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Lil Wayne Announces New “Dedication 4” Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkal’s “Original” Video Shoot

Thu, Aug 23, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

A couple of hours ago, Lil Wayne went on Twitter to announce the new release date for his upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Drama, Dedication 4. Originally supposed to be out on August 15th, Weezy will now drop the tape on August 30th, which is next Thursday!

Some of the instrumentals Tunechi remixed that we can be expecting on the fourth installment of the Dedication series are: “No Lie“, “I Don’t Like“, “Burn“, “Cashin’ Out” and “Amen“. Two artists have also been confirmed as features on the mixtape and they are Young Money’s Nicki Minaj and Flow.

In other Wayne news, you can view some unreleased photos from Mystikal‘s “Original” video shoot that was shot in Miami after the jump below, courtesy of David Cabrera.

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

Lil Wayne Announces New Dedication 4 Release Date & Unreleased Photos From Mysitkals Original Video Shoot

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  • arth


  • arth

    dope shoes!!

  • Snoop

    fuck wayne and all these new dates, half the time the music ain’t even worth the wait! >:(

  • weezy f… f is for forever

    FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezy f… f is for forever

    numbero uno!!

  • Nigga

    never really cared so much about how wayne dressed but wtf man, especially the 4th pic. smh.

  • Tunechi


  • Batboy

    oh shit d4 lets go

  • mattyswizzle



    d4 is gunna be hotttt.

  • mattyswizzle
  • weezy f… f is for forever

    august 30th is not this week?

  • Ali Wayne

    whettin D4 !! 😀

  • d_twizzy

    he said next week wtf ,if it aint worth the wait ,i will be pissed ,it has to be no ceilings material ,if not ,i give up on this guy

  • Cheez in the trap

    Weezy f baby and the f is for a fucking long as wait for a pushed back mixtape which was made for a pushed back album. Fuck a nigga dick tune
    And fuck all those bitches that say ” oh fuck haters your on a lil Wayne fansite at the end of a day ” well at the end of the day your on tunes dick because your too stupid to admit when he’s being a fucking cock mooch your waiting for music that’s not even gonna be that good because he doesn’t want to rap anymore he wants to skate which is fine because he’s doing what he wants to do not what you want him to do so quit waiting for his shit

  • Philly C

    Surprise surprise, another damn pushback. They’ve got to stop with this shit. I’d rather them just tell us that they don’t have a release date or we don’t know when we’re going release rather than give us multiple false dates.

  • 2Four

    This just made me mad. Wayne just said this week and now he just gave us an offical date that is next week. He should just another Sorry 4 The Wait b.c I was waitin lol.

  • Cheez in the trap

    When that’s all it’s gonna be!

  • To snoop:: yo u say fuck Wayne his shit sucks.. Are u confused, why the fuck u on this site if u hate Wayne unless u just have no life and need to
    Be a bitch blogger hahaha

  • Tbay813

    Oh shit wayne n plies droppin da same day Aug.30th..yes sir

  • fuck haters… d4 is comin he delayed it to put more songs on it like drought 3 all real fans know its gonna go hard

  • Banned From TV

    this shit better be like …. amazing. I mean it gotta be better than Drought 3 now. A 2 week pushback from the original date ? this is do or die now.

  • Batboy

    i luv nicki minaj so bad

  • Georgia bush

    damn wayne get tf of that skate board an drop da damn mixtape.. ah nigga been waitin to long if u funna skate all day just get out the rap game an stp disapointing ppl faget.

  • jrizzy

    Yo all you complaing shut the fuck up if you learned how to listen in the video he said another week or so he didnt say exactly a week so just shut the fuck up

  • tony_montana

    This is the worst dressed iv seen wayne in a looong time SMH,d4’s gon’ be hott!

  • zay

    I have never said a bad thing bout my boi but……. lately……. don’t get me wrong, skate the fuck on!!!!!! But u talking bout retirement and shit like that you need to get back on it!!! We waited fo yo lil black ass to get out!!!!! We need some production before u retire. What the fuck happen to inhab2?????? Now u steady pushing shit back!!!!!! Wassup dawg???????


    Stop with this skate shit man wtf. U went from gangster to rockstar wanabe to this skateboard shit. Make up your fucken mind!!!!!!!

  • YAY! Birdman, Mystikal and Weezy F Baby! CLASSIC IN ADVANCE!

  • Weezy_Fan_101

    Man :/ i wanted to rock to this during the summer!!!! now its like 5 days before school :/ oh well i hope its all worth it in the end!

  • Aintnohead

    If u listen in the interview he said this week or next y’all haters never pay attention

  • Sam ymcmb

    This shit better be the dopest motherfucking mix tape on the planet, something from lthd best rapper alive like some real mad ass shot with crazy beats good rhymes and smart ass hooks and bars… please give us something worth the waiting.

  • dank

    All you people complaining about push backs are dumb. Every single mix tape and album he puts out gets pushed back on purpose. Nothing to do with adding songs or not knowing the right release date HD does that to build hype and on purpose. You guys want it more now than when he first announced if right? Just like twist not having a release date… there never was an official one they just tell you that so they keep you hyped on a nigga

  • D4

    I wanna hear what song him & Flow on. I know its gonna be fire.

  • Weezy aint a rapper no mo

    Danny u slackin I seen this shit posted around 7. And wayne aint a rapper no more yall, he all about image tryin to get skate fans, and fruity.ass clothes. Weezy my dude, but if big and pac were alive I swear theyd diss lil tuna fish. Right after c4 dude got weird. What kind of fashion is this? Some mental patient gone crazy with old retro fabrics lol.

