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Video: Birdman & Slim Buy Lil Wayne & Mack Maine New Whips

Wed, Feb 8, 2012 by

Wow, Cash Money CEO’s Birdman and Slim buy Lil Wayne the new 2012 Bentley and Mack Maine a Rolls Royce Ghost! You can watch some footage of Baby and Slim showing Weezy and Mack their new cars that are waiting in the studio parking lot in the video above, courtesy of Derick G. The first thing Tunechi does after thanking his bosses is drive his Bentley to the other end of the car park to go skateboarding.

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  • First dope as shit!

  • Stand strong

    First bitches




  • Wow thumps up to Baby and Slim..YMCMB

  • jp

    is birdman smoking a blunt?

  • mattyswizzle
  • Torion #1 Fan

    Was there a reason they bought them whips? or not? lol

    If anyone deserves a new whip….it is Drake or Lil Chuckee.

  • CeeJ

    haha wtf wizzle dont deserve a new car, they shoulda got everyone from ym one BUT wizzle. thats just retarded wizzle has nothing left to “rap” about.
    sidenote, birdmans brother is tall as shit i never noticed that before now

  • Jesse (Lucky) buchanan

    fuck liken i love it, real mafia goodfella shit bruh….make u wana shed a

  • Kay-z man stunna

    I thot slim waz dead.

  • Damn thats real love YMCMB love, jus for the hard work they put in probably those whips are too clean.Shouts out to Birdman and Slim YMCMB all day everyday.LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB is the best team we winning!

  • Weeezyy

    How did the song called when weezy came?

  • i swear birdman is the realest G out there, man dont care, just stuntin

  • @me

    Me and stunna have the same birthday Feb 15…5 staz

  • mikedel16

    what song was playing when wayne came on?

  • kanye

    u gotta admit, for an old nigga like baby he’s been stepping his swag game up for a while

  • Etiennechi

    The song is Birdman – Loyalty feat. Tyga & Lil Wayne

  • Ed!

    Loyalty we da Bizzzznes:D

  • woooooo Tune & Mack R straightt stuntinnnnnnnnnnnn all the time everyday HARDDDDDDDD

  • ogeezy!

    Good shit boi!

  • meezy

    mac deserve that one hundred

  • tuchi

    Fuck u torion#1Fan…why u gotta hate for no reason….get a life and get rid of ur retarded fucked up car ur driving FAGOT.

  • MINO watch it
    Everebody talking bout “Lil wayne is dead?!” is it truue????

  • bknyhustle

    New Mixtape!!

    DJ Chase Presents: Lil Wayne โ€“ I Am Hip Hop

    Not a best of, but a collection of some of my favorite wayne verses.


  • Wow rich forever man … Weezy fans follow me on twitter (; @Refayne

  • Jelani

    Can you please update with a youtube clip please, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jack

    The car is awesome, love Rolce Royce it is my dream!

  • yo Birdman i also need a new whip!!!!!!!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    u can see a fight in the background at 3:40..

  • waynefan

    they are going to burn in hell all of them,there are people in this world who don’t hve what to eat or whon earn those money in a whole life and the are trowing out the money on expensive usseless cars and drugs,fuck them, regret i bought the album,is good but they dont deserve those money,

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    fuck that if u got moneyspend it.
    its good that they are showing this shit too cuz we can all see little wayne get all the things he wants as he stands there pretty and looks like a woman.

  • Gahahaha

    Who the fuck does wayne care about a Bentley when he allready has got a bugatti ?

    + why the fu k does mack maine get anyhing this nigga leeching on everyone and never does something on his own

    Where is your album you fat fuckinh liar ?

  • fuck jay z ‘ tunechi is the shit rie now no homo ball out bruhhhh

  • the infamous CEEJ

    hahah bitch u CRAY if u thinkin wizzle is not a mooch!
    mack isnt even a rapper he’s pretty much wizzles bodygaurt… but i still think the only one out of that whole ymcmb group litterally the only one who didnt desrve a car rite now is wizzle. hope he has it shipped to africa or jamaca

  • Rachel

    I would shredddd the shit out of those, can’t buy me that, I would all of a sudden become a test driver. That power.

