Lil Wayne Reveals Plenty Of Details About His “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album & More

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Lil Wayne Interview With MTVs Sway

After premiering the No Worries” music video, Lil Wayne sat down with MTV’s Sway at the TRUKFIT Training Facility for a one on one interview.

During this interview, Weezy F Baby spoke on his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album – what the new release date for it is, which producers are involved, who is featured on it, what some of the songs are titled, if there will be any leftovers on the project from his previous albums, and more. Tunechi also mentioned that Kanye West will not be involved with the music on I Am Not A Human Being II, but instead he will be designing the album packaging.

Some of the other subjects Wayne and Sway touched on were: starting a sports show with Nelly, skateboarding, his style, criticism, his Young Money artists, a skateboarding crew called “Fuck Weezy’s Campaign”, plans for Thanksgiving, his children, retiring with a Tha Carter V album, going on a worldwide tour in 2013, and plenty more!

You can view the full interview in all of the clips after the jump below. I am sure you will all find this interview extremely interesting like I did, mainly because it is very rare we get this type of Tune interview. If you cannot watch the videos below, I have tried to describe exactly what Weezy is saying in them all, which you can read underneath each video.

Lil Wayne talks shooting the “No Worries” music video in Las Vegas.

Lil Wayne says his I Am Not A Human Being II album will be nothing like the “No Worries” song. He also mentions that some of the songs on the project will be leftovers from his previous albums – Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV.

Lil Wayne names the producers on his I Am Not A Human Being II album and says it is like a Tha Carter V album. He also says his very last album before he retires is going to be Tha Carter V.

Lil Wayne says he has a sports show coming out with Nelly.

Lil Wayne names some of the songs and features that will be on I Am Not A Human Being II, as well as as the lyrics on a hook he did. The Juicy J-produced tracks are called “Itchy”, “Walk”, and “Trippy Kid”. The Diplo-produced track is called “Lay It Down” and Wayne hopes to get Nicki Minaj on it. There is a track on the album called “Shit On Things” and “Bitches Love Me” featuring Future and a hook from Drake. Weezy also explained how he is really excited for the project to come out and says Kanye West did not produce any music on it, but he will be doing the album packaging.

Lil Wayne does not know which single off I Am Not A Human Being II he will be releasing next, but he will definitely be shooting a music video for a song called “Rich As Fuck (R.A.F.)” featuring 2 Chainz. He also confirmed that 2 Chainz will be on the album twice and talks on his relationship with him before music. Weezy said he would love to work with R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige in the future (even though he has already worked with them on records before).

Lil Wayne talks about his unique style, getting criticized for it, making the styrofoam cup cool, and more.

Lil Wayne talks about skateboarding and his TRUKFIT clothing line.

Lil Wayne speaks on the success of his Young Money artists.

Lil Wayne speaks on his retirement and says he is “very serious” about it. He also says in 4 years he will be a sports analyst and a skater – work in sports during the day and skate all night instead of being in the studio. Weezy also speaks on a skater crew who have started a campaign called “Fuck Weezy”.

Lil Wayne talks more on skateboarding and how he finds their world different.

Lil Wayne says he will spending Thanksgiving at his mother’s house in New Orleans with his family.

Lil Wayne confirms the new release date for I Am Not A Human Being II is February 19th, says he will be going on a worldwide tour all next year, his Young Money artists, how his kids are doing, and if he see’s himself ever settling down and getting married.

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  • Dee


  • hunter


  • Chris

    Second! He may retire, but he will come back. I can se it happening already.

  • officialmeta4

    Wayne wont ever die

    all i had to hear was part 5 of the classic carter is on its way

  • Call Me KRY BABY

    SWAY is dumb as fuck

    TERRORIST has not leaked !!

  • this sucks

    so we only have 4 years maximum and 2 albums left before wayne retires 🙁 🙁 🙁

    i am not a human being 2
    tha carter 5


  • KTT

    Word! Kanye West designed the album cover =o

  • pluto is album of the year

    loooollll @ future being on this album





  • bart simpson

    tuneche is so humble….

