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Video: Lil Wayne Spits Freestyle, Raps Along To “I’mma Boss”, “Niggas In Paris” & More

Tue, Jan 3, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne spitting a freestyle (that will most probably appear on one of his upcoming projects) while celebrating the New Year at Club Dream in Miami. One line that got everyone talking was when Weezy said: “I am God”… I wonder if Wayne has been listening to Lil B a lot ❓ Anyways, Tune also raps along to his version of “Rollin’“, Meek Mill’s “I’mma Boss“, Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas In Paris“, his version of “Racks“, and his version of “Grove St. Party“.

Shouts to UPL and you can view some photos from the party here.

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  • artan


  • liltunechi


  • quan

    Wayne is a hypocrate because he says he doesnt listen to other rappers music lyin ass

  • Mama call me Tune

    “Shout out Shanell wit your sexy ass”

    Wayne well smashing her.

  • Wayniac89

    Sounds like D4 is curing out

  • He is the 4 eva

  • Birdman jwz

    the lyrics is on the screen

  • quan shut the fuck up thats when he was high if it bothers u so much dont watch the video damn u dumb

  • mattyswizzle

    bele dat

  • mo

    i love weezy but hes such a hypocrite .. he said that he didnt and would never listen to watch the throne… yet he raps over niggas in paris? really?

  • ^ Idiot

    @mo niggas in Paris isn’t on watch the throne … Therefore he didn’t listen to watch the throne

  • yo

    Yo weezy f baby and the f is for FAG.
    Truth be told.

  • yo@ ^idiot

    Niggas in paris is on WTT you fucking idiot.

  • RJ

    That was then shen he said he never heard it.Its been months I am ptetty sure he heard it by now.SMH haters

  • GC

    For the people dat are saying Wayne is a hypocrite for hearing other artists songs are dumb as fuck. Of course he’s gonna here other artists songs when he goes to the clubs. They’re not just gonna be playing Wayne’s music

  • junie

    @Idiot u are what your name is a fuckin idiot niggas in paris is on wtt dumbass and @gc he is a hypocrate he obviously listens to them on the regular cuz he know all the words

  • Eshall

    Love seeing Wayne!!

  • paul

    lil wayne is totally talking shit to jay z haha, saying that birdman n slim have around $700mil , an lil wayne has his own $100mil, and jay is only like at $400 mil, so they basically worth twice than him. this is pimp as fuck haha

  • @paul wayne shit on gay-z sooner or later.
    wayne is 29 & gay-z is 42.

  • Nolabby

    I used to be on this site 24/7 until I realized the truth about Wayne. He a fake guys. He doesn’t live what he raps about. Hes 1%music99%image. He’s brainwashed most of his young fans. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!

  • erick

    why the fuck did he say hes god???

  • Nolabby ^^ …..Nigga lil wayne been leanin on syrup for years , he picked up the cup befor nybody ever know Fuck is Sizzurp .a nigga Obviously does what he think is right nd cool riddin his own style that leave his claim weezy awesome , its what makes him Unique ,He’s Unstoppable . Ya see Syrup doesn’t lie , Myself i’v been sippin for 2 years , nd trust me you no way you lie when you rap Especially when your shit come off the – dome ‘ Freestyle’ nigga yo understand . and Second i can tell you’YOU aint a fan fo shit or maybe yo just got started , you just sum bitch restin on weezy , That nigga weezy lived the thug life since he was 9 . I BET YO FUCKIN ASS DID ?right , I wanna see you go to PRISON FOR 9 MONTH ND SURVIVE UR ASSHOUL . NOBODY EVER DONE IT LIKE HE DID . SO IF UR A FAN DNT LET PEOPLE INFLUENCE UR THOUGHTS , STICK WITH URZ ND DO UR OWN RESEARCHES . Check my Channel ,,,,/watch?v=aYEbTRKYjLY

  • T – real

    @GreenGunz real talk dude. If you ain’t a real fan then why the fuck you here ? I bet it Prolly cuz your favorite artist ain’t puttin shit out and if he do it Prolly Wack as fuck so what you do is you come here and talk shit but really yall the fucking hypocrites saying Wayne is Wack and shit but yet you still on his fan website dumbass’

  • You don’t have to listen to the other songs to rap over the beat!

  • Jaime

    LMAO WAYNE NEEDS TO STOP saying he don’t listen to other rappers music. He know every bodies dong word for fucking word.

    and this is not a hate comment, just in case one of you oversensitive ass white kids get offended.


  • tune

    You niggas, just say shit while d nigga is living his life. Wayne didn’t hear WTT, dats how it is, maybe d track was played to him cos dats d only stand out track that is in the album

  • wayne is a rockstar so he mustnt lesen other rappers so ima fan wayne in somalia.

  • krezie

    Gonnorhoea-‘i’m a young god’ n now he’s all grown his ass….’i’m a god’…y couldn’t no one do anything bout gonnorhoea?? Fuck ya’ll who hatin for no reason!!!

  • gabriel

    lil wayne is amazing but “niggas in paris” is really cool

  • WeezyWayniac

    enough of wearing earl sweatshirt at concert and multiple clubs. no swag! millionaire dresses like he’s in poverty!

  • Lol.. I feel like wayne dissed jay again.. singing along to ye’s verses but ignoring jay haha. Wild.


    Ya’ll niggaz r jst bunch of chiwawaz,WAYNE is a motherfucking beast,I got to WAYNE wen I saw da rape video to twist n that’s what’s gona happen to my JR!

  • 187JoshM187

    He didn’t even rap the niggas in paris song, he just said some of kanye’s part. Ya’ll niggas trippin over dumb shit.

  • King B

    Lil Wayne Is Intelligent Ass Fuck. The Nigga Was A Straight A Student. Whatever He Is Doing Wheither It Makes Sense Or Not Is Causing Him To Get Money $$$. So Stop Hating On A Nigga It Is A Weak Emotion The Lady Of A Nigga. So Stop The Critisism Because Yall Opinions Dont Fase Him Regardless. YMCMB BITCH!