  • Rachel

    With privilege comes responsibility

    I have yet to learn what both is….

  • CeeJ

    ^look at all these sellout faggots dreaming they were little wayne just on this post. yall some dumb fucks forreal.
    try listinin to classical instead slutz!

  • og loco

    thats some DOPE love,TMCMB forever….please whats the name of the track playing at the end?

  • Rachel

    Ooh, I luuv classical. Of course Beethoven is my favorite, but mozarts concerto no. 20 and 21 is life in a nutshell………i only like one opera though, go figure.

  • First time i see Slim smiling ๐Ÿ™‚

  • does Wayne even rap anymore? this guy some shit now..

  • ricardo laguna

    primera ves que veo a slim sonriendo siempre esta enojado o serio desde venezuela un gran admirador de lil wayne sin duda alguna cash money records cuando estaban en los tiempos del 2004 hasta ahora sin duda alguna han cambiado claro siempre han sido sumamente exitosos pero ahorita YMCMB es una gran potencia musical y todos los artistas que estan hay son exitosos mi idolo es lil wayne dwayne michael carter desde siempre desde tha block is hot desde el grupo hot boyz, su duo con B.G the BGZ duo soy un gran admirador de lil wayne es mi idolo desde venezuela un abrazo y un saludo a todos los Wayniacs

  • ogeezy!


    Nigga he at the studio!

  • Stupid fuck

    To the dude that said Mack is “pretty much waynes bodyguard” you’re wrong.

    Wayne and Mack grew up together. They’re like brothers. Mack is also president of young money.

  • Stupid fucks

    And to say Wayne doesn’t deserve this car is very ignorant. Try seeing the bigger picture for once people.

    Wayne is making birdman rich as shit. Obviously he’s already super rich but Wayne’s only getting him even more money.

    You can say tha carter 4 was garbage or whatever, but that album made a lot of money. No denying that. Every time you hear six foot 7 foot, how to love, she will, John on the radio cash money gets richer. Not to mention ringtones etc.

    Every time Wayne is featured on a big radio song that’s like $300,000 to him and cash money.

    Every time Wayne is featured on ANY song cuz of how big he is, that’s easily $100,000. You think Wayne just gets on anyones song cuz he’s nice? You think everybody’s buddy buddy with Wayne? No it’s a business. Wayne’s all about the money.

    Wayne is getting money from skating. Riding on those 5boro skateboards I guarantee they pay him in some way for that. Wayne got a lot of money from performing in Africa, performing on bet, all the I am music tour 2, and he will be making money off that clothing line trukfit.

    Say what you want, Wayne and cash money will never run out of money.

    I didn’t even mention how much cash money makes off of drake and nicki minaj.

    Of course birdmans gonna buy Wayne a brand new car. His “son” is the richest person in music right now and I’d say hands down.

  • Stupid fucks

    So just keep all that in mind next time you talk shit about Wayne. I’m not big on his current music, bu I’m also not a little kid. Meaning I see the big picture.

    Let’s say Wayne is features on 15 songs this year. Let’s say 5 of them are big radio hits. That’s about 2 million right there Wayne just made.

    Just for those little 30 second verses.

  • tha CeeJ

    @stupid fuck..
    lets say wayne makes 30 crap songs this year, then 30 crap songs next year.. then the year after that he makes 52 crap songs 12 of them featuring drake and 15 of them just a 30 second verse 4 bar feature type crap record with other wack pop artists.. how many crap songs is that total? and how much wasted currency is that?
    since your not a little kid i’m sure you can handle this type of question accurately and maturely… meanwhile little wayne is making crap music.

  • @ogeezy!

    whats he recording right now? please dont tell me its IANAHB 2 or another rock album.. x/ we need a mixtape

  • scooty_mofo

    im hoping wayne got that car because they know IANAHB2 is gonna be massive and wayne beck to his old style

  • Yelawolf cares about rap

    Birdman bought some new cars to celebrate his 5 million loss on the superbowl LOL!

