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PJ Morton – Lover (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Wed, Aug 29, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for PJ Morton‘s “Lover” single featuring Lil Wayne. The visual was shot in Miami 2 months ago. PJ and Weezy‘s YMCMB boss, Birdman, can also been seen making a cameo!

Click here to watch some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot and here to download PJ Morton‘s latest EP.

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  • Qwerty

    Nice video !!

  • block to Brazil! šŸ™

  • BF %

    used to be a big fan of lil wayne and still am but I liked more the old lil wayne as the GO DJ and MR. CARTER eg this is the real lil wayne.
    wayne voltra your origins!
    ‘m not the only one to think so, I and those who follow you forever since we know little of what we speak.
    back the origins
    (! Big Fan!)

  • tune

    really nice verse

  • $tunnaman

    Birdman cameo made the video that little bit better

  • amazin

    i love the video and the song

  • Important News!

    Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4” mixtape will be released in 1 day!



  • DOPE

    Other version?

  • DOPE


  • fr0nt

    is this pj m0rt0n pers0n g4y ?

  • fire

    Dedication 4 in eight hours and twenty minutes kant fukkkin wake yĆ aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..!!!!!!! #teamtunechi fukk u haters

  • tony_montana

    I’m just out here,countin Dead bodiesz,smokin my Cig, waiting for D4…that’s alL!

  • tony_montana


  • d4 2morrow

    stiring at my ipad waiting for d4. i hope the mixtape wil be dope, can’t wait . WEEZY F AND THE F IS FOR FUCK YOU SIEGE


    watched the video on mute.
    worst music video in the world.
    not even good music either.


    ladies who love pj morton : we wont forget that when he drops his hoe dissing song either.
    D4 tots

  • i dont think i ever seen birdman in a lil wayne video, weird

  • bigshot

    D4 on the way this mixtape could make or break wayne as a elite rapper hope my nigga kill erthing btw anyone know if that tracklist was real cause it looked similiar to the phony one they had for carter 4 with all the same features

  • B-Cloud

    Block in Vietnam šŸ™ can u leaked for us Danny ??? please !!!

  • a$ap purrp

    Weezy did new god flow, mark my words

  • Marcy

    Wayne’s other verse was better, this one is whack.

  • Bottles and rockin J’s

    Its 420 eastern time just countin down till D4! Sumbody pl post if it will be released at midnight cuz theres a rumor it wont be

  • Sara

    Block to Portugal (madeira island) šŸ™

  • niggy

    Danny is gay

  • @_TheLastMartian

    Cant see in my country >_> unfortunately

  • Young_Mulla

    D4 is getting realeased tomorrow at 3:30 eastern, according to datpiff and HNHH

  • lil wayne is and will alway be the best.

  • lllakdhdjend

    Happy birthday lil Wayne. Where’s the post Danny??

  • Sara

    ^ september 29th ^

  • Johnny

    @lllakdhjend you a idiot lmfao

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    D4 will make or break Wayne for the future

  • omg.

    d4 DROPPPING 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dedikation 4 drops at 3:00pm……Tomorrow you BITCHES haaa

  • omg.

    danny drop the f youtube version before you hear ‘PIEUWWW’

  • omg.

    hahah in holland i can say it drops 2day because of time change BITCHESSSS

  • tha siege

    Damn Fuck Wizzle , Dedication Four Wack

  • Ab2

    @Sara sept 27 actually

  • Wtf??

    Theres a bunch of sites that say it drops at midnight and a ton that say it doesnt..datpiff is wrong all the idfk?? Y cant there ever be a legit answer

  • omg.

    fuck holland i just live there, but tha siege ure mum fell of a building on my dick

  • Can’t wait till d4.I’m ready for that I don’t like song. Wayne can u be a littile faster on your verses.I think that is the only reason why u fell off just a little bit

  • 2 mo hours and d4 will be released

  • Dedication 4 hoe

    @ Danny M is d4 still dropping? It aint on datpiff anymore

  • jimafurdd

    heard eminem was suppose to be on d4 if so. this is legit the best mixtape thats boutta be dropped. p

  • Ali Wayne

    Cant see :/

  • GAS

    Block in Singapore. waiting…..

  • nanz


  • Nucklez954

    @DannyM yo where’s the youtube link?

  • i cant believe this nigga said wayne other verse was better bullshit

  • Sara

    @Ab2 Ups I was wrong xD

  • BOY

    ONCE AGAIN THA FUCKIN MIXTAPE GOT PUSHED BACK TO SEPTEMBER 3rd….Weezy F. Baby and the F is for Fuckin’ Faggot.

  • Sara

    Finally i can see.. thanks danny ^^

  • Idgaf

    I Dnt give a fuck when it cum out! All I know it’s finna go harddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

  • Truth

    Women suck. period.

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