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Lil Wayne Announced As A Performer For Dance Segment At 2012 GRAMMY Awards

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Lil Wayne Announced As A Performer For Dance Segment At 2012 GRAMMY Awards

Lil Wayne has been confirmed as a performer with Chris Brown and David Guetta for the dance segment part at the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, which will broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 12th at 8PM EST. If Weezy, Brown and Guetta are all performing together, then I would guess they will be performing either “I Can Only Imagine” or “Look At Me Now“. Hit the jump to read what Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich said about the performance below!

Grammy show producer Ken Ehrlich had considered putting dancing/electronica music into the ceremony in the past, but could never quite figure out how to incorporate the high-energy club feel in front of a sometimes staid audience.

He thinks he’s figured it out this year. For the first time, the Grammy show will put the spotlight on the genre with a segment featuring Grammy nominees Deadmau5, the Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, David Guetta and Lil Wayne, all performing in a tent space amid 1,000 fans.

“We decided to go all out this year,” Ehrlich said of the performance taking place outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where Sunday’s ceremony will be held. “All we’re going to try and do next week is to try and put the home audience in the middle of it. … It is more than just sitting there and watching it.”

“I don’t know that I figured out a way to do it that felt right until now,” Ehrlich said in an interview Monday. “My feeling about dance is it’s such an immersive experience for the participant, that to put it on stage … where the audience is not a part of it … I don’t know, honestly, until we came up with the idea of doing it this way, I don’t know if it ever would have worked.”

Ehrlich calls the performance the “most ambitious number that we’ve ever done outside the Staples Center.” It will feature at least four cameras from audience level as Deadmau5 (pronounced dead mouse) and the Foo Fighters perform his remixed version of the band’s song “Rope,” which netted him one of his Grammy nominations, and as Brown and Lil Wayne perform with Guetta.

Ehrlich said the performance reflects the popularity of dance music over the past few years.

“As much as a recorded medium that it is, and the fact that it’s selling a lot of CDs and downloads, it’s really a live experience,” he said. “It is more than just sitting there and watching it.”

“What I try and do when we’re building this show is to think about the audience first. … What can I do that’s going to keep an audience for 3 1/2 hours watching the Grammy Awards?” he said. “I do try and look for how broad I can make it and still assume that people are going to tune in and stay with it.”

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  • Hsj

    Hahah biitches! Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

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  • TuneMeh

    Adore the shit outta you waynee x

  • shabz

    iwanted weezy performing a carter 4 song on the grammy 🙁

  • I love lil wayne i wish 2 do one track with lil wayne u’re d best.

  • doodoo
  • mattyswizzle
  • Yes baby WEEZYS performing im watching the grammys now lol. We get to see WEEZY show us how he gets down when it comes dancin, i hope he performs look at me know because his verse is straight fire. LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB IS THE BEST TEAM WE WINNING!

  • ElMonarca029

    Ashhh, he’s not going to perform any song from Tha Carter 4? Thats sad! 🙁

  • Weezywing

    go tunchi you the best ever to do it best

  • pagan

    Omly reason y im watchn

  • Hahahaha just about 3hours ago I wrote on the other post I wished Wayne was performing at the Grammy and then I come meet this, Thanks to the organisers for making my wish come true, Wayne gonna Kill it!!!!

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTunechi

    Omgah this performance is gunna be epic Go Wayne Go ! ily ! #TeamTune4life

  • nickmazz

    He should have done mirror with bruno mars!!!

  • MINO

    WEEZY ♥

  • Jon

    AYO Danny! i think you should make a site for MMG! do that little survey like you did for YMHQ!!—> MMGHQ YEEAAAHHH!!!

  • YmSalute

    ^^mmghq wud b gr8,wat is wayne nominated 4?

  • I used to be a huge fan for lil wayne and nw im still, i cn c these days smthng bad for wayne, i thnk he got a serious disease kuz hez always Lazy! This isnt a hatin comment!

  • Yeaaah , i’ve been waitin for this , his performance would be crazyyy

  • Mac Miller

    The Boy on the TRUKFIT t-shirt wears a snapback
    …. I think Wayne should wear more snapbacks
    What do y’all think ? 🙂

  • TUNECHI…da best. Tune..da great…Tune da king of hiphop…Y.M.C.M.B da winnin team nd crew dnt ‘f’ wt dem or u wl get kill…tnx 4 Includin WEEZY 4 da Grammy performerz…now i wl watch D GRAMMY bitch on 12 fec

  • Sweet!

  • Rem111

    Isnt that a

  • Rem111

    cowgirl on the pisture?

  • Rem111

    (c obviously)

  • CeeJ

    look at tha slimeball, somehow made his way back into the grammys. he’ll probably pitch a fit on stage like he did at the mtv awards and trip and bump his head and need some more stitches and meanwhile everyone in the world will get to hear his shitty babyvoice on nation television.

  • ….

    You guys shouldn’t really be excited about Wayne doing performances with other artists on stage …

    solo performances are more important.

  • Rachel


  • Rachel

    A cowgirl?

  • noreaga

    Gurantee he skateboards on stage

  • Kim

    I arode Kim! I wont miss Grammy only because of him!

  • Waynefan since 1999

    Weezy going big on us again.
    Man sometimes it just pisses me off that when I read some of these comments u could jut tell so many little kids follow weezy and its funny cause I wonder if they ever heard any of his hot boys or first albums ever made? remember Wayne said in MTV unplugged when he started fireman ” this one is for the real fans” cause he knows y’all lil kids just be hearing his new shot but dont really know where he really came from!

  • Rachel

    Unplugged……..mmmmmmmm……..I thought that was live, so like my favorite.

  • Rachel

    Chanel is fabulous

  • tunechi best fucking rapper alive point blanket , say no more ya other rapper stop trynah to hit the top

  • Elizabeth ODonnell

    I WILL be watching Dimple Shine !

  • Sasquach

    Best rapper alive das wat he is. #nufsaid.

  • ricardo laguna

    exelente noticia sin suda alguna sera increible todo lo que wayne toca es oro y seguira siendo oro lil wayne el mejor

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    dam i’d smash the hell out of that chick in the picture

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    This gon ßƺ d best.. #YMCMB# 4 life

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    Lil wayne is the best rapper alive! Nuff said!

  • justin

    Lil wayne needs to remix the graduation song by vitamin c

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  • FF

    So no1s gona clock that this is jada stevens? (da pornstar queen of interracial anal) looking hella drugged up lol… uno he hit dat up! weeeezy! lol