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Behind The Scenes Of Shanell’s “So Good” Featuring Lil Wayne & Drake [Video]

Mon, Apr 23, 2012 by

In the video above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage of Shanell‘s “So Good” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne and Drake, which is being directed by the same guy who did the HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” music video – Director X. Cameos can be seen from Birdman, Marley G, DJ Scoob Doo, Mack Maine, D. Woods and Willis McGhee.

Click here to view some behind the scenes photos from the “So Good” video shoot!

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  • Daniel


  • i think im first for once! wow i feeel special 🙂 ha

  • Wayniac

    Green screen again 🙁

  • Holllaaaaa

    Weezy brings that fucking skateboard with him everywhere he go

  • guddy

    shanell a sexy lady wit a perfect body

  • Roger That!

    why is Slim always at the YMCMB video shoots but never actually in the videos ?

  • Damu5

    I see lil wayne even made marley g a whiteboy sk8er

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne kill them videos

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  • People stop hating on Tunechi and YMCMB we the best team we run shit around here! Y’all just mad cause all you haters aren’t doing shit!! YMCMB 4 LIFE!


  • Pepper pleb

    Why make a video now when this song dropped a year ago lol

  • YMwhyhateIt

    @Wayniac It’s in a drive-in theatre so they’re probably gonna put Wayne & Drake on the movie screen & this is probably one video for YMCMB where using green screen won’t look stupid.

  • Martian

    Drake shot his parts??

  • mmoloki

    @Danny M, I wanna download some Weezy music videos…where did you hide the downloads section? It’s no longer on the homepage as it used to be!

  • yo shanell nice dance you have thereane tunechi nice rap its awrsome yo i away we remember you and your muisc and rap hey your team ymcmb waway be the best
    tune hey birdman nice bling bling number 1 stunna what what

  • YmKing

    Where can i find birdmans snapback!?

  • Slim



  • derick G

    hey can any tell me the name of the song that starts at 3:53ish
    ive never heard that song by shanell before

  • bryanreynaldo

    whats the name of that SNL song? its kind of catching ;D

  • siege

    GrE3N sKreeeN GanGstaaaAaa!

  • yeehh so good and beautiful SNL i wanna fuck her!

  • tinaphooo

    She is hot I like that song but never knew who was singing and lil wayne make me wanna skate to I think im a get me one for my b-day today and some D&G skate snakers and practice!

  • Bang Bang

    No Celings Wayne is in this song, but the song is like 3 years old. Made before jail.

  • Young C

    Y’ll gotta check out my tracks and follow me on twitter coz y’ll gonna like them no doubt follow @Sasha_eckersley link to a recent song Support a young G

  • Norim

    Is this song really pre-Jail?

  • atleast marley g is hanging out with him again

  • siege mofo

    dude hasnt dropped a single mixtape since c4 but he’s acting like the nigger version of the energizer bunny when it comes to pointless videos haha why doesnt he just official fucking retire and peace DAMN!

  • Real talk 101

    Lil Wayne drop some good music or retire cuz every rapper in the game is better than you at this point.

  • Real talk 101

    Im not being a hater I’m just a fan and you have some nerve not giving your fans the music that they deserve you made carter 3 I bought it you made carter 4 I bought I’ve supported you to get shit in return. I don’t care about your skater white boy shit as long as you remember how to rap so fucking get to it nigga

  • Real talk 101

    Nd Wayne yu best tell nicki Minaj to step it up because her album sold less then her debut nd she either needs to be all pop or all rap for a future album no inbetweens but really Wayne stop thinking you to rich even tho you are cuz your just not hungry anymore nd nigga that’s just not ok so cut that shit out or fuckin retire nigga

  • ur a faggot


  • ur a faggot


  • meltunchi

    Y’all shud fuck out of here wit that old wayne shit..dude murked his verse here tho,lyk he changed his flow “so fucks what”???(Wayne the best)

  • I’m a heavy weezy fan I freakin luv u bt da mre drake raps I’m fallin inlve wit him…lmj dts madd!

  • Oh nd 2 da haters even if I gt a ticket 2 go c another rapper 4 free I’d throw it away coz nt alt rappers cn kil wit 1 line lyk weezy

  • ay my niggas it be 2 long

  • kitteh

    omg I’m like shanells biggest fan I still listen to her songs the were made in 2009

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