Lil Wayne Discusses His TRUKFIT Clothing Line With JackThreads [Video]

Mon, Aug 27, 2012 by

Jason Ross from JackThreads chopped it up with Lil Wayne on August 20th at the 2012 Magic Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They talked about his TRUKFIT clothing line, how he came up with the name for the brand, how hands-on he is with the apparel, and how he manages to stay humble with all of his work.

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  • J Beezy

    First Bitches


    Only FAGOTS say first….like wtf is first llmfao

  • Wayne_Fan_101

    Got some nice looking beats!!!! Trukfit!!!

  • dank

    damn and you said first twice ^^^^

  • Why People Like To Say First. That’s Dum Like…


    trukfit goin in

  • AishThaks


  • Sushi Baby

    wayne is so trash. trucks and skateboards is what he is all about now. fukfit t shirt listenin to garbage

  • @Danny M. You giving some sort of reward for the person who comments first on every post because if you then I’ll understand why they claiming first if not. Then I don’t understand it. Damn

  • Tuna Roll

    did that guy really just call “tunechi baby” the best rapper alive? SMH

  • Important News!

    Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4” mixtape will be released in 3 days!

  • Lil Wayne

    i love skateboards

  • game

    On August 27, 2012 at 6:40 pm Sushi Baby responded with…
    wayne is so trash. trucks and skateboards is what he is all about now. fukfit t shirt listenin to garbage


    so dont listen to wayne then and dont visit this website…..simples

  • tha (the) siege

    i hate everyone i have told u this so many times lick my lollipop bitch and suck my skateboard nigga then suck a niggas dick for some trukfit. yeeeeea! tunechi!


    @game he got low IQ this kid need to grow up.

  • ineye gabriel

    i just hope that D4 wont be about trukfit, skating and trash . i need wayne hard on that murdafucker.

    • Big Pimpin

      Love Lil Wayne and trukfit. Stop hating motherfxxxers

  • Sushi Baby

    @FUCKEMINEM ur the biggest dumbass on this blog u know nothing of hip hop your opinion is irrelevant

  • YunG based god

    trukfit isn’t as popular as it would have been if wayne released it during the carter 3 09 era. this nigga was untouchable

  • YunG based god

    carter 3 – 09 era*

  • @YoungTune_YMCMB

    there his headphones, hope they came out

  • ThE iNFAmOuS SieGe


  • noLIE

    anyone else still waiting for the “im single” song ft. Drake lol

  • IANAHB2 !!!!!!!!


    OCTOBER 22nd !!!!!!

    Its said this on a few websites and lil waynes IANAHB 2 WIKIPEDIA

  • Weak

    Tez will push back ianahb2 too ! -.-

  • ryan

    Its funny how yoll haters hate on wayne an still have come on his blog he did it 4 real fans Fuck Yoll all hater,,,#trukfit #trukurworld #missfit #trukfans I’m jus a fan from south africa

  • WTF

    Can’t say I’m proud of what’s he’s accomplished .. But I am proud that he has A TON of fans .. Smh LIL WAYNE YOU HAVE CHANGED .

  • Realone

    Lil Wayne has changed for the better…and I’m proud of what he has accomplished so far and he still going up

  • d4 on the way cant wait best rapper alive until the best retire

  • Phillip

    Everyone on this blog is gay!

  • WTF

    ^^ that means he’s gay .. You must be a beginner fan @realone .. Must be a rock fan skateboarding fan etc . Back then a REAL Wayne fan would have never thought this guy would be …………….. SKATIN … And even doin the music he does now a days .. MOE but don’t become a sell out

  • Bilbo

    South Africa on strike, kill thses naggers

  • Steedy

    YES JackThreads is my shit

  • Keara

    I love Wayne my whole room if filled with his posters 😉 #HUGE FAN<3

  • clibo

    lol 2 be honest this guy is makin’ moola en thrz jus worthles who hatin’ i mean wat 4? gt ur lazy ass up en do sumtn beta thn hm if u cei his shit. . .South Africa

  • Hope

    Wayne be the best rocking his ass out there,get on my level you can’t (get on my level,you gonn need a space shatter or a level that’s for ever…)haters be hating you can’t get on his level. BIG FAN <3