  • Hollaaaa

    We all know IANAHB2 will get pushed back to summer next year lol.

    I’m looking forward to that tour though.

  • YoungGod RigoRigo


  • boomm

    No he said before he signed a 5 album contract ryt!

  • smfh!!!

    2 chainz on 2 tracks?? wtf wayne this album sounds like it gonna be full of features smfh…..leave that feature shit for dj khaled or french montana…..unless you making it a double disc ya diggg

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    I want Rebirth 2 before he retires.

  • Remix baby

    Did anyone else hear him say he was on seizure medicine in this interview?

    I knew it was no damn migraine 😛

  • MM

    Weezy u shud rap forever G.. #dnt stop.. Ur music.. Carter…..15

  • charles

    when will wayne be able to smoke again?

  • Will

    Great Interview! The Real Weezy

  • young mirgg

    LIL WAYNE my is the best and will aways be my est rapper

  • young mirgg

    LIL WAYNE makes to want to skate and I don’t care, I wil skate

  • kenn

    i dont know why but i get his feeling that wayne isnt happy deep inside,…

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  • Weezy has to make a I am not a human being 3. I mean he cant just quit rapping with two of them.. Im excited for C5 thou:) he will retire…… But i know he will be back when hes like 40

  • vish

    interview dude sounds exactly like 2 chainz

  • yes

    demm this side we dont see often, a sober busniss focused lil wayne side that is being honest sweet and helpful… luvv

  • 007…

    haha i dont care i will skate… nice kneepads youve shown off and being a worthless nigger

  • 007…

    saying one nice thing after being arrogant as hell means nothing and if u didnt know he is rolling thats why he’s sweating and sway’s chubby self was not. i cant wait for him to be gone so that we can watch the youth fall into the trap of another faggot and we can all realize how pathetic u brown fucks are.

  • yes

    007 just change ure name to siege f lil faggot

    murder you and dance at ure funeral 😉

  • WeezyF305

    Can you please convert the videos so non american people can see?

  • teonna

    did wayne forget about short dawg? is he even still on youngmoney

  • siege

    youre a pussy for insulting me over this blog its not even about me and no you wont murder me.

  • tony_montana

    2 2chainz features (probably verses) and 1 drake feature which is a hook…it doesn’t look like wayne and drizzy have much of a relationship anymore…smh

  • Amzer

    Anyone remember him mentioning a “devol” album?

  • DOPE interview .. thanks for it :))))


    Now that wayne is bout 2 retire i guese hip hop iz going 2 die….nd as 4 Carter 5..cant wait 4 it…


    Yho niggas lets follow each other on twitter @MR_EFX

  • What happened to the “Devol” Album?

    • There was never going to be a Devol album.

  • @007 look at u faggot just hating get a life racist fuck

  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!

    Hope C5 is dope

  • YungGod

    This was a interesting interview. It breaks my heart to hear him say he isn’t focus on rapping anymore. Clearly he cares more about sports and skating. I think to myself “If he wouldn’t had gone to jail Would he still be doing the same shit he’s doing now?” I say no, I believe he wouldn’t dress like that and he be on tha Carter 2 style. And we would hear no such thing of retiring. We would of had Carter 6 by next year. He better not retire with Carter 5. Devol should be coming out, He did mention it. I think he mention Carter 6 and 7. Thats why im like WTF when he said he retiring with Carter 5

  • Mbminas

    pff february …

  • Jordan

    He signed a 5 album deal with cash money not long ago, so he has to stick around for that…

  • W.T.F

    Coulda put it all in 1 take right -.- all these damn videos

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  • NovembeRomeo

    He is going to stick around for the 5 album deal, he’s just saying the 5th album will be Tha Carter V. The other 4 will probably be I Am Not A Human Being 3, Rebirth 2, etc.

  • Reezylennox

    And The Devol album ?

