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Lil Wayne Wins Four Awards At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

Mon, May 21, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Wins Four Awards At The 2012 Billboard Music Awards

The names of the winners at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards are in and Lil Wayne has picked up a total of four awards! Billboard‘s awards show aired live on May 20th from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, but unfortunately no one from YMCMB was in attendance. Weezy won an award for “Top Male Artist”, “Top Rap Artist”, “Top Rap Album” with Tha Carter IV and “Top R&B Song” with “Motivation“. You can view a full list of all the winners from the 2012 Billboard Music Awards show here.

When Wayne found out about the awards he had won, he went on Twitter to tweet the following message thanking his fans, family, God and Billboard:

Wow!! I would most definitely like 2 thank God, my family,friends,& fans & the Billboard awards 4 appreciating hard work. I love u all. And I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there!!! Very sorry! But I am truly grateful for everything. And honest to God,tears dropped. Love u all

Congratulations to Tunechi

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  • A$AP

    1st and go weezy!

  • jason

    long overdue

  • It’s Weezy Baby!!!!

  • tony_montana

    Well done Dwayne….^^wh0 givez a phuq if you’re 1st!!?!

  • Obvious u the best. Thumb up and keep i up nigga, thnk God

  • ricardo laguna


  • ineye gabriel

    Its good seeing tunechi winning things but didn’t rick ross win anything . Where the hell my nigga tyga. #ymcmb.

  • myloveweezy

    Well deserve!! Luv u

  • mase

    finaly tha another carter do the wonders.tunch 4life

  • Fake Bloods

    How has Big Wayne won rap album of the year with Tha Carter 4, WTF?

  • killa

    does anyone know who that guy is with weezy in the picture?? I recognize him from somewhere.



  • beanz

    lol at billboard giving him the top male and rap artist awards when he hardly been dropping quality music over the past year……

  • Cartermatic

    SMH at BIllboard. Do you know they gave Top Rap Song to LMFAO? That is wrong on so many levels.

  • ya digggg

    winning four awards but don’t even turn up to the show #weredeydodatat

  • lol the haters are mad lol thats what yall get lol we winnin bitches all the haters cryin like soft ass pussy bitches lol

  • bang bang banggg

    Don’t forget though guys – billboard choose awards on sales, not quality 🙂

  • MoonMan

    @killa that’s Mario Lopez bro

  • Jo$h

    Ya boy Tune just keeps on winning

  • YunG based god

    You can be thuggin’ at heart, but you don’t gotta be literally thuggin’ in the streets and hurtin’ people and doin’ shit. But you could be real at the heart.

  • YunG based god

    You can have the tiniest pants ever. You can do it in the most square way. You can do it like a nerd or whatever. None of that matters because you can remain you and remain real regardless.

  • Lum

    I really don’t understand why ppl would even bother coming to this site if they don’t like Wayne. People kill me.

  • Congrates tunechi

  • Manzi

    He deserves it…TUNECHI

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria


  • Wigg Monsta

    The Best Rapper Alive is on the rise.. He goes by the name of “WIGG MONSTA”.. Straight from New Orleans!! Check out this Amazing freestyle—>

    1 hunnit freestyle-

  • YCsep27

    sometimes i miss you in my dreams

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne

  • YCsep27

    because sometimes i miss my favourite people in my dreams


    Congrats! Cant wait for new album drop !


    grats weezy

  • New Orleans boy@heart

    Weezy man just wanna say if you reading this…you see how God blesses us even when we not expecting it! Hey man jus keep this in yo head wherever you go…”You loved more than you hated” love over powers hate Weezy….God bless man ooo and do a track for God man thats if you really appreciate his blessings ya know…

  • AGA

    congratulations Weezy! You deserve all that and more….love ya

  • K.lamar

    That koo but he can win ever thing dosnt mean hes better then a lot of these dudes that can out spit him drakes one like nas ,kendrick ,Game nippz and ya jay n em hes good tho i like wayne but my god yall sleepin on sum of the best wake up!


    Wayne fell off wit good mixtape shit thats it but the best fall off then come right back 50s been off Game fell off for a min now hes back n better then ever hes killin shit wayne can do the same he needs that hunger back real tlk B fuk tha pop awards get bak on charter 2 shit

  • Rio


  • lil wayne so deserves all those awards in full and really is ontop of the billboards and the game when it comes to his musicand fully deserves the credit even though he never showed for the awards

  • Richy jacks

    Weezy makes us proud! All salute da YMCMB boss! My respect,wayne.

  • Camila Carter

    Oh Weezy, you deserved every award that he won and deserved a thousand times more, I love you very much! You’re smart, gorgeous, talented, gives value to your work, you’re PERFECT! I love you very much and are also of Brazil, I’ll never stop following you wherever you are and one day I’ll meet you and I can see you near ♥ I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!


  • dimepieces


  • u deserve it weezy

  • weezy can i have ur fone number!!!!!

  • Nanna Kristine

    You really deserve this! Weezy, you’re the best!

  • eayne stay winning like charlie sheen

  • steph

    YEAH, IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM! 😀 Best rapper alive!

    I love u weezy, u are the best!

  • maria

    Congratulations to lil wayne im so happy you won 4 awards!

  • Swag…

    I wanna know when them pants…or shorts coming out…dang TRUKFIT…

  • Jay

    Aye ma nugga Wezzy doing it big I seen tha show last night I was like damn where ma nigga Wayne at !? Where ma ymcmmb people at !?


    I Love Wezzy And All But He Got Lucky With These Awards If That Man He Really Hasnt Been Dropping Anything In 9 Months Trying To Hear A Wezzy Track Not No Features Like I Said I Like Wezzy I Aint Hatin. GOLF WANG

  • <3 Fans love you too! <3

  • romanus.ymcmb

    weezy winning and haters hatng its algud!coz u th 1 whos on hs fan site anyways.YMCMB.babe!we winning

  • Dëv Slîm Kôrânï

    There ain’t no money…
    Like YOUNG MONEY….

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  • tipsy

    Big upsss!! Much love wayne. Best rapper alive

  • weezyYbaby

    ‎​Ɣε̲̣άн, dats ‎​♏y baby !!! Lots ƒ hard work n ♠ well deserved award !!! U̶̲̥̅̊ rock tunechi baby

  • Ibrahim Danladi

    I am a die heart supporter of urs weezy from Taraba State 9ja congrats u must make even for a second ha! Ha!

  • Payc aka Lyrical-Demon

    I’m not surprised, i was kinda expecting this. Who else could win FOUR awards besides Wezzy? Obivously its Tunechi. Go Tune!!!

  • awou

    swagga Untouched

  • Congrats! Wayne you deserve it! We love yha, keep it on mehn YMCMB 24/7 love y’all

  • Leah J

    I’m so happy for him! #proudWeezyfan lol 🙂

  • Yanni Reyes

    Aye you shoulda had me do the acceptance speech

  • Miss sunshine

    Congratulations, honey Yu mostly definitely deserve it. I’m glad you’re receiving recognition for all your hard work. May the Lord continue to bless you and all your hard work! #YouDaBoss

  • Linda Lindsay

    CONGRAT”s—YMCMB 4 Eva!

  • ehowders

    :)Gotta love him. Have you guys check out the Sony Tablet that they used to read off all the winners? I NEED one! ha

  • wayne is sexy as shit

  • hawt_tunechi

    its weezy babyyyyyyyy

  • WeeZz

    i love you too :*