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Lil Wayne Nominated 5 Times At The 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Thu, Sep 13, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Nominated 5 Times At The 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Last night during 106 & Park, BET announced the nominations for their 2012 Hip-Hop Awards show. Lil Wayne was nominated 5 times in the categories: “Best Hip-Hop Video” for “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)“, “Reese’s Perfect Combo Award” for “The Motto“, “Track Of The Year” for “The Motto“, “Best Club Banger” for “The Motto“, and “Hustler Of The Year“.

Mike Epps will be hosting this year’s awards show, but there is no word yet on if Weezy will be attending or taking part in one of the cyphers. However, we will find out on September 29th when the event is taped at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Georgia. The actual show will only air on TV October 9th at 8PM EST though.

Click here to view the full list of nominations and also find out how many times Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj were nominated!

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  • Mutaz


  • number 1 hustla in hiphop or music period

  • mark


  • wayne fan

    kanye has 17:))))



  • chief queef

    ain’t no way wayne would do a cypher but how sick would it be if young money, g.o.o.d. music, maybach music and shady records all did a cypher??

    obviously shady records would be the best one doe….

  • fuck pusha t

    the motto??? that song old as fuck. where is all the newer songs?? man i swear these awards be fixed cus how kanye got all them nominations when his last album came out 3 years ago

  • Matthew P.

    It’s fixed, Wayne won’t show up just like Kanye didn’t show up at the VMAs.

    They switch it every year.

    Wayne attended and won an award at VMAs, but Kanye didn’t, so it’s his turn at the Hip-Hop awards.

    Next year, Kanye will attend and win at the VMAs while Wayne don’t even attend, but Wayne will win everything at the Hip-Hop awards.

    Trust me and quote me. I used to work at BET.

  • Preach

    Why would Lil Wayne attend if BET are sucking up to Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music?

  • BET Lost

    how did dedication 4 not get nominated for mixtape of the year and carter 4 not get nominated for album of the year?? lmao BET lost big time, i mean who even watches their awards show anymore??

    the cyphers are only what are keeping it relevant.

  • f baby

    lol @ the motto receiving nominations but pop that didnt smh

  • Bang!

    That list was terrible.

  • love me

    good luck wayne xD

  • Ike

    dis reali not cool…Watch d throne up der nd C4 not der,nd all aba kanye whiles its been a long since he put a record.smh

  • ashley wise

    weezy wayne d carter deserves all those awards and more if he shows this time therer probably wont be a missed show again and i bet he wins for all four nominations

  • Xicano101
  • tony_montana

    None of the songs wayne’s nominated for are actually his! They’re Drakes! Lma0! Nd Yall know C4 waz wack AF! I don’t know what yall are complainin about

  • fuke


  • Realone504

    Why do ppl say that c4 was wack….I go track for track bar for bar and it’s just one wack song…and that is how to hate…but the females like that song… I still don’t get it if u take away all the songs for the females they good songs but u still have the rest of the album with great songs…can u really say that the abortion song was wack no let’s be real….a wack song consist of 2 wack vs…and a wack hook….and the only wack vs was on how to hate and the hook was wack…but like I said the females like it but at the end of the day it’s yo opinion and the album did sell 3 million + that’s alot for a so called wack album

  • Realone

    And to this day nigga still….don’t get the lasagna line from 6 foot 7 foot….OH I DON’T GET IT THIN IT’S WACK…..sit YO dumbass down smh

  • Yuuup

    Yup ur 100 percent by bar THA CARTER FOUR IS COMPLETE MURDER. literally every line is a punchline or a reference or analogie..unbelievable album ppl that say its “wack” r ignorant as fuck. It was amazing and lyrically better than tha carter fuck tha haterz..and danny Mack Maine has had a new song out with Weezy and Talib Kweli called Celebrate for a few hours now

  • weezy wee

    Carter 4 lyrically was on point, some of the beats way have not been all that..but he went hard, nd if Wayne did a cypher….lol idk,wat would happen

  • Jayr

    Kanye ugly

  • Enrique

    Weezy may not be killin music like he use too! But he’s doin what a hustler does best. Keep makin more money.! Young mula baby!! Money growin white hairs! And all haters can do is stare with envy.! Go weezy go

  • Zly

    Hustler Of The Year????
    he just been skating everyday in the pasting year

  • hope he looses all of them

    fuck wizzle ymcmb and truckfit

    shady record gonna win at the black entertainment racist shits this year and every year here after!
    racist niggers!

  • lamont

    The top ten rapper in the game
    Tech n9ne
    The game

  • Eshall

    Born to win, blssed beyond reconigition! Much love Darlin’ Here’s Hoping too. Be Well. H8ters turn into Sk8ters and roll on!

  • hey lil wayne all the club songs nd every viedio of urs s very awesome dude…..
    u can be the world no1 soon. if u do more albums

  • Jonz

    Weezy dog.. You really killing it out there. You put it out there just like it is. Keep up the hard work. And making good music thanks for D4 you murdered cashing out #3. if you don’t have D4 like it share it and download it nowwww! “she grabs my dick with 2 hands, like she about to pray for it”. That’s the sickest illest realest line. I wish I could smoke a blunt with you one day. Would pay u a milli if I had it.
    Keep giving us that great music, very much appreciate it.

