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Lil Wayne Performs “No Worries” & “Pop That” At Beats Party, Release Date For His Headphones

Tue, Sep 11, 2012 by

As you know, Beats By Dre headphones hosted a party for Lil Wayne on September 6th at Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles, California to celebrate the launch of Wayne‘s new Beats Pro line.

During the event, Weezy F Baby performed live with Boo, DJ Scoob Doo, Detail, DJ Drama and DJ Stevie J. You can watch some front row footage of Tunechi performing “No Worries” in the video above and “Pop That” in the clip after the jump below, which also shows him giving out 50 free pairs of his cherry red Beats!

I know a lot of you have been wondering when you will be able to purchase Tune‘s Beats By Dre headphones, well according to RapFix, they will go on sale for a limited amount of time in the middle of next month (October). Don’t worry if you miss the chance to purchase a pair though, because Beats will debut another set of Weezy headphones around the same time in a red and black color scheme that will be available for purchase from other retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

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  • r


  • casto




  • fuck around wit dem fuck-arounds

    cant wait to cop those weezy beats but why the release next month and not today ??

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    hahahahaha who is that guy on Tune’s right hand side right near the end of the video!!!!?????? Just for that dance move that guy is a freeekin legend!!!!!

  • benge

    what tha fuck was scooby doo and boo doing lmfao



  • Weezy Eff

    If the headphones are a good price and not over-priced, then I will buy a pair. I bet they will be like $600 doe 🙁

  • pusha t

    i spotted derick g filming….

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  • tune

    They would have looked better black

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  • tony_montana

    @Leggooo that is the most inaccurate statement ever! Its not even in the top 50,its a nice song,but naaaah dawg!!!

  • Untillmyfaceturnpurple

    I bet that the publication date of the headphones is also pushed back 😉

  • lol

    this song isnt in his top 200

  • SA-LilTunechi

    Is it just me or did Lil Weezy diss Pusha T n Jay-Z on ‘Wish you Would’#d4!@Jay-Z he says,’Kidnap ur bitch,fuk her n still kill her’#dope continues 4rm da ‘Its Good’ diss line,’kidnap ur bitch,get it hw u love ur lady money’,@Pusha-T he says I wish u would say a name lol,since Pusha denied dat exodus was aimed @ Wayne,Wayne released Goulish which was wack,”a human reaction”,bt I think Wayne wuld murder them if they said his name,apart 4rm dose new rappers disses Wayne 2 get noticed,attention n abit of fame(eg.Pusha-T,Chief Keef,etc),no fuking ‘so-called legendary’ rappers have called him out!#When he leaning on da purp,smoking hella kush he be like a beast unleashed,hatrz knw its truth…#YMCMB#TRUKFIT#RichGang#

  • Yuuup

    At the end of I wish you would..he says…..We on that good nigga, we aint no GOOD niggas, you niggas stand under me, Understood nigga? Thats just tellin pusha t to stfu…but I love weezy but im not bias either. Pusha T exodus was fuckin fire..the flow of that song killed it. And right after he released it he said it was bout wayne..

  • @snuffuls

    Coping my lil sis and I a pair of weezy beats…fa day luv of tune …

  • Enrique

    Rem when wayne said i anit CPR i anit bringing they life back!! That was wayne meanin he anit dissin no one so they can get they fame!! Raper eatter!


    i puts the hurt on muthafukas.

  • wish you would

    I think lil Wayne also disses kanye : fake ass bitch ass you faker than yo bitch ass

  • Nick

    Is getting both a lil too much? Coz I just want those cherry red pair because they limited and then I’ll buy the other pair whenever.

  • wayne is now one of the badddeest,the illest,sensational rappers alive now…..and with his new business line i think hes gonna make it
    ..never gon fade

  • erick

    @ yuuup he also disses kanye before that. he says “fake ass bitch ass you faker then your bitch ass” and we all know kim has a fake ass haha