  • @DannyM There is a typo, u put “styrophone” its styrofoam ;P haha and what did happen do DEVOL i never heard anything saying that it was cancelled. and what about weezys cherry red beats coming mid october?

    • Thanks 🙂

      In an interview, Lil Wayne said he would be putting the songs he recorded for the Devol project on his other albums.

  • AGA

    Weezy’ll never retireee…he’ll be in this game 4ever
    …welll i hope to see you in Poland or Germany WOW i cant wait!
    thx Mr.Carter :*

  • Tune

    Why i can’t see these video
    I live in canada !!!

  • B

    i agree with the dude that said if he didn’t go to jail we would have already had a carter V, he wouldn’t be skating and we’d be getting carter VI, rebirth 2 and would have already had IANAHB II…but who knows…everything happens for a reason…maybe this was the path he was meant to go in…he sounded pretty serious about never coming back, but then again he said he was retiring, and then on D4 was like “you know I’m high…so like I was just making shit up”…and he is not like jay-z and other dudes that washed up when they were older, it’s called not givin a shit and just makin a shit load of money…which he is clearly doin now…not caring and making a shit load of money…his motivation is money…he’s got plenty of it and his artists are his piggy bank…he has no reason to be motivated to make money…made 23$ mil while in jail…that’s crazy….idk, maybe if he starts smoking again on the reg his attitude will change about music…but i doubt any of the 4 albums will be rebirth 2…he just aint on that type of shit ne more with that kinda style…he was fuckin immersed in it to get that kinda sound…if the carter v is truly his last album…i hope he goes out with dignity and gives the world the best rap album it’s ever heard…but alas…it is weezy and you just never have ne idea what he’s gonna do…but…long live the King…i’m prayin for a Carter VI though…i think if he never went to jail, he wouldve been done at 35 ne way and that wouldve been the last carter…”nicki she on her barbie’m on the Carter VI…” – Sweet Dreams Remix.

  • F

    Married to Dhea in the future???

  • Tunnne

    whats that track in the last video that the said leaked?

  • courtney

    i brought my ak, im on my a game, im ass hole, leaving shit stainz… weezy go hard

  • arth

    I’m a real real weezy’s fan, but maan, he ain’t the same since he came out from jail, who know’s what happened to him in there?? Instead of rapping like “skinny ass pants, fresh pair of vans” and “it’s young money muthafucka if you ain’t running with it, run from it muthafucka” he will rap like “suck a nigga dick for some trukfit” and “fuck ya’ll with a sick dick” man, that isn’t the real wayne, IANAHB2 can’t be better than the first one. I really hope “My Homies Still” and “No Worries” be the worst songs of the album because even if I don’t want to say it both of them suck, the only went on billboad for Big Sean and Detail’s verses. I for one that’s what I fear bout his music, but not everything looks so bad, I am also listening to “John” and he says “I’m fucking the world and nigga I ain’t cum yet” I think we ain’t even got the best of Lil Wayne, and he is very carefull, so I think he is planning something really really good for C5, maybe like C3 or even better… anyway, it’s sad to hear we won’t have weezy in four years, Hip-Hop will never be the same without him…

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  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!


  • YungGod

    My homies still, I cant stand that song. I really like No Worries because Wayne killed it. His lyrics were great and had me laughing. Anyways

    @ B you are right maybe at 35 he still would of been done but we would of had Carter 10 by then lol. Plus No Ceilings 2,3 who knows what other different named albums. Like you said Wayne himself said “I said I might retire but yall know I be high”. Other quotes..Two Words You’ll Never Hear “Wayne Quit” I really just blame jail. I mean this wouldn’t be happening if he didn’t go. I have high hopes when his probation ends Maybe he’ll go back to smoking and sippin’. He only has 1 more year to go before he’s off probation. He’ll stop caring about the money and just make music. So I really hope Weezy F Baby comes back and Starts killing every song he does. Actually stealin the spotlight from the artist. Making his verses longer in songs he’s featured in and more solo songs.Because right now his verses are at least 20-30secongs long. Like really? Its too damn short. Compared back then Wayne would’ve had a 2minute long verse, taking half of the song. Plus remixing every song and killin them and had you forgeting about the original song

  • miyo

    Wayne is smart, telling us his retiring so we all can buy his “Last album” just to say we have Wayne’s last album.. He’ll be coining cash from that….#Tunechi

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    @miyo^ yur right

  • Tysheika,

    the Best, rapper alive . I loveeeeee him !!!!