  • d4 is the shit if u dont got it get it i really like to c wayne in that cypher though i know he well kill it

  • ry

    @yuuup, that songs been out for a long time idiot

  • Scott g.

    @lamont thats 11 guess u cant count, its eminem not emeniem. and from drake down u wrong besides u meek, u cannot forget t.i. dudes top ten seller in rap all time, real as fuck and lyrical beast. I dont like kayne buthe up there too, jay sucks. Tech amazing. But t.i. and kayne make it 8 so id have to say ross as well cuz he always buzzin, and lupe fiasco, but only people with at least a basic intelligence understand lupe.


    ^you are all brainwashed idiots. how can you not see what wizzle truly is? he is a murderous womanizing abuser with a drug dependence (cocaine, codiene and now apparenly mushrooms and molly, the marijuana is no big deal but if he were limited to just puffing reefer he would go through withdraws for sure) yet yall worship him like he is some kind of savior, meanwhile he is out there fucking yalz future wifes and scheming some santanists shit.
    he’s songs are clearly satan worship and his concerts and live performances are awkward to say the least.
    yall nigs and wacko wigs need to wake up and at least pig a black man with some real talent not crazy lil dwayne. if anyone deserves any props for his accomplishments its eminem and those props are overdue.
    im sick of u bullshiters promoting this bullshit, u know u just want a black man to achieve and ur racists for that and its obvious because wizzle is fucking wack if he were white and performed the way he does he would be booed of stage and probably snuffed before he could runnaway and hide in his lil wayne cave.

  • i wish him success

  • Nick

    Everybody should know by now that Award shows are fixed 90% of the time… The awards prove it. How Watch The throne gets nominated but nothing from Carter 4 is even there as competition. No current tracks either? No Lie didnt come out that long ago? My Homies Still even though people was hating on it should still be there. Also I know the lyrics havent been the same regarding these awards but how has Wayne not even made the list for lyricist of the year? And Wayne has still been performing too not on such a big scale but how is he not up for live performer of the year?

    This is also proof that Kanye West isn’t a proper rapper:

    Producer Of The Year
    J. Cole
    J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
    No I.D.
    Kanye West

    also not entirely sure why J. Cole is there to? Like his production is alright but when you put him next to the likes of the guys on that list he’s like a nobody.

  • follow the black elmo; funny tweets ahead

  • Scott g.

    @siege u dont know me. Em is the best hands down, for anyone to claim there best besides him is crazy, all time he better than big ot pac. Nearing 90 million record sales. But straight up stfu siege proof on waynr shut up, shits based off facts not you, probably some fat ass in his moms basment, aint seen sunlight un ten plus years. All up on propaganda and shit. Wayne good and em admitted it. So sit the fuck down.

  • Scott g.

    And people dont worship him, if thet do they crazy I just like the music, outside of the music idc about his clothes, shoes,moutain dew, stupid skate boarding none of that, fuck it. If anything you siege worship him, you talk about him more and know more about him than just about anyone. And he aint comin near my girl, ill jack him. Haha dudes little af.


    haha i always site when im using a computer but thanks for making an ass of urself.



  • RomanEmpire

    lol I love how blacks take pride in rapping and performing for people with real jobs when their main income is not from someone with a phD, but rather a bunch of young middle/high school boys and girls that buy tickets/music with their parents money. They are still social jesters to modern society with no potential to make any effective progress in the realworld in fields of engineering, medicine, math, or anything that would lead to the betterment of society.

  • Fuck tha list and anybody that put em up. Wayne active than kanye in the year in review. The list sucks, BET sucks, YMCMB tops. Go weezy u better than em all

  • Jonz

    @ SIEGE you can go and suck dick, get the Fuck out of this blog. Why are ppl in here if they don’t like Wayne. Go fucking blog for soldier boy you fag ass nigga. Wayne is on every song bumping in the radio. That alone tells you the guy keeps up. The guy doing his thing and picked the right market for skating. Is huge $$ the guy is smart, he don’t lie when he raps bout that money. The guy inspires people that want success.

  • lamont

    the best seller don’t mean good music…… fuck no kayne fucking suck and rick ross talk about the same shit

  • Emily

    Yyyyyaaaahhhh go waynneee i love you … Hey errrrrbody follow me on twitter at @emilydouglass75

  • Emily

    Haha now what do the haterz think!!!? Huh!!!!??



  • Trizzy

    The reason why I dnt listen to eminem is that Stupid, squeacky irritating voice of his! Lyrically he has the ability, but that voice just be shittin me #NoHOMO

  • Terry

    My Bank Account Loves Me! It Never Goes Hungry… Cuz I Keep it Full of Cash! You Can Too…Check It Out: —>!

  • LOL

    Carter 4 was pure shit. If you think that it was better than C3, C2 and C1 then your trolling. Production wise, it was nowhere near the level of WTT. Lyrics wise, slightly better than WTT but WAY below C3 C2 standards. Otis was better than 40% of the album.

  • Don

    That Would be some dope shit if YMCMB G.O.O.D. Music MMG and SlaughterHouse do the cypher definetly want to see Wayne in a cypher thats something i have been waitin for for the longest hope he does one has he done one? If he does one its probably gone be the best Cypher ever

  • Quoia

    ++Can We Vote For The 2012 Hip Hop Awards Because I been Looking It Up But I Dnt See Where It Says Vote