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Lil Wayne Releases Official Version Of “Rich As Fuck” Feat. 2 Chainz, Pre-Order Album On iTunes

Wed, Mar 13, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Releases Official Version Of Rich As Fuck Featuring 2 Chainz

Earlier this year, the unmastered version of Lil Wayne‘s “Rich As Fuck” aka “R.A.F” single featuring 2 Chainz leaked online. Now today, the official version gets released, which sounds a lot better in quality. The other change I noticed too is that Tune has swapped verse one with verse two.

This song will appear on Weezy F Baby‘s upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being II, due to be released on March 26th. I’ve already posted where you can purchase the different editions of Wayne‘s album, but iTunes have just added up their pre-order link, so you can now buy the project from iTunes here!

You can stream the CDQ version of “Rich As Fuck” after the jump below. A music video has already been shot for the T-Minus-produced track, so we can also be looking forward to that dropping sometime in the future.

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  • first

  • 2nd

  • And THIRD =)

  • C-13


  • Run Rabbit Run

    Its about time they put the album on itunes


    Will the music video be released before the album or not ??

  • fuck 1 time

    wtf why did they change the verses

    it was gangsta as fuk when the song started with “never talk to the cops, i dont speak pig latin”


  • Future

    Tap Out is better than this

    So is Bitches Love Me


  • YMCMB_15

    No. Just no. It does not flow right. He shouldn’t have switched the verses. Why does Wayne do that? It’s supposed to start out with a classic Wayne “Uh.” I know I’ll be swapping mine out with the original when it comes out.

  • Niilbog

    I hate that he switched the verse. The original was so much better.

  • 504

    new version bangs

    cant wait to see the video

  • KingZ

    Dumb asses^^ this is the original, the unofficial track leaked.

  • poopy


  • poopy

    legit everyone has something to bitch about… like people are really seriously pissed he switched the verses are you fucking kidding?

  • poopy

    ohhh and the best was when people were pissed off about the tracklist -_- the album is not even released yet smfh you people never appreciate anything nothings ever good enough. only way you guys would be satisfied is if wayne has a giraff that shoots lazers out of its eyes and hologram tupac featured on the album

  • Khosta

    Thank god he switched the verses, but he needs to do a track like tie my hands, mirror and celebrate..

  • Csj


  • dank

    If you listen to what is actually said. With the verses switched it sounds like a better song. The second verse is not the right way to start a song….. even for wayne when none of his verses are actually cohesive.

  • all my nigga’s look rich as fuuuuuuck.. damnn bring on IANAHB2!

  • me, lt

    I like the first hook when tune is shouting that “all my niggas look rich as fuck” after 2chainz said it.
    dont like the second one where he just talks some random bullshit over the hook

  • Loyal fan

    26 march can’t wait!!!i!i!i!! INAHB2. Best album of 2013

  • jeff0907

    why da fuck ppl r having problems with this Dope track??? it sounds as Dope as ever..wat u ppl actually need??? IANAHB 2 is going to be awesome and der is no doubt bout dat..

  • Khosta

    “Never talk to the cops, I don’t speak pig latin” that will be the best line in the album, the way he says it it’s just sick and err’body pleaso download mack main’s new song ft corey guns and flow…flow is the next tunechi and corey is the next eminem

  • Elijah

    @Danny the preorder link on iTunes says it is unavailable in the US store.

  • mastabait

    13 days to go. Cant w8 for da album to drop


    Why cant I pre-order from itunes in the US?

  • smith

    It says not available in US. its not on iTunes yet

  • Josh
  • Music

    Sad, i used to be a big fan. All bullshit aside in all reality, that damn EGO he’s developed ever since he sold those first 1,000,000 records will be the end of Weezy, thats if it hasn’t already. Listen to his new music compared to his old music. I know Weezy’s never had to much of a message in music anyways but his old music was just so much better quality. Now its straight quantity and quantity. He used to be hungry, now not at all. He would deliver every time, now not so much. And it all starts with the person who created this machine Lil Wayne. I’m not a Lil Wayne hater so fuck off if you think so. I’m not saying go back to what you use to do, go back to N.O. get on the syrup and weed and rip shit. He can’t and wouldn’t if he could. But my God enough is enough. You wait til you get 10,000,000 followers and the biggest rap superstar ever to start putting out these every other verse i eat pussy vice versa. It doesn’t make since nor add up but hey thats why i used to be a fan. It wouldnt hurt to think about the world, the youth, community, our generation etc…I mean look at the phase our world’s in today. It isn’t that good, at all. Do it for a reason and for better. You got millions not only looking up to you but for direction and the direction you’ve been representing and guiding since you came home from jail isn’t a good direction

  • Yup !




  • Johnny

    The album isn’t on iTunes it says its not in the U.S store yet

  • BTW

    Cause the link is only 4 people outside of the U.S., 4 right now anyways

  • jmbandit

    That verse swap was pointless. I’m gonna hold onto the original version. fuck this version.

  • arth

    maaan this was the only dope single I could save from IANAHB2 but it sounds awful with the verses swapped!! fuck!!

  • hdez12

    Birdman said on his Twitter lil Waynes new album will be out today at midnight!!

  • Caleb

    Why isnt it posted in the US version of iTunes?

  • they both dope why cnt pple just be real and say the truth both versions are dope

  • volcomnukka

    Lil Wayne is doomed. Someone around him is fucking up his career. First they let him relsease shit music, now when he finally relseases something good they switch the verses and make the song sound a lot worse.

  • bitches

    any you haters ever listen to his shit high, obviously not cuz its fucking awesome

  • Man…. I don’t think y’all get it.
    It’s I’m not a human being.
    The songs are suppose to be out of this world. Smh…..
    I heard like 2 rebirth kinda songs. The rest are totally dope. Man if your a real wayne fan you’d understand.
    Martian# guess y’all don’t remember

  • Alex

    Buy Wayne’s single “Rich As Fuck” on iTunes featuring 2 Chainz !!!! It’s in the pre order of the album

  • Josh

    On the ITunes Version Romance isn’t there, and Cory Gunz isn’t on Lay It Down

  • hay mr tunchi u talk shit a lot man we want sum message nd not shit’fuck u with d sick dick wayne ur heading 4 no gud

  • volcomnukka

    “Never talk to the cops I don’t speakpig latin” was the best way to start the song. The “AK on my night stand” verse he’s saying it louder as if it was a follow up verse while never talk to the cops is subtle and slow like how a song would normally start. The original way just makes more sense and is easy to the ears. This new one if trucked I mean fucked up. No if, ands, or butt fucks NiGgAs!

  • Dawn

    @josh I’m wondering the same thing any idea Danny?

  • burberry brahim

    satan son

  • Deontae fame

    The leaked version sounds better. With “Never talked to cops I don’t speak pig Latin.”

  • Eliud

    U kill dat shitt niggr

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  • la la

    where is the orginal 2 chain verse

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