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Release Date For The Second Single Off Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album!

Sun, Sep 2, 2012 by

Release Date For The Second Single Off Lil Waynes Upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II Album

According to Lil Wayne‘s best friend and manager, Cortez Bryant, the second single off Weezy‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album will drop tomorrow on Dedication 4.

“In a giving mood today Since I pushed back D4 For #teamtunechi fans I’m going to release the next single for IANAHB2 on D4 tomorrow!!” – Tez

I’m pretty shocked at this decision, because normally a single would be released on iTunes so that us fans can purchase it and support Wayne, not put out on a mixtape for free. Unless they plan on putting DJ Drama’s tags all over the single or just dropping a snippet, so that the CDQ version can be bought on iTunes at a later date. Anyways, this is still great news and has got me even more hyped for tomorrow!

Check back on tomorrow at around 4PM EST to download the fourth installment of Dedication 4. Tune‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album currently does not have a release date, but you can watch the music video for the first single here.

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    bullshit, lies


    expect at least 2 push backs, and a bunch of bullshit lies from wizzle before the next single even drops

  • yashveer

    F*ck yeah! 24 more hours for d4!!! 24 hours for the new single!!! This aint gna b a blue monday after all!!! And I’m first in this bit*h! Tunechi


    get ur face straight u crazy nigger

  • Dewayne

    Third Wezzy

  • yashveer

    @ the infamous siege when your mama saw ur ugly bit*h ass face she wanted 2 push u back in her fukn womb! 2mw will b the day that u shut the f*ck up!

  • Everybody follow my new twitter account @liltunechi_2

  • alex

    Hell yeah thank you tez tomorrow is gonna be the shit good food for labor day with D4 and a new single

  • Delisha

    Wooooop can’t wait now !!! @delishacarter_x

  • Banned From TV

    I have no faith in IANAHB2 right now … I will only be excited if the single sounds good.

  • Hec_YEAH

    Does anyone
    Know what website to download dedication 4 straight from my iPhone tomorrow?????????????

  • gigii

    two words you never hear, wayne quit


  • Etiennechi


    Download the livemixtapes app!
    You can listen and download all the latest mixtapes on your iphone

  • B

    or its a convenient excuse to record 1 less track on the mixtape and go skate..but cool, i guess.

    if the mixtape has 15 with it added..okay fine, thank u, but if u got like 11 and this is the 12th, that doesn’t make sense…as long as its a bonus track.

  • Hec_YEAH

    Thanks bro!!!

  • “normally a single would be released on iTunes so that us fans can purchase it and support Wayne”. he already has enough money to live, he ain’t a beginner to support him, come on nigga, give a better reason

  • weezy f

    cant wait

  • kane

    D4 !!!

  • Wolfganag666

    Bullshit it’s gonna get push back like all the other stuff he has work on r we gonna get a sorry 4 the wait 2 smh


    I bet Drake or Cory Gunz is featured on the single

  • leyz

    really excited for tomorrow now. this gonna be mixtape of the year by far

  • I don’t care how they wanna go about this, as long as we get some new shit.



  • Etiennechi

    Hope there’s something to smoke to on the tape, like I’m Single on No Ceilings!

  • weezy f

    yeahhh we want hits like im single and no ceilings shitttt

  • d4 hoe

    cant wait for dedication 4 its gonna be crazy, i can feel it already, just another 24 hours

  • 2009

    @ DANNY M

    Danny Do you know if D4 will have AutoTune in it ???

  • noLIE

    yall need to think before u ask these question u honestly think dannys gona know if he uses autotune or not? unless he lives with wayne im pretty sure he hasnt heard it like any of us

  • Fucks with tune

    My homies still was dope Af d4 will be dope Af the single will be dope Af and ianahb2 will be dope Af so everyone chill da fuckk out

  • Nick

    Agree with Danny we only getting 1 minute 30 max of this single. Don’t care how rich Wayne is already any hip-hop artist regardless of they are will always find a way to make money. Still hyped though. D4 and a IANAHB 2 preview. Still doesn’t take Tez out the bad books though.

  • Slim

    Any news on the actual track list Danny ??

    • Weezy never drops the tracklisting for his mixtapes, so I don’t think we will be getting one before 4PM tomorrow!

  • @DANN M

    @ DANNY M

    Tracklist danny M ?????

  • YunG based god

    there is no possible way this single can be worse than my homies still. but then again, we are dealing with post jail wayne.. i ain’t gonna front im gonna download d4 i still have some hope for wayne. but i’m not too hyped because i don’t wanna get disappointed.

