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Lil Wayne Will Be Featured On Juelz Santana’s Upcoming “Godwill’n” Mixtape [Video]

Sat, Jan 12, 2013 by

Above, you can watch the official trailer for Juelz Santana‘s upcoming “Godwill’n” mixtape, which will be released on January 14th. During the clip, you can see some short footage of Lil Wayne at The Hit Factory in Miami recording his verse for the tape. The song sounds like it is going to be a slow-ish one with an instrumental similar to “Single“.

This also means that we can be looking forward to 3 new Tunechi features dropping early next week with Juelz‘ “Untitled” track on Monday, and then both Future’s “Karate Chop” track and Bow Wow’s “We ‘Bout That” track on Tuesday!

In related news, you can check out a video of Juelz Santana after the jump below speaking to Flex about not signing with YMCMB, his history with Weezy F Baby, and working with him.

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  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    cant wait!! young muuuuuuuuuuuulaaaaaaaaa

  • Hunter


  • Robert


  • Looks like he put everything and everyone into that mixtape

  • vee

    a trailer for a mixtape… lol

  • I Aint Nervous

    I heard “you need dick in your life”

    Another Wayne verse about pussy and sex :/

  • carlz

    im hyped for all those features.
    its gonna be a weezy week again.

  • Deweezy

    I think he uses auto-tune on his verse too

  • quinton

    wat about i cant feel my face


  • Walter White

    I hope Tunechi talks about skateboarding, trukfit and pussy on this verse 🙂

  • vodafon

    its sound dope ..

  • YmSalute

    S/O Danny M

  • @The_Ross29

    check out my music ..fuck you if you dont .

  • weezyfreak

    Its true dat when wayne calabs wit juelz , juelz brings a more gangster side of wayne ,, so im hyped as fuk

  • kiss boy

    ey i thnk juelz santana shoul sighn with ymcmb coz he sounds dope….weezy be killin tht ish in all his features…lookin 4ward 2 da next 3features….YM

  • Goodwillin’ lol


    Mixtape looks mad nice.

  • Flexy

    “Trailer for a mixtape ” lmao

  • Weezys#1gurl4life

    Aye weezy you good at errything cuz of ya dope a$$ swagg. def dig the fact that you keep it real cuz lots of mo fos done fell off and flipped the script being REAL FAKE… But you weezy still str8 up and i respect that. Do ya thang patna i aint hatin 😉 muah

  • sticki

    Guys does WAYNE eva turn down a feature? That nigga is so real!!

  • Shaq Blood


  • nino

    fuckin future pushed back his mixtape so the karate song ain’t dropping today danny

  • B2rhom

    Thank god, no good music members.

  • Katy

    Epic this is gonna be beast. Can’t wait yo

  • youtube

    Just know.
    If wayne singin
    His feature is gonna be the worst on the tape
    Cuz all them other dudes can mirk him
    If he rappin
    He got a chance of going in with santana the great again
    I wanna hear
    I cant feel my face dynasty beat type of pump put a hump in ya back they call you igor

  • Tha infamous

    Sounds weak to me
    Long overdue overhyped overdramatized overanticipated bullshit.

    Juelz Santana can lick a white males scrotum and nigger Dwayne can catch a bullet.

    Y’all fuckboys keep holding your breath for “music”

  • letitbeknown

    Forbyall who keep messing with us white folk. We made weezy
    We went out and worked hard to put systems in our trucks and bought his albums.
    So tbh wayne wouldnt be who he is without us honkies so sad and die im white and im proud u wanna sqaush somethin
    I live in va but im willing to travrl cuz i grtsbmonry
    If u wanna fight on youtube
    Leave ya adress

  • Nigger Dwayne

    The butt of everyone’s joke.

  • Hype

  • Shit sound dope. can’t Waite lil Wayne. 🙂 😀 fucking hype!

  • hiphopleaks

    Lil Wayne Dizziness Ft Wiz Khalifa leaking 31st

  • jus boring fucker


    Santana is straight trash… wayne always works with these bumbs

  • Black out in that pussy !!!!!

    That Jeula satanna and Tunechi song out
    Wayne goes hard as fuck !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im white and lil wayne is my favorite rapper the only rapper i consider good and the only rapper ill listen to. if you me bein white makes me not a real wayne fan then that must mean wayne (who loves basketball i.e. lakers) doesnt like steve nash. who is white. or eminem who is white. or mac miller cuz he is white. wayne even kicked it with white ass justin beiber so obviously wayne dont care and im sure that theres some black dudes he dont like. people that make wayne look bad dat dat shit i dont like YUUNNGGG MUNNNEEYY

  • LuvTunechi