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Unseen Footage From Drake & Lil Wayne’s “HYFR” Video Shoot

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 by

DJ Scoob Doo released some unseen footage from Drake and Lil Wayne‘s HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” music video yesterday, which you can watch in the clip above. I think this has got to be one of the craziest videos Weezy has ever shot!

In related news, Scooby Doo also uploaded a video of Tunechi, Drizzy and Nicki Minaj performing “Moment 4 Life” live on the “I Am Still Music” tour in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center on April 15th, 2011.

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  • onchi


  • onchi


  • the awkward moment when tunechi nearly knocked drake the fuck out with his skateboard hahaha

  • truuu

    fuck scoob doo where is nino 3

  • Sell Out

    LMAO @ Wayne lying down on the floor

  • alkiuris

    Daam dat shit is crazyy lmaoo dey had me goi. Wild ova her…i wanna party noww ow yea and first


    Funny how drake keeps walking the opposite way to see nicky’s ass

  • young moula bby

    they killed that moment 4 life performance

  • mackupid

    hahaha mack maine was going real crazy too haaa

  • Sam

    This was a good watch but I wonder how many people were injured during this videoshoot 😛

  • Tuna bitch

    tuna sucks

  • YCsep27

    I don’t like such freaky style but i like you and i love you.I am your great fan.


    I wanna suck drakes cock while nikki watches weezy fuck me.

  • YunG based god

    i wanna make sweet love to nicki

  • RED

    Scoob Doo fails at everything.

    He feeds off Wayne.


    feeding off wayne is the source of his failure.

    bread over bed means nothing.

    i have no idea why wizzle was so fucked up for the making of this music video, the whole thing was unnecessary, but then again where would the world be if we didnt have this footage of drugged up nigs and crazy hoes…


    the thing that is truly sad about the whole ymcmb and wizzle bullshit is that there are young boys and girls especially who dont have good role models in their lives to begin with and then they see this and assume its normal. people ruin their lives because this type of behavior is glorrified when in reality the partying and drugs get you nowhere. i’m not talking about marijuana and beer im talking about crack cocaine codeine and ecstasy but fuck it. the more people that fuck around while their young just make it easier for the people that know whats up. nigs can chase the girls if thats what think is important in this day and age. twenty years from now there will be o.j murders and a bunch of ugly ass melanos.. mark my words. having a true identity will be so rare in the future that those who are able to hold onto it wont have to lift a finger when things finally get fixed and the aids niggers are all gone.

  • CAIL


  • Lil Tune aka Truk Yo Gurl!!

    As Nicki Said Young Money Till Da Death of Me!!!!!!!!

  • antiimalo

    Wayne The Best Rapper!! Haters Suck a Dick

  • Real!

    You guys need to realize what is being said.. I get on this sight one day and everyone is saying. Why is this fag weezy skating and being a positive influence we want the old gang banger weed smoking weezy back??? Then the next day Wayne is being called a bad role model for doing drugs. Wayne is doing the right thing right now ever since jail he has gotten heathy and is now in the right mindset. Nobody is giving him credit for what he does and will diss on him for anything he decides to do. Either love weezy and be a fan or listen to someone else. As a fan I dont care who thinks he “fell off” or what they don’t like. Just enjoy the music ~real talk

  • Real!

    YMCMB!! 😀

  • weezy e

    young mullaaaaaaa babeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    damn i can feed of tunechi`s energy and craziness……..siege muthafucka u shud try it out sumtime….it will help with ur desease “hatinology”

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    lloooool this shit was kraziiii

  • Ike


  • Thans

    Weezy rocks CRAP Eyewear in the Da Da Da video. I just got mine here –

  • The real Tony Montana, fuck tony_montana the copycat

    A nagger partying at a bar mitsva… not so much realistic


    haha are u serious when u say wizzle is a good influence?
    did u forget about carter 4….?
    he is a womanizing gangbanger who makes videos about his codiene use and writes ryhmes about it as well.

    there is not one positive thing about wizzle’s character.

  • badimo

    4:38 hahahaha Aiiiii That White Girl Be Crazy Thou

  • lolwut

    ceej shut the fuck up please only god can judge fuck off and hop off weezy’s nuts you know you are a fan if you keep coming on here. Wizzle aint his name at the very least call him dwayne if you have any respect. So I speak for everyone when i say STFU and grow up you dick riding fucktard and listen to the music rather than make an ass of yourself online. Grow up motherfucker.


    i have no respect for wizzle, which is the name he gave to himself during tha carter 2… but ill call him whatever i want. if i want to illl call him nigger dick std prick… ill call wizzle anything i want and if only God can judge and u believe that, then why are u supporting a nigger who calls himself god? ur logic is flawed. dont try to rebuke me on a blog, focus on the wizzle and not me u stupid fuck.


    I got no soul when i became part of the illuminati i lost my soul gave it away niw my only father is satan nobody else

  • B

    Great when he thinks Drake says “We need to do one more” Weezy still down to do another take after all that haha…crazy motherfucker…

  • Stephanie

    I was at that concert! LIVE AF!!!! From San Antonio, TX to D town just to see YMCMB! The show was everyyyything!

  • hot mouth raper from the boot keep repen the south

    Keep putn it down for the boot u go boy been a fan

  • Hala .

    Tunechi’s crazy <3 lol