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Tyga – Faded (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Sat, Mar 31, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Tyga‘s “Faded” single featuring Lil Wayne.

This song can be found of T-Raww‘s Careless World: Rise Of The Last King album, which you can purchase in stores or on iTunes now!

YMCMB’s Birdman and Mack Maine also make cameos in the Colin Tilley-directed visual.

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  • hunter


  • srefeg


  • weezy flyinstealth

  • IAm_Dopey

    Hahaha…Dope!..Wayniacs Follow Me On twitter @IAm_Dopey,I Will Surely Follow Back..Thanks 1<3 YMCMB All Day

  • This visual is so dope YMCMB we winning!

  • Tygaman and Weezy with large heads on their normal-sized bodies too damn funny;) and im really lovin this music video. YMCMB we winning!


  • JayWalkinJustin

    Ha Ha Why Wayne Scream “YOUNG MULA BABY!!!” Like That??? Im Over Here Gettin Weak.

  • Lil Kunechi

    Dat some dope shit

  • YMCMBForever

    Haha! Waynes face when he says “Tunechi, Punechi” xD Thats funny

  • Mark

    Weezy’s SWAG’S BACK

    TRUKFIT Snapback , a pull wear , skinny jean , and i think it’s either a converse or a Vans


  • Gaha

    Really yo

    Every tyga video is just exactly the same as the last one
    If you put a different song under this video you wouldnt know the difference

    But the twig is so original just like his wack ass album
    I really see him floppin really soon from now

  • dat shit is dope son all yall niggas will see that tyga nicki drizzy and wayne will be the most famous rappers alive! This is a fact that will be made to all yall haters man it will be put down on the history book when your great great great grandsons go to school they will be learning about this shit… YOUNG MONEY IS GUNNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD

  • clown

    wayne has no swag whatsoever. tyga has too much swag.

    @gaha you sound like a dummy. tyga’s last mixtape was hot as fuck. #bitchimtheshit nothing but club bangers and strip club anthems. shit was too nice.

    if you say tyga sucks you obviously dont leave your house too often.

  • Yours Truly

    Its cute video birdman&Mack Maine w/ lil heads 2 YMCMB Yet WinninG!!

  • DAMN Son

  • KGBLOOD take it easy bro easy… Tyga got 2 turns but he was murdered by Wayne who a single verse…. In the song Tune said “My mother Fuckin doctor said I need a doctor” I think the doc has being telling him somthin worrying bout his heal n he doesn’t luk lyk his that well

  • clearoner

    fukking awesome too funny what a weirdo….YMCMB!!! Sk80RdiE tunechi

  • yo #14. u need to jst stop hatin cause i would really like for u to try to be in there shoes, i bet u couldnt. last wayne has the most swag ever and even though he hasent made a song he is featured in songs so he can have enough time to put his own shit toghether. Oh and the reason he hasnt brought his own swag back in da game is cause he probably signed a contract that makes him wear top of the line (but shitty) trukfit clothes for a while but i think its worth it cause he is getting a shit load of money and plus hes gunna sell his newest album(I Am NotA Human being 2) so hes at probably his highest point.

  • @Clown stop living up to yo name pussy… Tyga was murdered in every aspect Wayne’s advantage over rappers is unfair coz they can’t just keep up

  • @Clown #14, stop living up to yo name pussy… Tyga was murdered in every aspect Wayne’s advantage over rappers is unfair coz they can’t just keep up

  • Haha dope video … Especially the big heads :)))

  • Does Weezy knw when to scream “YOUNG MULA BABY”

  • im waitin the Vevo v. 😉 NiiiiiiiiiiCê <3<3<3

  • haha this shit to funny

  • aye this video hella funny wayne verse still go ham

  • i want the spiral glasses as well

  • LP

    Birdman head actual size

  • Jaime

    you’re supposed to watch it high or drunk.

  • James

    This nigga wayne could really write a book on how to fall off I mean god dam what the fuck happen

  • @James

    That was one of waynes hardest verses in awhile. Who’s going harder? id like to know…

  • lil wayne is da king of weed and rap….

  • YoungTunchi

    @LP your comment about Birdman made my night xD

  • Name

    Hahah! Wayne looks like a fish at 0:51 😀

  • YC27sep

    i like it

  • Adz

    Video looks cool, coulda been a lil more original and not copy the Chiddy Bang video!!
    But i still think weezy gotta get serious, his verses are fire his rhyming is fire but his concepts are just a joke literally! I dont like the fact i laugh at weezys lyrics all the time, IANAHB2 needs to be a serious album if its gna beat c4

  • Kaplun

    wayne really slowed down with music, he used to release a mixtape a week, now its a 30 second verse every 2-3 weeks

  • Nah

    Wayne never released a mixtape every week.

