Lil Wayne Speaks On TRUKFIT Brand Name & Clothing Line [Video]

Fri, Jun 8, 2012 by

Last week, Lil Wayne and Stevie Williams spoke to MTV while launching their TRUKFIT and DGK apparel at Macy’s in Los Angeles. Weezy chatted about his clothing line and where the name of the brand comes from.

“There was a truck that would come around the neighborhood for the less-fortunate people that can’t go to those stores, and he would have those same items — those Polos, those Tommys — for less,” Tunechi explained. “If you were known to have that outfit, then it was not called an ‘outfit,’ it was called a ‘truck fit.'”

“Me and Lil Wayne are friends. It’s not collaborated, but it’s a collaborated effort between all three brands: DGK, TRUKFIT and Macy’s. It’s a good thing.”

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  • Mike


  • 3


  • MoonMan

    Not first!



  • Q

    Truk yo gurl

  • the devil

    I just wish weezy would concentrate on his music rather than skating and clothing lines 🙁

  • Motto

    When is Frenh Montanas Pop That Pussy single getting released ?

  • lil wayne é midjor rapper vivo ninguem ka podi paral ok.yeah i speak kriolo capeverdiam ya digggggg.we rum this shit ymcmb for life

  • stezzer

    trukfit shirt listening to rebirth

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Those bitches doing 1st 2nd wateva…
    Is Danny paying em 4 that shirt ??

  • Oh okay

    Cant even lie, Trukfit is growing on me.

    Seeing this makes me like it more. That’s a pretty original name with a cool meaning behind it.

    Now I don’t so much regret buying 8 or so Trukfit shirts when they first came out. I’ll even start wearing them.

    But still, diamond supply has the skate apparel on lock right now.

  • Jasmin

    I actually heard about this awhile ago on official young money about this trukit thing… lets see how well they do. But We all know that once lil wayne puts his tag on something ppl rush out to get it

  • b2

    The reason u kill for it

  • Rock n Roll

    Any news on album release date?

  • ineye gabriel

    I just can’t wait for lil’wayne to get off probation and start killing the rap game again. Then I bet he won’t even remember where a skate board is or what trukfit is.


    Truck dawurl !!!! I sk8 cuz wayneii sk8’s !!! For real!


    Guyz Jst let wayneii do wat he wants to do he ha a life and he wants to have fun but not work all da time !! Okay maybe his music ain’t as good but c’mon u would like to work all da time wen u wanna do something else and u have 4 kids to take care off!!!! Please sport wayneii!!


    PLEASE SPORT WAYNEII u guyz arnt being good fans !!! And for y’all haters FUCK Y’ALL!!!


    Wait I take Dat bak his music is as good ad b4 u guyz r Jst stupid for thinking he’s not as good and if u think Dat please keep Dat to ur self and not go hate on wayneii cuz he has feelins like every1 does!!! LOVE U WAYNE

  • wtfizzy

    I still think the trukfit T’s are horrible but the snap backs are dope! I got a few of them

  • Truk my life!!!!

  • MannyMJG
  • Kay B



    WEEZY wears CRAP EYEWEWAR in the DA DA DA video! I got my pair here –

  • Lk

    Im laughing at you fools talking down on Wayne and Trukfit. He’s clearly trying to be one of the richest men alive and he’s well on his way there.

    Smart man. It’s easy for broke motherfuckers to hate on a rich man.

  • dunn

    nobody gives a shit about ur skate boarding. he needs to focus on rapping because he has fallen way down hill since no ceilings, im a big fan of lil wayne, but now im thinking that i can rap better n i cant rap for shit

  • sushi baby

    richass talkn work it but you motha4kas blufff………………weezy f baby u d best…..

  • Pusha T

    I swear they ask Wayne the same question every time about trukfit:- how did you come up with the name…. Smh

  • Tina Phoo

    I love this I deal but I seen the male shirt ;-):-):-);-)got one but I’m very upset because I didn’t see any girls wemon clothing:O:-P:-(:-(:-*:'(:'( I’m Busty up top and have an phat back side so I mean like just a cute v nbecause ieck or tank!would be very nice because ladies are fans to and we want to buy stuff just as much or more:-D!

  • GC

    @Tina Phoo
    Hey wats up 😉

  • Yelar

    Truckfit T shirt, listening to Rebirth…..thats some serious lyrical skill but a nice promotion

  • Yelar

    Tupac RIP. your music lives on. Can ya feel me!

  • In Germany I Believe You Can’t Buy Truckfit Clothes.

  • Jay prod

    please , yall wayniacs check out my freeverse and tell me what you think of it , it’s going to take you a second and going to help me a lot

  • YunG based god

    last kings way fresher

  • Tina Phoo

    Wow Congratulations Amazed a clothing line in macys to top of the line store:-)o_O:-P=-OYay!I’m there to get me some asap!

  • K Dawg

    “Pop That” is droppin on the 12th….2 more days yall

  • Weezy how is hiphop doin Ghana is still Waitin 4 U young mulaa baby!!!

  • Mizzy

    Ya’ll should check me out, Weezy is one off my biggest influences

  • I heard a weezy verse in a interview da verse is BITCH I GOT DA TRUKFIT SITTING ON MY…….. damn da beat was sick i’m exited with dat shit weezy You da best

  • JErssy nr1fan

    I love you and keep following ur dreams!!!!! I support uu love you nr1 fann

  • i heard wayne went in on that pop that

  • barrett38

    Sup main

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  • being with this said tunechi, im hoping this clothing line makes a difference in the kids life that are less-fortunate today that cant go to those stores!!! im proud of you and who you have grown to be!

  • Josh

    Clothes for the less fortunate with a price tag of $31.99 for some of their one color simple design tee’s? get outta hear more like just another way to take our money now that his music is doing so good haha