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Kendrick Lamar Brings Out Lil Wayne To Perform “No Worries” At 2012 Cali Christmas [Video]

Sat, Dec 15, 2012 by

Last night, Kendrick Lamar brought out Lil Wayne during his set at Power 106’s 2012 Cali Christmas, which took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California. Weezy F Baby came running out to perform his latest single, “No Worries“. You can watch their performance in the video above!

In other Wayne news, Parris will be shooting a music video for Tunechi‘s third single off his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album this week. The single Tune decided to go with is the one he told us about during his 30 minute interview with Sway last month – “Rich As Fuck (R.A.F)” featuring 2 Chainz.

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  • big daddy maine

    Poppin bottles with my models

  • First! Never been first
    Weezy a beast. Wayne fan forever
    YMCMB all day
    TRUKFIT in Macy’s !

  • WayneFellOff

    Go Tunechi!

  • GBE

    Killed it

    They need a song together so they can perform it together

  • Weezlefan

    Im gonna see Kendrick in February and Lil Wayne in March! Its gon’ be a great start to 2013!!

  • manuel G


  • Owen

    On December 15, 2012 at 1:09 pm WayneFellOff responded with…
    Go Tunechi!


    Your mama fell off

  • Lil Wayne still one of the illest rapper we eva witnessed dnt let that new wayne foo’ ya.. #NOWORRIES.

  • Owen

    Super hyped to hear the new single
    Please post it before Christmas

  • wale

    wayne better not let 2 chainz kill him on his own song…..would love a duffle bag boy 2

  • Yeah Yeah WEEZY 🙂 ahaha YMCMB…


    LOL Kendrick Lamar knew every word to No Worries

  • Turn On The Lights

    Turn On The Lights (Music Video) – Lil Wayne

  • Quill

    Are those shorts Trukfit

  • Drake

    When is RAF dropping ?

  • shut up meg

    kendrick lamar bringing out lil wayne at a show when they have no collaborations is soooooo random

  • molly

    Hopefully they went in the studio after this and recorded a feature together….

  • Ianahb2isdisapointing

    Wayne’s verse to r.a.f is wack as fuck 🙁

  • tdub

    REMEMBER THIS MOMENT —– Wayne just passed off the torch to Kendrick. If he can come out and perform that wack of a song in front of Kendrick Lamar who plays along nicely but is simply killing the game right now, Wayne is finished.

    Wayne is done people. After jail he dug his own grave, and now he has just buried himself.

  • Humanx

    “Fuck Lil Wendy and everyone that Loves him” Fuckin Flop!

  • Man to all you lil wayne this is a fan site .im sayn if u not feelin wayne or his music dats your opinion but dnt kum on the niggs website to talk its funny to me alotta ppl claim to not like wfb but they show find time to critique his music ..

  • DOPE

    should do a combo together

  • realone

    yall no that they song coming soon

  • wito

    @weezlefan same for me can’t fuckin wait for that 😀

    you from germany ?

  • Lmfao

    Str8 up foreigners need to be banned. Dwayne Michael Carter is an American Rapper. Get your fuckin own Legend Europe. And kendrick is str8 murdering the game. Sick ass flow. sick beats. raw and catchy songs. King Kendrick is bringin the 90s back. If Wayne put a Kendrick feature on IANAHB2 that would make the Album. That would be sooo cold

  • Banned 4rm TV

    Its funny cuz K.Dot is THE NEW BEST RAPPER ALIVE.

  • r3r33f

    Lil Wayne was actually the 1st big rapper to cosign Kendrick, you all should look back to Jay Rock and Lil Wayne making All My Life videos. Lil Wayne goes back with Kendrick since he was still underground.

  • mixitup047

    It’s not all that random for him to come out, kendrick and wayne clearly have a friendship, before kendrick got big, wayne cosigned a mixtape for him, which was kendrick re-doing tha carter 3 basically. “K-dot presents C4”

  • Dam. before Drake goes too mmg. Him and Wayne needa make a colab album one last time.

  • Oh yea nd Wayne plzz stop doing songs with 2chainz. He sucks soooo bad. He’s just terrible.

  • Lmfao

    @armando go fuck ursself..I listen to alotta real and older rap but 2 chainz is cold. Tity boi always was in playaz circle. His lyrics r meant to be funny not serious. Ppl that hate on him for being goofy or different r retarded. Hes doing it on purpose. That line from Marble Floors. Pink in my cup Im supportin Breast Cancer..thats a fuckin lil wayne line man. He says alot of cold/funny shit

  • w3ezyf

    Hey guys follow me on twitter @w3ezyf..i follow back,i live/love @liltunechi;)



  • ayy

    he just aint right no more .. everyone gota grow up eventually he really like the the best rapper that is alive cuz we never got to see if pac or big FLOPED cuz they died hes still a living legend an everyone guna remember that outa all his songs u at least vibed wit one of em .. he jus dont got no one writin his shit no more ,,

  • Really need some new music wayne!

    Weezy flystealth!

  • Tommy

    Hey danny, what’s been going on, ever since wayne had the seizures there hasn’t really been that many new posts? I’m not tryin to hate, and i think the site is great, ave appreciate the work you do on here, just wondering whats been going on.

  • KIDD

    When does r.a.f. drop

  • edwin

    I’ve been reading about a huge brawl with wayne involved backstage after his performance, anybody know more bout that?

  • edwin

    Ait thanks danny

  • addicted to mula

    I love you Wayne cartero

  • Tahir

    the crowd burst into flames when Wayne came out …i love this dude and i aint got no worries …Tunechi still the best rapper alive

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  • NagUK101

    God dam! Tunechi & Kendrick takin of!