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Lil Wayne Shows Off & Speaks On His SUPRA Shoe Line Called “Chimera” [Video]

Thu, Sep 13, 2012 by

While at the 2012 Magic Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 20th, Lil Wayne showed off his new SUPRA shoe line that he has called “Chimera“.

Weezy also spoke with MTV at the event about his own line of sneakers with SUPRA, where the name “Chimera” comes from, how he balances his music and fashion businesses, the meaning behind his TRUKFIT clothing line, if he thought TRUKFIT would be as successful as it is, his own personal style and why he dresses the way he does.

What are your thoughts on the footwear design and will you be purchasing a pair when they are released on May 1st, 2013 ❓

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  • GDMalitia

    ugh lol go head tho! do the damn thing!

  • GDMalitia

    o ya. 1st.

  • GDMalitia


  • bye

    those. look. so. horrible

  • Ria

    Too similar to the Yeezys and they look cheap AF!

  • Spitta

    I’ll be queing up and buying a pair for sure 🙂

  • blood up slime

    what kinda of name is CHIMERA lmfao….so dumb

  • Jhori Leonard

    Omg words cant describe how much I love you Wayne!! You brighten up my day when everything else is going wrong!!! I am a true 14 year old fan. I LOVE you sweetheart 🙂

  • Young Money Anthem

    Lil Wayne used to have swag on a zillion, now he don’t =[

  • ovoxo

    On September 13, 2012 at 12:35 am Jhori Leonard responded with…
    Omg words cant describe how much I love you Wayne!! You brighten up my day when everything else is going wrong!!! I am a true 14 year old fan. I LOVE you sweetheart



  • ovoxo

    ps i am not feeling these supras either 🙁 i wont be copping a pair….and why is the release date a year away when they are ready ??

  • @blood up slime

    On September 13, 2012 at 12:35 am blood up slime responded with…
    what kinda of name is CHIMERA lmfao….so dumb


    If you watch the video you will know why they came up with that name, it’s 3 different animals in one WHICH IS WHAT WAYNE IS = A BEAST

    Idiot and I bet you a fake banger so “blood up slime”

  • D3st0y



  • bawse

    no style or “swag”, but i still might buy

  • molasses jones

    Nice to see Weezy doing something different. And not blunted out. Check my link.. for THIS MUSIC!!!

  • Harlem

    I’d rather wear Yeezys

  • Emily

    Good just dwayne keep goin on and makin

  • Emily

    Lil wayne is the best and always will be just cause his style a little different doesnt mean he is (: i love weezy

  • excuse me

    this means wayne gonna start shouting out “chimera” in every verse now 🙁 🙁


    i burped…

  • 4peat

    I wonder how long he’s gonna keep wearing these garbage outfits… I hope he gets tired of it soon cos its hard to take him seriously when he’s dressed like a kid.

  • Nielsen

    He said Chimera wrong.

  • James

    Those shoes look sick can’t wait to buy a few pairs 😛 !!!!! Ahh awesome

  • tunechii
  • Tony Montana

    @excuse me LOL damn right

  • ym_corey

    Those shoes are fucking ugly man… Tune you coulda just got a regular supra shoe and styled off that smh… Best Rapper ever but ugly shoe

  • d4

    agree with ym corey most UGLYYYY SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i’ve ever seen. pauze.

  • superlabel

    just no.

  • tune

    today is my birthday!!!!!!!

  • Drunk

    Why not call them “Tunechi’s” instead of a gay name like “Chimera’s”.

  • $sunrise$

    not really my type of shoes…..should of gone with something similar to tyga’s t-rawwws



  • tune

    shoes don’t look so great?

  • Cher

    omg i love you Wayne! i would love to pre-order some chimeras for my brothers and nephews. i dont really do sneaks. o.O

  • tune

    hey danny you might want to check this out

    lil wayne is suing quincy jones

  • tunechi baby

    kuchi cooo baby tune
    sellin shoes we;ll find out soon
    whose a fool
    suck dick for truckfit
    young mula baby!
    d4 HOE!

    im now just as good as tHA bEsT RaPpErAlIvE
    ps. dont u just love how niggers and their words have changed muzik?

  • dank

    @truckfit those shoes aren’t made for skaters.

    No skater would wear shoes that sit that high above the heel. Even shit as basic as an Ollie and kick flip would be way more difficult and uncomfortable with some rediculous sized shoes like… no ankle movement.

  • Meggy.f.bby

    keep doin ya thang dwayne. you could give a fuck less what ppl say. I respect that. Y’all hating on his shit but guess who is gettin mullah of it not y’all. I like why he made the trukfit clothing line it gotta meeting to it a feeling. And as far as the chimeras go they bad af! I’ll be getting some. I like the name it has meaning as well people so dumb I swear. I like his style I respect it cause he ain’t tryna be like nobody else he doin his own thing his own style. love me some weezy baby

  • Shoes are wack. Weezys talking more illuminati shit when he mentions lions, serpents, and goats in the same sentence

  • I Love the Chimera’s

    I wil DEFFINETLY be copping a pair of these i already own a pair of supras an i love em and i love lil wayne no homo so put those together thats MUCH LOVE i wann’em pretty bad they are SICK A.F. but what makes me mad and what i dont understand is why dont they come out like around christmas because for one there would be alot of purchases then (like there isnt already going to be) like more than there already will be which is insane if ya ask me, Weezy is gettin dat money!!!!!!!!! i wanna cop my pair AS SOON AS THEY DROP an are on the market (: but which ones do u like more the white an red ones or the all black ones i cant decide…./:

  • TaebTaeAlwayz

    Love it..Trukfit and Chimeras…its Weezy’s swagg and he stay fresh to death I love his swagg.Weezy doin his thang fasho. I will definitely be rocking a pair of doz Chimeras and my kids too..Na who mad?

  • Greg P

    I love the Chimeras! They should come out around Christmas though…I’m def getting a pair!

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  • K

    He pronounced “chimera” wrong. The chi part rhymes with tie, buy or fly.

  • ER

    I think the shoes look pretty fly and i plan to get a pair when they come out but i just wanna know what they cost

  • rj

    those purple drank shoes and the weed shoes are the most fucking awesome shoes i have ever seen! i am so getting a pair of weed and drank shoes