you but “call d police once nd 4 all, so dat they could come pick up ur Gay ass dad, before he finally tear ur ass apart, dat man has been butt fucking u since u were 5” that makes me know you are gay and you was molested I mean I understand you saying my father molest me (even though he never has) but then you went into detail about it and you said he was molesting me since I was 5 nigga you don’t know me so how could you possibly know that it’s not true but how would you know? And then you picked an age? Since 5 you that sounds like your life story and another thing you not a real nigga stop it son

  • Danniel


  • Breezy

    Lil Wayne won’t be making any albums no time soon ! Oh well , I guess we gotta listen to the classic hits of Weezy !

    Please check the website out!

  • Danniel


  • Danniel


  • Rachel

    Mama and papa were lyin in bed
    Mama said to papa your dick is dead
    I am young and you are old
    Eskimo girls are mighty cold

  • justsaying

    @idiotsiswear shut the hell up with your long ass repetitive comments. Try sounding intelligent for once. This is a comment section not write a bibliography section smh.

  • fuck em all

    @ f.e.m i bet u tickle your own asshole while you listen to how to love you fucking fag theres no way you get pussy when you spend so much time up here sucking weezy off goddam nigga u got 100 fucking comments already what bitch would wanna lay up with a fat, broke, ugly ass, man crush on wayne having ass nigga like you smfh because your life suck you find comfort coming here every fucking day praising waynes niggas got eyes man people see wayne doing his thing we don’t need you screaming it all the fucking time now go dance around your momma basement to lollipop in your trukfit thong and fuzzy white boots you gay ass werdio lmfao

  • @idiotsiswe. Niggas ain’t got ur fucking time bitch, we in 4 big things. Just take my advise, it’ll be fucking helpfull.

  • @fuck em all. Lol bitches tryna be some internet gangsta on here tho , most niggas posts got me laughing my ass off ha ha ha ha ha . Vagina made boys be posting shit on d internet cus they tryna look real.

  • Shit i’m outta here men, i gotta get my hustle on, i’ll be outta dis site nd i’ll not come back here until danny gets another post in. So i’ll urge all my dickriders 2 chill d fuck out, i won’t get 2 read their comments on dis page no more, if yall wan’t 2 comment about me, wait nd do it on danny’s next post bitches.

  • the infamous CEEJ

    f.e.m.ale….. hahaha
    btw where’s weezy’s shitty sports corner bullshit. i hope he died and didnt just get to high and forget about it, which is probably the case

  • 187JoshM187

    Why’s there so many posts about nothing. Jesus….

  • the infamous CEEJ

    hahah way to add to the list there joshy

  • erick

    i think wayne is going jay-z on us not hating but this is like what jay-z did whats next his own vodka? club? i thought he was a RAPPER not a ENTREPRENEUR

  • Rachel

    I second that….it’s like they have to become moguls or their own brand…..that’s pressure. Not just the music but the trifecta rapper/businessman(woman)/actor. Not hatin just amazed…..lotzz o work work work.

  • Idiotsiswear

    A comment is a comment no matter how long or short nigga stfu mind your business how is my comment repetitive??? Won’t be surprised if you’re f.e.m sound intelligent about what? Nigga really what is there to sound intelligent about? And f.e.m nigga please you’re on here everyday of your life you are not a hustler you are gay I notice you always dance around my question about your sexuality f.e.m you’re not a real nigga you a cornball son talking about we in 4 big things who’s we??? I hope you are not talking about ymcmb because ya ass ain’t apart of ymcmb and it’s take my advice not “advise” and I would never take anything from your gay ass stop trying to act like you have a life every since I said you have no life and ever since other people basically said you’re obsessed with Wayne you trying act like you not and you have a life we all know you was here all day refreshing the page stop acting like you actually have a life before if somebody posted a comment disagreeing with Wayne you would respond in 2 minutes kid you’re delusional oh and one more thing can you please explain to me the comment you made about Wayne being more sexy than jay-z stop dancing around it

  • Sorry dudes, but i must admit i’m a faggot ass nigga, a gay porn star in every fucking aspect. I also try to come around here 2 gain attention cus my real life is full of shit. I’ll probably take f.e.m’s advise tho.

  • Jonas

    Is there a site to buy something?

  • Emelio Estevan

    Im sorry but you just know the only people who are ever gonna rock that shit is white boys.

  • Yall haters acting like d white boys are’nt human beings tho, at least they’ve got more population than dem stupid ass negro around America. Wayne’s surely gonna sell more if he got d white people on is side tho, don’t yall think so?

  • justsaying

    Sound intelligent period. You sound like some little high schooler which you probably are. Repetitive- look at your last five comments wanting to know if fem is gay. Your probably trying to be gay with him. And no I’m not fem I couldnt really care less about him.

  • Frut

    This neggaer FEM needs to be ban seriously

  • @frut. Wat d fuck does neggaer mean, just wanna know bitch cus i haven’t heard of it before.

  • youlyce


  • @Youlyce. Another bitch nigga here.

  • dats fyee! i want dt pink hat weezy was wearin and dat hoodie twist was wearin!!!

