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Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz Perform “Yuck!” & “No Worries” At 2012 MTV VMAs [Video]

Fri, Sep 7, 2012 by

Last night, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne performed “Yuck!” at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center. After they finished that, they both went straight into Weezy‘s new single, “No Worries“, which I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop playing it!

There were some funny parts about the performance, such as 2 Chainz sitting down on Tune‘s skateboard and pushing himself on it, plus Wayne jumping in the crowd at the end and crowd surfing. The only bad thing was that his microphone was too low.

You can check out their full performance in the video above.

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  • Lil Morocco

    1st !! :p

  • bilal

    Fuck y’aLL 1st

  • Pussinboots

    Censored fucked up the whole song

  • Sara


  • Wizzy u e best rapper alive

  • DedicationDrought

    “On my private jet and my stewardess is your bitch”
    **Points at Kanye**

  • theG’enius

    muuuuuch better than his last performance back in ’11

  • weezy f

    weezy went hard on dat shit

  • Sara

    2:30 Replay button

  • Ike

    this guy is just a phuquin legend…tunechiiii!

  • tune

    on the fist song (yuck) wayne’s voise was to low :/ but in no worries was better.

  • Cher

    Of course Wayne is always a beast..but i think 2chainz is a Jigga replacement…just way better and actually deserving of the praise. Now the old overrated man can go retire.

    These two made my night!

  • casto

    Lil tunechi a beast love this nigga so fuckin much no HOMO.gat to say this weezy runz hip-hop

  • Bright

    no worries WACK! but yuck lip sync

  • No Worries

    I want those shorts

  • No Worries

    and sneakers

  • fuck mtv

    mtv ruined his set with a mic which didnt work smh

  • YMCMBn**

    Badass performance! Tune always gives the best performance!

  • The motto

    Never seen wayne crowd surf before ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • wale

    i’ve been playing the fuck out of no worries too, but too much censoring in this clip ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™



  • adam f baby

    ppl are saying wayne was lip syncing on twitter smh, but it was his fuckin mic arghhh

  • mina

    can’t see the video :(((

  • tony_montana

    I’m nt a jay Z fan,at AALLL!!! Bt @cher u’ stupid for saying 2Chains is better than jay Z.he’s good but he aint that good though

  • fuck censor,on yuck wayne’s mic was low,then at the begining of no worries chainz says turn it up,i think he’s referring to the volume of the mic. MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE

  • tywayne

    Tunechi killd it

  • i think its safe to say wayne is back

  • Cher

    @tony_montana, idrgaf what you think about me saying Jigga is as good a rapper as my big toe. #shrug

    most of his fans are just followers…and he had a good hype team. dude is mediocre. anyway, let’s focus on real music! YMCMB!!!

  • Cher

    and yes 2chainz reminds me of jigga… he’s just an updated, more talented version.

  • lilwaynelover36

    love the performance and his outfit. because it was so censored he only said like 3 words. another thing is they had his mic to low. other then that it was a good performance.
    YMCMB 4 Life
    Cant Wait For Human Being 2.

  • Noname

    Cant watch it on my phone you don’t have another link @DannyM

  • is there any uncesored version??

  • lilwayneFAN6721

    i swear everytime Wayne performs at the awards shows and shit, they have his damn mic way too low…everytime. and the censors suck

  • @ItsTheoFerrol

    I can’t watch it, it says it’s unavailable in my location (UK) ๐Ÿ™

  • vampiroazteka

    same here, I canโ€™t watch it, it says itโ€™s unavailable in my location Mexico.

  • Arthur Denner

    You have another link? This video is unavailable in my location ๐Ÿ™

  • Lil Wayne is the BEST!

  • Nick

    If you can’t view it go download the vma torrent and just watch Wayne’s part. Solved!

  • abdul

    cant watch it, it says unavailable in your location). Saudi Arabia :/ . I guess I’ll just download the vmas torrent ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks @Nick

  • reemixloveswayne

    how you gonna censor a Wayne song? wtf

  • Zach G

    Does any one know what shorts Tunechi is wearing?!?! Like the brand name and all? Im guessing there custom Trukfit that only he gets… let me know thanks