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Video: Lil Wayne Sings “Shot For Me” With Drake On Stage

Sat, Jan 7, 2012 by

Damn, I don’t know how I missed this. Anyways, OVO just posted a clip of Lil Wayne singing one of my favorite songs of Drake‘s Take Care album, “Shot For Me“, while Drizzy was on stage with him. The footage is from Weezy‘s show last month in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Coca-Cola Dome.

In other news, Birdman recently spoke on Tunechi dropping 2 albums this year. I’m really not sure if we will actually get 2 albums from Tune this year (you know what Baby is like), but I do think we will get I Am Not A Human Being II for sure.

“He’s working on a couple of albums,” Birdman confirmed. “I think the next one he wants to put out is I’m Not a Human Being [Part 2]. We don’t have a date. He never stops working. So with him, you never know. It all depends on when the young boss wants to drop it. Tunechi do what he want. We’re ready for whatever, whenever he’s ready to go. When he calls the shot, we’ll make it move. Right now it’s about Tyga, Nicki, Twist, Bow and myself; everybody that has albums coming out before we put Wayne’s out in the next few months.”

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  • dacrewmusic

    lol i listen to the song rite after

  • bbeastmode

    1sttt bitches ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • juggy


  • tune974

    I like this song too

  • Yeaaah Weezy drop that album asap nd thats one of my fav songs off the album. YMCMB ALL DAY ERRYDAY

  • jc

    every week there is a story about them beefin ppl are crazy these two dudes are real good friends they are havin a blast

  • Roe Feezy

    Yes Sir !

  • @Danny_M tell me how i can hook you up with more footage of him singin and talkin to drak i was at that show

  • Jaime


    “take a shot fo meeeeeeeeeeyeaah ooohohohhoooh”

  • FrenchWeezy

    I Want a Rebirth 2

  • MoonMan

    My guestimation is that Wayne will release IANAHB2 by June-ish to a late summer and Rebirth 2 by valentines day 2013. Knowing Wayne he wants to pushed back because he is a perfectionist on his music. Plus he has 2-3 collabo albums releasing this year. It’s all good. YMCMB

  • Topher86


  • Symphonic Love

    When birdman say next few months its means next Year

  • birdman stop sayin tunechi i dont like it damn that nigga name is lil wayne or weezy f baby.

  • still cant wait part 2 i bet its a mix album of rock ,rap & soft shit for ladies.

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  • Mad kuul!

  • Birdman#1 Fan

    I Want Birdamn’s “Bigga Than Life”

  • Alice darko

    I like “young boss” <3

  • BOI

    What ever happened to “Weezy’s Sport Center”!

  • I wouldn’t mind that Rebirth 2, I’ll always bang that Rebirth because the tracks on there were real shit, beats were hot! (Don’t know why the critics were so critical about it)

  • ANNA

    So whats the point of this first second and third bullshit…nobody really gives a fuck who comments first or second or whatver..pisses me the fuck off everytime i see that shit

  • Anyone ?

    Funny how in the last post theres the2006 interview where the clipse shitted on wayne and now hes wearing their clothing brand ?

    Either a fake publicity beef or wayne is fuckig wack

    Why diss someone and then wear their clothes ?
    Thats look punching yourself in mouth and telling you like it

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    hips don’t lie

  • urBESTfriend

    if we were in the same place in the same time i would still only talk to you in my head


    how was prison?


    who talks to you when you’re fucking?

  • FREEcandies

    who holds ur hand when you bust a nut

  • wombMATES

    I wanna feel what you feel


    ur gonna be my best friend forever right?

  • idiotsiswear

    I love Wayne 🙂

  • realtalk

    @fuckeminem why do I see you comment on every post -_-

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    i cant waitt for i am not a human being II!!! Weezy never fucking stops! hes a monster. he certainly is nottt a human being. hahaa<3 Keep it up Weezy!

  • Lexi

    Weezy is HOTTTTTTTTTT *_*

  • fanash

    lil wayne is so fucking damn hot

  • Fred

    Pendejos jus wait for D4

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  • You should also check out JAICKO’s cover of DRAKE’s “Shot For Me” …