  • james

    check this out its crazy and weezy weres the music out anyway here somthing for you guys

  • Weezy1fan

    Hey@Danny M tunechi quit smoking ?

  • Nice clothing I love ittttttt wezzy the master

  • Idiotsiswear

    I mean go honestly what is there to sound intelligent about? I sound like a little high schooler??? Nope I graduated a few years ago but you say my comment is repetitive so what don’t read them I asked f.e.m if he’s gay????? When nigga I told fem he’s gay in my last 5 comment where did I ask if he’s gay I dare you to show me that I want to be gay with him????? Nope I want to be gay with nobody I don’t swing that way but if you do it’s your life whatever I only asked fem to explain the Wayne is more sexy than jay comment and if he was molested? Because all his comment are about sucking dick and gay shit I already know he’s gay I’m just trying to piss him off

  • Idiotsiswear

    And f.e.m you have no life you created a account or whatever trying to be me nigga get a life and don’t say that’s not you who else doesn’t know the difference between advice and “advise” you dumb nigga and then you have the nerve to call others stupid you take or give advice you don’t take “advise” you advise people not “advice” them



  • Frut


  • 187JoshM187

    For those who don’t know, birdman announced on twitter “Like Father Like Son 2 The Last MOB” yesterday. He didn’t say a release date or anymore info on it though.

  • justsaying

    What’s there to sound intelligent about? When isn’t there a situation to sound like an intellectual? The way your idiotic self sounds I find it hard to believe you made it out of middle school let alone high school. And yes your comments all have the word “gay” somewhere in them which is weird if he is or isn’t gay what would make you want to know so badly. If he admitted he was (not saying it’s true) tell me logically what would you gain out of it, and making him mad is not a logical reason. And I dare you to point out where I said that you said you wanted to be gay with him. And I’m willing to bet you’ll post a comment twice as long as this because I bet you think the more you type means you’re right.

  • lol fuck off bitchass gay-z fans

  • Most ppl on dis site are gay #no lie … Yall always talkin about wayne been gay when he’s got hoes suckin his dick plus he got 4 baby mommas….Suwoo to D̶̲̥̅̊ǎ̜̣̍t nigga wayne

  • Idiotsiswear

    I’m on a this site which is posting on a thread about a clothing line called trukfit and my opinion on this clothing line turned into an argument this is a fansite not science weekly not crossfire or a debate on bloomberg tv “I find it hard to believe you made it out of middle school let alone high school” why because I don’t sound “intelligent” on here on a fucking fansite for a rapper? Damn is this the GOP debate? I really hate really really cant stand pretentious people all my comments don’t have gay in them it’s crazy you just making shit up as you go did I say I wanted to know if he’s gay I’m not looking to gain anything if he admits he’s gay like I said I’m only saying it to fuck with him and it works to get him to stfu pissing him off is a valid reason for me I do things to piss people off that’s all I need and “Your probably trying to be gay with him.” is where you said I’m trying to be gay with him and since you’re so smart why don’t you learn the difference between “you’re” and “your” you arrogant  sack of shit and no I don’t think writing more means I’m right

  • justsaying

    Yes I find it hard to believe because you sound like an idiot on a fansite. Youre an idiot I swear. “I really hate really really cant stand pretentious people” not sure exactly why you couldn’t get that sentence right. You cannot correct my “your” and not even check your own mistakes? You trying to make someone admit they’re gay is the same as wanting to know they’re gay. Do you even think before you type? And yes all of the comments posted by you do contain “gay”. I said you “probably ” do you know the definition of that word? I didn’t say “you’re trying to be gay with him.” “I do things to piss people off, that’s all I need” that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m arrogant because Im right? Oooooookkkk. And yes you do think if you write longer you’re write because you always try and out write everyone on here.

  • GDMalitia


  • vodafon

    what it means..”the last MOB”?..i didn’t find anywhere reference for “MOB”

  • fuck errrrbody weezy baby is bowlin

  • Idiotsiswear

    Really? I don’t try to out write nobody and how are you telling me what I think? I say what I got to say I’m not trying to compete to who can make the longest comment I don’t care if my comment is pages long if it’s on my mind I’m going to say it and all my comments don’t contain the word gay why don’t you look at all my comments before you start typing you cornball my first comment had nothing to do with the word gay it was about trukfit and look at fems response to me tell and then look at his response to everyone else tell me you wouldn’t call him gay  and how are you right? What’s there to be right about? You said I’m probably trying to be gay I’m just letting you know I’m not trying to be gay so there is no confusion and as for my mistake they are just that mistakes I’m human i corrected you to show you that you can make mistakes and you’re not as perfect or smart as you think you are and I made a mistake I meant to put “I never wanted to know if he’s gay”

  • Idiotsiswear

    I’m just taunting him and it works and how is me doing things to piss people off the dumbest thing you ever heard? Wow stfu really and how do I sound like an idiot? Oh great one please bless me with your knowledge teach me how to not sound like an idiot


  • justsaying

    “Cornball?” What’s this a Trident commercial? You lint licker. If you’re going to insult me, do it right. I don’t have time to read all of your long posts. You can’t lie and say majority of them didn’t contain you trying to get someone to admit someone is Gay. And no I wouldn’t call someone gay, I couldn’t care less of they were gay or not. “you’re not as perfect or smart as you think you are” so now you’re implying that I think I’m smarter than everyone? Why? Because I said you don’t sound intelligent? Smh and yes you doing things to piss people off is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. That right there shows how idiotic you are? What’s this second grade? Every comment is proof how much of an imbecile you are. So go ahead great dumbass bless this site with your stupidity ..

