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Lil Wayne Achieves His 100th Entry On Billboard’s Chart x Featured On T.I.’s Upcoming Single

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Lil Wayne Achieves His 100th Entry On Billboards R&B Hip-Hop Chart x Featured On T.I.s Upcoming Single

French Montana’s “Pop That” single featuring Lil Wayne and others has entered the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart at #57, which makes this Weezy‘s 100th entry on the chart. This is a big achievement for Tunechi as he is only the third music artist and second rapper to hit the 100th mark! He has 31 solo tracks and has been featured on 69 records that have appeared on Billboard‘s chart to bring his total to 100.

In other Wayne news, he will be featured on T.I.‘s upcoming single called “Ball” that will premiere any day now. The song, which was produced by Rico Love and Early & E, will supposedly be a “club-banger”.

Lil Wayne, the ubiquitous rapper and founder of Young Money Entertainment, earns his 100th entry on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. By joining Rick Ross and Drake as featured artists on French Montana’s “Pop That,” the track arrives as the chart’s top debut at No. 57.

Weezy is just the third artist and second rapper to achieve the astronomical feat dating to the first incarnation of Billboard’s R&B chart (the “Harlem Hit Parade”) in 1942. Jay-Z leads all rappers with 108 chart titles. Among all artists, the pair trails only James Brown, who’s banked 111 entries between 1956 and 1993.

Of his 100 charted titles, Lil Wayne has been the lead act on 31 and been featured on 69. (Jay-Z has led on 69 of his 108 hits and been featured on 39.)

New Orleans-born Lil Wayne’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs history spans 13 years and one month. The week of May 31, 1999, a then-16-year-old Dwayne Carter made his first appearance on Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up,” also featuring Mannie Fresh. The song went on to peak at No. 5, becoming Lil Wayne’s first of 29 top 10s. He’s tied with Ludacris for the most top 10s in the chart’s archives among rappers.

Jay-Z took slightly longer to make his 100th R&B/Hip-Hop Songs visit: 14 years, 10 months and one week between 1996 and 2011.

Of his 100 charted songs, Lil Wayne has sent eight to No. 1. Among rappers, only Weezy’s protégé Drake and Jay-Z, each with nine, have more.

On the Billboard Hot 100, which, since its 1958 launch, has ranked songs’ weekly popularity among all genres, Lil Wayne boasts the third-most entries (102). The cast of Fox’s “Glee” leads with 203 titles, followed by Elvis Presley (108) – Billboard

Rico Love speaks on T.I. and Lil Wayne’s “Ball” collaboration and how Wayne got on the record.

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  • Danny Prado


  • Danny Prado

    tunechi the best

  • Lil Heavon

    Congratz weezy I yea first Lol

  • mourn me

    congrats wayne



  • YM

    Shit better be dope!! I’m kinda getting tired of features I wanna hear Wayne lead the show.

  • Frankie K

    New Orleans Bounce sound, hmmmm

  • have it your way, burger king

    the producer said tune killed it but we gotta wait and see for ourselves.

    tip and weezy always go hard on songs together tho.

  • Number One

    Lil wayne only needs 11 more songs/features to make the list then he will be TOP

  • pom pom

    “men lie, women lie, numbers dont”

    best rapper alive

  • 504

    rico is a dope producer and if it has something to do with new orleans, lil wayne gonna murder it !!!

  • Kyl3

    T.I. sucks so much now, he is irrelevant.

    But I bet this will sound like Jeezy’s Ballin track tbvh.

  • Fag Maine

    Eminem ain’t even made the list LOLOLOLOL

  • Congrats TUNECHI!!! Best rapper alive and will always love and surpport you #TunechiForLife #YMCMB

  • passadia

    who is the girl in the picture Danny?

  • Tshepo ti

    Holler back at Ti n Weezy baby..Word mayne keep it coming

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne sucks birdmans dick thats why he fuckin sucks at rappin right now he be likin that dick too much:)

  • Lil Wayne

    i love balls

  • Lil Wayne

    Danny Prado this nigga thinks his first well his is first…… First at sucking dick

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne is ridin that dick

  • Lil Wayne


  • just found this on you tube that new flo rida song with wayne.

  • ineye gabriel

    I just can’t wait for the king of the south and beast on the mic to drop that song. Where the fuck is F.I.V.E let them drop it already. #ymcmb

  • bad robot

    not even hyped for this

  • yeah weezy break mothafukin records YOU DA BEST

  • Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne is a major dick

  • Raplover

    @Fag Maine: There is no reason to pull eminem in the show.. Em sold more records than any artist in rap industry.. Em’s The Marshall Mathers LP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lil wayne’s whole career sales… He leads by winning most Grammy’s in rap Genre (I think you know Grammy is the best recognition for any music artist), I agree that’s great achievement for rap artist but dont pull Em here..So when you bring king of Rap be careful… “Em foreva”…

  • Steedy

    Shit, Rico is coming back! Can’t wait for this

  • That’s what happens when Hard Work Pay’s Off people!

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Can’t wait 4 tha shit to drop !!
    Btw congrat tunechi !!
    You didn’t do it we did(fans) !!!

  • Dis nigga stay breakin records, just like KOBE. YMCMB till I die, wats poppin yall

  • declining all the Kesha’s … replying all the Kim’s..

    you shouldn’t get credit for features.

    Birdman and DJ Khaled have a lot of Billboard entries but they do jackshit.

  • Don

    YESSS!!!!!!!!! This should be somethin hot T.i and WAYNE yep Just get back to the old wayne man thats all i want man 4 real

  • Don

    the wayne where just kill every song u hop on no ceilings that wayne carter 2/3 that wayne im not a human being that wayne please if u do that its like superman comin back hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cheers to Lil Wayne!!!!!

  • JizzOnYmcmb

    Yeah Eminems 1 album was better then most mainstreams rappers career. Plus the billboards have gay music like Adele and YMCMB. listen to some real music like rock or real hip hop like Rakim, method, wu tang, Biggie, pac, dmx, snoop, coolio, hopsin, EarlSweatshirt, kid cudi, and JMT, not this gay azz fake nigga. Viro The Virus had none songs on the bill board and recently died and had a short career and is BARELY heard of and is WAYYYY better then Lil Gayne or ti

  • Preeeeeee. Weezy f f. break em all lyk a tree branch. ymcmb

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