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Lil Wayne In The Studio With Juelz Santana Recording “Blackout” [Video]

Wed, Feb 6, 2013 by

In the video above, you can watch some footage of Juelz Santana hitting up the studio with DJ Khaled to play him new music and Lil Wayne to record their “Blackout” collaboration.

Weezy F Baby can be seen coming up with his verse and chorus on the spot before he goes and records them in the booth. While at The Hit Factory in Miami, Juelz also chops it up with Mack Maine and Boo.

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  • TunechiFan

    First! #Love

  • Lil Squintz

    OFWGKTA, YMCMB, G.O.O.D., Roc Nation, F.A.N. Entertainment!!

  • No.1 $tunna

    Blackout grew on me so much this past week

  • JK

    follow @just6kidding on twitter !


  • none of yo damn business

    Wayne a genius

  • charles barony onyeme

    weezy F baby just keep em up. The sky is the limit

  • beast

    khaled is sooooo annoying

  • brain wurk

    its so inspirational watching wayne in the studio

    i wish we had more videos like this and the carter doc

  • T.Jay

    Lil Wayne really is talented and the best at this music shit.

  • HOPEFULLY they took the time to record a new mixtape together – or even a collabo album.

  • Kushpurp

    I thought this was coming. Heard about it.

    Danny any words or thoughts on when “backpack ” will be released ?

  • Backpack will never come out.
    As for IANAHB2 i have it and it is straight fire.
    He isn’t the wack rapper that he has been for the past two years on this album.

  • SamsonYMCMB

    Danny, how comes you already have IANAHB2?

    And is Short Dawg still signed to Young Money? Ain’t heard any songs with him and Young Money in a minute, or seen them chill together

  • Danny M

    I got it but heres a link to a recorded unreleaed song off the album

  • MOB

    None of these are the real Danny

    Fake boys

  • iyke

    Wayne is straight fire#Nigeria loves tune

  • tony_montana

    That’s not the real Danny,Danny doesn’t have IANAHB2,he’s just fan like us,he doesn’t have access to none of that shit,wayne & hit people don’t even know the dude exist!!! Geez swear yall are so phuqen gullible! SMH

  • Tic Toc

    Look on Danny Facebook page – Wayne sent him some free trukfit like 2 month ago.

  • :-D

    Fuck Nigera, broke asz naggers

  • jeezy

    Wayne u da boss I salute you best rapper alive

  • Lilia

    I love seing him recording !