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Game – Celebration (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa) [Music Video]

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Game‘s “Celebration” single featuring Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa. The visual was directed by Matt Alonzo and the song, which was produced by Sap, will appear on Game‘s upcoming Jesus Piece album at the end of this year.

Click here to watch some behind the scenes footage and view photos from the “Celebration” video shoot that took place at Belvedere Skatepark in Los Angeles, California!

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  • first
    go weezy go

  • Brrrrrrrr

    dope, game rocking trukfit

  • Ryan ymcmb

    Weezy owns shame the vid was cut when the girls top came down! YMCMB!

  • loolz

    Third !!

  • Topher

    wow,, great stuff. I got reply this shit..

  • Tunechi Yu Killed It Again
    Wiz Da Sond Wud Be Cool Without Yu
    YM Till I Die. TRUKFIT All Day EveryDay

  • cook

    pretty cool chilled out video….

  • Go Getta

    So what was the point of Wiz being in this video and only have 2 bars on the song? LOL

  • SIEGE hahahaaaa

    what was the point of trukfit if only ymcmb faggots will wear that shit… why didnt they just stick with them cheezy ymcmb hoodies? years later people will see this video and the evolution of little wayne.. he is a black man who raps and then started selling t shirts to his employees… ponzie scheme anyone?

    btw what was the point of all the behind the scenes footage? this bullshit could have been filmed by a camera phone at some broke ass project in any of the lower east states..


  • Trukfitted

    Game swagged out rockin trukfit shirts 😀

  • Ben

    Game with his ol’ LeBron lookin ass

  • Ben

    Breezy with his ol’ Honey Badger lookin ass

  • IPS

    All my niggas got guns no registration _ YOUNG MULLA CRAZY ..


    the best on the game on the vid.fuck eminem and good music garbage ass rats.

  • d4

    weezy killed it

  • Fred

    Wtf siege do u even know what the fuck a ponzie scheme is u dumb fuck , and than u start talking about broke lower east states man u take shit to far , you prob some fat nigga jacking off to every new , news feed if anyone knew where u lived it would of been #siegefellintohisowngravejackingoff! Point blank!

  • tune

    hey danny can you start putting the video on youtube with the links?

  • ash

    my dick got hard when that girl had her topped pulled down

  • wiggum52

    Wut new lil Wayne say she on that kiss and play

  • Young tunechi

    Damn wiz skinny af get em out of here lol but real not tho tunechi you killing shit my nigga ive always apprecaite watchu do TUNECHII!!!

  • tinaphoo

    every body with Wayne in this video that was a fly video took me back remind me of bone tugs an harmony made me wanna get some of that purple but I’m in school and gotta get that check at the end then I’m a run and get me some of that good great green giant!! but any way Wayne killed that ;-):-P=-O:-D he the best rapper alive!!!!!

  • Zackery

    Idk if anyone else noticed but Game in some clips looked EXACTLY like Lebron haha maybe it was just me I’m not sure. Real chill song though.

  • jason ray charles


  • Jajiyelawolf

    2nechi killed it .!! #YMCMB WE WINNING

  • ana
  • tyree

    Pusha t a bitch

  • tyree

    He said d4 wasnt that gd

  • Yes we r having’ celebration, at the highest!

  • Gayfish
  • 21309dsf

    anyone notice “Scoopin up CHRIS and im hittin the freeway”, instead of scoopin up drake…amongst chris and drakes beef

  • OGgetEM

    Any clown shoe that think wayne did justice on this track is deaf. Game out did his ass ten fold. How you gonna go down like that man. Real fans will hold your ass accountable instead of just riding your jock on every peice of crap you put out. Thats why gambino is merkin your ass he gets on a track like he will flatline any second and puts his soul on that mother fucker. You just rap now adays it leaves us real fans disappointed and hopelessly devoted to mediocrity.

    Love me or hate me – sky is the limit – Im me – hell even throw a little im single in there with anything from no celings when weezy was wayne. RIP Weezy

  • Trukfit

    Love weezy!! Rockin that trukfit! I want some of those beats

  • Weezys killed this verse! Lmao Chris Brown is GAY AS FUCK listen to his girly high pitched voice! What a dumbass the way he sings sounds fuckin terrible. Stupid ass choice for signing him to YMCM

  • Rick

    The Game’s Son look just like him!! damn!! lol

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