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The Dream Talks Lil Wayne & Nivea Having A Baby, Christina Milian Signing To Young Money

Thu, Mar 8, 2012 by

The Dream recently spoke with Vlad about his ex-wife Nivea and Lil Wayne having a child together (Neal), as well as his other ex-wife Christina Milian signing to Weezy‘s Young Money label. He also said that he doesn’t have a relationship with Wayne and they will most-likely never collaborate.

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  • Breezy

    fuck the dream , yo !

  • Speedy Gonzales

    He sound like he don’t fuck with Wayne.

  • GrimGenius


  • Rocks

    awkward lol

  • weezyyy

    Hahahahahahahaha the dream only gunna not collab with wayne coz he made that wayne fucked his bitch & now his other bitch on his label hahahahahaha YMCMB all day!! Yeahh wayne I fucks with you my niggaaaaaaaaaa! Fuck the dream! Weezy the best alive yezirrr young moolah!

  • GGC

    He comes off kinda feminine to me i think hes gay

  • Dream stop hatin WEEZY dont wanna collaborate with your sorry ass anyway your all washed up…LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE.

  • 187JoshM187

    I’m not tryna hating but am I the only one that feels like the dream sounds gay?

  • Deezy Obeezy

    Tunechi been around BasedGod. He fucked all The Dream bitchez lol

  • “Room startin to spin real fast…Cause of the GAYNESS” do u Mr. Carter… im ready for that shoe line to come out i cant wait…i still cant fux with the skinny jeans but ill still rock them Supras… DREAM is dunn YMCMB takin over along with MMG… i wouldnt even collab with the DREAM and im just “THE WHITE GUY” who gets done on a little freestyle on the backie er now n then…TRAPPSTAR BABY aka THE GAME CHANGER aka THE WHITE GUY

  • mattyswizzle
  • Cash money bitch

    Suck it

  • charlie x

    nivea ugly

  • Gee

    Atleast dream doesnt kiss other men on the lips wear womens pants wear lime green ugg boots and goes on 106 and park and says birdman is the only one he kiss smh

  • Chi town

    Yal talk all this shit about dream sounding gay but lil wayne does gay shit i really think hes gay on the low first he kisses birdman on the lips imagine what they do behind close doors then he goes on 106 and free says to birdman hey those are nice diamonds in your teeth how do u kiss girls and wayne says “im the only one he kiss” and they kisd for 5 seconds look at it on youtube smh then he wears some gay ass leapord skin womens pants with his ass all out lookin like a clown smh the dude is suspect idc idc idc

  • BOI

    2 Chainz jst revealed tht he on Wayne’s next album

  • ym fan

    Booooooh..the dream a hater

  • Nofo25

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what the hell The Dream was talking about? lol

  • you guys are idiots lol. Its not the DREAM who didn’t want to work with Lil Wayne, its LIL WAYNE who didn’t want to work with the dream.

  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    Lmao at the 14th and 15th commenter

  • Reezy

    I Don’t even know him hahahah but wayne f#cked his ex wife (((:

  • Gagi

    wish i could have an opportunity to show Weezy some tracks of him from back in the days…like the “oh boy”-freestyle…. and some more shit, just to bring him back a lil bit :S no hatin though…. jus miss the flames nd shit in his raps.

  • Lol the dream makes as if we want a collaboration between him and Wayne….. Please his like the last R&B artist i wanna hear on a Wayne song.

  • LW

    He just Tuneshited himself

  • the infamous CEEJ

    i’ll tuneshit you.

  • These two been fueding for years. I can take yo gNiveairl, wayne talking bout Nivea and Dream. Love vs Money, Dream talking bout Wayne and Niv. They throw subliminals at each other all the time thru there music. I know cuz im a fan of them both.

  • Exavon

    Everyone go on Facebook and like the ( team fam ) page your be the first to here new release music

  • jc

    people are so annoying commenting on wayne’s outfit on every post. like who really gives a fuck?and the dream is annoying as fuck anyway

  • Real Music

    Wowwwww don’t chall see whats goin on..This just confirmed it for me Wayne is now a SuperMegastar in my book. They’ll do anything to get

  • Real Music

    To the top

  • asone3000

    The dream does seem kinda feminine and lil wayne iz waaay better than the dream…..far as music goes. Neal looks lik wayne a little

  • abby

    i like the dream but to be honest wayne and nivea dated wayyyyy before she hooked up with the dream soo why the fuck would he be pissed if they reconnected again when he divorced her. wayne claimed in almost every interview that nivea was the one for him and that he loved her.

