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Mystikal – Original (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman) [Music Video]

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Mystikal‘s “Original” single featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman. The visual was directed by Gil Green and the song will appear on Mystikal‘s upcoming debut studio album that will drop on Cash Money Records later this year.

YMCMB’s Jay Sean and Mack Maine also make cameos in the video!

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  • Biz!


  • mystical looks uncomfortable…

  • love the end where Lil Wayne says if i was you i would be.

  • i want Lil Waynes pants not the pink ones

  • Mystikal: “How you gone watch my house, but don’t wanna live on my street”, the apes taught Tarzan, how you betta than me”. This shit dope, anything YMCMB drop is dope, so before the haters come on this bitch hatin, ask yourself are you in a good position to be hatin on somebody doin a billion times betta than you? This shit knockin, Mystikal back and Wayne neva left. We got Busta, Limp Bizkit, Christina Milian, Ashanti, not to mention triple platinum selling Drake and Nicki Minaj. I like dis song and i dont give a fuck about who dosent. That nigga Weezy said; Tommy gun with the drum, thats percussion, Pop pain pills, self-destruction, hit ya bitch with the gun, knock her out, Robitussin, wave that red flag like a Russian, Ha. Wayne a beast no matta what yall say. He eat these rappers, Anthony Hopkins. lol. on another note tho, this shit go hard. Haters suck a dick, a young money dick, haaaa. Dont worry bout what he wearing, ask yoself, what the fuck are you wearing right now? Can you afford a Bugati, a Maybach, your own cloths and shoe-line? If the answer is no, than SHUT YO BROKE ASS UP. SHOUT OUT ALL THE REAL WAYNE FANS ON HERE, THE ONLY REASON HATERS COME ON HERE TO HATE IS BECAUSE DEEP INSIDE THEIR REALLY FANS THAT HATE TO ADMIT THEY ARE, HAAAAA. YMCMB till the death of me

  • The thing thats crazy about that nigga wayne and I, My favorite teams are Lakers and Packers before i knew who wayne was, I been rockin with him since he was a shorty, not to mention he just signed Christina Millian who I think is da baddest bitch in America, its crazy

  • wezzyisthabest

    thankfully there are still fans of lil wayne like me. thank god

  • AJG

    Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive no doubt!! YMCMB all day, errrday!

  • Mark

    It’s more like a Lil Wayne music video than a Mytikal’s

  • I wany baby’s white sneakers..Shit is crazy..Big ups 2 Baby,Weezy n Mytikal..

  • Adam O

    Why Weezy gotta dress like that and skateboard at the end !?

  • do it biiiggggg

    they should of gave birdman a verse on this….song still hot anyways




  • Krazeye

    So what is up with this mystikal dudes flow? It sounds okay but why is he shouting?

    I don’t think he fits in with ymcmb.

  • david huricane

    lots of bad bitches everywhere….

  • Rich Nigga

    Birdmans rhymes are the same in every verse and he doing the same rhymes in choruses now HAHA

  • SteveDN

    @Krazyeye Mystikal always been yelling on tracks it’s his style.

  • Eric

    What the fuck was that ? …. Horrable

  • CeeJ

    dreads twisted likee some fuckin tangle haired rasta-
    farian – Jamaican- relax man
    ill send you a fuckin axe if u insist on a fcking accent.

    in other words i think this songs bullshit. lilwayne and birdman arent a good combo anymore and wayne’s music slipped hard

  • Queen Tera

    This video is full of swag, I love it! 😀 haters get lost, you know the boy Tune has swag 😀 😀 😀

  • Dope ass music video, now this is what i call a music video its full of swag and creation. YMCMB we winning!

  • Sick visual WEEZY F. BABY, BIRDMAN, and MYSTICAL all did there thing keep doing big things.LIL WAYNE is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB is THE BEST TEAM they cant stop us YMCMB we winning!

  • weeezy flyinstealth!!

