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Skater Willy Akers Wins Lil Wayne’s Stripper Money After Landing Drop In [Video]

Wed, Apr 25, 2012 by

5Boro professional skater Willy Akers takes Lil Wayne‘s “strip club loot” after he dropped in off the roof of Wayne‘s Miami crib onto a skating ramp. You can watch the drop in above and if you didn’t already know, Weezy recently got the 5Boro logo tattooed on his face.

In related news, Tune spoke to VIBE about his new TRUKFIT clothing line and what inspired him to come up with the designs. Read the short interview below:

VIBE: Rapper clothing lines were popping at one point, but then fizzled. What made you start one now?
Lil Wayne: I always had a clothing line. I never had the proper time, the proper name and never was really into it. It’s probably been two or three years now, just never put it out. I was never satisfied with the design.

Many of the pieces are very skateboard influenced.
Yeah, it was just a natural thing. It represents where I’m at and what I’m about right now.

Who were some of your initial inspirations?
Just speaking to some of my homies that have clothing lines—Stevie Williams from DGK [Dirty Ghetto Kids], people like that.

Do you plan on expanding into jeans and accessories?
We’re going to get into all that. I just have to approve everything. I approve all products and I’m a very strict, unreasonable guy. That’s really the holdup on a lot of things.

Where do you envision Trukfit going—on the level of Gucci or Polo?
That’s the beautiful part of it. I don’t have a destination. Therefore, it can go wherever and I’ll be excited about it.

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  • Daniel



    lmao at wayne 😀

  • Puzzled

    this is gonna give dwayne ideas to do that and then hes gonna fuck him self up

  • Martian

    Where is the Limp Bizkit and Joe Budden songs Danny?

  • dope boyz

    ahahaha that looked fun but it must of been scary

  • sippin on sizzurp

    “stripper money” – does weezy still go the strip club anymore ?



  • ceej (not hatin just sayin)

    wow that is sooooo cool


  • ceej (not hatin just sayin)

    weezy been sober from the strip club for 2 weeks now!!! too bad he’s droppin acid with skateboard queers tho.
    ssomeone threw that nigger a party! ahaaa

  • Tired of hearing about all of this skateboard shit!!!! Time to start talking about I’m Not A Human Being 2!!! When is Wayne droppin’ a single Danny? The fans want some answers

  • ceej

    stfu anne.

    get off my site.

    this site is shut the fuck down no yall anne bitches can go listen to ur cd’s and cry because wizzle fell off.

  • Bang Bang

    Wayne your album sales are gonna be sooooo bad …

    you keep pissing off all your fans with this skateboarding shit that we don’t care about. Also your white fans don’t care about skate boarding either, this is all just pointless.

  • JI

    oh. more sk8boarding. sick…………. i dont know why i come to this site expecting new music by wayne? what am i stupid?

  • Mence

    Do you guys realize most rappers don’t even put as much music as lil Wayne puts out?
    Don’t get mad because he doesn’t put a song out every hour .

  • Bang Bang First o all speak for your self im pretty waynes 6.4 million fans does not feel the same way you do so shut the fuck up and speak for yourself you fuckin fake fan and JI Be patient dam if you dont like his skateboarding or anything else your a fake ass fan just like bang bang so dont even talk because you fake ass fans dont even have the right to use weezy name in yall mouth so fuck get the off this site

  • vision


  • siege tha infamous

    real talk i been on this site since wayne got incarcerated trying to support tha dude now all this skhateboard shit makes me wonder what im supporting. and thats why i have to tell him he’s such a posing bitch 5 times a day. sorry you felll off
    i’ll keep waiting to see what the mixtrash albums turn out like tho. better drop em soon.
    c4 was supposed to be out last november.. 2011 so ur already 2 years in on that next album lil guy

  • Getmoney

    What amazed me all these years about is how even tho he has been very successful, he always seemed to keep that same real nigga mentality. He didn’t rap like he been rich, he rapped like he was broke yesterday and just hit the lotto or sum shit……well, obviously, that is no longer the case… Sk8 on DUDE. 🙁

  • Tr33-Tr33


  • real talk 101

    Dear Dwayne Carter,
    nigga please your black ass fell off nigga step your game up. its fine you hang with them whiteboys but i still wanna hear you rap nigga.lil wayne is starting to become only known for the past and not the present . Just because your richer than most rappers doesnt mean your going to be the best every year. You need to take over again with the music mixtapes etc… stop feeding your fans garbadge so far in 2012…. thank you nigga no head back to the studio and get to it.

  • real talk 101

    lil wayne fell off
    lil wayne fell off
    come back to us’
    come back to us
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  • real talk 101

    we wanna know lil wayne still murk anyone in the game

  • real talk 101

    weres dedication 4 noceilings 2 hurry the fuck up we fans are impatient

  • real talk 101

    so i saw a comment most artist dont put out as much music as wayne but waynes trying to be the best he can be therefore stop comparing him to other rappers cuz in waynes world a song does come out every hour

  • real talk 101

    i know the monster in wayne is still asleep but nigga wake the fuck up

  • real talk 101

    lil wayne in between skateboarding can you go downstirs to your studio and act like a rapper and spit some rhymes

  • real talk 101

    let a song or 2 leak that are good shit

  • Weezy get bk to that 07 08 09 10 weezy f baby who used to kill everything

  • JI

    @weezywee my dude i think you need to chill first and foremost. you taking that shit way too personal. i am patient with this dude and ill continue to support him and check this site and hope he breaks out of this slump hes in. i understand we got a lifetime worth of music from this dude but that doesnt erase the fact hes slacking like a motherf’er and has clearly lost some of his skills/ doesnt really care anymore. it breaks my heart that hes changed so much but i still bump his new shit, IF ITS WORTHY. hes had some dirty verses since no cielings and someeeee banging songs. but he aint the same dude, gotta be honest with yourself…

  • JI

    @ realtalk101 hell yea my dude. you know what it is, he deff spoiled us back in the day but thats no excuse to just quit grinding as hard as you used to, let alone at all. i miss the days of this dude dropping a mixtape whether it was official or not it seemed like every couple weeks and mad features on songs, but he always merked it. hes still doing his features but its always a toss up on if the dude is even gonna try… its sad

  • ^ ^ ^ Fuck all you haters like I said keep skating and doing you Tunechi Li! They’ll hope on the bandwagon once ianahb pt2 comes out mark my words! YMCMB we winning!

  • Damn I gotta admit that was some dope ass shit! Shouts out to 5Boro and ecspecialy my idol LIL WEEZYANA!

  • eu

    earl strikes again lol

  • Nzaituni

    Why not try to give our number one idol some f* break. Gosh he needs it, remember he said ‘sometimes it sucks to be me’ so WTF if he hasn’t made new music? Have you considered how much he put in to make all the previous songs the sacrifices, stress, disappointments, hurtache, y’all know what, go to hell! He has dreams, plans, expectations and a fu5king life. I love him and his music and would love new joints but his happiness comes first and all his decisions I respect. So trynna be true fans all of ya!

  • Arpi

    Dope. Good on ya Weezy!