  • Emperor

    Everybody loves young money. Dream is only jealous. Christiana, welcom to where d real money is. Hahahahaha I love u Wayne.

  • lastking


  • Kay B

    What tha fck who tha fck sys Wayne is gay jst bcoz he kissed Birdman muhfcker u stupid as fck, wudnt u kiss ur father, nd bsides Lil Wayne nd Birdman r M.O.B, thy Bloods, thy jst kissin coz thy showin blood luv thts wat bloods do.

  • Nino brown


  • droblow!

    that aint what damus(bloods For you crackers) do that’s what fags do!

  • Christian Waiga

    Big up wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ther goes the green light go wezzy go)

  • Lol thats Lil wayne for you Dream… Lol Holla @ your Boy

  • FuqqYou

    Bunch of Lil Wayne dick riders. He aint shit but another commercial “rapper” that only wants money and bitches. Yeah his OLD shit was decent but this nigga is wack as FUCK. He is a Poser, hes fake as fuck and he trys to be “Original” by trying to skate and dress in bright ass clothes. How do you go from a gangsta image to some bullshit like that? Fuck Lil Wayne and his whole set of Radio rappers. Only a matter of time before his boat sinks and people get tired of listening to him try to be a rock artist or sing. Unless he gets out of that clown ass clothes, sits the fuck down and writes some legit bars, and gets some bomb ass beats…. Lil Wayne Aint SHIT. And i dont give a fuck what you call me. Call me a hater whatever you want. Facts are facts. Fuck YMCMB.

  • FuqqYou

    Oh and one more thing, no blood kisses a man on the lips. That some gay ass shit. But then again hes not even a blood. Cause back then the nigga was rocking blue rags all over the hot boyz videos….. A few years later you claim you a blood? Since when do bloods rock another gangs colors? Ever? And it wasnt just him. That nigga Baby & Turk was on that shit too. Throwing up C’s in old videos and blue ragged out, yet you get a lil more money and now all of a sudden you blood cause you want a little more attention and you realized that REAL blood rapper was getting attention like Game. Gtfo of here. Fake ass bloods. And Baby aint his real dad. Baby just signed him to Cash money. Wayne is a bastard child he dint have a daddy growing up. So for all you saying that its okay for him to “Kiss his dad” WRONG. Thats not his dad you faggots. Do some research. He kisses his HOMEBOY on the lips. He has NO relation to baby at all.

  • dania

    wayne i love you and just dont give a fuck about what the dream says cuz his music is the dumbest shit ever.

  • young

    YMCMB rules the music world by young money from bamenda

  • Shawny

    80% of the people leaving comments, must be under 25 years old. I like Lil Wayne as an artist and father, but to glorify him for breaking up a marriage where three kids are involved, and having three baby’s at the same time from three different women, I wish my sons would do that or consider that as cool. Nivea and Wayne are messy, Christina maybe his 5th baby mama. Just because you make the money don’t mean you drop kids like flies. I respect Toya, I don’t know if I could do it, and I’m not a hater, just a realist!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yaya

    He is too damn feminine!

  • lanz

    Lil Waynes a fuckin Lil homo.The Dream isn’t feminine you dumb fucks. He’s mature in his way of thinking. Not being bitter towards someone who ruined his marriage, and always looking at things in a positive manner is something to be commended, not ridiculed. He makes time for these kids and ensures they have good role models to look up too. Installs positive ways of thinking into these kids and reaches

  • Lanz

    Teaches them how to be better people. How that makes him feminine I do not know. If anything it makes him more of a man. The Dream ALL DAY! Fuck Lil Wayne and his gay Lil ways! Home wrecking peacock!

  • keke

    Wayne and Nivea messed around back in the day! I love the Dream and I hate it didn’t work out but if anyone gay its not Dream its Weezy him and Baby may have orgies looking at how intimately they kissed each other! And if Baby was his biological father it still would be out of line to kiss a grown ass man on the lips. Sorry! Wayne come out that closet ya hear? Lmao