  • Spider Man

    this single is gona get pushed back

  • alex

    @Danny M will the IANAHB single be on the mixtape or are they releasing it alongside D4??

    • It will be on the mixtape.

  • Fuck stuPid SIEGE,whY dnt you assasinate ya dirty.,by quiting riding on weezy’s fucking dick?

    D4?,Cant W8!.:-D

  • Naszing

    Yaya releasing that track aint gunna make tha fact that u delayed d4 for no reason better..jus release that damn mixtape already!

  • GUNZ

    I bet u anything the new single is called “Terrorist” by Lil wayne and Corey Gunz

  • liltune

    the single features tyler the creator…

  • ESTin1994

    What if the mixtape isnt free…. That would explain the whole second pushback


    i bet the single is called satan worship and every ho annieboy fan is gonna listen to it over and over then beg weezy fizzle for some more fagshit fuckfit

  • Don Lasatola

    No more push backs I believe him and I know the mixtape would sound good big time middle finger for all you haters

  • weezy f

    haters cant see me, nose bleed seats.. d4 all day everyday 4ever

  • alex

    @Danny M so is it the full single or just a snippet and do you have an idea if anyone will be featured on it

  • tholc21

    The single is “Terrorist” feat. Cory Gunz.

  • GUNZ

    Yup thats what i said terrorist wit corey gunz shit is supposed to be fuckin nuts

  • Sushi Baby

    sushi sushi sushi
    i dont love them hoeeesssss
    lyricism at its finest

  • Tuna Roll

    i cant remember the last time i called wayne weezy. he don’t even call himself that anymore. and i strongly refuse to call him “tunechi” *shudders*

  • Lyric

    why is everyone so excited for dedication 4? it’s hosted by dj drama he ruins all his mix tapes with his annoying ass tags and shout outs and all that bullshit. i really hope a no dj version will come out but probably not. i’m still looking for a no dj version of dream chasers 2 to this day and no luck. dj drama is whack as fuck

  • noLIE

    i think the single is with tyler the creator..wayne just tweeted ofwgkta unless they featured on d4

  • its gone be fire whoever on it

  • Wayne Lost It

    wayne is going to hell

  • Banned From TV

    @ Lyric

    you sound like a fake Wayne fan.

    DJ Drama has always been on the Dedication tapes, its a Gangsta Grillz mixtape as well as a CMB tape. Wayne can’t do it without Drama. Or its official.

    and how does he ruin them ?

  • lil wAyne

    it better be good

  • f

    I Just Got word that J.Cole is on d4 d4 gonna be the shitttttttttttt

  • That Kid

    Fuck Tez

  • Nepali babu

    give me dat D4

  • Dedicaation 4!!!

  • Lyric

    @Banned From TV cuz he always rambles when the songs start and sometimes rewinds them and annoying shit like that. i wanna hear wayne rap im not at all interested in what dj drama has to say. my point will be proved tomorrow while you’re listening to the mixtape

  • What Rick Ross says

    Rick Ross’ two noises on his songs “UGH” and “WOOOOOOOOOOOOP”

    Okay but I’m seriously mad pumped for D4. Stop speculating on the mixtape, you haven’t heard it. Let’s just enjoy this classic Wayne moment as he’s dropping ANOTHER mixtape #legendstatus

  • RomanEmpire

    All I gotta say is D4 and this single both better be good or im done with this nigger. He has taken me on too far a ride to let me down with his crazy nigger ass one more time

  • Banned From TV

    ^^^ stop calling him a nigger.

    You can’t be a fan of him but call him racist names. That don’t make sense.

  • But, yeah.

    I think the Cole feature on Dedication 4 might be the single… ?

  • Oh and

    Yeah I’m guessin its Tyler the Creator or Cole for the single…

  • Eshall

    YAY Wayne excited to hear D4. Thank You from your fans…

  • Chris Robinson

    I just got D4 and im telling you its FIRE Wayne killed. I just listened to it because my friend is friends with his daugther.

  • my homies still is dooooooooooope!

  • my homies still is dooooooooooope! Fuck ur stinking perceptions.

  • dkdkd

    I’m preparing myself for a “D4 Pushed Back Again *Dumb Excuse Like Wayne fell off his skateboard today so we’re pushing it back another week*.” Okay maybe not, but wouldn’t surprise me if something happened again

  • Brett

    I already have I’m not a human being ll haha

  • ronnie


  • human

    How did u get ianahb 11 Brett???

  • FGM_Flow

    I be on that D4 beleedat blood…it fina be BRRRAAAZY! & Wayne got me on that IANAHB 2. Flame Gang Flow. Im the newest on YMCMB. Chekk me out on Youtube blood.

