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Lil Wayne Reveals Why He Partnered With SUPRA For His Own Shoe Line x Sneak Peek Of “DEWeezy” Commercial

Tue, Aug 21, 2012 by

Lil Wayne debuted his TRUKFIT clothing line and SUPRA skate shoes collection at the annual Magic Convention yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada. MTV managed to get an interview with Weezy at the event to talk about why he decided to partner with SUPRA for his own shoe line.

“I was just rocking ’em when I was skating and stuff and when I got real cool with the homey Stevie Williams, it was like a plug from him. It was just a mutual respect on each end so it was just bound to happen.”

“I look at the reality and the facts of it, like I been rocking this shoe before I even knew what it was. So for me to start skating and for these shoe lines to start coming at me like, ‘Hey, we wanna give you your own skate shoe,’ it was only right for me to mess with the people I been messing with even before they were a skate shoe.”

The SUPRA shoes that Tune designed were originally supposed to drop in early 2013, but they will now be released in stores on May 1st, 2013.

In other Wayne news, hit the jump to watch a sneak peek of his “DEWeezy” commercial that he shot on Friday with Chris Robinson.

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  • Jose003


  • WeezyKB24


  • mook

    First y’all haters u fell me Team Wayne I’m not Wayne a.k.a young nucho

  • s0ul

    fuck these videos of wayne talkin about bullshit

    we want videos of him talkin about dedication 4 dany

  • future

    i fucks with supras, i will definitely be coppin these when they get released

  • Weezy Eff

    Oh look….another skateboarding post on LWHQ 🙁

    Supra shoes – based on skateboarding
    Deweezy commercial – has a skateboard in his hands


  • young carter

    fuck trukfit
    fuck skateboarding
    fuck supra
    fuck deweezy
    fuck mountain dew
    fuck interviews that ask wayne about other things other than his music

    we only care about dedication 444444444


    i hope weezy got a beat like ” fuck the other side” on D3 that beat as BEAST

  • Batboy

    didnt wayne say we gettin d4 this week or next

  • Go check out my music now !!!!!

  • Remix baabbyyyy

    He should of gone with VANS

  • Wizzle Mang

    fuck vans

  • gay

  • Emperor316

    Y’all crap for spiting dat shit out on wayne,we need d4 but u hav 2 knw dat wayne is wayne and hez real,EMPEROR316

  • JDRAKE63


  • Gudda Gudda just Said on FB D4 being released tomorrow. Let’s hope that shits true.

  • 3Peat

    Just listened to d3 and it’s just made me realise we will never hear that Wayne again, weezy is gone, I still fuck with tunechi thoughhh

  • LilGreen


  • Zackery

    These shoes better not cost like 2,000 dollars.

  • ….

    for those who say they want Drought 3 Wayne yall should listen to Busta Rhymes’s new song “Pressure”.


    Dedication 4 comin out tomarrow do gudda gudda says ..

  • wazaFlyStealth

    when lil wayne was sippin syrup his voice was lyk a nigga voice since he stoped his voice has been so bitchy
    Carter 3 voice=nigga voice
    Carter 4 voice=bitchy voice

  • hey I Need Help Sumbody Plze Tell Me A Vidoe Song Wich Lil Wayne Dancing. I Want To Download It Den Copy His Dancing…Cuz Um A Diehard Fan Of Tunechi

  • Nick

    Just putting it out there for all of you complaining about Supra having shit to do with skating Wayne been rockin’ Supra’s for ages now not just since he started skating. also can somebody confirm if those Red Beats he got at that Interview are his beats or just a pair of beats??? Dedication 4 tomorrow? That sounds promising hope GG ain’t bullshitting us

    • That is not Gudda’s official Facebook page.

      And yes them Beats are Wayne’s own custom ones that are called Cherry Beats.

  • Nick

    Also I don’t care how much this shoe gonna cost I will buy them. wonder how much Wayne gonna get from sales though?

  • jared7722

    Just please stop wayne, Im telling as a fan of your music, skating isnt a good look..

  • RomanEmpire

    LOL Who why is Wayne just talking about irrelevant crap including skate shoes? Who cares about shoes, if you wore them, or when you wore them, you sound like my little sister and all her friends….same level. Get to the music, you know…the only reason we like you as fans? Keep your hobbies to yourself because we don’t care.

    If Lebron James started bowling in his spare time, it would be stupid for him to quit basketball, make a bowling shoe line, and just talk about bowling in interviews 24/7, no one would care or respect him anymore.

    We all know what this is about Wayne, you are literally just copying Odd Future and are trying to steal their swag. Find yourself, you are a grown ass man, find yourself!

  • SID

    lets face it d4 won’t drop this week maybe not next week either,, so lets stop asking about it..

  • Everybody follow my new twitter account

  • WTF

    He been gave yaw news on D4 STFU askin

  • Carter0512

    We are here for his MUSIC not fucking skating!

  • noLIE

    I dont know why yall are pushing this D4..your setting him up for failure..wayne said himself that it wasnt even finished and yall are wanting quality music on this mixtape but how if u want it done in three days..i wouldnt mind if he waited a couple weeks to make d4 a classic

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    people shut up and stop complaining about Danny posting weezy related shit. So what its not his music, this is a fan site meaning ANYTHING WEEZY.

    Respect Danny for keeping this site as updated as it is. Danny posts updates AS SOON AS THEY HIT THE STREETS.

    Respect this site, it brings me, as well as many others the top news with Weezy as soon as shit drops..

    Yeah I want D4 too, but until then Danny is going to keep us updated with any material that is related to weezy.. Keep doing you, danny. This is my go-to site, dont change a thing, dont listen to these hunnybun ass niggas

  • @Danny M wtf Its Official Page Gudda Gudda…

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  • jay prod

    I’d love to buy some of these swag clothes , but it didn’t arrive in europe yet , by the way could you wayniacs check out a little freeverse we spitted on a classic hip hop beat , it takes a minute of your life and means a lot to me

  • rolliwayne

    happy b Day weezy F. Keep doing ur thing man and I love u so much……….YMCMB for Life……Believe that.

  • Yeah

    Hey! Mike,its lik am gon kick ur ass at last.y all these naff shits? I wont judge u nw bt i gat just a dope track 4 u.listen to “RAP CEMETARY” and fear when u hear WAYNE.bull ya