Lil Wayne Skating Session x Appears In “Illegal Civilization” DVD [Videos]

Wed, Mar 14, 2012 by

I asked on Twitter if you Wayniacs still wanted me to post new clips of Lil Wayne skating when it becomes available and even though a lot said no, most did say yes. So if you are interested, you can watch some un-seen footage of Weezy skating at a skatepark in the video above.

Tune also appears in the “Illegal Civilization” DVD with Tyler, The Creator, which you can check out here!

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  • +MRecords

    progress and more confidence

  • 5star gee

    come on wayne….

  • sean b

    lol no wonder marley g stopped hanging around with him

  • MUSIC /:

  • Stevo

    Danny we are still waiting on the limp bizkit track

  • Sliq_T

    when is this nigga releasing a song?? ##BoredAsFuck

  • dope

    best skater alive next year?? there’s 4 year olds better then him… stick to what you’re good at.

  • Comment

    he probably has more things to do than just practice skatin all day evryday. hes been practicing tho and hes been gettin a lil better. i got you wayne, haha. there probably are 4 year olds better than him but they got that way by practicing – like he is. keep doing what you do weezy!

  • Libra

    Reads Headline About Wayne Skating……..
    All I can do Is smh.
    He shuld be trying to land dedication 4

  • Progress progress progress keep doing your thing WEEZY F. BABY. YMCMB we winning!


  • hoi k ben erg lekker

    what is the song

  • Gucci

    Fuck Wayne, this is bullshit. Dont post bullshit about skating. Bullshit people. Die all of you…..dick riders! Waynes a faggot now, get over it!

  • CeeJ

    loads of tuneshit on my blog today. i shud probably just shut it down. AND NIGGAS ARE TRYING TO DEFEND LITTLE WAYNE! hah

  • We knw how much u love skating Tune bt hope u working on a sick track worth listening to for years ma niggwa

  • @gucci fuck you nigga and all fuckin haterz
    At blunt blowin wayne says(Some of us are lovers, most of y’all haters
    But I put up a wall and they just wallpaper
    So love or hate me, I stay hate free)

  • mozy b baby

    @gucci fuck you nigga and all fuckin haterz
    At blunt blowin wayne says(some of us are lovers, most of y’all haters
    But I put up a wall and they just wallpaper
    So love or hate me, I stay hate free)

  • Lil Wayne

    I woke up and I just decided to Tuneshit on yall, have a good day my beloved fans

  • wayne we want a music
    Wayne we want a music
    Wayne we want a music
    Wayne we want a music
    Wayne we want a music
    Wayne we want a music

  • danny plze i want to ask you one question and its
    How can we understand if someone write a coment pretending LIL WAYNE and den says (my beloved fans) like da above coment

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    I’m not too big of a skate fan, but I’m really admiring this niggas work ethic…he does what he wants, and does it with full fingers and toes lol. All in. I love that about him. Keep doing your thing wayne. You are an inspiration- I see u getting better too.

  • WTF… Let him skate 4 fck sake… n u do somethin wit yo lives cunts

    He don’t need a jury nothin gettin in his way lyk nothin is his security… His shit already tight so he ain’t screwin wit it… Tunechi
    N the F is 4 …. …. …. HYFR

  • Rania

    keep it up!
    lil Wayne
    lil Wayne
    lil Wayne

  • Kay B

    I dnt lyk weezy’s new so called skatin persona, fck him he should b workin on dedication 4 nd I’ve been waitin 4 rebirth nd nt human pt2 fck. Wayne u dissapointin me u nt best rapper alive no more u nt even close

  • lp

    “Lil Wayne- stop skateboarding. You’re black.” – Kevin Hart

  • jager

    Keep workin on that shit nigga, try to work on shove-its and kick flips! your making quick progress, try to throw some street skate swag in there, i knwo you cant really go skate anywhere outside.. hit up THE BERRICS and do a lil vid! what would be sick
    oh and make some hard ass shit and put it out!!! you used to dump like a song a week!

  • 1 of my favorite wayne songs of all time

  • 187JoshM187

    I haven’t seen that nigga do not one trick. o_O

  • CeeJ

    tuneshit…. hahah diesel
    im pretty sure ill tuneshit on lil wayne for days unless str8tens up and gives me the music i want.
    Get Scared Little Pissants, And See
    If I Don’t Come Along And Stop
    Your Farm
    Thunder And Lightning, Rain, Hail,
    Sleet With A Tornado’s The Kind Of
    Brainstorm I Get
    So When The Wind Starts
    Blowing, Shit, Talking About Goin’
    Goin’ Insane’s More Like It!
    Wizard Of Words When He He
    Spits Hazardous With It

  • 5eba88

    i like the fact that drake says in the song “It’s Good”…”mind in one place, heart in another…please pardon my brother hes just angry at u niggas who dont have ur heart in ur rao game”…weezy been slacking and gotta get on his shit…love weezy but cmon man…ur a shitty skater…stick to rap

  • Jon

    i want MMGHQ please. GRN!

  • Faydie


  • Mike

    lil wendy please stfu and stick to what u do best! Sucking babys dick…wipe that cum out ya mouth next time u wanna speak bich! And raise ur fukin hand! YMcA the gayest label ever created!!!! Full or phedofiles and rapys!

  • Jay

    Waynes career is on a decline best thing he can do now is make ablums with him and drake as a duo. No real hiphoper respects wayne Money isn’t everything. MC hammer Vanella Ice E40 Soljaboy are all paid out the ass and are some of the wackest artist to grab the mic. The only true fans are young white guys who listen to main stream music which is pop. They have no true concept of hiphop. The real hiphopper knows that wayne is one of the worst rappers alive

  • STFU

    Nobody cares about his business period and nobody is hating but if you claim the best and you ain’t the best of course people will speak out! Don’t confuse hate with telling the truth. You’re a stan, stop spamming this section! One comment is enough or were you hired to defend Weezy by any means?! LOL Get a fuckin’ life and stop gloryfying some rapper that don’t even care if you exist or not…..

  • Max

    This lil homo needs to quit trying to be white by pretending to be a skater. Stick to what u know, kissing men & making shitty music


    Im sorry I don’t want to offend you Wayne, BUT WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR SKATING.

  • Fame

    Although I’m not a fan of his skating, or his new clothing line, I do have to say he is getting better at the skating. Can’t get upset with what another man does in his free time. I’m just waiting on some good music, heard

  • Madison

    finding a fresh edge

  • Tony Montana

    @mozy b baby It cant be him it says “beloved”

  • stonernigga420

    ENOUGH WITH THA SKATING SHIT. where tha fuckin music at niggga????

  • hoi k ben erg lekker

    I want birdman´s bigger than life album

  • Marina

    What is this song?

  • Tony_montana

    SELL-OUT!!!i hav a feelin IANAHB2 iz gna b sk8 boarding soundtrack #notInterested

  • dg

    a ratio of 6 real fans to 6000 fake fans who you think he’s making the music for these days? he has so many mix-tapes out there’s something for everyone.

  • $kn811

    He does not dress like sh*t in this video, cool.

    The song is American Star ft Shanell

  • How long does it take to realize him that skating isn’t his genre?

  • wizzlefdaddydoee

    my nigga wayne, stop skatin.. that bitchass rappa khalifa makin more musik than u.. he wack doee,

  • babyimathrasher

    Wayne I heard the punishment you think the saints should get. U been gone too long cause we love our saints no matter what. New Orleans saints’ goretti saints.C’MON man

  • Qátya’Nunes

    Music ?