    Sorry 4 the wait 2011
    No ceilings 2009
    Dedication 3 2008
    Drought 3 2007

  • #1weezyfan

    ‘Nah’, that’s what I’m trying to say. But I can agree with the other guy, I hate that weezy only has 30 second verses lately, he needs to come out with some brand new shit were it’s only him doing 4 min songs

  • AJG

    If u one of the biggest Wayne fans such as myself, follow me on Twitter @AJGeland nd I fill follow u as well…. YMCMB All Day ErrrDay!!!

  • ¥$Ymcmb$¥

  • Nick

    I would rather have no new Wayne stuff coming out because that ends up spoiling some of the albums. If his album shit gets leaked then what do you actually have to look forward to? Rather have a complete album of new songs or songs that leaked like a week before release instead of an album that has songs that been out for like 4 months already.

  • davidson

    follow me on twitter and i will follow back please @reggaws_lumas

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  • F

    Haha Birdman & Mack Maine was soooo cute with there heads!

  • #111111orlast

    I tired of Lil Wayne hq i now relized its for 14 13 and 12 years old and under. Who the fuck go on a website and tell them to follow them on twitter. Sound like myspace all over again. I notice this when i seen the name Mark-1997. Lil wayne is garbage and waiting for the reply from a middle schooler. He still rapping about nothin overall. Reusing the same punchline but changing a word in it. Best he rapped lately was in imma boss remix. He needs to stop touring go home and get his thoughts together and eat something cause it looks like he cant even do that right lately. Time this nigga took a vacation cause his music sound like the same thing and nothing new . In the meen time Imma be listening to his old music when everything was fresh and sound raw and new and dont forget to follow me on on twitter or in myspace terms add me as a friend dum ass.

  • #111111orlast

    @ “@James” People who went harder and are going harder than Lil Wayne : T.I. J.Cole Jay Z Kanye Drake Wiz Khalifa Eminem Royce da 5 9 . Hell even Lupe . All of the artist I just listed has had verses that go harder than Lil Wayne faded verse and any other verses lately period. I’ll be glad to name some tracks if anyone ask and dont forget to follow me on twitter. Dum ass. Dont forget to study for you pre-algebra test. I swear this site is a joke.

  • Ya hear me

    Why Wayne wearing goalie gloves LOL



  • justsaying

    This song along with most of his “new” work/verses was made pre-jail.. his more decent work is we be back soon, that’s what they call me, bottles rocking remix ( which was his best verse in my opinion)

  • ElisaMariejW

    Nadie le gana a Weezy en las canciones y en los videos!!!!
    The Best!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey u f***in elisamarie i cant understand ur shit

  • J.Ice

    wHo knows a good mixtape cover designer in Lagos,Nigeria???Holla 08036960672

  • websites slowing dieing!!

  • this is to funny….

  • Theodore

    crazy video !

  • maria

    I love the video and i was hoping it will be a video as soon the song was a single. and the both looking more sexy every time i see a video and photo

  • Melody is censured… when it show up a version uncensored?

  • kadiri abiodun

    wezzy F F u are on top, ur enemies are 6 fit behind u so u have no problem, so keep it up pocket change nigga.

  • keep it up weezy

  • guest

    use rep code gkin12 to get 20% OFF INITIAL PURCHASE!


  • maria

    i love the video and its finally explicit version. i just wish the video is 750p and 1080p

  • siege

    one decent song out of 75 does not make a good legacy. anytime kids from a generation 10 years from now look up little wayne there gonna find a bunch of shit and then maybe like 5 songs they actually know.
    little nigga is falling still i hope he splatters. c

  • siege

    … im not saying this song was decent…
    had to stick my thumb in?
    make u vomit (n) shit barely rhymes
    and definitely aint no shit worth rapping about.

    i’d hate to know what goes on in that piece of shits mind under all those twisted ass pubes.

  • i need all real weezyu fans to follow weezys skate team on twitter @teamfilthyfew

  • whos lil waynes biggest fan

  • siege

    ^what a pathetic shit fly. get the nig a booth and make him WORK.

  • this vid made me trip my ass out… im hungry!


  • Vector de vaiper

    I knw dat d video is gonna b bang,hot and alot more,bt d part i luv most wz lil wayne’s lyrics ‘abracadabra magic dancer,say i nid a doctor…’

  • keevadanigga

    prior to me cumin i had to stick my thumb in, her ass one time smell my finga make ya vomit <<< weezy with them nasty ass lyrics…he killed it

  • Tochukwu

    2:32…I love that dance haha..TUNECHI!!

  • shinekqua komrowski

    lil waynw is the fucken best