    Soowoo if you bangin’ mothafcka

  • FGM_Flow

    I be on that D4 beleedat blood…it fina be BRRRAAAZY! & Wayne got me on that IANAHB 2. Flame Gang Flow. Im the newest on YMCMB. Chekk me out on Youtube blood.

  • tony_montana

    If someone says they’ve got IANAHB2 or D4 or what ever and you believe them…you’re PHUQEN STUPID I swear!!….anyway 0nly a few more hours to D4,and I cannot phuqen wait! #d4biiiitch

  • Nepali babu

    why is this fuckin time movin slow…D4..weezy

  • K Dawg

    yea i think tyler the creator is on the single cuz wayne tweeted “ofwgkta” earlier

  • Edstar

    Why time will D4 come out in Australia?

  • RFlow

    Real talk im listening to all the dedications! Im ready for this! Wayne is the best rapper alive! Hands down! when you put that work in you can be whatever you want to be called

  • Edstar

    Soz guys, *what time

  • ronnie

    noo shit @edstar there 16 hours behind catch up niggas

  • check out Weezy fucking baby twitter D4->DEC4

  • ronnie

    @edstar will get at at 6 – 7 in the morning

  • Damn it’s the 3rd already in South Africa but ima have to wait till like 8-9 tonight to download D4. Shit!!! Nigga can’t wait anymore, Wayne right now I wouldn’t mind you leaking that damn tape!

  • WTF in CHINA now itz 6:40 PM 3rd I gotta wake up untill 12

  • Restless

    9Hr 35min left

  • Edstar

    @ronnie thanks man!

  • dumbass

    He cant charge for the mixtape because he raps on other ppl beats unless he want it to get banned because of copyright lass –

  • Wtf

    wat time is it nww???

  • wayne fan

    in romania is now 3.04 pm,how much time do i have to wait?please someone tell me

  • clinty f baby

    I feel u Dillon my nigga I’m in SA fuck u nd ur tym difference is wats ringing in my head ryt now…D4!!

  • weEzY wee!

    Yep its Tyler da Creator yeah!

  • D4 biaaaaaaatch

  • I heard lil wayne rapped ova mercy beat.damn I cnt wait 2 hear that shit

  • To @Wayne Fan, you would have to wait until about almost 10pm Romanian time.

  • a

    1 hour left

  • daReal214

    I just can’t wait to smoke and jam out to that Cashin Out freestyle!

  • NOT siege

    all i do is wait for little wayne garbage to come out. forget about one life to live and shit i’d rather sit here and wait for a download link then when i get it i can sit here and listen to the MuZiKKK

  • ineye gabriel

    before i say anything about D4 , i better hear it with my own ears . this is wayne last chance to prove that he still got it or else he will belong to where he suppose to be a long time ago. the toilets……………

  • U can talk all u want bhu dat wont fast 4ward da tym…nigga jus let dat breath,chill n D4 wil kum 2yah wen da tym is ayt…play sum gamez,Pop ua chick or sum…phuck we all want so chill nigga…#D4

  • OctoDoc

    RAWSEEEEEEE…push it to the limit

    i heard theres a song with bieber, drake, and carly rae jepsen…hottest joint to close out the summer

  • cmon danny whhhyyyyyyy

  • fuk ineye and anybody who loves him.Suck a nigga dick for some TRUKFIT.its TRUKFIT by the truck load biaaaaaaatch

  • HELP!!!

    @DANNY M

    DANNY see if the USA people get it at 4 well can they not put it on youtube then we UK people will hear it the now aswell lol

  • tunechi_lee

    First of fuck siege wit a elephants dick lmao ……dedication 4 on da way 5 more hrs hell yea fuckin right!!!””

  • Nate B.

    To be honest I didn’t even like the first single off the album. The beat was nice but the flow from them both were egh. Sean sounds repetitive and he hasn’t even been out long. Wayne…well, we all have our ups and downs about this guys music. I’m hoping the D4 proves he can still do that. The fact the he said the I Am Not A Human Being is done, makes me think it’s not his best again. We will just have to see.

  • Biz

    @help na mate it won’t make a difference 4 there is the same as around 9pm ish here so ur just gonna have to be patient lool make or break time for a hole lotta fans it sounds like

  • Biz

    Any one kno if hot 97 s track list for d4 is legit can’t see him wasting a song with eminem for a mix tape surely that’s an album joint right ?