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  • katy

    Too bad I can’t view the damn videos because I live in Canada pfffttt what the fuck ever man

  • Dee-Boy

    Wayne be the reason I rap don’t believe me download my mixtape intro phase 2 fame
    Just write skdeez kasimp3 and you’ll knw how wayne inspired me

    Dwayne Michael Carter

  • Wayne Fan

    Wayne was great. But You can’t rap forever just look at ice cube, snoop dog all them other rappers. Thats doing movies and etc. Even though Wayne won’t be rapping will still have Wayne doing other stuff. Fuck them haters Lil Wayne is a legend Fuck you if you don’t think so.

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  • Bill Riley

    Can’t wait for ianahb2 I still bump ianahb, gonarrhea is a mad good song and popular is good to, and right above it, and YM banger. Classic songs from my senior year of highschool, can not wait for the album and the tour and the skating.

  • Bill Riley

    are we gonna get a full 20 songs on this album or still a low like 13 songs or an even lower number of songs?

  • king big dick

    some of u guys are greedy saying “hopefully he starts to sip and smoke again” he prolly will start smoking again but i doubt he will sip. he was seriously addicted to syrup and hes prolly happy he isnt anymore. im sure he wants to be with his children as long as he can and if he starts sippin again hes defiantly not gonna be with them long. u guys are thinking about ur selves. think about what wayne wants not what u want.

    • YMYSL 🐍🐍

      He’s doing both again lol. He wasn’t doing it cuz he was on probation at the time

  • Tun3chi 13

    If you say your a tunechi fan and talk shit about his songs Stfu nd suck a dick aight I’m a Wayne’s fan like for real all his songs from the Carter to the Carter 4 thru suffix 1000 bars to d4 nd I’m bearly 15 hoes so suck a dick for some trukfit nd ill be waiting for your performance in Dallas Wayne remember fuqk all these haters you DEW you … best rapper alive since 1982 nd still killing it your new songs new style are the shit hope to meet you one day nd say thanx for being the shit. Ill be waiting for that day wearial trukfit everything nd supras oooh Nd Trukfit my bitch up to purple kush forevaaa niqku “fire it up” … Tunechi F Baby Nd Im An O-riginal hot boy

  • lloyd

    cant view none of the videos Danny??? anywhere else i cant view them???

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  • shout out to lil wayne im a veri big fan da typ da dies whn haterz critisize i grew up under wayne and waz influenced by hm on a large scale its veri sed and disappointin to c hm retire i hpe he kills dats c5 and prove dat hez da greatest ever i do mic da old whyt t shirt wearin weezy bt i do lyk tunechi too i believe wayne iz gonna go hard on these 2 albums pt dats c1c2 c3 c4 in dats c5

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  • shabz

    still cant watch this interview,, FUUUUCCCKKK !

  • kathleen

    Hi , Im in scotland and it says this video is not avalible in your location, i can’t watch the videos???! im gutted!! please do something about it,i need to see this interview!AArrrgggh!

  • freddo the cmb

    please lil wayne don’t quit rap coz ur the rap itself so when you quit the rap will die

  • At the end of the day, weezy should still be in the game, young money wouldn’t be the same without him, if only he still had the same music like the beginning, tha block is hot, he used to have around 22 tracks on his cd’s and now has maybe 14, its pathetic. I love lil wayne but he shouldn’t of started the game if he couldn’t end it when he passed:(

  • Young Breezy

    Weezy drop c5 free ness

    • YMYSL 🐍🐍

      C5 coming soon