  • Rem111

    Most of them posts are fckn irrelevant.
    Just a fact I’m white and I’m never gona buy a turkfit coth the way they are now… better wear my dedication 3 tee
    (spare me the bullshit about beeing a fan and loving every single shit Lil drop)

  • alexius


  • Y U MAD

    A quick shout out to F.E.M for holding my homie Tune on the board.

    Haters i see you on the board, A big swamp of jelous haters who cant figure out why their favorite rappers aint winning, so instead of supporting theri favorite rapper, they dont backwards hate on Lil Wayne who is winning.

  • @just saying nd idiotsiswe. Grow up idiots, u bunch of fools b posting shit 2 each other 4 d past 5 days now, dis is Wayne fansite, we come here 2 get Wayne’s info nd probably start a beef just d fun of it, but u pussy niggas taking dis shit too far nd too bitchy 4 my likeing.

    • Diangelo

      Yeah homie that is some real shit these creep ass niggas be on some bull shit and to be real I’m a real street nigga and I like the trunkfit gear and rock that shit to the fullist but a little loosely though you feal me so big UP’s to you real recognize real

  • danny boyy i need you to get me 5 or 6 lil wanye songs now

  • Idiotsiswear

    Damn that was a trident commercial thought I was orbit whatever and I wasn’t trying hard to insult you I really think you are a cornball so what you are trying to say is if people do things to piss others off that’s dumb and it’s second grade behavior? So no adult does that only and if they do it’s second grade behavior? Really I mean you’re pissing me off with the bs youre making up and I’m sure you’re doing it on purpose what is this second grade? Stfu you went from saying all my post contain the word gay to saying the majority of them was me trying to get someone to admit they’re gay but they don’t 4 of my comments don’t contain the word gay and 4 do the rest that contain the word gay don’t count because it was my response to you and your bs I mean with the comment fem made towards me who the fuck wouldn’t say he’s gay look for your self I’m not the only one to say he’s gay you said I asked fem if he’s gay but I never did then you said I’m trying to get him to admit he’s gay but I’m not and I’m the idiot? You do think you are smarter than you actually are

  • Idiotsiswear

    Ok back to the whole sounding intelligent thing really how do you do that on a fansite? Like please let me know great one what are things people talk about on a rappers fansite algorithms? Chemistry? Politics? The economy? Quantum mechanics?

  • Idiotsiswear

    Should we talk about the nyse? Should we argue about who’s was a better composer pachelbel, Bach, beethoven, Mozart, Claude debussy, or maurice ravel? laws of physics? So I basically sound like unintelligent because I state the obvious? I’m unintelligent because I called someone gay after they said gay shit? I’m done I don’t know why I keep replying

  • justsaying

    I think Im smarter than I am? So now youre telling me what I feel after you complained that’s what I did to you? Hypocrite. Aww did I annoy you? Looks like you can’t take your own medicine can you. Oh great dumbass bless us all with more knowledge

  • WayneHead

    Im not go say im wayne’s biggest fan but I’m a big fan of wayne an I’m just gone say wayne has changed a lot..He still my favorite rapper, but i understand why niggas hate on him an say he’s falling off. i hope wayne has a song thats gonna shut everybody up beacause i still have faith that wayne has it in him, I just feel he needs to smoke a blunt lol…Real Shit tho..niggas who screaming that shit about Drake being better than Wayne..Your opinon is cool but save it..Drake makes Great music tho, but wayne an drake has a different style of rapping..Drake can’t attack a Beat like Wayne can..Now lets be Real ‘Wayneheads’

  • Damn Big Boys With Their things …T.R.AZ.E will soon join the cash money /young money records no doubth about it..

  • Damaris Veloz

    follow me on twittwer


  • Bagee

    niggas all yal be trippin. either you wit weezy or fuck it. this is a FAN SITE not a hate site

  • @molefi11

    Don’t get why people spend so much time and money trash talking Mr.Carter… He is a superstar and he can therefor do whatever he wants. He didn’t make it in the industry becauase of how he dresses or his hobbies, so your opinions regarding them won’t make him any less of a superstar #ifthatcameoutright

  • You should let me rock that shit down in the A. I go to the art institute on Atlanta as a prod. and I’ll rock the hell out of that plus a lot of people look up to me. I’m can put money in your pockets.. Just a little food for thought.

  • Yeaa nigger waynee,,,Im on my way shit,on my skate shitt,,nigger truckkkk bitcchhhhhh!!!!!