  • weeezy flyinstealth!! Fuck wid it maaaan!

  • tha CeeJ


  • Baby thats great man

  • #111111orlast

    Lil Wayne will eventually trade in his car for a new skate board

  • tha CeeJ

    i hope little wayne gets run over by a car while he’s riding his little skateboard

  • ServantOfHim

    Stop idolizing this negative influence on our (blacks) and the world in general community! Do yall not understand that what he perpetuates is negative and completely against the Most High? For the most part yall do and yet you still worship these niggas.

    Revelation 21:8
    But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liarsโ€”they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.โ€

    How many of these does Weezy apply to? Now ask yourself how many of these YOU apply to? One? Two? None? Whatever it is repent to the Lord God of your wrong doing and stop listening to the devils music!!

  • ceej

    preach it

  • ServantOfHim

    @ ceej
    Dont wish for death on the man whether you like his music or not. Wish for him to come to the Light which is the truth and to stop perpetuating negative stereotypes and leading the people that follow him to a dangerous path to hell. That includes his family and the bunches of people (this website included) that follows him

  • ceej

    haha little wayne IS satan, im not gonna pray for him i just pray he leaves earth soon.

  • I always say they are the best Father and Son!

  • ogeezy!

    Yo just bought my dre beats solo! Fkn sick dude it makes me wana hear every single song again …haha you don’t hear songs you experience them..that’s all i wanted to say !

  • jc

    dedicationnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fuck!

  • jc

    btw get off your damn soap box no one wants to hear all your religious bullshit

  • jc

    lol Ceej is still hangin around here its been like a year. lame as fuck. and servant of him trying to take us to worship. smdh no one wants to join your bible camp faggot ass bitch

  • Zabbo

    Dnt knw y Americans dnt appreciate there talents…lil twist mum woundn’t be sayin dis shit y’all are say coz wayne made dat nigga,same goes 4 tyga,nicki and co.

  • @jc

    what are you the weezy blog police?
    go suck a dread headed black mans penis if u think anyone gives a damn what yall think.

  • Mark

    Danny M Is Lil Wayne dead ? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ …

  • Mark

    ๐Ÿ™ *

  • jc

    no one cares what u think either ceej yet you fuckin comment every 2 seconds to give us your thoughts on wayne. thanks but no thanks faggot

  • JOnas

    Something New?

  • Flinch72

    im beside myself, so that makes 2 of me niccuh!

  • Rachel

    2 of you, I just got that and I can’t stop laughing. (at how long it took me to get it)

  • Rachel

    I’m beside myself 2, does that make 4 of me?

  • Meek mike

    When’s Wayne gunna make a new track I think he’s spending too much time on that skateboard and not his music # pickupthemic

  • fuck wayne fuck everybody huz a fan of wayne thats a mthurfucker bby fuck yu weezy.

  • New video like father like son 2??

  • glad he’s seen the light

    if lil wayne was dead we’d know it. i dont think danny m pays any attention to u.

  • ServantOfHim

    @JC lol Imma faggot yet Wayne openly kisses men and he isnt correct? The hypocrisy of yall people these days lol. Its all good I dont take it to heart like you take when someone criticizes your idol. I didnt address you in anyway unless what I said I applies to you which it does obviously.

  • Rachel

    “….fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to the dark side.”

  • AGA

    Amazing team…

  • tron

    lol @ servant of him wayne’s not my idol yes i listen to him yeah he’s my favorite rapper however you can’t say anything to offend me. i can say god doesn’t exist does that offend you? you and ceegay are an embarassment to this site please leave

  • ServantOfHim

    Does tron = JC? Meaning are you the person that I was referring to? And I wasnt trying to offend. It was you (if you’re JC) that called me a faggot while I didnt and still havent slung around names. You can say that God doesnt exist it wouldnt offend me one bit. That doesnt make the statement true though. And I’ll leave when banned or I decide to leave till then Imma call out these lames that are leading people astray. Its what I have to do sir

  • Fuck birdman