  • weezy f… f is for forever

    I wish wayne would go back to the c3 days, where his swag was uncomparable, and he would rape a beat, then get on the music video(Got Money) and jump around like he owned the shit. His verse on “Original” was pretty good, but the whole music video he is just skating in the backround…

  • @sir_tshepo0

    Follow me please,I’ll follow back 😉

  • yashveer

    check out the tracklist on wikipedia!

  • im sorry but wayne has no fashion in this video and looks like a complete retard

  • tha SIEGE


  • drudaboss215

    Am I the only who has common sense and listen to the i nterview? He said next week OR SO? He then tries to cover it up and say its all abiut 2 Chainz album….Then goes on to admit tht it wasnt even done yet….For one rapppers shouldnt even.say they have material if they truely dont….This is a mixtape not an album…No politics no excuses….And second if u such a fan pay the fuck attention….Stop bitchin….Homie didnt have shit.done last week…What made u think it was gonna drop….If this is like Sorry for the wait and no No Ceilings im offically dropping Wayne from radar real rap….

  • @snoop if u knw wayne is fucked, why u enta dis site? Fuck u and all d hatterz out dere

  • d4

    I feel like you guys are asking wayyy to much for a FREE mixtape. He’s out there making money and still giving us music so whats the big deal? Obviously he’s promoting skating in everything he does because his brand IS for skaters. He’s not gonna attract any attention for his clothing line if he doesn’t skate right?… So please stop complaining about all this bullshit and let him do him. In the end, everyone is happy, we still get music, he makes money by promoting his brand.

  • K Dawg

    because of this he should at least release one more song from it….but in a way its kinda good that he’s not releasing any more shit from it so that we can hear the whole tape at one time and it would last us a long time too….i dont get how some people release over half of their mixtape and by the time it drops we already heard half the shit….thats what tyga did with well done 3….not really a good strategy to build hype…..wayne is building hype the right way so i dont mind waiting


    fuck you all who hate on weezy.grow up kids.

  • Weezy aint a rapper no mo

    @d4 be dont need to skate to promotr shit, he used to be reppin bape and that shit was hott and like 80 bucks a shirt, but it eas flyin off the shelves. Okay 2 examples, jay-z and lil boosie neither one of them skate, boosie locked up, but roca wear(jay) & coogie(boosie) extremely successful and u never hear em rap about it. They dont skate, or wear somr napoleon ass moon boots, they keep it real, and u know real recognize real, so the rest fall in place.



  • rideadie401

    pple stay trying tah tell tune wat too do but yet in tha end of tha day u gotta be real about aint nobody hea makin his money for him he’s doin it he wanna retire thats on him granted been listing tah tune sence he frist came out wen he was 14 hell i even rememba wen baby came out E-40 and soo on they been doin this for a long ass time the point is he needs a break i will miss his music like crazy listing too his music has helped me too deal wit tha death off my older brotha n two bestfriends all i gotta do his put on some weezy have me a guddi too tha face and think of all tha gd memories he gotta do watz best for him n his fam not tah live life too make everybody else happy in tha end.

  • Tuna Roll

    more ryhmes aboout eating pussy, being a blood, smoking blunts, being a martian, trukfit, skating, eating more pussy, sippin lean, being “tunechi baby”, and eating some more pussy

  • tha infamous

    love the hate guyzzz!
    fuck lil wayne andy anybody that love him his head up his ass

  • ronie

    FUUUUCK …. I’ll love wayne till I die but why does he always change the realse date of some album:(

  • the name is seige lil bro dats what ceej momma name me

    i love lil wayne so much

  • Ymcmb

    Dont wanna take the spot light from tyga well done 3 mixtape?aha

  • FireManWeezy

    I wish hatin ass bitches stfu..if u dont like Tune then gtf of his site

  • @firemanweezy

    I’m on his site because I want to hear d4 but his bitch ass pushes it back every chance he gets the motherfucker fell off and everyone knows it and rap is a fucking dying genre shit has been really disapointing recently and Wayne has just been proving that so has pretty much everyone else and Wayne is just a fucking hypocrite nobody likes that fag nowadays

  • Sorry for the wait. Ymcmb over everything. Praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Tunechi is a BOSS! D4 Cant wait!!


    Respect for pushing it back

  • Mrs.Tunechi

    I freaking love you lil Wayne….so can’t wait to dedication 4 comes out…I’m READY for some great music #TUNECHIISTHEBEST

  • Tunechi tote the toolie

    This is going to be mixtape murder like usual ppl..nothin new. Y do u guys keep sayin “it better be good” and shit..haha it will be but what if it wasnt? Wtf r u gunna do about it? Ur giving the best rapper alive a ultimatum lmao..stfu its gunna b hard as fuck u cant deny he smashes everyones beats…if anybody knows the exact time of the release u should post it

  • Lazog209

    Where can I download the mixtape?

  • Lazog209

    DatPiff has it listed as upcoming

  • Jay3112

    Man fuck lil wayne his gay ass kissin men and fuck all yy lil wayne fans bitches

  • SkullTune

    Where is That FUCKIN MIXTAPE?!

  • JG.42

    His new music && the way he dresses is fukken ridiculous lik really lil Wayne you were on of the rappers I thought would keep it real.. But fukk that I guess money changes everyone… Loved The Carter 3 && all his music before that .. But his music after The Carter 3 didn’t catch my attention anymore such a fukken disappointment… Smh..

  • are those indians in the 4th pic?