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Lil Wayne Surpasses Elvis Presley As The Male With Most “Hot 100” Appearances

Thu, Sep 27, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Surpasses Elvis Presley As The Male With Most Hot 100 Appearances

Last week, we reported that Lil Wayne was tied with Elvis Presley on Billboard’s Hot 100 after Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” single featuring Weezy F Baby and 2 Chainz debuted at No. 71 on the chart. Today, Game’s “Celebration” single featuring Wayne, Tyga, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa debuted on the chart at No. 82. So this means Tunechi has now surpassed the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll as the male with the most appearances on Hot 100.

Lil Wayne has appeared on the Billboard chart 109 times (42 solo and 67 featured) whilst Elvis has appeared 108 times. I’m pretty sure Tune will have plenty more entires on Hot 100 during the rest of his career too, which is crazy.

Congratulations on the accomplishment Weezy

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  • Nick

    And on Wayne’s birthday….

  • mike_mikky

    congrats to my man weezy f baby

  • Tony Montana

    yea and fuck Nigeria

  • TrukUrLif

    congrat 2my real nigga who work hard every damn time!

  • :/

    Elvis lost

    He only got so many song on the chart cause he dead anyway


  • Lena.

    Congrats Weezy 😀 And congrats to all of you, nobody said “first” and its just awesome <3

  • Fan

    Is that photo showing weezy reaction to finding out he over took elvis? Hahahahaaa

  • smart

    well done wayne/weezy/tuneche

  • Big Wayne

    Little Wayne > Elvis Freshley > Elvis Presley

    U mad?

  • what’s an Elvis?

    never heard of this Elvis dude…’s all about weezy f!


    LOL @ these comments.

    So I’m guessing you all think Lil Wayne can play the guitar better than the KING OF ROCK N ROLL ? SMFH

  • suzii

    what a way to celebrate your birthday by beating elvis presley

  • Meltunechi

    Super awesome……@Tony montana: emm why the “fuck Nigeria” ????

  • Nino

    Hes da best nd hes a jolly good fellow dat no1 kan deny…

  • Tony Montana

    Caus there is too many fellow here saying Nigeria this and that and it’s as irrelevant as Weezy skating

  • Stretch

    It seems like niggas wanna hate more wen it’s sumbodys birthday. I swear if I knew tony Montana I Wuld make it his worst day. If he is a he cuz to me he’s a bitch. Dat ain’t shit . If he said all dis to waynes face dere Wuld be an unloaded clip. Damn now how u feel. I got niggas dat Wuld make u miss a meal. Cookin ur ass up on da grill. Tiny montana. Wats ur crew cuz I Wuld bling blaow blam em. Sneek up nd take ur life like I’m a muthafuckin phantom. U prolly sayin rite now damn him. Who dat nigga stretch I think he mite ram him.

  • i fuck wif stretch

    @stretch tony montana’s just a dumb-ass nigga, who dint get enough breast milk frm his mum…punk-ass bitch

  • lawl

    tony montana respect everyone uneducated kid

  • tune

    hey danny do you think that lil wayne will push i am not a human being 2 again?

  • Stretch

    I juss tell it how it is u feel mee.

  • 9mm

    @tony montana…fu*k ur country,state,hood,family nd dat pu**y u droped frm 4 sayin shit bout my country….fuck D day ur popz droped u as semen n ur mamaz pu**y!

  • who cares that wayne is much better than all that guys and he will go up on da number 1

  • adeshola

    Congrats Carter Jr !

  • DIE

    Who is this fuckin’ ELVIS; is he fuckin’ more crazy then tune or he bigger G then tune WTF never heard about this dude and anyway TUNE NO 1 for life noone can surpass him; I am not human being 2 sure gotta 2-3 on HOT 100

  • YMCMTunechi

    Kip it up the damn same tune,all d way 4rm Naija

  • Tony Montana

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  • Tony Montana

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  • Tony Montana

    youtube + Lil Wayne girl pants @HoodRavenEnt

  • Stretch

    Stfu u bitch ass fag. To let you know dese comments u made juss made u look like a bitch.

  • Eni

    Weeze number 1..

  • Boss

    Go go go Weezy get them tha Rapper eater aint no competition YMCMB 4 years, @Tinny b*tch Frank Ocean Montana respect others don’t show us what a fool you are we don’t know you so give a good image of yourself & family.

  • Tony Montana

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  • Eshall


  • 401falyfe

    y are u actin like a child really this aint ya web page so y dont u take pathetic ass n kick rock betta yet grow tha fucc up cuz u is act real childish like



  • FuckLilWayneAndEveryOneWhoLikesHim

    Pleaze pussies… Its not like wayne did dis shit all by himself like elvis did, dis nigga got help.. Half of da trax were features, don’t be on dis nigga’s dick like he wanna fux withyu..”Now get off my dick I aint fucking witcya”-swag surfin.. Elvis is king

  • Keyon

    Every1 knew this would happen