  • tony_montana

    @help!!! U’ stupid…@biz word…#D4

  • That’s great news to read about and I just wanna comment about pussy t, he targeted wayne and drake to get more recognition but wayne please next time make a nigga wanna quit rap man please! We team ymcmb south africa

  • Biz

    I just hope there’s limited/no skateboarding/truckfit lines an theres only so meny ways u can eat a pussy lol Im hoping for a track like stunting on d3 cos him an drake was or Somthing like the dedication song as well cos all we’ve had lately is words like numb cum and thumb or him screaming truck fit I jus hope he realised pleasure and bussiness don’t go together ( never mix pleasure with bussiness)

  • Biz

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater as soo meny people get branded on here for voiceing there thoughts I just dread to think what ianah is gna be if my homies still is the 1st track I cross my fingers cos he’s too good for half the features he’s put out this year jus hope he doesn’t go out as ‘lame wack ass rapper’ when he’s been one if not the best of my time

  • Wayniac

    I’m in North Africa what time will I get it? #D4 DOPEEE

  • iLLESTDopestG

    NIgga I told u all this shit gonna come DEC 4; and if before i gonna cut my DICK off


    wizzle nigger fell off his rap game. real rap nigger thats what we want. all u do is sing and suck and fall off, give us lyrics and music or die. nobody wants ur bullshit half pop half drunken nigger with no life on a record joints anymore and REALLY nobody wants ur 15 second features with recycled lines. i hope the aids kills u before c5 sees the light of day.

  • Lloyd

    D4 will drop 4pm Miami time most probably


    @tunechi_lee ignore him he just talkin shit like a retarded one cares about him anymore .fuck his life.its a fan site haters have no chance.

  • Wayniac

    @ iLLESTDopestG cut it off then, cause D4 is around the corner


    wizzle is a hater….

    wake up bitches d4 is doom for all cunts who like nappy headed dread niggas.

  • 2unechi

    J Cole is on either d4 or the 2nd single that’s suppose to drop for d4. Dj drama tweeted it. #coleworld #truktheworld #trukyogirl

  • K Dawg

    yea i think its gonna be j cole….dam i cant wait to hear dat shit! im expectin dat shit to be dope

  • Mp13

    I wanna know the tracklist man!!!!!!

  • casto

    I live in Nigeria and iz 6:17pm already i need this #D4 wayne come on man leak this shit i know that iz gonna be super dope

  • young stifler

    Im in finland what time I get it?! d4!!!!!

  • 2:20togo for countdown

  • Chili

    cole & tunechi special #D4 – DJ DRAMA ..
    cole and weezy on 2nd single lol 🙂

  • jonoromoononono

    Just so ya’ll know…. Its Keisha COLE not J.Cole….. Wish I was wrong, but sorry folks……

  • Flystealth

    Not long 2 go now 2 HOURS LEFT

    From London btw!!

    Weeezy flystealth


  • vodafon

    its not yet 4 pm in US?

  • Acilio

    Only more 2 hours =]

  • young stifler

    2 hours what?!

  • Onsomeothershit

    1 hour and some change #d4

  • Weezyhater

    As much as I hate tunchi … He is the best rapper alive! He too vicious for nighas like fat joe ! Only nighas up there on (Mt. CAN’T FUCK WIT ME) is j cole. Nas . Busta bust . Em Nd drake. Kay z can’t fuckn rap all he do is rhyme!

  • realniggawassup


  • dapobaba

    @Casto, drops 9:00pm West African Time

  • Not finna happn

    Wayne will never fall off.. Except that dam skateboard

  • tune

    cant wait for the d4

  • Young_Mulla

    Only 1.5 hours left!! #LetsGoTune!! #D4

  • @jonoromoononono
    Where did you hear that or find that out ?

  • Weezy fan

    3:00 PM in US right now. Only 1 hour left.

  • realniggawassup

    man fuck this niggaz

  • Lord lushous

    Yo mack just put the tracklist on teitter

  • tony_montana

    Mack just posted the tracklist on twitter,that shit got me tripping I swear,now I really can’t wait for D4

  • tony_montana

    Mack just posted the tracklist on twitter,to be honest its not that exciting. Still wana hear that D4 though

  • Nate B.

    In 33minutes it will drop

  • Nate B.

    I expected it to be 20+ songs like D1 and 2. It’s only 15. As long as he brings it lyrically like he did in the past I can dig it. 29min left and I shall see.

  • tune

    its gonna be 15 song with the (no lie).just hope that its gonna b good

  • Nate B.

    it’s 4p est time. my ears are open…

  • Brandon

    Is “02 – Same Damn Tune” the bonus song off of IANAHB?

  • the song on d4 that gives da single of IANAHB2 IS MA HOMIE STILL REMIX N I KNOW lil wayne rapped on it again but wit young jeezy jae mills gudda gudda n big sean