  • LMAO, you can tell its kids commenting on this site because they act as if they dont know who mystikal is. Well, first off, he is from Nw Orleans, He used to rap with No Limit(Master P), lol, and as for those who say he’s shouting, thats how he always rapped, people actually like him cause thats his style, and he clearly fits with young money. Yall too young, lol, thats how I know you dont know shit about rap to be hating

  • Aww shit…Mystical still got it. He go hard. Tunechi til the death of me!¡!

  • Lamont

    YMCMB/CMB reminds me of The ILLuminati. They just take ova sh*t and cant nobody do SH*T about it………….. but HATE..CLOWNS. YMCMB/CMB 4Life.

  • Chazz

    not available in your region

  • Weezy

    haters fell off! not Wayne. haha!

  • Fiyah

    “Political refugee..that’s how I felt” how can u say that when u were in prison for raping someone lol..good video tho atleast it wasn’t green screen

  • Jeffeezy

    Good beatz but bad vocals from mystikal…weezy as usual good., YMCMB till i DIE.

  • Jeffeezy

    Dope video as well…Young Mula Baby!

  • Jeffeezy

    YMCMB da best team…

  • Jeffeezy

    Lyrics are dope…Fuuuuucckkkkkk all HATERS.. YMCMB till I DIE .

  • Anonymous




  • is it me or was wayne calling out jay-z.
    listen to what he said at the end of the song

  • That Kid

    Mystikal’s voice dnt fit the beat. Especially with how birdman’s voice is on the chorus & how wayne’s voice is on his verse. Mystikal is like screaming & shit while birdman & wayne are mah calm

  • those pants are not for men…. thats all I have to say.

  • MMG Forever

    Never been more ashamed of a bunch of old people trying to rap. This is what rap has come to? YMCMB is so overated. These old peices of shit dont know how to rap get off the mic. And then u ppl think drake and nicki minaj are good, yeah right. Tyga and cory gunz are the only ones i respect cause they have talent

  • Dope

    Wayne verse is ballin. that mystikal dudes aight, idk bout the yellin tho.

  • Jays

    Great beat, cool video, mediocre verses, can someone slap the one who looks like a spoiled 14 year old girl?

  • B.M.F

    Mystikal killed it yall

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTune

    Number One: Mystikal killed forreal thoough
    Number Two: Shout out to JREED b/c he said EVERYTHING ii was gonna say

  • TonyMontana

    They just Tuneshited on u

  • first off, shout out Ms Boss, wats gud ma
    secondly, didnt I tell you fagg ass niggaz to stop hatin on wayne clothes, no matta what you bitches say, young money eatin, all you hatas do is add salt. Why are yall so concerned with what my nigga got on, he fuckin actresses and models in them same pink pants, see you dont have to like him but yo bitch do. lmao, and please stop talkin shit bout Mystikal, he killed his verse and stop sayin he’s shoutin or yellin, what part of THATS HOW HE RAPS dont you bastards understand. He’s calm, clearly calm, it’s his style of rap, ever since the No Limit days. Im tired of breaking shit down to you igned ass kids. Get off the computer, put yo pj’s on and go to bed, you dnt know shit about rap, you prolly caint even understand mystikal to even know what he rappin bout. To make a long story short, everybody in dis video got more money than anybody commentin on this page, so why hate on a nigga doin wayyyy betta den you, IT MAKE YOU LOOK STUPID, YMCMB till I mothafuckin die, to the haters, whats your income like, exactly, yo mama takin care of you. If wayne fell off, why carter 4 triple platinum dumbass, im done with you igned fucks, now back to the video, haaaaaaa

  • tune

    man, these dumb fucks complaining about mystikal and his yelling, GET USED TO IT, cause thats how the dude raps, thats how I know that nobody ever listened to his previous work

  • jc

    ^ i listened to mystikal back in the day and him yelling is still annoying as fuck just like DMX. however that doesn’t take away from the lyrics at all. some people don’t even pay attention to the words in the damn song.

    and when is wayne gonna drop a mixtape just because? is he gonna use a mixtape to create hype all the time now like he did with sorry for the wait? that dude used to drop a mixtape because it was a tuesday and he wanted to

  • Jeffeezy

    Shouts to JREED…YMCMB till I DIE BITCHESSSS……Ya faggots cant even afford that pink pants…Weezy da best aight…

  • Twan

    Wayne plz comeback down to earth and Baby plz stay behind the scenes like slim and stop rapping

    Mystikal continue to do ur thing

  • 187JoshM187

    I loved the song(except birdmans hoook) but I just felt like the whole skating in the music video thing was unnecessary but that’s just my opinion. Good song tho.

  • Weezy Fan

    All Birdman has ever raped in everyone of his songs is candy paint this candy on dat, we fly high, ridding in a hummer during the summer, in my opinion he needs to either rap different lyrics or just be the CEO and retire from raping period! Props to him for bringing in the best talent and having the hottest label and on top of that making millions by talking bout the same shit, Weezy’s verse was fire but way to slow! If he woulda just spit at the same pace he has done on almost every other song this track would be killer, not saying it isn’t dope but woulda been better without Birdman and Weezy spitting faster

  • hoi k ben erg lekker

    why hatin on birdman i think its funny because birdman says always the same things, it is always the same but it sounds gangster so always if he make new songs I have to laugh

  • LWHater

    Wayne is so fckn useless in this vid, he makes the other looks stupids, gangsta boots, gangsta pink pants, gangsta sk8ing…
    U bitchs are too busy sucking his little dick to notice but ur sucking a damn clown (u love money, so what that makes u a damn prostitute, looks like not even Wayne fell of America fell off, damn mercantile people)

  • the infamous CEEJ

    wizzle ghost wrote mysticals ryhmes on this track thats why he’s getting so much notice on this bologna blog… its a cheap tactic for someone who has only released one album and one mixtape in a whole year. wizzle is so irrelevant now its ridiculous, cuz everybody thought he was actually gonna do big things once he got released but its been the exact opposite. all you gay ass annes can expect is clothes and posters from wizzle from now on… from now on he’s only going to be a weak producer of one of the all time worst labels in rap history until he retires. his music really has fallen off and is going to suck from now until he retires. please believe me and hop of the fantrain before its too late.

  • AB

    surprised drake wasnt on the hook ‘o’

  • WAYNE <3 oh my god, so hot

  • #1weezyfan

    jc, he did release a new mixtape. It’s called ” Y U Mad? ” it’s some of his already released songs and some new shit. go on and look it up. Oh and tune swag is on infinite in this video. All the haters that say it’s retarded are retarded themselves, people are starting to forget the meaning of swag.


    If mockinbirdman says ¨couple of hundids¨ ever again, i´ll be hatin on all of them birds, including my grandmas parrot.

  • Hmm..

    Yeah. Welp. Id wear those pink pants. Cause I’m a girl -______- This is kinda sad & that’s all i’m going to say. *goes & listens to C2*
    & jc is totally right…i miss when wayne would just drop a mixtape because he just felt like it. :/

  • iiTunechii


  • Zly

    Talking baby business
    ya bitch dump shit

  • errol dwayne

    birdman is e reall shit here luv u baby…..mad sumthin out o nothin

  • Maka

    U the best wizzy. ‘we ni mnoma’

  • letlhogonolo sebolao

    weezy nd baby m proud of yal,wat u do,ymcmb 4 ever,ur my role models dey cn talk shit abwt u bt wit a head down,we dnt do it lyk dat!niggas we keep our head up no mattr wat,rich til infinity..dats wtsup.its da young weezy 4rm africa.

  • DEWeezy

  • Yes Sir !

  • Lil Seb

    Do anyone know where Weezy buy or where I can get pants like that?? He’s whereing them a lot lately! Please!!! And sorry for my bad english! YMCMB!

  • Mike C


  • Heather

    love it…

  • Cacah Bueno


  • Philthy One

    This is some Hot Garbage! Where did Wayne go wrong? Everything since the Carter 2 has been Gay. Go suck Birdmans Lollypop some more homo!

  • $WAGG

    what is the name of the girl that appears in the minute 2:06?